Camelot Ch. 01


Guinevere shivered in anticipation. She bent over, her arms leaning on the edge of the bed

“What are thou going to do with me…?” Her voice sounded timid and husky.

“I am going to pierce your arse, wench…! Then I will fuck your bottom so deep that you will feel the end of my cock in your throat…”

Guinevere shuddered in delight. She cried out loud when he plunged into her in one swift stroke. Her hands clawed and she felt sweat breaking out from her goosy skin. Desperately she reached out for a pillow. She hid her face deep in the cushion to muffle her sounds of sensuous delight. Lancelot frenetically fucked her dark chute with feverish salvo-like thrusts. Regrettably he couldn’t maintain this pace indefinitely. When he took a breather, he spun her around to mouth his slime-covered cock. He didn’t give her the time to kneel before him. Bent forward, with her head angularly hoisted upwards, Lancelot just fucked her drooling mouth. She begged him to be her wench and he would treat her as such. He turned his back to her and rested his hands on his knees. Guinevere duly sucked off his crater, burying her nose between his arse cheeks again. She had an agile tongue and jolts of pleasure made him reach backwards, rewarding her by pushing her deeper into his crack.

When she resumed her original position he saw the rim of her anus was swollen raw, some creamy fluid slowly dripping from her rear entrance. To have his majestic Queen turned on to a horny lady in heat aroused him immensely. Without consideration he plunged his blood engorged member back in place and started plowing around into her arse. Idly Guinevere fisted the bed when her orgasm racked her body but Lancelot left her no time to let her pleasure slowly ebb down. With a popping sound he withdrew his weapon.

“On your stomach, wench... hold on to your ankles and look at me...”

With weak legs Guinevere rolled over on the bed, gripped each ankle with a hand. With her head up she turned to him. Her glazed eyes barely saw his member moving in till it stopped just before her slightly opened lips.

“Tell me where this cock is coming from...?”

“I had it in my arse...”

“What do thou think of it...?”

“It is slimy and dirty...”

“What is the best way to have it cleaned...?”

Guinevere knew he didn’t expect a reply. It was too humiliating... With her torso curved upwards, she felt his hand under her chin, bringing her face even more up. The musky smell of her own ass filled her nostrils. She felt the slimy crown of his shaft softly opening her lips. It gently entered… bringing more grease… moving slowly… oh so slowly… Guinevere closed her eyes. She almost choked… This was so nasty… so denigrating… so humiliating… so utterly delightful…! She felt his glorious staff even swelling more under her sucking lips. She was his wench… providing him lewd services, exciting him… She would suck him clean, and he would penetrate her arse again…

And Lancelot did… Again he felt her anal ring clinching and un-clinching around his pounding member. She rocked her bouncing behind against him, matching him stroke for stroke. He had never experienced such arousal in his life but his cock was still expanding between her arse walls. His control was melting away in this blazing coupling. Kneading her soft cheeks with his strong forcing hands he just slammed his hot rod between her twin orbs. His hips undulating wildly, he released himself in spasmodic waves. His seed drowned her insides. His ejaculation was so copious, he felt his cum washing around his cock before the thick murky fluid slowly started to leak outside...


Lady Shower

They lay closely together, sharing the intimacy of post-coital bliss. Absent-mindedly Lancelot caressed her warm body, so heart-warming and giving in its surrender.

“I never expected it would be like this, my Queen.”

“I am not your Queen, silly knight. I am just a modest maiden… my name is Ginny… What is yours?”

“My name is Lance… eeh… Ginny”

“What am I doing naked in your bed, Lance?”

“I seem to recall that you came to me. Do you have an idea why?”

“Yes, now I remember. I asked one of the ladies about the joys of maidenhood. And she told me you were the best to teach me…”

Besides her beauty, one of Guinevere’s qualities Lancelot loved most was her sparkling spirit. Her good humor contrasted so much with his seriousness, which often verged on solemnity. During their walks she used to brighten his mood with her laughter, her wit and her teasing jokes.

“If you want, I could introduce you into the joys of maidenhood.”

“I really would appreciate that, sir. Is it necessary to be naked?”

“It surely helps. Shall we start?”

“What do I have to do, sir?”

“Put your arms above your head. The first joy of maidenhood is to receive a kiss.”

Obediently Guinevere moved her arms over her head. Lancelot looked down at her nude body. The moon was shining through the window. Her alabaster breasts were breathtakingly beautiful. Gently he rolled himself over her soft, warm body. Lovingly he took her face between his hands and softly pressed his mouth on her inviting lips.

“How do you like it?” He asked after a couple of minutes.

“It was enjoyable.”

