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Callie's Story


"Callie, you cannot be serious!" Brianna exclaimed. She was sitting on the couch in the living room of the apartment she shared with Callie but she felt like she had walked into an alternate universe.

"I'm very serious." Callie told her best friend. She knew she wouldn't understand but Callie felt she owed it to Brianna to at least try to explain why she had to do this. She knelt on the floor in front of Brianna and looked up into her emerald eyes. "Brie, we have known each other for what seems like forever and I know I can't expect you to understand. Please just try to support me, okay? This is something I have to do for me."

Slowly Brie nodded her head leaned forward and hugged Callie, "I don't think I will ever understand, but I'm here if you need me. When do you leave?"

Callie hugged her back tears filling her eyes at her friend's unconditional love. "Two weeks."

As Callie lay in her bed that night unable to sleep she thought about the events that had led up to that conversation.


Callie had always had a sense that there was something different about her. She was painfully shy. She had never really had any female friends with one exception, Brie. But, she always listened to everything going on around her. She remembered when all the other little girls around her were talking about who they would marry and where they would live, she wrote in her diary about having sex. She remembered her brother's friends trying to force her to have sex. She knew it was wrong and it didn't happen, but she remembered the secret thrill of them trying to force her.

When Callie got older and did have sex it felt great, but she also felt like something was missing. On a band trip she found out what it was. She was walking around the college campus where the band contest was being held with two band mates that were really good friends. They walked by a side door and sat on some steps, one on each side of her, just enjoying the sun. When Callie had her eyes closed face up to the rays, she felt their hands grab her arms and push her back on the steps. She started struggling but they wouldn't let her go and began unbuttoning her top. She told them no, they ignored her and told her to just relax, that she would enjoy it. They got her top completely undone and then the front clasp on her bra. They each had one of her nipples in their hot mouths when the door above them flew open.

The boys didn't stop their exploration of Callie's body they just rolled their eyes up to see who the intruder was. It was a student at the college. Callie could only blush red hot and look at him pleadingly through her lashes. He just stopped for a moment looking at the tableau before him and blinked. His mind finally made sense of what his eyes were telling him. Here was a beautiful girl with two guys on top of her in broad daylight, out in the open no less! "Alright! Go for it!"

Her two band mates just smiled at him and went back to work teasing her breasts with tongues and teeth as he walked by. Callie did not think it possible to be any more embarrassed or to feel any more helpless than she did at that moment. As she felt their hands roam over her body she realized something else, she had never been more turned on in her life! After they had finished their teasing they let her up and chided her about being a hot bitch. Callie was quiet the rest of the afternoon mulling over her thoughts and it never entered her mind to turn the boys in for attacking her.

This started Callie on a quest. She started asking her boyfriends to restrain her sometimes during sex. Some of them balked at the idea. Some really got into it. When she would go over it later in her mind, relive the experience of being bound, sometimes gagged, helpless to stop them she would always find herself aching and soaking her panties at just the thought of how they took over her body.

She found books to read like the 'Beauty Trilogy' and devoured the content, thrilling to the experiences and wondering what it would be like to be a sexual slave. She went on the internet and found a BDSM group in her area that had meetings she could go to. She could learn more in a group environment and see if this was what she really wanted. Callie decided that it was an opportunity that she could not pass up. She had to know more!

Callie had been so scared at that first meeting! So shy and here she was at a sex meeting? She sat and listened to the group talk about the issues involving the community and what could be done to improve things. These were things Callie herself had never thought of. It was a very interesting introduction into a whole new and fascinating world. When the 'business' part of the meeting was over it was time for the 'play' part. For Callie, this was an eye-opener as well. A woman was tied to a St. Andrew's cross and a table was brought out with an assortment of toys on it.

