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Camera Loves You


Someone tipped her again, and the vibrating toy in Emma's pussy responded with a powerful burst of humming, which made her body shudder and her knees weaken. She still stood up though, kneading her breasts in ecstasy, digging her nails into them a little. She did like it with a bit of pain, thank you very much. Especially if you pinch your nipples hard enough... just like that. Ohhh. She winced and shuddered again, from pain this time. That was a tiny bit too much, probably.

Standing naked in the middle of her bedroom, Emma was on full display for the whole world to see; for those in it who knew how to access her webcam channel, that is. Hundreds of those, even thousands on a good day. A redhead teen with a killer body and a penchant for kink... what's not to like? Emma was only 19, but her sex drive was already insatiable. She developed early, and not just her body with those pale, soft, D-cup breasts. She was obsessed with sex and masturbation ever since she discovered how pleasant it was to squeeze a bed sheet between her legs. She learned a lot more since then, of course. If only her parents knew!

Luckily, her Mum and Dad were interstate or overseas most of the time, and her school marks were good enough for them to mind their own business and leave her alone. Quite literally so: most of the time, she was the sole inhabitant of their four-bedroom house at the end of the quiet, green suburban alley. Her parents had money; and now, thanks to this webcam site, she started to earn some of her own, too.

The toy buzzed again inside her, making her gasp, and Emma realized that she was ready. Breathing heavily, she took a black leather collar from the bed and wrapped around her neck, buckling it tight. Oh God, what a feeling. Like a real and proper slave, ready to please whoever was in charge. She turned around and spread her cheeks apart, showing her puckered ass and glistening pussy to the camera, exposing her most intimate parts to the whole Internet. Sure enough, the sight was great enough for someone to tip her again, and a new burst of vibration in her pussy made Emma moan and smack both her buttocks at the same time. She deserved it, after all. She had been a very, very naughty girl.

Emma wasn't a virgin, but she was a bit too introverted to become a proper slut. Boys of her age bored her, and older men repulsed her—for the most part. She didn't have a boyfriend now: only herself and a vast collection of erotic toys she amassed over the years. She probably had more of them now than her Mum and Dad ever used in their entire life! She giggled at the thought while stroking her breasts and rubbing her clit. Perhaps, another spank for being such a naughty girl? Sure! She smacked herself again, and a wave of pain and pleasure stirred another flock of butterflies in her stomach.

A melodic sound chimed in the speakers of her laptop: someone was requesting a private session. Emma grinned when she saw the nickname, then clicked "yes". She liked that guy, DarkRichard69, even though she had never seen his face or heard his voice. He was polite, he paid a lot, and he had the kinkiest requests.

Where are my nipple clamps, princess? he typed.

"Coming right up, darling," she smiled and blew a kiss to the camera, then picked them from the bed and, wincing in pain, put them on her nipples one by one. For her good behavior, she was rewarded, and the sound of a generous tip made her vibrator humming again.

Good girl. Play with yourself now.

Emma was more than happy to oblige. She was quite wet by now, and the vibrator helped her to build up the slow ecstasy as she rubbed herself, standing in the middle of her bedroom and moaning. Throbbing pain in her clamped nipples only made the pleasure more intense. She was almost like a real slave now, naked and collared and obeying someone's commands. It was so awesome. Like a dream come true.

Good. You may cum now.

She began rubbing herself faster, and in a few minutes shuddered and gasped when the orgasm hit her. Squirming in ecstasy, she held her right breast in her left hand, while the other hand was buried deep between her legs, soaked with her copious juices. She was a very wet girl. And very naughty. Oh, so naughty.

Play with your ass now.

This was something Emma discovered only recently, about a couple of months ago. At first, even the idea of having something there seemed ridiculous and stupid. But then she suddenly realized that this was just another hole in her body, and her imaginary Master might want to use it as well. So she started training herself back there: fingers at first, then a butt plug, then a bigger butt plug. She took it now and poured some lube over it, ready to insert it into her tight, puckered hole.

No. Use your dildo now.

"But it's too big!" Emma protested.

