tagErotic CouplingsCallista and Logan Reunite Ch. 03

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 03


"Logan, what I said, I do mean it. I love you and want to marry you."

Logan smiled but soon sensed she was about to put a damper on his heightened mood based on her tone so he quickly searched for a distraction. Looking around the field of tall grasses he spotted a patch of wildflowers. Seeing she was about to speak he said.

"Wait here and close your eyes."

"Logan where are you going?" Seeing him jump to his feet she did as he bid her to do, peeking once his shadow had left her. She wanted to watch his tight buns while he walked. They had yet to dress after the lovemaking they had done in the pond an hour ago. The summer sun was drying their skin and just laying there was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. She had promised to marry him; and she would. She did mean it. She loved Logan with all her heart. But she also had ambitions. She knew that if Logan had his way, they'd be married tomorrow. She couldn't let that happen. Certainly he would see that she had to return to school. She had one more year and then she could take the bar exam. Her dream was to be a lawyer. Then she could come back home, find a job in the city and commute. Just one more year. Certainly they could have a long engagement and its not impossible for couples to have a long distance relationship when she had to go back to college. Seeing him make his way back to her, she gave him the brightest smile she could. He had a beautiful arrangement of wildflowers. There were pinks, and blues, and bright yellows. She took them in her hand and inhaled the light summer scents.

"Thank you Logan. They are beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you." He purred in a low husky voice.

"Logan, I..."

"Shhh.. We can talk later. Right now, I have other plans." he said.

He knelt to her then. Crushing the grass around them releasing a heavy earthy scent. Putting his hand in her hair he lifted her mouth to his. Kissing lightly. Tasting her sweet mouth; he took his time. Lightly touching her soft lips. Teasing them to give him more. She tasted like sweet honey. With one hand in her soft hair, he moved his other to cup her breast, bringing it to his mouth to suckle. She arched her back pushing her chest into him even farther, silently asking for more. He took his time. Worshiping every inch of her body as he explored every contour.

* * * * * *

Callista arched her back as Logan ignited flames in her body. She parted her legs, silently inviting more. She kissed his neck, sending shivers through him as he slightly rose above her and entered with one gentle motion. They rocked slowly, taking their time to feel every slow torturous stroke of his cock. Raising his upper body higher, he played with her clit sending more shock waves through her as he continued his leisurely pace. As he gradually increased tempo Callista took hold of his wide muscular shoulders, the exquisite pressure of her release increased. With a few quick strokes he had her over the edge as she screamed her pleasure; digging her nails in his shoulders as her body shuddered.

* * * * * *

Logan gazed at his beautiful fiancé' as he sent her over the edge. He loved to watch her expression. Her cheeks colored a rosy hue and she gave a cry of release that pleased him even more as he continued his stride. The flowers he picked surrounded her body, mixing with the background of grass and lovely golden hair.

Logan rolled to the ground beside her, bringing her body alongside his as he re-entered her. He caressed her breast and rapidly increased his pace, seeking is own release. Callista soon began to whimper her pleasure as another smaller release rocked her body. He felt her walls contract and he was sent over the edge of control. He whispered Calli in her ear as his seed spilled into her. He pulled her to him and intertwined their limbs, trying not to think of the future. Now was a time to just feel and to love. Tomorrow they could think and plan.

* * * * *

"Well Mamma I just do not know what to do." Callista bit her lower lip and watched her mother lay out plates for their evening meal. She had told her mother about Logan's proposal, but letting her father in on her news was going to take a bit of planning. Not that she thought he'd be all that mad. Hell he'd probably be ecstatic. But she knew her father, and he'd side with Logan. Daddy thought all woman should stay home, raise babies, and let the men do the working. He had no appreciation for her ambitions or women's liberation. So she knew to tread carefully. If he knew of this mornings exploits with Logan he'd also insist on the wedding soon. To him, sex equaled babies and babies were after marriage. Not that she was worried about babies. Which reminded her to take her birth control pill.

"Have you thought about taking a break from College honey?" her mother said.

