Camera Capers


Special thanks to my editors for their help!

It is amazing how a horrible event can eventually lead to great things. I was devastated when I learned that my buddy Taylor was moving to New York for work. Taylor was like a brother to me, so I tried my best to be excited for him and made sure to send him off in style. We drank like fish and hit on everything wearing a skirt. It was one hell of a night followed by one hellish next morning.

I awoke to the brain curdling ring of my doorbell and the first thing to pop into my mind was, 'That had best not be a fucking solicitor!' I considered bringing my baseball bat with me as I stumbled to the door. The moron continued to ring the buzzer and I yanked the door open, ready to unleash devastation. The sight of Taylor standing beside a bunch of boxes left me slack-jawed.

"Bout damn time you answered! I've been ringing that blasted bell for fifteen minutes."

"W—what are you doing here?" I replied.

Taylor looked to the boxes and back. "Jesus, how much did you drink last night? I am dropping off my camera equipment. Remember?"

I was left slack jawed for the second time, a good indicator that I was in no condition for socializing.

"Ugh, I don't have time for this. I need to be at the airport in forty minutes. If you don't want the stuff can you at least hold on to it until I get a buyer?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah, I guess." I said.

"Great." Taylor gave my shoulder a squeeze and said, "I'll call you from New York. Thanks man." He turned and dashed to his car, leaving me standing in my doorway, wearing nothing but my skivvies, and wondering what the hell just happened.

The next twenty minutes were spent doing what no hung-over person wants to do, working. Each box earned Taylor a new nickname and I was in disbelief at how much shit he had. Thank God the Advil kicked during my labors. After I crammed the last box into the basement, I slammed the front door shut and crawled back into bed.

The boxes remained untouched until about a week later. A wicked storm was rolling through and I was searching for my disposable camera when I remembered Taylor's equipment. I rushed downstairs and scoured the boxes. Obviously, the damn camera was hiding in the last freakin' box. I grabbed it, dashed upstairs, and outside.

The camera was overwhelming. It was high end, much fancier than the one button disposables. It took a couple minutes of fiddling with the buttons to just turn it on. I snapped a picture and it immediately appeared on the back display. I was left in awe. No wonder people paid so much for these things! It was like watching high definition TV for the first time, now that I had seen it, I could never go back. The storm provided plenty ammunition for the camera and I fired shot after shot. Even though it never sparked the tornado I was hoping to see, it definitely ignited a newfound passion for photography.

My television went through withdrawal as I started to spend my evenings sitting outside. I became a hunter with everything from passing cars to local wildlife becoming my prey. The camera only got more impressive the more I used it. Ironically, the picture that would change my life required no hunting at all. I was photographing a squirrel in my tree when the neighbor girl pulled into her driveway. She stepped from her car and all thoughts of the squirrel fled.

I had only seen her a few times since I moved in and was pretty sure she was a college student living at home with her mother. Since I am not a neighborly person by nature, I had never introduced myself, a decision I started to regret watching her walk down the drive. Her tan legs seemed to go on for miles beneath her barely-there shorts and her light blue v-neck shirt, which was probably a size too small, clung to her bouncing assets. I instinctively swung the camera into position and tried to capture every wonderful facet of that work of art. She walked from the mailbox to the house without ever noticing me. When the front door closed behind her, I swear the camera sighed with me. I rushed inside to download my loot.

A photograph is a powerful thing. Instead of stealing an occasional glance, I was able to take my time and enjoy. I scrolled from picture to picture, admiring every intoxicating curve of her body. I was left confounded at how I had never really paid much attention to her. Hell, this girl could be a model! She was definitely better looking than most I had seen. "A light bulb turned on in my mind" or "the final piece of the puzzle clicked into place", whichever cliché you want to use. The point is that it dawned on me that she really COULD be a model and here I was with enough camera equipment to put most studios to shame, taking pictures of squirrels!

