tagBDSMCalm Ch. 07

Calm Ch. 07


Author's note: Well, dear reader, you've come to the final part of this story. I'm grateful you've taken the time to come this far, and I hope you've enjoyed the journey.

This story has been a big puzzle, threading the needle through all kinds of tight spots and delicate situations.

Still, I hope I've managed to pen down a gripping and convincing story. I trust you will let me know if I have or not.

This being the final part, I'd be more than happy to read comments that talk about the story as a whole.

Enjoy the rest of day, and until I post another story.




Two years later

Ruth entered the living room of the beach house first and threw open the windows to let the fresh sea breeze sweep inside. The sounds of gulls and laughing drifted in from outside.

It was a welcome treat after being cooped up in the car for so long. Ellie's voice sounded from behind Ruth, and the girl closed her eyes as the fresh wind caressed her skin. "That's nice, Ruth."

"It is." Ruth turned around and smiled. "I think we'll have a great time here. The place is perfect too."

Ellie opened her eyes and glanced around. The walls were painted in soft pastels, not her choice of coloring, but it gave the room an airy feel. Each piece of furniture was simple yet elegant. She loved the feature wall with a huge picture of cherry tree branches laden with delicate blossoms printed on it. The breeze in the room seemed to rush along the beautiful petals, enticing them to their last dance.

Ellie walked up to the wall and put her hand on the cool paper. "Thank you for this, Ruth. It means a lot to me that you and Tom want to be around when I do this. Matthew feels the same way."

Ruth heard a light quiver in Ellie's voice and put her arms around the girl from behind. Ellie relaxed back into her, and the older, more experienced woman said, "You're the queen of this house for as long as we're here. Anything that happens, anything at all, will be decided by you. If nothing turns out happening, then that's fine to. You've been working towards this for two years now. You've found someone to share yourself with. I'm sure he can wait, and I'm sure he'll be happy to let you hold the reins. Just try to relax and let it happen."

Ellie grabbed Ruth's hand with hers and squeezed it. Ruth kissed Ellie's temple and said, "Will you be okay?"

Ellie nodded and swallowed. "I'm just a little nervous."

"You'll be fine."

At that moment, Tom and Matthew walked into the room. They were carrying the luggage, not that there was a huge heap of it. They'd packed light. Sunny weather meant light clothing and anything they needed they could find in one of the local shops. No sense in worrying about not having something, they were on holiday. "This place looks better for real than in the pictures. And the beach, I can't wait to go swim."

Ruth let go of Ellie and took one of the bags from Tom. "I'm going to go change in my bikini. I'll be ready in a few."

She winked at Tom, and he smiled as he watched his wife walk away with a seductive sway to her steps. He saw Matthew's eyes had found the same interesting view and lifted his eyebrow. The younger guy blushed and looked away. Tom slapped him on the shoulder and laughed. "You're only human, Matthew, and Ruth is a beautiful woman. But I think you should pay attention to someone else."

Matthew glanced at Ellie, and his blush turned an even deeper red. "I'm sorry."

Ellie walked over to him and put her hand on his. She looked up at him and with an understanding look in her eyes, she said "It's all right, Matt. I think Ruth's really beautiful too, and I can't wait to see her bikini."

The flabbergasted look on Matthew's face made Tom laugh, and he walked away to his and Ruth's bedroom shaking his head. Before he left the living room, he said "Give the boy a break, Ellie. We just got here."

Ellie smiled and picked up one of the bags Matthew had put down. "Come, let's get settled in."


A little while later, Tom and Ruth had left for the beach. Ruth had been wearing a beautiful black bikini that highlighted her slender, exquisitely toned body. Matthew had blushed, and Ellie had teased him about it. She really didn't mind, his honest responses were what had attracted her to him in the first place. But now they were alone, things caught up to Ellie and she stilled.

Matthew didn't miss her suddenly turning quiet, and he put his arms around her so she could lean against him. "Want to go for a walk?"


Matthew swallowed hard. "You want to... you know? While they're gone."

Ellie nodded and balled her fists. Her heart pounded in her chest, and a delicious wave of anticipation swept over her. Was this really going to happen? And why wasn't she scared?

"Want me to take the lead?"

