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Calling Home


I knew something was wrong when Paula didn't answer her cell-phone. I had returned from work around six and the house was empty. Well I knew she had gone off for the day to the lakes with, she told me, a group of friends, but she ought to have been back now. Allowing for delays and underestimating how late it had got I didn't worry for a couple of hours. Then I called Jenny's husband Tom.

"Yeah they lost track of time and stopped off for something to eat. But Paula should have been home first -- some of them started off home earlier and she decided come back with them. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah," I said trying to remain casual, "She's probably round at someone's house. Which girls did she hitch a lift off?"

He went away to ask Jennie who apparently was in the shower.

"Jen says that guy from the club gave her a ride home -- he and a couple of his friends -- is he called Rob?"

I thanked Tom and quickly hung up the phone. I was sick and shaking, upset, devastated. That name Rob -- that's what made me nearly vomit.

A year and half ago I had rumbled on to the fact that Paula was messing around. There were big eruptions but we stayed together. My wife had convinced me that it would have ended anyway as it was just a silly episode, not even infatuation, just something stupid. They were not lovers, she told me, it was lust, just an immature sexual game of who could flirt the most; it had all got out of hand. Yes, they had sex a couple of times but mainly it was groping and feeling.

The upshot of it was that we tried to put it behind us but we couldn't avoid the guy altogether -- it's a small place this town. We tried to avoid being at the same functions and the same bars and pubs at the same time but sometimes we just had to try and ignore the fact we were in the same room. He had agreed it was a dumb thing to do and didn't want to split anybody's marriage up.

Now though here I was wondering where my wife was and being told she was with him.

I sat recalling all the events now; how I caught her and everything she said. The biggest surprise for me was how she had easily and freely admitted that she had enjoyed the flirting and didn't need much persuading to let it go further; yes she had liked the excitement of the forbidden sex. Mainly, she had confessed, they just played with each other, she masturbated him, and sometimes she sucked him. Paula had offered far more detail than what she had been pressed to tell.

Suddenly the phone rang. "Where are you?" I said with an edge to my voice.

"I was coming home early and left Jennie with the others. I decided to come home in a different car -- I knew they were going to linger -- I was trying not to be late."

"So where are you?" I said.

"We are waiting for the breakdown mechanic to come and fix the car. The engine failed in the middle of nowhere. Now we've managed to make it limp down the hill into a little village so we can get something to eat." "We -- meaning you and Rob," I snapped, "I phoned Tom."

There was long silence.

"His friends are here too," she said as though that made it okay, "Not just the two of us. They were the only ones coming home on time. It's not Rob's fault -- it's not even his car, Pete's driving, one of his pals."

A picture flashed through my mind.

"Cosy then!" the sarcasm in my voice tempered the trembling. "You and Rob sharing the back seat!"

"The car has genuinely broken down." Paula spoke slowly and paused between every word. "I did intend and expect getting home on time."

"Had you arranged to spend the day with Rob all along?"

"No! I didn't know he was coming."

"But when you realised he was you didn't put space between you and him."

Another silence.

"I couldn't really ignore him when his two friends kept chatting to me."

"Something's happened hasn't it?" I snapped.

Yet a longer silence so I spoke again.

"You've been rumbled again haven't you Paula? Caught out once more."

Paula was a woman who was easily capable of deceit but never saw the point in wasting time telling futile lies when exposed.

Her voice was quiet and expressed guilt; "Nothings happened really -- I didn't plan to go off with three guys. You know what happened last time -- it started because I was being silly and girlish -- getting carried away with the flirting and attention. It's just that it, well... excites me a bit."

"What exactly are you telling me!"

"Well, we've had a good day, enjoyed ourselves, spirits were high. The flirting did get a bit out of hand. We stopped off on our way home to look at a great view, and to be honest, so that two of the lads could take a pee."

"So you enjoyed yourself on the back seat with Rob?" I snapped.

"Why do you presume it was Rob?" she shouted.

"I just let them have a kiss that's all -- keep them quiet."

"I know there is more -- I want to know!"

"What -- every detail? They just kissed me for Christ sake!"

"I want to know -- tell me."

"Is this a game?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is this turning you on? Your voice doesn't sound like you want to kill me."

"You're being ridiculous!"

