Calliope's Daddy


Callie licked out at his cock. She could taste herself on him as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She lapped at him fluttering tongue and finally wrapped her lips around the head again. His cock was semi soft and she found it easier to take him into her mouth and suckle deeply to its root. Callie pulled her head back sucking hard until the cock fell from her mouth with a loud pop of suction breaking. Lowering her head, she repeated the process working down the shaft and pulling back sucking hard liking the pop as his cock fell from her mouth.

Padraic groaned and his cock began to harden again as she sucked him cleaning every trace of cum from his cock. Pulling her head down further he guided her mouth to his balls, "Clean them too," he growled at her.

Callie wrinkled her nose as he pushed it to his heavy sac and licked out gently at them. "Suck them baby, suck for Daddy," Padraic's voice was low and thick as he gazed down at her pushing his fingers deeper into her hair and holding her in place. Callie parted her lips and suckled the pebbled skin into her mouth, listening to his groans. Pulling her head up by her hair, he again guided her to head of his cock. The rigidity of the flesh had returned and she had to stretch her lips as she opened to take him again her tongue fluttering out.

Pushing down on her head as she gagged, his deep throaty voice reminded her, "Swallow down the gag reflex, baby, swallow hard." Her loud gurgling and gagging filled the room as he forced his way into her throat watching the tears roll down her face as she tried to swallow between gasping breaths. Drool dripped from her chin in long strands as he finally pulled her head from his cock letting her breathe in a large lungful of air while holding her up by her hair.

Pulling her up to him, he made her straddle his thighs and impaled her on his cock. Leaning forward he kissed her teary cheeks and eyes, "No more dancing in clubs or back room spankings, little girl," Padraic looked into her eyes, "You're Daddy's little whore now." He grinned as the blush filled the girls face. Smacking her ass he growled, "You make your Daddy so hard for you. Now fuck me, my slutty little girl."

Callie rose and fell on him, a small smile curling her lips as his words sunk in, 'I make him so hard. Men were so easy, they always thought with their cocks,' she thought and wondered how long it would take until he gave her what she wanted instead of following his rules. She would be his whore, his slut what ever he wanted until the hearing then she would give him her terms of agreement.

Padraic could see her eyes fade as her thoughts took her mind away momentary and the smile that played across her lips. Standing he wrapped her legs around his hips and slammed her against a wall, fucking up into her hard, "Do not think you can win me over so easily little girl? I want to bury my hard cock in your hot little body, not be led around by it," Padraic slammed into her emphasising each phrase as he growled at her through gritted teeth.

Callie cried out as he pounded her, her mind reeling from the realisation that he knew what she was thinking. Dropping her to the floor, he stood menacingly above her and came over her face spurting think ropey strands across her nose and into her open mouth. Padriac leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily looking down at the sex stained mess of a girl. His desire for her not diminishing with his orgasm, he leaned down and picked her up carrying her to the bathroom and stepping into the shower with her.

Padraic gently cleaned Callie's face and body standing her beside him as he passed her a soapy cloth to wash him. Rising off, they stepped from the shower drying themselves on big fluffy towels. Taking her hand he led her back to her bedroom "Unpack now, Callie. I have a few things to do before bedtime," Padraic smiled at her, "Your mother packed your things for you but if she forgot anything we can get it tomorrow when we go shopping."

He walked over and lifted her face to kiss her, "You need to earn every privilege in this house, Calliope," he saw the confusion in her face, "Until you prove to me that I can trust you, you will be under lock down. So much has happened today for both of us. You are not what I expected to find in that police station, as I am sure I am not the person you remember." Padraic kissed her again, "Now unpack, little girl. Daddy will be back soon."

Callie flopped onto the bed as he left listening to the key turning in the lock. 'What have I agreed to?' she wondered. She had learned the hard way that she could and would compromise and even sell herself to get what she wanted, so she would follow his rules until the hearing. Hopefully by then she would have been exactly the girl he wanted and the rules could be negotiated in her favour before she needed to sign the new contract. She got up to start unpacking, her pussy aching from the hard pounding he had given her. The expression 'horny old goat' ran through her mind and she giggled.

Padraic went to get a drink and guzzled down several glasses of water before opening a beer and walking into his study. He downloaded some BDSM Daddy Dominant/little girl information for her to read tomorrow and a couple of erotic stories featuring the relationship for bedtime stories. He was looking forward to training his new little girl As much as he had had other casual relationships over the last couple of years, they always left him wanting that connection and control he had had with his previous girls. To have a perfect little slut fall into his lap like this was too good to be true and he planned to keep her for a very long time.

Closing his computer he smiled. He no longer needed to find sluts, who would debase themselves on cam for him. He had one of his own to use and abuse and she would learn to love it. Tonight had shown him she was trainable, making her beg him to fuck her for the first time. She would beg often. His smile was wide as he thought about the delicious things he could and would do to his little girl.

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by Anonymous01/20/18

I loved it. I will be reading the other chapters. Great work of the mix. Who doesn't love a daddy dom? I am still waiting for my daddy.

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