"Why would I do that? Momma you know as well as I that if I quit I'd likely never go back. No, I absolutely refuse to change my plans. Logan will just have to wait if he wants to marry me. He's waited this long, I can't see why he cannot wait another year."

"Well, your right he probably can wait. But that man has been waiting for a long time to put a ring on your finger. God only knows if he has the stamina to wait much longer."

Blushing Callista said, "Oh trust me Momma, stamina is not what he lacks. Patience however, is another story."

"When do you have to go back?

"In about 3 weeks. I figure I can avoid the issue till then. When he sees that I am not willing to compromise on this issue, he will have to cope. If he does love me, don't you think he will accept this?"

"I do hope so darling, but men will be men, and their about as unpredictable as any barnyard beast you care to tame." With a chuckle, she gave a silent prayer that her daughter was making all the right choices.

The front door slammed hard, and in walked her father and Logan. After Logan and Callista had walked back to the house from their morning adventures Logan said he needed to work on his house. From the looks of things it seemed her father had helped. They were both disheveled. Daddy had sawdust in his hair and a small rip in his shirt. Logan was looking only slightly better, but with a sheen of sweat showing just above his collar bone. Logan ran his hands though his hair making him look even more delectable.

With an air of regal authority her mother said, "Stop right there the both of you. Now dinner will be ready in 30 minutes but I won't have you coming through my house looking like that. What you two thought walking in this house with sawdust and dirt on you I'll never understand. March in there and clean up. I won't have you getting dirt in my rug." Pointing a finger at Logan, "Take your shoes off young man, was you born in a barn?!"

Giggling from her mothers scolding tone she gave Logan a sympathetic smile while he walked to the outside porch, removed his shoes and came back in to head straight for the bathroom. Her father, being use to his wife's tantrums, ignored her cries of protest and instead walked up and kissed her lightly. Then he went toward his bedroom and the spare bathroom the couple shared.


30 minutes later

Callista sat silently as her father spoke about the diner and the challenges he was facing with suppliers. He was angry about the rising prices in goods and the workers needing raises. He had put them off for far too long and some help was threatening to leave. And now, a new restaurant was moving in a block down.

"Callista within five years our business may not be able to survive. I swear we are being pushed out. it's a shame to. We've done so well."

"Daddy I'm sure you will find a way to make things run. You just have to have faith."

"Bah, faith doesn't pay the mortgage. You get that degree young lady. When you're a lawyer I plan to be able to retire in comfort. And you can send us to the Bahamas."

Logan had been silent, watching this exchange. But he felt putting so much pressure on Callista was not fair.

"Sir, don't you have a retirement plan? You've done well over the years. I'm sure it could have been managed." Logan said.

"Yes we did have a substantial savings. As I said, the diner has faced some challenges of late. I've had our suppliers sending us rotten food a time or two. It couldn't be used and after too many times of them sending us bad food I switched suppliers. But they require higher premiums and we had to dip into our savings a bit to cover the costs."

Logan frowned, studying the older man he said, "What caused the old supplier to send rotten food? Did you get your money back?"

"That's the thing, they insist the food was just fine and refused to give a refund. They said they'd take the food back and give a credit on the account but that doesn't help me if they continue to send bad merchandise. Which is why we decided to take the loss and go to another supplier."

"Has the company been taken over by another or something? They were reliable before weren't they? I wonder why the sudden change."

"Don't know, but I did hear the owner died and his nephew took over the company. Perhaps that is it. Whatever the reason it doesn't matter. Were still never doing business with them again."

"Daddy have you done a financial outline including this new suppliers higher fee's? I know most of my schooling is paid for by scholarship but do we have to cut back on anything to keep the diner going?"

"Don't worry girl, everything is all right. We'll make do without too much trouble. It was just the initial cost of starting business with the new supplier that cut into our savings. We'll recoup our losses in time as long as that new diner doesn't drive us out. In the meantime you just worry about your grades, I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to retire to the Bahamas.

Everyone laughed, but secretly Callista worried. She knew her father was protecting her from the truth. But how much worse was the truth? He wouldn't tell her everything. He wouldn't even tell his wife everything. Perhaps he'd tell Logan though. She silently vowed to find out.

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