She dug her nails into the palms of her hands, but she couldn't answer right away. Too much was going through her. It's going to happen. It's going to happen. It's going to... Will it hurt? No, Matt wouldn't hurt her. He'd be gentle. He'd be good to her and not hurt her. He'd feel worse than she did if he hurt her. Another reason why she loved him.


His soft call pulled Ellie from the thoughts swirling in her head. "Yes."

Matthew whispered in Ellie's ear, "I'll be gentle. I just want you to feel amazing. You deserve it."

His words were still filtering through when Matthew took her earlobe between his teeth and nibbled it. Ellie gasped, and the tension in her body dissolved. Before she knew it, Matthew's hands were on her as well. One finger traced her collar bone while another teased the sensitive skin of her throat just below the ear he was nibbling. His touch danced and slowed, waking up her skin and kindling her desire. "Please turn around."

In a flash she spun around, ready for a kiss. But his first target was her collar bone. The brush of his lips made Ellie push her body against his as he slowly worked his way up along her throat and cheek until he pressed a little kiss on the tip of her nose.

Matthew pulled back a little and watched Ellie's beautiful eyes. "I love you, Ellie, and I don't want to hurt you. I want you to feel so good you can't stop smiling. If I do something you don't like, just tell me. And if you like something, just ask for more. I don't care how long it takes or how hard it is, I'll keep doing whatever you want me to do for as long as I can. I could just kiss you for hours on end, you're so wonderful."

Ellie looked at him in disbelief. Hours? The word stuck in her head when his lips brushed hers for the first time. It faded quickly as he explored her full lips with feather light kisses. Her lips tingled when he stopped, and she looked at him in surprise. He smiled and said, "You have the softest lips, Ellie."

Her disbelief in how long he'd take kissing her disappeared completely as he deepened his kiss. He pulled Ellie's body against his, and she felt the strength of his body against hers. There was such power in the flesh pressed against her, but none would ever be used to hurt her. She wanted to know what Matthew felt like. She knew a cock, but she didn't know a man.

Matthew teased his tongue into her mouth for the first time as Ellie fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. Her hands trembled, and it was hard for her to focus with one of his hand in her hair and the other stroking her back and getting ever closer to her ass. After her fifth attempt at undoing his third button, Ellie groaned into his mouth and yanked the shirt. Two buttons popped off. She left the last one for what it was and put her hands on Matthew's warm skin.

He didn't stop kissing her, even though she felt a gentle shuddering in his chest as he chuckled inwardly at her impatience. She put her nails in his skin and dragged them down, which elicited a real shudder. Well, well. She didn't have time to contemplate her possibilities though. Matthew slid his hands under her shirt and felt her satin skin under his hands. A low moan escaped him at feeling her warmth. The sound struck Ellie like a sledge. He wanted her! That sound wasn't an act.

Something inside of Ellie woke up in response to Matthew's growing desire. His kisses felt great, but they had been just kisses to her. Now she realized they were foreplay. A dance as old as the first man and woman laying together for the first time. His touch took on a new dimension as he kept kissing her. Ellie wanted to feel more and pushed Matthew back so she could take off her top and bra. No need to do it in any delicate or sexy way. She wanted them gone now.

Once she was free of her restricting clothes, she pushed her chest against her lover, and that new spot inside of her sung when she heard and felt him groan in response. For the first time he'd stopped kissing her. Ellie put her ear against Matthew's chest and heard his heart beating fast. She'd done that. Just by kissing.

Matthew wrapped his arms around Ellie and crushed her against his chest. "Ellie, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I love watching you do anything. Even just walking around to get a drink. Brushing aside your hair, anything. When you walked into that classroom, I thought you were lost. But you weren't. You sat down next to me and got out your books. I couldn't believe it. I dreamed about you from day one.

"And now I'm touching you and tasting you... I know it's going to be amazing. I just know I'll never forget the look on your face. Thank you for letting me do this for you. I love you."

A new kiss silenced Ellie's answer. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Matthew gently pushed her onto the bed. He shook his head when she tried to speak as he removed her skirt and panties. She was naked before him. "Can I look at you, Ellie?"

