tagBDSMCam and Jan

Cam and Jan


Cam couldn't believe that Jan had talked her into this. Cam hated the single scene and didn't see how the lesbian single scene would be any different. Still, she thought, I can always leave. Cam had been through many failed relationships and one messy divorce. All the traditional Korean men could not keep her interest, so she sabotaged relationships until they left.

When Jan (really Jhan tsu) had kissed her after a night of crying and consoling, Cam got really confused. Jan revealed how she wanted to give over total control of herself and had been thinking of doing these things with Cam for years.

Many times people thought that the two of them were twins or sisters, but when she tied Jan to her bed and pinched her nipples, it just felt right, doing this to her childhood friend. So she continued, making rules as she went...She could tie Jan to her bed spread eagle for the night, and after a few times actually sleep herself, but she wouldn't use a vibrator on her. She could make Jan clean the house naked while she watched T.V., and even use a crop on her as punishment for any imaginary dust she found. She could even hogtie her and hand feed a blindfolded Jan sushi...but to do more would feel incestuous. When they were done Cam would bring herself to glorious climaxes, but never in front of Jan.

They both needed this new relationship with its strange rules and customs too much to stop, but both wanted more. Jan would always suggest something only for Cam to shoot down the idea as icky or dangerous, or silly.... but she also wanted more.

They went to an S&M club in the city but it was too off putting even for Jan.

Too many men jerking off into their hands, too many Master/Mistresses trying to order them around without so much as a hello.

They bailed after this beautiful Caucasian who then had "trouble" untying her when her fingers turned purple tied up Jan.

That was last weekend; Cam had made Jan sleep on the floor all week for bringing them to such a place.

"This will be diff." Jan said, using the annoying shorthand from their youth.

"Amer-Asian Sappho Power Exchange?" Cam said looking over the printed E-mail.

"Little women our complexion into tying each other-".

"Shhhh were in public." Cam whispers louder than Jan is speaking.

"Were on the subway."

"Yeah, only everyone listens in on each other on the subway"

"True dat..."

"Gd she can be so pretentious." Cam thought and suddenly imagines what it would be like to have that small mouth between her legs. Weird or not, whatever happened tonight, she was going to make Jan hers.

The meeting was in an Elks club in Queens. Jan was right, little lesbians their size and shade, but mostly little old lesbians...or really butch ones pierced in too many places...and they talked about S&M like it was stereo instructions. Cam could see all of them lick their chops as they came into the room. When they took a break the whole room was trying to talk to them at once.

Retreating to the bathroom Cam was planning their escape but Jan, of course, had forgotten her coat in the meeting room.

"I should make you leave without it. Serve you right "Cam said" another catastrophe."

"Were not all bad." a soft voice from one of the stalls.

Taller than they are but not too tall, with brown eyes and brown hair and golden skin, and as she washes her hands both sets of eyes move to the rhythm of her hips.

Her face is striking with a regal nose, and big lips, and soft eyes.

"The AASPE can be daunting place until you get used to it." her voice is so matter of fact, Cam thinks.

"What?" Jan says.

"The Amer-Asian Saffo power exchange, what you too were talking about just now." she says

"Tiny brown Asian..." Cam whispers to Jan.

'Wait here I'll get your coat." she says and is back in a moment.

"Don't worry I told them that they scared you off but that you both might come back for a pot luck next month..." its that same matter of fact voice.

"Thank you so much" Jan says still staring at this gorgeous woman and Cam feels a flush of jealousy come over her.

"Now" the woman said, "I'm going to buy you two a drink."

Right next to the Elks club is this retro dinner full of bright orange plastic and inside is a bar right out of the seventies.

"We will go soon." the woman says. "Lots of people come here after the meeting."

"I'm sorry what was your name?" Cam asks, annoyed at how every suggestion the woman makes seems to feel like an order she must follow.

"Don't be sorry, my name is Sevda."

"Passion." Jan says almost breathlessly.

"You know Turkish?" Sevda smiles.

"What?" Cam thrills to Sevdas seductive smile.

"My name means passion" Sevda never takes her eyes off of Jan "or love in Turkish.".

Cam can't believe how hard Jan is falling for this woman. Excusing herself and running to the bathroom, she fights with herself in the solitude of a stall.

"Sevdas invited us to her place." Jan says, when Cam returns to the table.

"My place is just behind the McDonalds where I work, over there." Sevda is pointing through the window.

"McDonalds" Cam, surprised says much too loudly.

"Yes" Sevda beams that seductive smile at Cam.

"O.K." If she works for Mcdisgusting Jan would never fall for her.

The apartment looks as if paint cans have exploded. Everything was painted with these basic forms of naked women in bright colors. Both can't help but stare.

Cam thinks to herself that this is something I would do if I had the time or

"This is great." Jan marvels.

On closer inspection Cam realizes that the figures simplicity belie how well considered each one is. An unfinished packing crate coffee table has a girl kneeling on all fours her large breasts almost seem to sway. A closet painted half solid black and the other half has a tall headless woman whose body ends where the cabinet meets the ceiling.

