tagBDSMCallie's Punishment Ch. 01

Callie's Punishment Ch. 01


Callie drags her feet as she walks up the sidewalk to her front door. Her eyes are glistening with tears, her heart pounding in her chest. Kyle would be so mad at her. She had borrowed his car without his permission while he was napping, and one wrong turn down a one way street, and she'd wrecked his brand new, fiery red Corvette. It now sat in their driveway, it's nose crushed in, the windshield cracked. Callie dreads waking him up to tell him the news about his baby. Kyle will not be happy with her. Hell, he might even leave her, even though they'd been together for almost three years now, and had future plans.

She turns her key in the lock, and gingerly steps in the door. As she's shutting it behind her, she hears Kyle in the kitchen. He's cooking something that smells like roast beef, and Callie's head drops.

"Hey baby, I'm making you that pot roast that you've been wanting for ever." He walks around the corner, huge smile on his face, holding a pan and a wooden spoon. Seeing Callie, his brow furrows, and he walks over to her, asking, "Cal, what's wrong? Cal?" His blue eyes search her green ones, and she covers her face and sits on the couch in front of him.

"Oh, Kyle, you're probably going to leave me and hate me forever, I can't believe I did something so stupid." Sobbing into her hands, her long brunette hair falling around her face. Kyle stands in front of her, in aghast, and asks softly. "Did you cheat on me, Callie?" She jumps up, grabbing his arms. "No, no. It's nothing like that. It's..."

She looked out the window, and didn't have an opportunity to finish as Kyle followed her gaze. His mouth fell open as he stared at the wrecked remains of his Corvette. He was silent as he walked back to the kitchen, pans clattering, as Callie sat on the couch, waiting for him to tell him they were through. He walks back into the living room, and stands in front of her.

"Stand up, Callie." His voice is stern, and commanding, and she obeys immediately, head bowed.

"Look at me."

Her averted eyes slowly raise to meet his, and he continues. "I want an explanation for what happened to my car."

"I..." She pauses, and looks at the car, then to her feet. "I took it---"

"My eyes, Callie Michelle." He orders her face to raise once more. Her eyes are brimming with tears, and her face flushed with the humiliation of facing his disappointed reaction.

"I took it out to drive while you were napping. And I went the wrong way down third street." She sighs, and wipes her eyes. "I'm sorry, Kyle, I'll pay for everything, I won't let you pay a dime---" He cuts off her pleas.

"I have dealt with this sort of thing from you for too long, Callie. And no matter how many times I ask you not to, you take something without asking, or you go behind my back, and frankly I'm tired of it. It's high time you learned a lesson." He crosses his arms in front of his muscular chest, staring at her.

"What do you mean, Kyle? Please don't leave me, it was an accident--" Callie grabs at his arm, and Kyle swipes up her hand and holds it.

"I'm not leaving you. But I'm very angry. I've got no other choice but to punish you for taking and wrecking my car. Give me time to think of the proper punishment. Go to our room and stand in the corner. I'll be in there as soon as I finish making dinner and think of a good way to teach you your lesson."

Callie stands, staring at him. "Kyle, you can't be serious. I'm an adult---"

Kyle finishes her statement. "Who acted like a child today. Go to our room, like I told you. Do not make me tell you again."

He steps out of her way, and watches her walk slowly to their bedroom. Callie could feel his eyes burning into her, and she was embarrassed to have to be told to go to her room at age twenty five. She opens their door, and walks to the far corner, standing in it, her body tense, her pussy beginning to throb from Kyle's control and the idea of being punished. It was new to Callie, but something she'd fantasized about many times, being spanked and dominated by her strong, sexy man.

She didn't dare move the entire time she was in the corner. Kyle was making a lot of noise in the kitchen, and she heard clattering and jostling of drawers and pans. Dinner was sure to be ready soon, and Callie's heart pounded and raced in her chest. What would her punishment be? Hopefully Kyle had calmed down over the passing time, and decided she'd been punished enough. As she heard the door of their room slam shut, she knew Kyle had joined her. He spoke to her first, still stern, but more calm.

"Callie, do you know why you're in the corner?"

She let out a shaky breath. "Because I wrecked your car and took it without asking."

"Right. Do you know how long you've been in the corner?" Kyle asked, out of curiosity.

"Um. An hour?" Callie replied, nervously.

"Not quite. Barely thirty minutes." Callie closed her eyes and lowered her head. It seemed like a lot more than that.

Kyle continued. "It's time for your punishment, Callie. I want you to turn and face me again."

Callie turned, looking him in the face, her own cheeks deeply blushed with shame. She did not speak or beg his forgiveness, as it was clear he had devised a punishment for her.

"I need you to take off all of your clothes please." Kyle asked her politely, which added a strange feeling to her punishment. Callie was nervous, but Kyle's control over her was arousing her still, which she was sure he would notice as her pussy glistened with her wetness.

