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Calm Like a Bomb


I do not own rights to the story title, and am using it as a segue to start the story. This story is completely false and is NOT based on anything real. All the characters are fictitious and have no relation to anyone living or dead. Any correlation to the US military was used for story telling purposes ONLY. I wrote this just because I champion all causes related to veterans and want nothing but the best for them since they sacrificed for this country. All that was written was good guys, bad guys, and a story. Hope you enjoy...

Thanks to shybelle76 for her editing prowess and skill with linguistics...


Calm Like a Bomb

"Calm like a bomb." By Rage Against the Machine, That's the first song that popped in my head. I started to sing the song in my head to pass the time. I was kneeling behind a table in a darkened room at the Westin Plaza in downtown Atlanta on the 52nd floor. I didn't want to be there, but this was priority one for me. I had been following my soon to be ex-wife, Simone, for the better part of 3 months now. I had an idea that she had a lover, but had a really hard time proving it. I'll admit that our life had become a bit dull after I had taken that security job for a company in Richmond, VA. I was working late trying to get operations overseas up and going. Sometimes, it would often involve travel to bad places. Simone was working for the Navy again as a civilian doing the same thing she did while on active duty.

Let me give you some background about myself so you have some frame of reference for the following story. I'm Mike Atkinson, retired Lieutenant Colonel for the US Army. I had a great childhood. I didn't want for anything, but I learned that if I wanted something I had to work for it. My parents were killed when I was a sophomore at Auburn. A drunk driver decided that he wanted to try and evade the cops, so he drove into the oncoming lane and tried to dodge traffic. I was told that they died on impact and didn't suffer. Thank the Almighty for small favors, I guess.

I started out like most every other Army officer. I did ROTC at Auburn University, and graduated fourth in my class with a degree in chemical engineering. After my commissioning and all the other trainings I had to take, I ended up as a Second Lieutenant stationed at Hunter Army Airfield with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. After I was promoted to Captain, I was re-assigned to Fort Bragg, 82nd Airborne. It wasn't a bad duty assignment, but much too much politicking with the brass for me. I opted to go to Selection for CAG, or as everyone knows it from the Chuck Norris movie, Delta Force.

I ended up having to do Delta selection twice. The first time I got frost bite on both feet (Almost lost 3 toes). The second time I went, I made it. Needless to say, I was in hog heaven. Don't ask me what kind of missions we did; I'm not going to tell you.

Fast-forward 2 years. I'd been promoted to the rank of Major and was now in charge of a Delta Platoon. We were on a 9-month rotation to "Asscrackistan" (as we not so jokingly called it), doing pretty much whatever "they" wanted us to do. "THEY" being mostly the intelligence people in Washington DC that thought they understood Afghanistan better than the people on the ground. THIS is where I met my future ex-wife.

Simone Nicolette Jordan. I first met her in Kandahar Afghanistan while she was on loan to "The Company". She was doing counter-surveillance, intelligence assessments, and analysis and profiling of Taliban warlords. I was sitting in on a briefing because my Delta platoon was going to be a part of a joint British SAS/American operation to rescue some aide workers that had been taken captive by a Taliban warlord.

I honestly never believed it was possible, but it was love at first sight, for both of us. She's about 5'7, 130, blond hair, hazel eyes, with a cross trainer's build. DAMN sexy. You could tell she can run, but, she could throw up some weights also. Every chance we got, through the briefing, we were smiling at each other. Talk about high school antics...

"Major Atkinson," my commanding officer said to me acting annoyed. "I'm sorry, would like us to pause the briefing so you and Lieutenant Jordan can pass love notes really quick?"

"No sir, I'll just slide it into her locker after class is over." I said. The whole room started to laugh. Lieutenant Simone Jordan was blushing as she smiled at me. Yep, I was hooked. Needless to say, I sat through the rest of the briefing with a very funny feeling in my lower abdominal region.

The mission went off without a problem, and we got all the hostages back, more or less, in one piece. One of the women was a bit too curious about what was going on and took a bullet to the shoulder. One of my team's medics was able to easily patch her up and get her moving. She had what we call a through and through wound (The bullet went all the way through and didn't lodge in the shoulder).