“It can even more enjoyable! I will kiss you again. But now, when you feel something between your lips, let it enter… can you do that, Ginny?”

“I will try.” Guinevere became totally engrossed in her adopted role. It was quite arousing to Lancelot. He moved over her body, kissed her again but now let his tongue slip in. Her passionate response diminished her role as an innocent maiden but Lancelot would be the last to complain. The lovers remained locked in several kisses till they resumed their role-playing.

“What about this kisses?”

“I really enjoyed it. But what is that thing, growing between my legs…?”

“I will tell you… it is really important. It is your main tool to experience the joys of maidenhood!”

“Whoaw…! May I see it?”

“Of course you can see it! Look, here… I will move upwards. Can you see it dangling…?”

“It is big…”

“It still is not big enough though. I will lower it until it touches your lips. Do you remember what to do when it touches your lips?”

“Open my mouth and let it in…?”

“You are a bright maiden, Ginny. A bright maiden indeed…”

Lancelot looked down. It was an exquisite sight to see her lips part coyly to engulf the top of his semi-erection. He clinched his fists when her tongue started licking the pink helmet. How he craved to fuck her lovely face now, to plunge into the cavern of her mouth… to deposit his load with her throat contracting around his most sensitive part. Gasping he controlled himself, just enjoying her tongue teasing around his pole.

“Your sausage tastes funny… It is growing in my mouth…”

Now Guinevere was gasping too. Spit was drooling from her chin as more and more of his flesh was filling her mouth.

“You are talented lass. When I teach you all about the joys of maidenhood, you even could become a lusty lady.”

“I would like that.” She managed to flap out between two loving sucks. ”This is getting really big.”

“You have to take more of it in your mouth. It is important that you do, because this stick will provide you with the joys of maidenhood. It is a stick of joy…”

“Mmm… I already have half of it in my mouth…!”

“That will not do… You should have the whole of it in… take it in until you gag…

“I really can’t… Could you help me? Please…?” Ginny asked in her sweetest way, well aware how her request would excite him.

Lancelot let himself slide from the bed and moved to the far end of the bed.

“Come over… “

Willingly Ginny let herself being arranged with her head hanging backward over the edge, the menacing erection dancing above. She closed her eyes when his manmeat sank into her mouth… With his greatest urgency safely buried in her hospital warmth, Lancelot finally had the opportunity to shift his attention to her naked torso. Her smooth alabaster mounds jutted up in the air. Unusual for such full breasts, they didn’t slip sideways but retained their beautiful shape. Lancelot softly tingled the pink raisins with the palms of his hands. With his fingertips he explored the wrinkled surface of the wide areolae. He withdrew his cock when his maiden began to choke.

“You did it... very good... now let’s do it again...”

“Can I rest a little? Kiss you somewhere, may be...?”

This maiden was a natural talent indeed and certainly would become a lusty lady soon…

“Would you like to explore new areas? To seek uncharted territories?”

“Please, sir! That would be exciting.”

It certainly was exciting when her mouth followed the dark uncharted canyon of his crack. With her mouth between his cheeks his maiden produced muffled, unintelligible sounds.

“Please tell me what you find”

“I am at a wrinkled hole, sir. Tell me what to do.”

“First let your tongue follow the rim. Then point your tongue and slide the top in the small opening…”

Lancelot spread his ass cheeks to make it easier for her.

“That’s it… very nice… Now do it again…”

After a couple of minutes Ginny asked. “Am I a lusty lady now? Now I touched your arse…?”

“You will be. But first I will touch your arse too. I will make it very special for you. I will touch it with my joystick. It will bring all the joys of maidenhood directly in your arse...”

“You are so nice for me, sir. Thank you sir…”

Lancelot let her lie back on the bed and moved between her legs. With her legs high up in the air, her knees close to her shoulders, Ginny offered him her bottom in a most exciting way. Again Lancelot was mystified by her tiny, almost virginal, anus. His glans nosed against the wrinkled opening, pushed and then slid in her narrow channel. The renewed acquaintance with her clinching anal ring felt like a homecoming. The tight embrace for a prodigal son. Of course a homecoming would be incomplete without a welcoming kiss… So Lancelot withdrew his soiled sword from its tight scabbard to move it up north. His lusty lady already had opened her mouth invitingly. Moments later he extinguished his overheated member in her soothing coolness. Her lascivious tongue cleaned him from all blemishes. He let his lady do it again to show off her perfect deep-throat technique and she showed it with passion and abandon.

He made the trip from her arse to her mouth a third time only because sweet Ginny asked for it so nicely. This time he went deep… really deep…

“Am I a lusty lady now?” she asked between her gasps.

