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Cam Night


They are on cam just like many nights before, except this night will be different.

She is wearing a new basque that has brought glowing comments from the 100 watchers who are enjoying the view of the new garment and occasionally a glimpse of her stocking-clad legs, slightly parted and her beautiful face when she leans forward from time to time. He is lying back behind her, a hand occasionally appearing into shot as he gently strokes the exposed flesh of her legs and bum between stockings and basque.

She is being playful and teasing as she often does: the occasional wiggle to the music and glancing over her right shoulder, sharing an occasional joke with Him as she reads out the comments left by her admirers. She also occasionally appears to glance over her left shoulder so some of her audience ask why she is distracted but she does not reply.

She sips at her Rose and enjoys the flirtatious attention of the chat in the room and the people from whom she has accepted a whisper request. The watchers do not notice that His hand has slowly crept behind her and gently smoothes her back. If they could see, then they would notice that almost idly his fingers appear to be playing with the lace that holds the basque tight. Indeed, she is so engrossed in her textual conversations that she has not even noticed until she becomes aware that the material is loosening. Of course, the effect is subtle but dramatic: as she involuntarily throws her head back to laugh at a particularly risque comment from an admirer, she does not notice that her full breasts are now pushed slightly upwards in their confinement to the point that they are almost overflowing. The 'room' notices of course but almost as a collective conspiracy they do not let on further than the occasional 'mmmmmm' in the chat. She turns to Him to ask a question and as she turns back to the screen, it is clear to all those men watching that the faintest glimpse of her nipples have now appeared above the top of the basque but, unless she notices and readjusts herself it must be that more will be revealed; quite simply because the nipples themselves are full and engorged and very, very hard. Therefore, it was simple physics. Unless she stayed perfectly still ... which was unlikely, her nipples were going to win the battle with the top of her basque. And that it was happened next.

You haven't asked why they were so hard? For sure, She is turned on by being in front of the cam and having these watchers but tonight was different. She was especially enjoying herself.

Of course, as all girls know, now her nipples were out, she knew that they were by their contact with the cooler air ... but in that moment of realisation she stopped herself in the act of returning them to cover. In fact, now the more she moved the more of her firm breasts were revealed. His hand hadn't remained idle either. He had now moved round to the front of her lacy knickers, softly stroking her. The watchers were now divided; some were focusing on her exposed breasts while others were concentrating on the disembodied hand that appeared from behind her insistently stroking her. Her legs betrayed her desire though. The careful watcher will have seen that her legs were parting involuntarily as she instinctively responded to the touch over her material-covered pussy. Her hips were now rotating in a counter-flow movement with His cupped right hand , then splayed fingers. One of the watchers then asked whether he could see a close-up. She smiled, looked over her right shoulder, then over her left and momentarily the cam moved in closer on the activity between her legs.

And nobody got it. Not one watcher seemed to notice this new display of physics. Maybe, they just thought that His unseen left hand had operated a zoom facility on the software. A left hand now appeared and the two hands slowly eased her knickers down and out of sight of the camera. Now the watchers became very animated. The chat positively rattled with pleading for the hands to separate and show them her exposed pussy. They almost obliged, teasing her lips slightly apart as another hand smoothed straight down over her swollen clit and glided between the wet lips of her aching pussy. She shook at the touch so maybe it was that which stopped the watchers from doing the basic maths ... Another hand? ...3 hands? But nobody noticed - maybe it was because they were so focused on looking inside her swollen lips to her centre, the hole that every one of them with their hard, hard cocks wanted to penetrate and give their gift to the centre of her being. They were all stroking themselves now. Maybe it was a late-comer to the room - people were desperate to get into the room but the ones already there did not realise that there was another in the real room. One watcher just wrote '3 hands?' and then, of course, it all went crazy. Their excitement at the possibility of seeing her, the girl they all lusted after night after night, with 2 men was too much! There was a flurry of questions now but she ignored them.

Instead she leant forward and placed the laptop across her lap. Of course, the boys were disappointed that she was now covered but then the cam moved upwards, apparent by her outstretched arm. As it refocused on her breasts, she typed 'Him' and then a head appeared from her right and sucked her right nipple. She then typed 'Him2' and a second head appeared from her left and began sucking her left nipple. She smiled at the camera and then worked one by one through her list of approved whisperers, leaving a simple message: Room= Come on. Password= Boys

She made one more click:

................ has left the room or gone offline

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