After the mission was over, I was sitting in on the de-briefing of the hostages. The man in charge of them was a British doctor from Doctors Without Borders. He said that they were giving medical care to anyone that needed it in that village, regardless of politics or religion. "We weren't there to fight or spy, just help people.", he said. Nice enough person, but he was a bit on the naïve side to say the least. He said the Taliban warlord didn't care what they were there for, that him and his people were enemies of Allah.

I heard the door open and who should walk through it? It was none other than LT Simone Jordan herself. She looked around the room and I watched her eyes light up like it was Christmas morning when she saw me. She wrote something down quickly, and then went right to work listening and asking questions.

After the debrief was concluded, I was walking back to our compound, and I heard someone behind me say, "Excuse me Sir!"

I turned around and there was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant walking up to me. He fired off a crisp salute and then came to attention in front of me. "At Ease Marine, what can I do for you?" I said to him.

He handed me a folded piece of paper and said "With LT Jordan's compliments, sir." Then he saluted, executed a perfect about face, and walked back the way he came.

The note was quick and to the point. "Green Beans Coffee on the boardwalk, tomorrow morning, 1030." Was all that it said. Looks like I had a date tomorrow morning. I won't lie to you, I had a spring in my step the rest of the way back.

I was looking at the Stars and Stripes newspaper when I heard a "Morning, this seat taken?" I put the paper down and looked up. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a Pink Floyd T-shirt, and a pair of Merrill boots. Her hair was in a ponytail and looped through the back of an Ohio State ball cap. There was that funny feeling in my lower abdominal region again.

"Hey, you better watch out, the flies around here might think you've got a pretty mouth." She told me. Of course, I had an equally snappy comeback to hers, "My mouth isn't pretty, it's just lacking in manliness this morning."

I went and got us some coffee and we talked for I have no idea how long. I had nothing to do today, so I was in no hurry for anything other than to see her. We talked about our lives and where we wanted to go after this.

I learned that she grew up in central Ohio, was a Naval Academy graduate, and her degree was in computer theory. She was an only child and had grown up with her single mother. Her mom sometimes worked 3 jobs to make sure they had a roof over their heads. "Mom was at my commissioning, sitting in the second row with the senator that had endorsed me to attend the academy. I'd never seen her so proud of me before." Simone told me. She started to tear up when she said that there was no one else in the audience but her mom when she walked across the stage. She passed away from breast cancer right after Simone reported to her first duty station. She said "I put my diploma and the picture of us holding it together in with my mom so I could make sure she would always be proud of me." I'm not afraid to admit it; I was tearing up a bit also.

She went on to tell me that she had finished her Master's degree in Cyber Security from Penn State and was third in her class. I asked her if I needed to erase all my porn sites from my browser and she said, "Nah, it wouldn't do you any good. I could recover them pretty quick." We both laughed.

I told her about growing up in North Georgia and running through the woods with my German Shepherds as a boy. She asked me why German Shepherds, so I told her, "My dad never got anything but Shepherds. He said that he wanted to know for sure that his family would be protected. He also thought that little ankle-biter dogs were good for making noise, getting stepped on, and that's it."

I also told her about my parents and the guy that hit them was doing life in prison and how I had found out that he had been confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life due to pissing off the skinheads. I told her about my time in the Rangers and at Fort Bragg. "I always loved hanging out with my soldiers more than I did other officers. I was so pissed off when I was called to see my battalion commander. He told me that I had to stop spending so much time with my men and more time with my fellow officers."

Simone asked me what I did about that. I told her that I showed up at the next Officers call, and stayed for 10 minutes. "I got a call from the First Sergeant telling me that he was initiating a company level call out and I'd need to be there for it." She laughed and asked how that went over. "I was commended for training my men so well." I told her.

Simone stopped talking for a minute and looked at me. She then asked why it felt so right when we looked at each other in the briefing two days ago. I looked at her and said, "It's only natural to be attracted to a real man, and not the pussies you call men in the Navy." She punched me in the arm and we laughed.