None of the figures have faces, just broad strokes portraying great bodies that have submissiveness to their poses.

Cam and Jan wander the apartment as if it's an art gallery.

"Would you like some wine?" Sevda asks breaking up their sightseeing.

Jan looks to Cam who nods.

"There is a bottle of white in the fridge and some glasses in the cupboard by the sink" Sevda says as she sits down on the coach.

Cam quickly tells Jan "Go and get them including a glass for yourself."

Cam sits down on the coach next to Sevda as Jan goes to the kitchen.

"We should talk." Cam says in a voice more confident than she feels.

Jan returns with three glasses filled with wine.

"Sit here." Cam tells her indicating a spot on the floor by her feet when Jan has given out the glasses.

"I like your house it so full of-" Cam is talking just to fill the strange silence when Sevda says." I will fuck both of you, you don't have to worry."

Cam's face turns red and she can't keep her composure.

"You want to submit." she is smiling at Cam "Look at me."

It takes a minute but Cam finally looks up.

"Strip." Cam feels like she is going to cry, looking down she sees Jan's face flushed with excitement.

"We're leaving." Cam gets up and looks to Jan.

"I..." Now Jan looks like she is going to cry.

"Jan...Go to the kitchen and kneel by the refrigerator." Sevda says and turns to Cam.

Jan goes without saying a word.

Sevda hands Cam her coat and escorts her out of the apartment as if moving around a small child.

"I-"Cam starts but Sevda just closes the door.

Fighting with herself Cam rings the bell.

Sevda answers quickly but stands in the doorway, waiting. Cam looks down at Sevda's feet.

"Give me your coat." Cam hands it over silently.

"Now your shoes." The tiles of the hallway are cold.

"Now the dress." Cam hesitates and Sevda closes the door on the shoeless coatless girl.

Cam knocks quietly the dress in her hand, Sevda opens and takes it and quickly closes the door again.

After a few minutes she knocks on the again and hands over her underwear and socks.

Sevda waits a moment before closing the door again, leaving a naked Cam in the hallway of the apartment building.

Confused Cam begins to cry again, "What does she want from me?" echoes in her brain.

Sevda watches Cam sitting on her heels, her forehead on the ground, her arms stretched over her head palms up and crossed at the wrists for several seconds

Cam feels the handcuffs click on her wrists and the large leather collar on her neck.

"Up." Sevda brings Cam inside.

Jan is tied spread eagle to a large four-post bed and blindfolded. A large red ball in her mouth is stretching her brown lips. A thin trail of drool works its way down her jaw.

The hum of the vibrator between Jan's legs a nice contrast to the moans escaping her lips. Cam longed to have her hands free to mash Jan's breasts between her fingers and pull and twist her hard brown nipples until her back arched.

Sevda ties Cam's collar to a rope hanging from the ceiling. She pulls away the vibrator from Jan and mashes the tied girls tits just the way Cam was thinking of doing.

Taking out two whips, Sevda lays the first on Jan's belly and places the second in Cams mouth." Don't drop it."

Watching Sevda whip Jan is making Cams legs quiver.

When Sevda switches to lightly whipping her, it doesn't hurt, just like an unscratchable itch. Cam moves back to meet the whip, a moan escaping her lips that makes her drop the whip in her mouth.

"Oh well..." Sevda smiles.

Back in the living room Sevda ties Cams collar off to a hook set in the floor, clipping her cuffs to the collar, she pulls out a large doggie bed and lays Cam on it.

"Goodnight" Sevda says as the bedroom door closes. Trying to get comfortable Cam lies down on her side and suddenly feels Sevda buckle a blindfold over her eyes. Then the two invaders are pushed slowly but firmly inside of her, stretching her painfully until the buzzing starts, shaking her insides.

Not enough to make her cum but strong enough to keep her from sleeping... or thinking coherently.

A dull ache that she can't ignore and no amount of humping the doggie bed or the floor can help, working her legs around the leash holding her to the floor, trying to scrape the rope between her legs when suddenly the vibrators click off.

Cam can hear moans from the other side of the room. " Jan in the same predicament as me?" Cam thinks. She tries to say something and the vibrators click back on inside of her, consuming all of her thoughts.

In the morning Sevda releases them from the vibrations and blindfolds, placing ring gags in each of their mouths.

"You may go to the bathroom, sleep on your doggie beds, watch T.V., or go to the kitchen. I have put bowls of food and water on the floor for you. You may not pleasure each other or sit on any furniture. I have to go to work, I will see you both in a few hours." Sevda leaves and they hear her lock the door.

This may be the first Sunday since Jan submitted to her that Cam has not slept in. Hobbling to the kitchen to slurp some water through the gag, and lap up some mush from the bowl next to it ... Jan is fast asleep when Cam lies down on her doggie bed. Ignoring the ache to orgasm she lies down on the doggie bed and tries to go to sleep.

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