Callie looked on with wide-eyed wonder as she watched the Dominant female pick up a paddle from the table and caress the submissive across her shoulders. The Domme then moved the paddle down to caress across the rounded ass that seemed to tremble at the delicate pass of the wooden paddle. The Domme's hand reared back and the paddle landed with a resounding thwack on the right cheek of the sub. Callie heard a loud moan escape from the sub as the paddle descended yet again. As Callie watched the sub began to squirm in her bonds and moans became gasps of pleasure. Every few swats the Domme would stop to lightly fondle and pinch the quickly reddening cheeks. The Domme then replaced the paddle on the table and picked up two floggers.

With rapt attention, Callie watched as the Domme began to strike blow after blow to the sub's back alternating hands in continuous circular motions. The Domme would alternate the harshness of her strikes, but she never stopped as she went from the sub's shoulders down to her calves. After about twenty minutes, when the entire back of the sub's body was a nice glowing pink and her ass a fiery red the Domme stopped. The sub was squirming as much as she could within the confines of her bonds and panting heavily. The Domme stepped up behind the sub and asked her if she needed to cum now. The entire room could hear her begging to cum. The Domme stepped even closer, rubbing the front of her body against the sub's tender back. She then reached around and began pulling and twisting on the sub's nipples, put a leg between the sub's outstretched legs up against her sex and began to rub and put her lips to the sub's ear.

Callie could see the sub's face as the Domme did all this and watched as the sub rode the leg between her thighs. Callie locked eyes with the sub and could almost feel the pleasure as the sub screamed and came until she went limp on the cross.

Callie kept going to the meetings and there she met Rick. Rick was her first true experience with a Dom.

Callie had seen Rick across the room and wondered who he was. She had actually made a few friends in the group and they were standing around talking one night before the meeting broke up. Callie had felt something and turned to find him staring at her. She had felt drawn to him from the first. He had walked up and introduced himself. Callie had smiled shyly and told him her name. They began talking and when the meeting had broke up they exchanged numbers and Rick had walked her to her car. He had called her a couple of days later and they had talked for a very long time. They discussed their likes and dislikes and what they had and had not done.

Callie was too shy to do anything at the parties, but Rick didn't mind. He liked having Callie all to himself. Rick loved to do rope dresses, especially on her big breasts. Callie enjoyed being with Rick and he loved to drape her over his knee and spank her ass until it was very red and hot to the barest touch. Callie discovered that when he did this, her juices would run down her inner thighs. She loved being spanked and she just could NOT get enough of the flogger. It felt so good rushing over her back and biting into her skin. Callie also discovered that although she had always been terrified of knives due to previous experiences, with someone she trusted, they became wonderful instruments when played over her back and up and down her spine.

As Callie learned more about herself and what she wanted and more importantly needed, she realized Rick was way too lenient with her. She realized she could talk or distract him out of almost any command he gave her. One night after Callie had left Rick she went home and considered their relationship. She couldn't stay with Rick. She knew that now. She had wheedled and cajoled her way out of almost every command all night long. "You are just so sweet and perfect." He had told her.

Well, he wasn't doing either of them any favors she thought. Since that night she had tried with a few other Doms, but it always seemed the same. Callie started spending more time on the computer, going into chat rooms and meeting more of the community than just her home town, which was small.

Eventually Callie met a Dom that went by the screen name of the Woodsman.

His real name was Brad Cook.

They started talking one night about the 'life'. Brad told her how he was looking for a submissive that knew without a doubt that she was a sub. He wanted someone that was willing to at least try anything he wanted to do. He wanted to push a sub to her ultimate limits, to bring her the ultimate pleasure to truly own a sub, body and heart. Brad wrote so passionately about his desires that Callie could not help but be drawn to him.

Callie told him about her experiences with the Doms in her area and how she still felt unfulfilled. They talked for hours over several months on what they wanted and didn't want. She couldn't wait to talk to him in the evenings and wanted more.

Callie knew internet meetings could be dangerous, but she wanted to be close to this man. Finally the day came when he asked her to come visit him at his home in Colorado. Callie agonized over the decision for a week. Brie told her she was insane to even consider the idea, especially given the purpose. In the end, Callie made the only decision she could.