Matthew removed the rest of his clothing as he waited for her answer. She nodded as her eyes traveled along his body. It felt strange to her that she didn't feel the need to hide herself from him. He wanted her. She wanted to give herself to him. He thought she was beautiful. Oddly enough, she was happy to be beautiful. She had something to show and please her lover.

Ellie closed her eyes to fight back fresh tears. How many more times was she going to have to fight these feelings? This astonishment about something that should come naturally? A gentle touch just below her breasts startled Ellie from her thoughts, and her eyes fluttered open. Matthew saw and closed them again with two fingers. "Just feel for now. Feel what your wonderful body can do for you."

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As soon as she did so, Matthew's fingers returned to skating and dancing across her skin. He let his fingers dance and skate all along Ellie's body, looking for her secret spots. Matthew found all of them, one by one. Her collar bone wasn't a secret, but the little valley between her breasts was. The same held for the undersides of her breasts and surprisingly her left wrist, but not her right.

Throughout Matthew's search, Ellie had become restless and aroused to levels unfamiliar to her. Her body was on fire. Every bit of her sang and tingled. Each piece of skin expected his touch, yearned for it. Matthew smiled as he saw the pink blush on her chest and cheeks. The thin sheath of sweet covering her skin made her shine in the soft light. His smile faded as he was struck again by how beautiful Ellie really was. He'd always though clothes made woman more beautiful. Not Ellie. He'd never seen her as beautiful as she was now.

Matthew wanted to see her writhe in pleasure. Sensual pleasure given the right way. He grabbed Ellie's left hand and pressed a kiss on her wrist. The touch drew a moan from Ellie that turned into a groan when he ran his finger along the underside of both her breasts. Matthew wanted to go on teasing her for hours more, but this wasn't the time for that. He took his place between her legs and let his hard shaft rest against her shivering pussy. "Ellie, open your eyes."

Ellie's eyes flicked open, and she looked straight at his cock resting against her lips. Any apprehension she might've felt had long since fled. She wanted this. Her pussy was a ball of liquid fire inside of her. She was ready. Her eyes met his. "Do it, Matt. I'm ready."

He nodded and put the tip of his cock against her entrance. "I'll go slow, Ellie. I want you to feel wonderful."

Ellie gasped and moaned as his hard length slid inside of her. So different from her fingers. So much bigger and harder. Good. More. Inch by inch, Matthew pushed inside of her. Ellie's legs wrapped around his waist, and she pulled the rest of him inside of her. "Please."

Matthew didn't need any more encouragement, and he leaned down to kiss her. His chest squashed and rubbed her breasts as he moved inside of her. Ellie clamped her arms around him. She had to feel him against her more. Each thrust forced a little gasp out of her. From time to time, Matthew would stay deep inside of her and massage her clit with his pelvis. Ellie let out the most delicious moans when he did that.

Ellie wasn't even close to coming, and the things Matthew made her feel astounded her already. This wasn't normal. Or was it and had she just never known? It didn't matter because she was drowning in pleasure. Incoherent sound escaped her as Matthew took her higher. She loved her traitorous body right now.

Matthew sped up his movements, and Ellie's moans took on a higher pitch. He was taking her somewhere. Faster now. So close. Her eyes snapped open, and Ellie screamed as she clamped her arms and legs around him. Matthew couldn't move, so he flexed his muscles to make his shaft hop inside of her. Ellie started shaking as her orgasm raged through her. Matthew wasn't done with her yet though, and he moved his hips as much he could to give her clit more attention.

Ellie shook her head against his shoulder, flooded by pleasure. A new wave washed over her, and she bit into his shoulder and muffled her screams against his skin. When she finally relaxed, her arms fell down on the bed. Her whole body was limp and heavy. A smile had come to her face.

Matthew saw it, and he froze in place. Her wild hair covered one eye, yet still the sunlight played with the loose pale strands strewn about her face. She looked up at him with such a happy look that he forgot about his own pleasure and just smiled back at her. "You liked that?"

She mouthed the words 'thank you' instead of answering, and her little smile returned. Matthew joined her on the bed, and Ellie snuggled close to him. He knew then and there that neither of them would ever forget this trip. There was just no way.


Tom put his finger on Ruth's lips before he nudged her backwards, away from him. She stood before him, gloriously naked. She wasn't hiding her beautiful body from him, but he saw the blush on her cheeks and knew how much she enjoyed having his eyes roam her body. He smiled and pulled her outfit for what he had in mind out of their suitcase.