I did not leave my computer much that night. Google became my new best friend and I perused page after page of the information it provided. I searched for everything a photographer needed to know and by three in the morning, I began to believe I might actually be able to pull this off. Too excited to sleep, I went downstairs and started unpacking Taylor's boxes. The stuff I had tossed aside days earlier was now recognizable. I really did have everything I needed to create a mini studio. My living room was a different place when the alarm clock chimed needlessly at seven. The TV and recliner were gone, replaced by studio equipment and my couch sat against the wall to open up the room. I was both exhausted and invigorated. The first piece in my plan was nearly complete.

While a photographer by night, my day job was with a sign company in the nearby city. The company dealt with everything from business cards to storefronts, which was perfect. It had everything I needed to get my little "business venture" off the ground. I could not wait to get to work, which was an unorthodox feeling to say the least. I threw on some clothes and rushed into the office. I had a very productive day, just not for the company. I secretly printed off signs and business cards my little company would need and T&J photography was born. T&J for Taylor and Jasper; I figured it only appropriate to give my buddy a little credit.

The waiting became the hardest part of the whole process. I spent the entire evening sitting on my porch, praying that the neighbor girl would appear. I wanted to run into her as if by chance, not for her to think I was stalking her. My patience was rewarded when her car turned onto the street. I breathed in deeply and prepared myself.

"Stay cool, stick to the plan," I whispered. The car turned into the driveway and I hopped to my feet. My mind raced while I walked across the front lawn.

The girl had just stepped out of her car when I yelled, "Hello." She turned to me with a "what the hell does this guy want" look and I felt like an idiot. My confidence wavered, but I had already come too far.

"Sorry to bother you," I began.

"Can I help you?"

I was now standing at the edge of her driveway and the smell of her perfume threatened to pull me in. I locked my gaze on her face and focused on the plan.

"I, uh, know we don't really know each other, but I am in kind of a bind."

She crossed her arms and I started to think that this wouldn't work.

"I got called away for work on short notice and I'm expecting an important package. Would it be possible for you to grab my mail for a couple days?"

"Um, well—" she started to say.

"Please? It would really help me out. I got called away on this photo shoot last minute."

Her demeanor went from cold to warm like ice in a fire. "You're a photographer?"

"Yeah, I run my own company, T&J studio."

"Oh! I had no idea. I thought you were one of those computer people," she said.

I cringed at the term "computer people". "No, I do photography work for a few different companies, but mostly I try to focus on my studio," I explained.

"Oh. What kind of pictures do you take?" She said while unconsciously twirling a strand of hair. I wanted to smile, she had taken the bait. Now all I had to do was reel her in.

"Well, I do magazine work from time to time, but my main focus is as a model scout." For the first time, I allowed my eyes to roam. She was wearing a blouse and skirt today, both showing off her sublime figure. "You know, you are very photogenic," I said, trying to act as if it had just occurred to me, "Have you ever considered modeling?"

Her face lit up. "You think so? My friends have mentioned it, but I always thought they were just buttering me up," she replied. 'Yeah right,' I thought. She knew how attractive she was and now she was almost bubbling at the opportunity to get her photo taken.

"You should listen to them. They might be right."

"Isn't it expensive?" She tilted her head and flashed me a smile. 'Haha, now she is buttering me up!' I thought.

"Yes, putting together a portfolio can be expensive," I told her. "Time is money and most agencies are inundated with models hoping for their chance." I paused a moment as if considering the situation. "Tell you what, you help me out and I will help you out."

"I'm not sure I follow."

'Not the brightest,' I thought. "If you grab my mail for the next few days, I'll do your photo shoot for free."

"Wow! That would be awesome!" She grinned and two cute little dimples appeared.

"So we have a deal?" I asked, extending my hand forward.

"Deal," she replied with a shake.

"By the way, my name is Jasper."

She blushed, which only made her cuter. "I'm Katy."

"Well, Katy. Why don't you wait here? I'll grab one of my business cards and we can set up a time for your shoot."

"Okay," she replied.

I jogged back to my house and grabbed one of T&J studio's shiny new business cards. I gave it a flick and skipped back outside. Katy appeared lost in thought when I exited the house, probably imagining what a famous model she would be. My plan seemed to be working. Katy noticed me approach and snapped from the day-dream.