Her blue jean miniskirt fell to the floor, and her black tank top and lace bra followed. She hadn't been wearing any panties. Kyle stepped forward, inspecting every inch of her. Her breasts were full, bouncing a little with any shift of her weight. Kyle's fingers tweaked her nipples, and he pulled her tits, watching them bounce back. Touching between her legs briefly, he whispered in her ear.

"Such a naughty girl. Not wearing any panties under that little skimpy skirt." Kyle's fingers graze over her bare skin, her back, her shoulders, her chest bringing goose bumps all over her body. Callie closes her eyes, and sighs. "Callie, I've decided that to punish you fully, you will be spanked until I think you're sorry enough. Then you'll please me, however I see fit. Is that clear?"

Her eyes bolted open, and she turns to look at him. "You can't spank me, Kyle."

His hand raises and slaps her ass sharply without warning or concern. Callie yelps, holding the warmed part of her behind. She doesn't speak, just looks at him, pleadingly.

"I can, and I will, Callie. You wrecked my car. You're going to be punished. And you're going to make me happy again by pleasing me however I like. Understood?"

Callie nods, humiliated. Her heart races in her chest as she looks at Kyle. He was serious, she realized. She was nervous, and her pussy was dripping wet with the arousal of the scene. Kyle walks over and sits on the edge of their bed, then tells her, "Callie. I want you laying across my lap. Now." She walks over, head bowed, and begins to lean across Kyle blue jeaned legs.

He pulls her down across her lap, rubbing his hand over her ass, full and tight. His fingertips graze across her skin, down her legs, tickling the crease of her butt. Wriggling under his teases, Callie begs him with a giggle, "Kyle, stop. Kyle, let go." Holding her firmly in place, Kyle responds sternly, squeezing her ass.

"I think this is your punishment. Speak only when spoken to." He raises his hand and slaps her ass. Callie winces as his firm hand smacks her soft butt. Slap, slap, slap. Over and over, he spanks her, harder and harder. Her eyes fill with tears, but she doesn't cry. Her pussy was getting more swollen with each slap he gave her, her clit throbbed against her weight on his knee, and she was sure she felt his fingers graze across her shaved wetness a few times. He pauses after a few minutes of spanking her with his hand, and reaches beside him, grabbing a bottle of lotion.

"That was good, Callie, accepting the first part of your spanking so well." He rubs aloe lotion on her butt, soothing the whelps from his hands. He wasn't being cruel, Callie thinks. Not even irrational. She did wreck his car, she deserved it after all. She lays there, letting him rub her until he decides it's time to move to part two. His fingers rub her butt, and into her ass crack, sliding down toward her wet pussy. He made no effort to arouse her, simply noted her arousal with a pause and a gentle squeeze on her pussy, then nonchalantly back to her ass. Kyle nudges her, indicating it's time to move on.

"Callie, stand, and bend over our bed." Callie nervously scoots off of his lap, and bends over the bed, arms stretched in front of her, her full breasts smashed into the bed, round, reddened ass in the air. Kyle rubs her ass, then her pussy, a little longer as he speaks to her.

"That was just to warm you up, this will hurt at little more." He pauses as he grabs something Callie can't see. "Remember, this is your punishment for destroying my car." Gulping softly, and wiping a tear that had fallen from her eye, Callie nods into the bed. Her hands gripped the blanket, preparing herself.

Kyle stands beside her, left hand on the small of her back pressing her into the bed. With his right hand, his belt is twisted into his fist, and he tells her. "Count. You're receiving thirty licks." Callie nodded again as the first lash comes down across her ass. She sucks air in sharply, and exhales, "One." Each strike across her ass left a brazen red stripe, and Callie counted through her tears and gritted teeth. "Two. Three." Kyle's slaps with his leather belt fell harder and harder, leaving raised whelps, but never drawing blood or bruising her.

All the way to thirty she counted out, and Callie was crying as the last lash landed on her very swollen, very red bottom. She was so turned on, she was wet down onto her thighs. She was sure Kyle could tell how arousing this was for her, and she couldn't wait to get to the second part of her punishment. Callie wanted to please him more than ever.

Kyle tells her as he lifts her from the bed, hugging her, and kissing her cheeks, then on her lips, "You did very well through your punishment, Cal. Your spanking is over, unless you misbehave more. Please stand in the corner again, Callie. I'll be back to finish momentarily."

Walking to her corner, nude and with a swollen red bottom, she sniffs and rubs her whelped ass as Kyle leaves the room. She'd never been spanked with such intensity, nor had Kyle ever aroused her to such a degree. Her pussy and clit throbbed, yearning for Kyle to at least touch her sopping womanhood. Callie thought that it would be better that he use his dick to fuck her long and hard instead. She wished he would hurry. Not daring to look for him to return, she stood, impatiently waiting for the rest of her punishment.

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