No. Your ass needs this dildo. You know it.

A generous tip made her vibrator buzz stronger than ever. Emma sighed, then put the plug away and picked up the dildo. This one was as big as a real cock; covered in rubber veins, too. Could she really fit it all in? Well, there was only one way to find out.

She covered it with lube, then got down on all fours—ass towards the camera, of course—and pressed it to her anus, then began to push in. It did hurt, more and more as it went further and further into her reluctant orifice; but her invisible partner tipped her generously, rewarding her good behavior and making her vibrator buzz non-stop. Finally, Emma felt the plastic balls of the dildo against her butt cheeks, and wiped her sweaty forehead in relief. She did it! The cock-sized dildo was all inside her ass now, and just thinking about how naughty and kinky it was made her all tingly and shivery. That, and the humming toy in her pussy, of course.

Good girl. You like it?

"Yes," Emma's voice quivered as she slowly rubbed herself down there, her ass feeling so sealed and so full.

Of course you do. Now get on your back and cum again for me, girl.

She was more than ready for that. Her legs spread wide apart, Emma moaned and panted shamelessly in front of the camera, driving herself to orgasm in front of a total stranger at the other end of the world. Or maybe he lived in her own suburb? Whatever! He was making her feel like a real naughty slave girl, and he was generous, and that was all that mattered.

Such a good slave, he typed when Emma climaxed again, breathing heavily, covered in sweat. Now fuck yourself in the ass with that dildo. Do it. You know you want it.

Emma's fingers were trembling when she grabbed the base of the dildo and started moving it back and forth clumsily, pushing it over and over into her reluctant hole. Then it dawned upon her that she should just add more lube, and it instantly became a lot easier. Her ass itself seemed to get used to the intrusion, and it barely even hurt anymore. Wondering what it would feel like for real, with a proper cock, Emma continued to fuck her own virgin ass with that dildo; and the vibrator was humming so powerfully inside her from the sounds of her partner's tips that this time she came from the vibration alone, not even using her fingers. It was almost like being used by two cocks at the same time, and it was so awesome and hot that Emma would have climaxed just at the thought. These anal games weren't so bad, after all! That guy was right: she did want it, even though she had no idea herself!

Then she realized that her vibrator had been silent for a while now. She slowly took the slippery dildo out of her anus—it stayed open for a while, closing slowly and almost reluctantly—and looked at the screen. DarkRichard69 was offline now. Only one message remained:

Good girl. You're ready now.

Emma raised her eyebrow. Ready for what? She mused upon it a little, then shrugged and switched her channel back to public mode. Still shivering from the recent ecstasy, she took the keyboard and added "anal play" to the list of her kinks. The night was still young. Plenty of other tippers online, who would probably be very excited about this new development in her sexual life.

* * *

Two weeks had passed. It was October, and Emma was so glad that she didn't have to go to work or to school anymore. Her Mum and Dad weren't stoked about the fact that she didn't go to college, but she told them she'd use this year to "think about what I want to do with my life". She did try to think about it sometimes, but the force of habit swayed her thoughts back to sex and fantasies and her webcam performances. Why did she even want to go studying while there were so much easy money out there?

That Thursday her parents were still interstate, as usual. Emma spent a long night pleasuring herself in front of the camera, and, having collected plenty of tips and climaxed a hundred times or so, decided to take a shower. It was about 2 a.m. when she went into the bathroom, all tired, sweaty and naked. Still, she paused for a few moments in front of the mirror to study her reflection, turning this way and that. So sexy. Maybe she should become an escort, and charge money for the real thing? She giggled and shrugged, then stepped into the shower booth and turned the water on. Maybe. She could do whatever she wanted with her life, after all. She was young, and hot, and free as a wind; all world was hers to take.

The noise of running water was quite loud, and Emma didn't hear the front door of the house opening quietly. She didn't even hear the footsteps approaching the bathroom carefully. She turned the water off at last, stepped out of the booth, and started drying herself up with the towel, anticipating a good night's sleep after a good night's work. It was so quiet in the bathroom and in the house that she shrieked and jumped in shock when the door suddenly burst open and two men in black clothes and balaclavas stormed in.