"No I'm not. You're mad because I am home late and you didn't know where I was -- but you're not mad about me telling you I'm with three men."

"You let them have a kiss you say; you let them take turns -- including Rob?"

"More or less yes, that's how it went."

"Tell me!"

"I need to go for now!"

The line went dead.

Fifteen minutes went by -- fifteen nail biting minutes. Then the phone rang.

"I'm sorry, " she began, "I was getting an update about the car. There is still a problem."

"I want to know..."

Paula cut me short, "We are going to get something to eat now at this little inn -- I'll call you when we've eaten."

I had to wait another forty-five minutes. When the phone rang I snatched it up about to vent my spleen but Paula once again cut in.

"We'll have to stay here a while longer, the man's still working on the car. He's towed it to his garage."

"I'll drive out there and pick you up."

"It's okay, maybe he'll fix it soon. Anyway I wouldn't know how to direct you here."

"Get one of the guys then," I suggested reluctantly.

"It's not necessary -- I don't think they'd want to tell you anyway." Her teasing seemed deliberate and cruel.

"What are you doing?"

"The guys are going to take me to the bar and we'll have a drink while we wait."

"What did you do with them Paula -- I demand to know!"

"Maybe it was the glass of wine we had with lunch, I don't know, but in any case I let myself get silly again and crossed the line. I'm not having a secret affair with Rob -- this wasn't a ruse -- it's just me being immature and acting stupid."

"Tell me."

"Do you want fine detail?"

"Yes," I felt a tremble and wondered what was making me tick.

"I'm not sure what your motives are but if it's entrapment you already have enough reason to divorce me. I'm not prepared to make up a pack of lies -- I've done it and that's it."

"Go on."

"I got carried away; one of the guys made a pass at me and Rob feigned jealousy letting it slip that we'd been with each other. When they made sure Rob and I were no longer seeing each other it made them, well... less cautious and a bit more direct. They must have thought I was easy meat. They pestering me for a kiss so to shut them up and stop them acting like rampant schoolboys I let them have a kiss."

"More than that!" I interrupted.

"Why is this so important now, I don't understand why you are pressing me? I've admitted that I've done wrong. Can't it wait until I get home?"

"You better tell me -- now!"

"Look, how can I take time to tell you now; any case someone might overhear me. I'll keep it short.

We were stood on the roadside admiring the view, having a laugh. I was pawed a bit and felt one of the cars that occasionally passed us might contain a family so after I complained they got me to agree to climb into the rear seat -- they took turns to join me."

"More than a kiss?"

"Well...hands wandered, I must admit. It was just a bit of fun really."

"That's what gets you going though isn't it -- arouses you?"

"I suppose, yes. Anyway, when a car slowed down and some countryside types jeered at us I was put off. Jim suggested it would be more private if we walked into the wood behind us and found a little clearing."

"What? They'd had their fucking ration of kisses. What did those guys in the car see for fuck's sake?"

"Well...they would have seen.... my shirt undone."

"You went in the woods! They fucked you?"

Now we were both shouting down the phones.


"You all went in the woods -- why then -- to see the fucking wildlife? They fucked you!"


"What then?"

"I wanked them. They played with my tits!"

"You jerked them off, all three of them? While they played with your tits -- they had your tits out?"


"Fucking hell!"

I heard the tone of a disconnected line.

Now it was late, well after eleven. I would have answered the phone faster if my hand hadn't have been wrapped around my cock, a whiskey in the other. It was the hardest it had been for an age, pointing out from my fly, making my heart palpitate like it used to when I first discovered the pleasure of masturbation; when I felt those incredible sexual arousals. Thinking what Paula had done, what she might be doing, made every nerve tingle.

"I thought you weren't going to answer," she said curtly.

"I was busy," I quipped, sardonically.

"Doing what?" she said, then when no answer came she added, "You shouldn't have made me tell you the detail. If the car hadn't have broken down you would never have known."

"That would make it okay would it?" I sneered.

She ignored the comment, "We think one of the farmer guys might have come back while we were in the woods and sabotaged the motor."

"While you were busy milking their cocks!" I growled.

"Yes," she said matter-of-factly, "I've already admitted that."

"So did they join in while they waited their turn?" I asked with a nasty edge in my voice.