4 hours later she looked at her watch. "Shit, my Captain is going to kill me. I've got a conference call with "Them" about last night in 15 minutes." She said. I thanked her for the great time and told her I wanted to do this again. She told me she'd come visit me at my compound this weekend.

Sunday morning, my guys and I were flown to a Forward Operating Base in the middle of the desert for some range time. It was the only spot where we could stay hidden from prying Afghan eyes. We brought all but primary and secondary weapons and basically wasted ammunition for about 5 hours.

After we finished, we caught a ride from a Chinook and were flown back to our camp. We were all sweaty and exhausted. I managed to get our support people to grab some steaks, potatoes, veggies, and had the cooks work their magic for us. I walked into the kitchen area and asked OIC what time chow was. And then I made sure my guys all knew and finally went for a shower.

After I made sure that all my guys had eaten, I was sitting and enjoying a rather delicious steak and a freakin' huge baked potato when Simone put a plate down across from me and sat down to eat. "We have to quit meeting like this or people are going to talk." I said to her.

"Let them, I don't think I could care much less than I do." She said to me.

"You don't have any briefings to attend do you?" I asked. She said that she was off for the next 2 days since she was ahead on all her work. I asked her why she worked so hard and all she said was "So I can spend as much time as I can with you."

After we rotated home, we kept in contact and tried to see each other whenever we could. We met quite a bit over the next few years. I flew to her place in San Diego a few times, and she came to see me at Fort Bragg and in Washington DC when I was working at the Pentagon. I never really got into texting on a phone much... until I met Simone. We must have sent a hundred texts back and forth daily.

She told me that there was this one time when she was in meeting with the Generals and Admirals that her phone went off. She was trying to shut it off when the Admiral running the briefing said, "Why don't we take 10 minutes so LT Jordan can text her sweetie back."

About a year into my job at the Pentagon, I was working with some people from another 3-letter agency, training them on weapons and tactics. I watched as three black Tahoe's pulled up at the shooting range we were at. She got out of the last vehicle in the convoy. She was wearing kitted out body armor with all the things she'd need if she was going into combat, carrying an M4 across her chest and a leg holster with a Glock in it. Of course, she had her Ohio State hat on as well. She'd cut some of her hair off and it fell just to the base of her neck. I LOVE kissing and sucking on her neck...

"Lieutenant Jordan, how are you? It's been awhile." I said to her while smiling my best Cheshire cat grin. She grinned, made a note on a piece of paper, folded it up, and winked at me. As the day progressed, her boss, Captain Gregory Miller (who is a Seal Captain I know from earlier in my career), told me that he thought one of his people could outshoot me.

"Really? One of your Intel weenies wants to step up? Do they even know which end the bullet comes out?" I sarcastically asked him. He went over to his vehicle and pulled out a bottle of 18-year-old MacKallen and sat it on the hood. Who am I to turn down a bottle of great Scotch?

I already knew it was Simone that was going to shoot against me. Seconds later, she came walking up taunting me, "Big bad soldier boy, you ready to get your dick handed to you by a FEMALE Sailor?" All I did was smile and chuckle as I put my gear on. As I was kitting up, the bets were starting. The general consensus was that I was going to wipe the floor with her. My partner that was down helping with the training walked up and told me that I wouldn't have a problem with her.

"Billy, look at her body armor and kit and tell me what you see and don't see." I said to him. He looked for a couple seconds and finally saw what I was looking at. Simone had set up her gear like someone that was going to fight would. Nothing un-necessary was on there and everything was positioned so that she could get to it as fast as she needed it. Everything was tied down and nothing was loose or constricting on her. Someone had taught Simone the fine art of tactical shooting.

I'd like to say that I ran circles around her that day, but I didn't. She gave me a run for my money. Every weapon that we had out there, she excelled at. I beat her with the M4 rifle. She kicked my ass with the P90 submachine gun. We tied on the shotguns and Glocks. In the end, I let her win by a couple shots. It cost me a bottle of Scotch, but it was worth it to watch her as she celebrated her win over the Army.