They moved incredibly fast. One grabbed her shoulders and put his hand over her mouth. The other grabbed her bare legs. Emma began to struggle madly, twitching in the air like a worm, but they were already carrying her out of the bathroom, and her screams were muffled by the intruder's hand on her mouth.

In the lounge, they lay Emma on the floor, face up. One man sat on top of her, the other forced her mouth open and promptly shoved a big soft ball into it. It muffled her desperate shriek when she saw a roll of duct tape in the man's hands. He quickly wrapped the tape around Emma's head, securing the gag in place and paying no attention to her struggle. When that was done, the other man got up and flipped her over. Holding her firmly, they began to duct-tape her arms and legs together. Horrified, Emma screamed and struggled like crazy, but it was useless.

In less than thirty seconds, Emma was tightly bound by hands and feet. Her legs were taped together so tight in her ankles and knees that edges of the tape were cutting into her skin. Her arms felt the same; they even tied her elbows together, forcing them painfully to join behind her back. No one was holding her now, and she started thrashing around on the floor, kicking and bucking in desperate attempts to get free. She saw one of the intruders standing next to her in the middle of the room, with his head inclined slightly. Was he was listening to the sounds outside? Did he try to check if neighbors heard the noise? Emma knew this was her last chance. She inhaled deeply and screamed as hard as she could through her gag.

The man looked down at her and shook his head. Then he sat down and pinched the girl's nose. Suddenly Emma couldn't breathe at all. Her panic increased tenfold.

"Shut up," the man hissed. "Shut up, or I won't let it go."

Terrified, she nodded hastily, then inhaled sharply when he took his fingers away. He was probably in his late thirties: short dark hair, stocky build, broken nose of a boxer. For a few moments they looked at each other in deafening silence. Then he grinned and put his hands on Emma's exposed breasts. She squealed again and tried to move away.

"I said: shut up," he said quietly, but firmly. "I'll cut your fucking nipples off if you don't."

The threat worked. Shaking all over, Emma just stared at the intruder in fear as he went on to knead and stroke her breasts, squeezing them painfully. Then his hand went between her bound legs, found her smooth pussy and began rubbing it, too. Tears filled Emma's eyes. Who were these people? What were they going to do with her? And where was that other guy, for God's sake?

Just as she thought about him, he returned, carrying a large bag with him. He was older, in his fifties probably, with short grey hair and a bulky, but muscular body. As he saw his friend groping Emma's tied-up body, he grimaced.

"Go and get the box, why don't you?" he said. "You'll have plenty of time for that later."

"Alright, alright." The Boxer stood up reluctantly. "Fuck, she made me hard already. You got the laptop?"

"Yes. And all her toys. You won't believe how many. Go, now. We don't have much time."

The Boxer left. The Old Man now towered Emma, just looking all over her naked body with expressionless face. Emma turned away, swallowing her tears. She couldn't believe this was happening for real. Of course, she had fantasies about being kidnapped, but this was just too horrible and scary. These people could do anything with her, and no one would stop them. How stupid she was to have fantasies about something like this!

The Boxer returned. He was carrying a big black crate now, the size of a washing machine. He put it on the floor and opened the lid. Suddenly Emma realized what was going to be put in it.

"MMMFFFFF!" she yelled through her gag, shaking her head and squirming on the floor like crazy. "NNNNGGGG!!!"

Her captors didn't pay any attention to that. Together they picked the bucking, jerking girl off the floor, took her to the crate and pressed her bound legs to her chest before carefully pushing her in. The crate was lined inside with some thick, foam-like material, which quickly assumed the contours of her body. Emma wailed in despair one last time, but they already placed the lid on top of the crate. A moment later, the locks clicked, and she was in total darkness, tightly bound in a fetal position, with the soft padding compressing her gently from all sides.