Callie was shaking. Brie was standing with her, waiting at the terminal until her flight was called. "Are you really sure this is what you want Callie?" Brie asked one last time hoping against hope that she would change her mind. Brie was scared for her best friend. They had known each other almost all their lives but this one thing Brie did not understand about Callie.

"It's something I have to do Brie. I know you don't believe it's right, but for me it is. To give myself to someone completely and to please him, to make him happy is what I need to make me happy." The flight was called and they hugged one last time. "I love you! I'll call when I get there. Please try not to worry about me."

On the plane Callie took her seat and nervously waited for it to take her to her destiny. She had a command to follow on the way there and she looked around her section for prospects. Brad had told her to pick someone on the plane and pleasure them; however she was not to cum herself. She saw a man looking at her from only 3 seats away. He looked promising. Callie knew she looked good and hoped she would please Brad. She was wearing a tight pink button front blouse with the top few buttons undone and a black lace bra peeking out. A short black skirt, thigh highs, a black lace thong, and black four inch heels that wrapped around her ankles completed her clothing. Her silky light brown hair was down to her shoulders and she had made the most of her big sapphire blue eyes with makeup.

When they were up in the air and could move on the plane Callie again looked at the man, he was definitely interested. She angled her head towards the bathroom and raised her eyebrows at him. He nodded his head only slightly, then got up and moved to the bathroom. Callie waited a couple of minutes then followed. She knocked on the door lightly. The man opened the door and allowed her room to enter. It was a tight fit, but Callie dropped to her knees and started undoing his belt slowly to tease both of them. She unbuttoned the pants and tantalizingly lowered the zipper letting her hands run over the hardness inside as she did so. As she pushed the pants to his knees she stared at the lovely bulge and gathering wetness on the underwear she revealed.

Callie reached up with her hand and gently cupped the sack she could just make out in outline through the material. The man moaned and urged her on. She then moved her head closer and kissed his stomach, moving her lips lower and lower. She reached up and pulled his underwear down running her hands up the backs of his thighs when she had them lowered. She moved her mouth lower and ran her tongue around his groin, not touching his ever growing cock. Slowly she took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it gently, tonguing it, enjoying the feel and weight of it in her mouth. She opened her mouth to release that one to give the other one the same loving attention.

When she felt those had received sufficient attention Callie slowly ran her tongue up the underside of his delicious cock before taking it in her hand and engulfing the head in her hot, wet mouth. She could taste the pre cum that was copiously flowing from the man and lapped at it like a cat with cream. Suddenly Callie couldn't take anymore. She went down until her nose was being tickled in his hair and up until just the head was still in her mouth. Then she began to suck on his wonderful cock in earnest. She let the suction of her mouth pull him in and out of her body until he was panting and telling her he was going to cum. At that Callie sucked even harder until he filled her mouth with his delicious cum. She kept him in her mouth until she had every last drop and had cleaned him up.

Callie stood and helped him straighten his clothes and spoke her first words to him. "Thank you, Sir."

He stared at her and blurted out "but, don't you want me to return the favor? I mean that was incredible!"

"I appreciate the offer, but I'm not allowed to cum for now." Callie slipped out of the bathroom and back to her seat as the man was left dumbfounded.

As the plane neared its destination, Callie couldn't seem to relax. She checked her makeup to make sure it was perfect and as she stood up to disembark she straightened her blouse and smoothed her skirt. She was so nervous she was shaking again. Was she doing the right thing? Yes, she knew she had to do this. That thought calmed her somewhat. She walked off the plane and out into the terminal to find her future.


Callie looked around the terminal looking for the Woodsman. There, standing to one side searching the crowd coming off the plane she saw him. Just as his picture showed him she thought, 6'4", piercing grey eyes, thick blond hair going grey at the temples. She felt herself go wet just looking at him, thinking of the conversations they had had and what he would do to her!