"Like I said, you would have been better not to ask," she sighed. "They watched each other while I was in the back seat of the car so there was no point telling them to avert their eyes -- only one at once." Her tone was just a tiny bit mocking. "If you really want the fine detail here it is. I didn't know my shirt had come open in the car but when I did I let it open wider."

"It turned you on?"

"I'm trying to tell you if you will stop interrupting. Yes, it did, I liked it when I saw the others sneaking a peek through the window. By the time we went into the woods I was happy to let them undo my bra and admire my breasts while I brought them off. We all sat down together -- if you see what I mean."

I couldn't answer; she carried on talking.

"I thought I'd better inform you that the mechanic can't fix the car while morning. It needs a part -- electrical something or other. He's offered to rise at six and drive over to the distributors so he can be there as soon as they open up. Pete is going to pay him well."

I was confused and anxious now.

"So.... what's happening.... you want me to come out?"

"This place has rooms, we've booked bed and breakfast. We're going up to our rooms now. The others are finishing their drinks in the bar. We are all going up."

Was she emphasising that -- repeating it for effect?

"What the hell..."

"I'll hang up, you're going to shout and swear again."

"No, listen, call me again -- when you're in your room!"

Heart pounding, stomach churning -- penis throbbing, wrist busy. She's spending the night with them. She was willing to go into the woods and masturbate them, let them play with her, simultaneously, take her tits out from her bra. What would she do throughout the night? Letting them into her room?

"Hello!" It was Paula's voice bringing me back to earth. I had picked up the receiver subconsciously not hearing it ring.

"Hello," I mumbled.

"Why did you want me to ring you back again?" she asked. "We can't talk all night."

"You sound cheerful, flippant," I pointed out.

"Oh, it's probably the drink," she said, "We had quite a bit of wine with the meal and spirits in the bar after." She giggled, "Just as well no-one needs to drive."

"You are in your room?"


"I can hear someone in the background!"

"It's Rob."

She had no hesitation in telling me. What the fuck was he doing there?

"He's using my shower so he doesn't have to wait for Jim in his room."

"Something's going to happen isn't it?" I said rather stupidly.

"He's here for a shower that's all. You sound like you want something to happen."

She giggled loudly.

"Are you drunk?"

"No, just merry."

"And in the mood for what?"

"I'm not answering that! If you want to torture yourself then it's your problem. Who knows!" she teased. "I'm going now."


"I need a pee -- and Rob needs a towel."

"Ring back!"

"You know, you're not reacting like you ought to, are you?" she observed thoughtfully. "All you want to talk about is the sex."

Phone dead again.

This time I picked up the phone immediately. She was giggling and sounded very merry. We exchanged several comments.

"Are you still in your room?"

"Yes, of course," she giggled, "I've showered and had to wash my 'smalls'. Wasn't planning an overnight stay was I? Just thrown my shirt back on."

There was a delay then her voice took on a low sexy tone. "I'm lying on the bed at the moment."

I felt a twinge in my groin but then was distracted. I heard a clatter followed by a gruff voice cursing.

"He's still there isn't he -- Rob?"

I couldn't believe it -- I pictured her on the bed -- just her shirt -- no underwear.

"It's not Rob!" she whispered down the phone.

"Why the hell does the other guy need to use your shower?"

Oh, the stupid questions!

"He's not here for a shower!" said her whispered tone.

"What?" I felt overwhelmed. "Is he there on his own?"

"Yeah!" she whispered sexily, "The others have gone to see if they can get a bottle of something."

"Why is he with you -- what are you doing?"

Her voice was even fainter and her delivery slow her but her words cut into me like a knife.

"What am I going to do? Something I shouldn't!"

I mumbled but was lost for words. I heard her voice again.

"I forgot to fasten my shirt up properly!" she cooed. "Silly me. And here I am with no bra or panties on."

I was stunned and speechless but sadistically she waited silently for me to make the next comment. Finding my voice I blurted out a question.

"Which one is it with you -- and why have you picked him to spend the night with you?"

"Picked one? When the other two return with the drink -- they'll be bringing it in here."

She waited for me to respond but this time I was unable to find the words.

"Would you like me to leave the phone connected -- until the battery goes flat? If you don't answer -- I'll just hang up."


"Don't worry if it runs out," she giggled, "I can always tell you the fine detail when I get home! You d like that wouldn't you?"


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Where is the wife in this story?

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