After we cleaned up, I asked Greg where she learned to shoot so well. He told me a story about Simone. He said she came to him after her assignment was over and asked if he had any slots for Intel people. So, he gave her a chance to prove herself and apparently, she did.

A couple of months later, she made a couple of friends on teams and asked if they could teach her some shooting skills. Long story short, they taught her almost everything they knew about every weapon system they had in their inventory. She even learned fighting skills from them.

"When I called her into my office a few months after that, I asked her why she wanted to learn all this. She told me that she wanted to be able to live inside the mind of a shooter. But afterwards, she bowed her head and told me that the real reason she did it was because at the first Marine Corps ball she ever attended, her date tried to rape her. After it was over she didn't want to feel THAT powerless again." My mouth was hanging open from his revelation.

"Mike, I know how you both feel about each other. She keeps a picture of you on her desk and even in the SCIF so you're never too far away from her. Don't tell her I told you this, but I made some discreet inquiries about that night and apparently, the Marine in question has had more than one 'incident' like this. He's in Leavenworth for rape and sexual assault." Greg told me.

I shook his hand and thanked him for the information. I NEVER looked at Simone Nicolette Jordan the same way EVER again. She was a fighter and a warrior in the truest sense of the word. She brought herself back from nothing to where she is now and wanted no one's pity.

The Navy was getting ready to leave when I heard her yell, "Major Atkinson, I almost forgot to give you this." So I walked over and she gave me the piece of paper. All it said was "You're SO getting laid tonight." She winked at me as she rolled up her window and drove off.

I finally got back on operational status about 9 months later and was back at Fort Bragg. I had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was in charge of a full Delta squadron. We had just finished a 2-month long mission to some place hot and jungle like, and I was mentally and physically exhausted. It had been hard on all of us.

I was sitting alone in my hot tub at my house in Anderson Creek NC. "Hey, how much room you got in that thing?" A feminine voice said to me. Startled, I turned around and there was Simone leaning on my fence. How does she manage to sneak up on me all the time? What she had on was so freakin hot. Daisy dukes, a tank top and some wedges. "Are you deaf or do I need to slap you to bring you back to Earth?" She asked me.

"Being the consummate gentleman that I am, I have to inform you that I'm not wearing anything. I wasn't expecting any visitors today." I told her. She opened the gate, stepped out of her shoes and said, "Good, it'll save time."

She dropped her pack and walked to my hot tub while pulling her tank top off as she moved. Needless to say, she was perfect. No bra, she didn't need it. Her breasts were probably a large B or small C. She was standing next to my hot tub while she slid her shorts teasingly down her legs and off; she wasn't wearing anything under her shorts either. I guess my staring clued her in that I was a bit surprised at that. "I learned a while ago that you grunts were right, commando is the way to go." She said.

When Simone went to climb in, the way she lifted her legs was almost predatory, slow, graceful and without wasted movement. She came right over, straddled me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. As she was kissing me, she was moving her hips back and forth to rub her clit on my cock. After about 3 minutes of that, she used her legs to lift herself up and slid down all the way onto my cock. All I heard out of her at that moment was her mumbling "So good... oh so good..."

The next morning, after an all-nighter, her stomach growling was what woke me up. She was spooning her back to my front and had her fingers interlocked with my right hand holding her breast. She turned her head over and looked at me sleepily smiling.

"Do you feed your stomach anything or does it starve all the time?" I asked her.

"I fed it 4 times last night as I recall." She fired back. Oh yeah, she did. She swallowed 4 of my loads.

"I'll make breakfast and yell when the coffee is ready." I told her. "I'm in no hurry, I've got 10 days with you if you want me to stay." She told me. Well duh, of course I wanted her to stay and told her so.

"I do have to go into work for a bit this afternoon for a meeting about an upcoming operation, but I'm all yours after that." and walked off into the kitchen to make omelets and bacon. She came out wearing a black string bikini bottom and a dress shirt of mine that was completely unbuttoned.

"What do you want for dinner? I'll cook since you're doing breakfast." She volunteered. "I didn't think you Intel people could cook anything other than microwave stuff, you're all too busy hacking people's webcams on their laptops." I joked with her.

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