He saw her and she quickly walked over to him, she stood before him eyes down waiting for him to speak. He reached up and lifted her chin. As he did Callie raised her eyes and felt herself drowning in his gaze. Then his hand was in her hair pulling her head back as his lips descended to hers. She sighed and all tension left her as she felt his soft, firm lips glide across her own and his tongue at her lips demanding entrance which she joyfully opened to him. When her knees started to buckle from the pleasure he released her. "Welcome home."

He put his arm around her waist and led her to get her luggage, and then out to his car. As they got on the road he asked her if she had completed her assignment on the plane.

"Oh yes Sir!"

"Tell me about it."

Callie told him all about the man on the plane. "Good girl. I'm proud of you. I know that was not easy for you to do."

"No, it wasn't. But it was exciting, being anonymous like that. Knowing that I will probably never see him again, never knowing his name, in a way, it was exhilarating!"

"Lift your skirt up around your waist for me." Silently Callie raised the skirt. Anyone could see into the small car, it made her feel even more excited. Brad reached over and rubbed his hand over her nipples visible through the thin material of the top and bra making them even harder. He ran his hand down over the soaked material of her panties. Callie couldn't hold back the moan that escaped as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. "Take off the panties." She wiggled out of them as best she could. His hand returned and her eyes again closed with pleasure. "Yes, that's my good slut." With those words he worked a finger into her dripping cunt. Callie began to pant and moan louder. He removed his finger and put it to her lips. She greedily sucked it into her mouth cleaning all her juices off. When she was done, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Do I please you?"

"Very much, but not as much as you are about to."

Brad pulled into a driveway in a quiet neighborhood and waited for the garage door to rise. He pulled into the garage, got out and came around the car to open her door. "Turn until your legs are out of the car." She did as told and looked up. Brad had undone his jeans and lowered them slightly, he was not wearing underwear. Callie immediately knew what to do. She leaned forward and kissed his turgid, rampant cock. She began licking it up and down and then wanted to see if she could swallow it whole. She opened her mouth wide and began to move her wet mouth down his length. When it was a little more than three quarters she could go no farther, and she moved back up running her tongue over the underside. "We'll work on that." He told her. Then she began sucking on the wonderful cock in her mouth. He let her go on for a while then stopped her.

He pulled her out of the car and led her to the hood where he laid her back. He put his cock at her dripping opening and rammed home. As Callie screamed at the suddenness he wrapped her legs around his waist and began to move in and out of her body. Callie writhed on the hood of the car, loving the hard, thick cock impaling her. Suddenly Callie screamed again and her body bucked hard on the car as it clamped down on the member buried deep in her, spilling its seed. When Brad had recovered he told Callie to get on her knees and clean him. When she was done she was to see what might be her new home.

Callie was shown the bedroom and allowed to clean up and call Brie. It was a beautiful room with a big pine bed. Brad told her to rest for an hour then he would show her the rest of the house and they would talk. She woke refreshed and ready for what was to come.

She wandered around until she found him in the living room sitting on the couch having a drink. She thought again how beautiful he was. He felt his eyes on her and came to her then.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Please. Whatever you are having would be fine." She was nervous again, her palms getting damp. They sat down together on the couch and he began to speak.

"I know we have talked quite a bit about what we would like and not like. I told you that I will want to push you, to find your limits and make no mistake I mean to do just that. You may discuss things with me, but that is all. Is this acceptable to you?"

"I will tell you honestly that I am very nervous, but I do want this. I want to find my limits. I want to find if we are as compatible as we seemed in our chats."

"Good. Then we will do our two week trial as agreed and see if we want to go farther. Now let's get you settled and shown around."

As he showed Callie around his home with his arm around her waist she could not help but feel she had finally found what she was looking for. "This," he said as they reached the last room, "is the playroom." Callie looked around at the various apparatus and could not help but shiver with nervous excitement. He felt the movement and saw the anticipation in her eyes. "Strip!"

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