I handed her my card and before I could say anything, she asked, "So when can you do my shoot?"

"Well I will be out of town through Friday, but I'm free Friday at one."

"Friday would work great!"

"Perfect, I'll put you on the schedule."

"Uh, what should I wear?"

'Nothing,' was the first thing to come to mind. "Why don't you bring a few options? I have a changing room and it is better to be over-prepared," I replied. I was starting to get really excited and decided I better wrap it up before I make a mistake. "Well I have some things to finish up before I leave. It was nice to meet you Katy. Thank you very much for taking care of my mail. Just drop it off when you come over. Oh, that reminds me, my studio is in my house."


"Yep, so we will take care of your shoot right there," I replied, "So, I guess I'll see you Friday."

"See you Friday!"

I turned and headed inside. I did not think that the whole exchange could have gone any better. If Friday goes half as well it will be a day to remember. I plopped down on the couch; it was going to be a long wait.

For the next three days I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. I had to call into work sick since I could not risk going outside. Stuck inside my house, I did everything I could to keep busy; trying my best to look anywhere but at the clock. The plus was that is gave my plenty of time to perfect my "studio". I adjusted the lighting, set up back screens and possible props. In the end, I felt the final product was pretty damn good. Based on internet photos, my studio seemed pretty damn authentic looking.

Christmas did finally come and I woke up with hopes that the day would involve unwrapping. I spent the morning browsing through the pictures I had taken of Katy that first night. I salivated over each picture and my imagination ran rampant with dreams of how she must look nude.

I was still seated at the computer when the doorbell rang at 12:54. 'She's early, a good sign,' I thought. I logged off the computer and scampered to the front door before taking a few seconds to compose myself.

When I pulled the door open, my jaw dropped. Katy looked stunning! Her hair was pulled up in elegant curls with a few strands falling free. She was wearing a black dress open at the top and stopping mid thigh at the bottom. The dress showed off her amazing rack and jaw dropping legs.

"Hi Jasper!"

I did my best to regain control. "Hello Katy. You... look very beautiful."

"Thank you," she said with a smile. "I have your mail in my bag, but no packages came."

"Yeah, I found out the package was delayed, but thanks anyway. Please, come in." I stood to the side so she could enter. "The studio is to your left," I told her as she walked past and followed her into the living room. The dress was open in the back, but a black bra strap ran across the middle. 'Damn, she didn't go braless,' I thought.

"Wow, you have a nice setup," she said.

"Thanks, are you ready to begin?" I grabbed the camera and asked.

"Um, is there paperwork or anything?" she asked while looking at the camera nervously.

'Easy Jasper, stick to the plan,' I mentally reminded myself, 'I need to get her driver's license and have her sign the release form first.' "Yep, that is what I meant."

I reined myself in and started to use my research to my advantage. I showed her the model release form I had created and explained that any pictures taken would be the property of T&J Studios and only be used for scouting purposes. I then asked for her driver's license for age verification. These must have been good touches as Katy appeared to ease up and started filling out the release form. I laughed to myself as I left the room to pretend to copy her driver's license. It was amazing how much credibility someone can get from a piece of paper. When I returned Katy looked as if she was about finished.

"Okay, I think it's done," she said shortly after.

"Looks good," I said after a quick scan of the document.

"What next?" She asked.

'It's show time!' I thought as I said, "Let's start the shoot."

"Why don't you stand by that screen over there? Good. Now step forward just a bit with your right leg and lean forward, resting your right hand on your right knee."

Katy shifted into position without question and I started snapping pictures, making sure to focus on the visible cleavage.

The voyeur in me grinned as I instructed her to lean forward a bit more. She did and the dress fell away, rewarding me with a wonderful view.

"Great! Now, turn away from the camera and look back over your shoulder."

Katy assumed the new position. Her dress stretched from the twisting and hugged her curves.

'God, why didn't I become a photographer?' I thought.

Katy was like putty, waiting for me to mold into whatever position I desired. I led her from pose to pose, capturing her from every angle. Katy continued to loosen up as time passed and made small talk. I learned that she was a student at the local university and worked in one of the mall clothing stores. I was not overly interested but I was happy to see that she was beginning to trust me. My focus was on the pictures and every one I took heightened my desire to see more. My prick stirred from just thinking of the possibilities and I decided it was time to move on.