“Sure! I will personally make you a lusty lady. When a knight is nominated, he receives a stroke of a sword. When a lusty lady is nominated, she is baptized by a shower. It is called a Lady shower…”

“That is quite an honor…!” Guinevere giggled, obvious knowing what shower to expect.

“It surely is. Are you ready for it…?”

“Yes…! Yes…! Yes…! I am prepared!”

Lancelot accelerated his thrusts, feeling the gripping ring of her sphincter sliding over the whole length of his cock, preparing him for the big event too. Ginny was smiling to him, pushing her breasts towards him, provoking him. He pulled out, pointed his canon at her beautiful, inviting face and unleashed his load in spurt after spurt. The first spurt of creamy cum hit her straight in her face, at her nose and her upper lip. The second one was aimed lower and landed on her tongue, forming a muddy puddle on the vibrating red surface. Before the third spurt blasted out, Ginny already had buried her face in his pubic hair. Almost choking she received her third blessing deep in her throat. Lancelot concluded the ceremony by pulling out from her mouth, moving it above her face. The warm, creamy cum dripped on her face and started slowly sliding down her cheeks. Thick globs were hanging from her chin and were partly filling her nostrils. Ginny cheerfully licked her lips. She surely looked like a happy lusty lady.


Ride into the Light

They lay naked together, still carrying the dry sweat of their last mating.

“That was unbelievable, my love” Lancelot said.

His finger was making idle circles around the red areolae of her breasts. He buried his nose in the lukewarm soft flesh, deeply inhaling the fine odor of her skin. After the delightful lightness of their last encounter, Guinevere was overtaken by a serious mood and feelings of guilt.

“I shouldn’t have come…”

“But you made me so happy. I have looked out for this night for so long…”

“I am the Queen. I should have done better…”

“But you are a woman too. And Arthur sent a message he would be even longer away.”

“I am afraid, Lancelot. What will happen to us…? I am not worthy to be a Queen.”

“Don’t speak that way. We will speak with Arthur when he returns. You don’t have to come to my bedroom again, it is too dangerous.”

Guinevere shivered. She felt a great emptiness.

“Make love to me again, Lancelot. Let me arouse you, let me lick your nether parts… I feel such a great shame. Push my face down in you crotch. Don’t face me. Don’t let me see the adoration in your face because I am not worth it. Let me ride you… Let me ride alone… and let me suck your pole… Let me enjoy your flesh for a last time.”

She pushed his leg up so she had better access to the area she was most interested in. Without any hesitation she plunged her tongue in the deep canyon between his butt cheeks. She wondered why it excited her so much. Was it the smell of seat and mud? Was it the feeling she had no responsibilities anymore? She wasn’t a Queen anymore, just a woman desperately trying to please her lover, getting him all aroused and excited. How exciting to exert the power of her mouth, to transform a mighty knight into a helpless, defenseless youth.

Guinevere squatted above his hips and guided his mighty erection into her narrow anal channel.

And so Gwenhwyvar rode out as an amazon, a woman warrior, galloping in a steady rhythm to the light at the far end of the horizon.

She felt the spear hurting her, causing the fever inside, it spurred her on to move faster.

Then she was pushed from her mount, the earthy taste of mud entered her mouth, a strong hand pushing her deeper into the mud…

When she struggled her-self free she remounted, resuming her original rhythm, a spear still hurting her soft spot inside… Again and again she was thrown from her mount, but always she crawled back. When her head was pushed down her mouth filled with slime and filthy smells filled her lungs.

Gasping for air time after time she recuperated to resume her quest, galloping to the far horizon… She recalled the minstrels from the continent telling about the legendary woman-warriors, riding on horseback through the fire.

The spear hurting her insides just stimulated her to increase her speed even more, hurrying to reach her destination. The light was so near now she felt it was almost within her reach.

Gwenhwyvar spurred on her mount, accelerating into the final stretch, her double-breasted torso exposed, her golden manes blowing, her arms widespread, her face looking up in the air, a woman warrior galloping into the light…

Finally the light engulfed her, burned her, and consumed her. Sobbing, jolting spasmodically, Guinevere hurled herself headfirst into the consuming fire. Dying the long, agonizing, sweet death of ecstasy…

Guinevere and Lancelot were still sleeping in close embrace when Mordred and his men in the early morning dashed into the bedroom. It would lead to the fall of Camelot…

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For maximal enjoyment it is recommended to see the movie ‘Camelot’ on DVD. The story starts at chapter 24 (1:51:35).

I would like to thank my editor JayneC for her valuable contribution.

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