A simple white blouse, and a black skirt that reached to the mid thigh and that would billow out nicely in the wind. And sandals. Nothing more.

Ruth waited for Tom to reach back into the suitcase, but he didn't make another move. She bit her lip, unsure if she was allowed to ask for more clothes. She gathered her courage and opened her mouth, but Tom put his finger to his lips and shook his head. No words, little girl. The message was clear as day.

Tom making her do what he wanted without even speaking excited Ruth. Was his power over that big that he didn't even need words anymore? A sexy little smile curled the corner of her mouth when she admitted that it was. She kneeled before Tom and lowered her head, another clear unspoken sign.

Tom smiled and crouched in front of Ruth. He kissed her forehead and took her collar from his pocket. It wasn't one of her jewel collar pieces this time. Instead, he held the deep emerald green leather collar he'd granted her. Ruth wore it rarely, only during special occasions and sometimes during playtime. She'd worn it on her wedding night. She'd worn it on her birthday and on his birthday. But never had she worn it in plain sight. Nobody knew her here, but still, Ruth couldn't stop thinking about how many eyes she would draw.

The vibrant emerald green contrasted beautifully with her pale skin and her reddish blond hair. Just that visual appeal would draw looks. And then they'd see the rest of her... a faint hint of her breasts through the thin blouse. Her nipples hard as pebbles, obvious to anyone looking. If the wind suddenly picked up they might even see her pussy, dripping with excitement.

The soft click of her collar being locked in place halted Ruth's galloping thoughts. They hadn't even left the room yet, and she was already breathing heavy. Tom hadn't said a thing to her, and her imagination was going wild. For a moment she was thankful her Sir wasn't going to tease her with his words. She would die of embarrassment if she came from overstimulation wherever he was taking her.

The collar felt snug around her neck. It had really been a while. Nothing made her feel owned quite like this. She'd always wondered how such a small piece of leather could make her feel completely embraced and loved.

Tom pushed up her chin, and Ruth saw the love in his eyes before he kissed her. The kiss was gentle and slow. Nothing more than a teasing brush of the lips. He pulled back, and their eyes met. The loving admiration they felt for each other steadily made way for a different kind of attraction. When they kissed again, it was possessive to the extreme. Everything they couldn't say right now was expressed through that kiss. I'm going to have you. I'm going to give myself to you.

A nudge to her chin had Ruth stand up, and Tom pulled her forward, his hands on her firm ass, and his tongue soon buried in her wet slit. Ruth moaned and grabbed his hair to keep steady as Tom pulled out all the tricks he had to bring her to the edge of a quick orgasm. His tongue flicked, circled and licked at an unrelenting tempo while his fingers found and teased her sensitive little asshole.

In minutes, the anticipation and the stimulation had Ruth wishing she could beg. If only she had some way to get his attention. She tapped his head, but Tom ignored her and just kept pleasuring her. She tapped again, with more urgency, and this time Tom did let her go. He grinned at her as he got up and stepped back.

Ruth's legs trembled as she walked over to the bed and picked up her skirt. She looked at it. It really wasn't that long. She bit her lip as she put it on. Next was the blouse. She looked down after she finished buttoning up and closed her eyes as a wave of excitement shot through her. Her nipples said hi through the blouse. All she'd need to be more obvious was a leash attached to her collar. Ruth moaned at the picture that thought conjured up in her mind. She pushed it aside as she slipped on her sandals.

Tom held out his hand to her, and Ruth put her small hand in his. They went outside, and that first step across the threshold made Ruth's legs weak. The cool sea breeze played along her sopping wet slit, and she cast Tom a pleading look. He just smiled and brushed his fingers along her blushing cheek. The tips of fingers traveled further down, grazing one of her nipples and eventually settling on the small of her back. Ruth shuddered when Tom started walking and kept a firm grip on her side.

Ruth wasn't going anywhere he didn't want her to go. She felt safe so close to him. Ruth grabbed his arm with both of hers to try and hide her nipples, but not even ten steps in, her skirt flipped up in the wind, and she felt the warm rays of the sun on her overheated lips.

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