"Alright Katy, I think we have enough shots for this outfit. Let's see what else you brought," I said.

Inside my mind was performing summersaults. I could not wait to see what else she would be wearing. I just needed one of the outfits to be a bit more conducive to exposure. While the dress looked wonderful, it really did not leave me many options. It was either on or off and I doubted she would be willing to simply remove it. I needed something I could work her out of.

"Okay," she said and opened her bag, "I brought two other outfits with me, but if you don't feel they are good choices, I can run home and get something else."

She proceeded to lay the two outfits out on the couch. The first consisted of a light floral button down blouse and jeans while the second was a frilly red shirt with a black skirt. The floral shirt had buttons and the red shirt did not, which made my decision easy.

"Let's go with the floral shirt and jeans."


Katy scooped up the clothes and headed into the changing room. I watched her leave before rushing to the computer to download a few of the pictures so far. I wanted to make sure everything was turning out okay. This was definitely one set of pictures I wanted to save.

Katy emerged a few minutes later and I could not help but smile. The floral blouse and jeans looked fabulous on her. It gave her a sort of country look that was a huge turn-on; all it need now was for her to loosen a few buttons.

"How do I look?" Katy asked with a quick twirl.

"Great," I said and truly believed that if given the opportunity she could really succeed in modeling. What I wanted to know now was how far was she was willing to go in order to achieve it.

"Katy, I am going to level with you. Sexy is in." I said and paused a moment before continuing, "You see it everywhere; commercials, ads and definitely on the runway." I had her complete attention. "The agencies know this and they expect their models to know it."

Katy nodded.

"What I am trying to say is that if you are serious about modeling, it would be extremely beneficial to spice up your portfolio."

"What do you mean by spice it up?" Katy asked.

"Well for starters, I would recommend undoing a button or two on your blouse."

Katy's cheeks reddened at the suggestion and I held my breath thinking, 'Please, please, please.'

"O—okay," she responded which sent fireworks off in my head!

Katy reached down and unfastened the first button on her blouse. She then hesitated, looked at me, and reached down to unfasten the second. Now I have never had a problem with pre-mature ejaculation, but goddam if I was not close watching her unbutton that blouse. The release of the second button caused the blouse to spread open nicely, exposing a good deal of her bra. The shirt's last button was located below the middle of her breasts and struggled to hold the shirt together.

I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the exposure. I stared at the white bra, lusting at what lie beneath and formulating my next course of action. When I finally worked up the courage to press her further, I hoped that I was not pushing her too hard too fast.

"Katy, it would help if you could lose the bra. With your shirt open the way it is, the bra just clutters up the shot."

Katy's cheeks went a deep shade of red and an uncomfortable silence invaded the room. I began to fear that I went too far.

"Katy, I understand that you're nervous. Remember we will only go as far as you're comfortable with. My job is to try to get the best shots possible, so that the agencies notice you instead of the thousands of other girls."

"I know. It is just that... everything is happening so fast."

"Well, this is a fast paced business and you have to ask yourself whether you can handle that. I can't force you to do anything, only offer suggestions, but I do want to stress that these are the things that set portfolios apart."

Katie chewed her lip while debating what to do while I held my breath. I did not have to wait long.

"Alright," she said in a determined voice and turned from the camera.

Katy reached inside the blouse to unsnap the bra and my hands began to tremble with excitement. I watched her work the bra free underneath the shirt. Once free, she dropped it to the floor and hesitated a moment before turning back to the camera. I watched earnestly as she spun around with her arms pressed against her chest. She took another second, as if building up her courage, before dropping her arms to her sides. I stared as if seeing a masterpiece for the first time. Her breasts were no longer hidden behind the bra and lay perilously close to freedom. Nearly a third of each was visible and her nipples had to be only just out of sight. The newly exposed white skin contrasted perfectly against her tan. Katy embarrassedly looked away from my gaze. It was intensely erotic.

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