The box began to move. They must have been carrying her out now. Beside herself in panic, Emma began screaming and struggling again, but it was completely useless now. Not only her cruel bondage rendered her completely immobile, but the thick padding itself trapped all her muffled screams inside the crate. She cried hysterically, twitching and jerking as her captors carried her away, out of her own house. She was trapped, trapped without a slightest chance to escape, and these people were kidnapping her. The thought alone was enough to send her into another fit of hysterical tears and useless struggling.

Once she calmed down enough to think straight, she realized the box was standing still now, but the vibration and dull noise were still there. They must have put her it in a car, or a van, and it was moving now somewhere, away from her house... never to return, perhaps. Emma shuddered at the thought, but she just couldn't cry anymore. Her uncomfortable, crouched position worried her a lot more now. Grunting and wincing, she tried to change it, but gave up quickly: the soft padding of the crate kept returning her to the same, embryo-like pose.

She gave up struggling completely and began to think about who these people might be, and where they were taking her, and what they were going to do with her. Even despite her fear and pain in her strained muscles, she felt a tinge of arousal at these thoughts, especially when she remembered how the Boxer was groping her all over. But she was too exhausted now, and her thoughts became less and less coherent. She dozed off soon, lulled into sleep by the monotonous vibration of her crate. She woke up when the muscle cramps began to hit her, and cried in agony, unable to straighten up; but gradually they went away, and, exhausted even more, she fell asleep again.

She woke up suddenly, because the car—or the van—wasn't moving anymore. Wherever they were, they must have arrived. A few minutes later, the lid of her crate came off, and two pairs of strong hands pulled her out. She squealed weakly when the man—she couldn't tell which one—threw her over the shoulder and began to walk somewhere. She was too weak to even lift her head to look around. All she could see was the bare concrete floor under his feet, lit by scarce patches of yellow light every now and then. The place had a damp, metallic smell about it, and the footsteps echoed across the invisible walls. Whatever this place was, it must have been huge.

The light became brighter. The men stopped and put her down on the narrow mattress, which lay on the concrete floor. Then they both went away somewhere, and the place went quiet. The air was quite cold here, and it brought Emma back to her senses. Grunting and wincing, she managed to sit up and look around in fear. The place was big, all right. Must have been an abandoned factory or something. She couldn't make out much of it, though, because three bright studio lights stood some ten steps away from her, aimed at her and blinding her almost completely.

Emma turned away from them, and something on the wall caught her eye. She looked up. A big TV screen was hanging there, and it took her a few seconds to understand what exactly it was displaying. It was her, caught in the middle of one of her webcam performances. Her own bedroom, her own collar and nipple clamps, her own dildo going in and out of her ass. Someone must have recorded it, and now it was playing on screen for some reason. But who did it? And why? The whole situation was so surreal that she shook her head violently, trying to make herself think clear.

That was when she heard her captors coming back. Footsteps were approaching slowly, and Emma began to writhe helplessly in her bondage, wincing on the bright light. Her captors came towards her and stopped: they were still wearing black, but now their faces were hidden under balaclavas as well. And then she noticed something else: three cameras standing on tripods in front of the lights, obviously filming her every move from different angles.

The men sat next to Emma, trying not to block the cameras, and began cutting the duct tape off her limbs. She had no idea how long she already spent in that bondage—hours?—but she could barely move her arms and legs even after they were free. She just moaned weakly through her gag as the men quickly fastened steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles, then locked chains to them. They stepped aside, and the invisible motors whirred, pulling at the chains. Before she could fully regain the control of her limbs, she was standing up, spread-eagled in front of the cameras and whimpering miserably through her gag. The motors stopped when they stretched her limbs taut, exposing her whole body to the bright light.

"Hello, slave," a deep voice said suddenly behind her. "Welcome to your new life."

"Mmmmph!!!" Emma twitched weakly in her chains. She couldn't get anywhere, of course, and the man behind her slowly cupped her breasts and squeezed them together, showing how full and soft they were. The other man was operating a hand-held camera now; with his right hand he spread Emma's pussy lips apart, taking a long close-up of her exposed lady parts. Feeling their rough hands on herself, standing there completely naked and helpless in front of all these lights and cameras, Emma burst into tears.

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