Camera Loves You


Emma shuddered in despair at his words. Her parents. Her dear Mum and Dad. Wouldn't she ever see them again? "Please," her voice quivered. "They will pay you. They have money. I won't tell anyone. Please..." Her voice trailed off when she saw the amusement on the man's wrinkly face. She knew her pleas were now hopeless just as well as he did.

"I will make a lot more on you than your parents will be ever able to give me," he said. "Forget about them, darling. You're a slave now, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing. The easier you get it, the easier your life is going to be. Won't save you from the beatings, though." He winked at her. "Sorry about that, but that's just a part of your life now. Maybe your new owner won't be a sadist, and will just fuck you instead. Or eat her pussy instead, if it's a lady. You ever had fun with a woman before?"

"No," Emma whispered.

"That's alright. We'll train you for that, too. We'll pair you with one of the girls next time and see how that goes. I'm sure a horny slut like you will enjoy it enormously."

"One of the girls?" she repeated bleakly.

"Oh yes. We have five girls currently, including yourself. They're kept all over the facility, though, so don't even try to communicate with them. This room is isolated. You'll see your fellow slaves only during a shoot, and you won't be allowed to talk anyway. Except talking in tongues, if you know what I mean." He laughed. "Any other questions before I go?"

Sitting on her mattress, naked and collared, Emma looked at him in despair. What else could she possibly ask? What was the point in knowing answers anyway, now that she was in complete control of these horrible people?

"Why are you telling me all this?" she heard herself saying. The man looked at her in surprise, then laughed.

"Now that's a good one," he said at last. "No idea, to be honest. Because I liked you more than others, I guess. Or maybe I'm like a school principal giving you a speech on your first day in class. Or," he grinned, "I'm like a film villain. You know how they give these long, useless speeches in the end, just to give the good guy some time to escape? Yep, that's probably it. However," he squinted as he looked down at Emma coldly, "the good girl can't escape this time. Only happens in the movies, you know."

He winced and grunted as he stood up, then looked down at her naked, shivering form.

"Gotta go now," he said. "It's late, and I'm tired as fuck. Me or my buddy will give you breakfast when the time comes. Three meals a day, a shower once a day, and if you need a toilet, it's right there." He pointed at the bucket in the corner. "And if you think that's bad, think again. We could feed you once a day instead. Or give you cold showers instead. Or take away this mattress you're sitting on. Any of this could happen, along with a hell of a beating, if you piss any of us off, so for your own sake: don't." He opened the door and walked out. "See you later, darling. I have high hopes for you, my little bondage slut. You're going to enjoy your new life so much."

The door closed, and the cell went quiet once again. Emma sat there for a while, not moving, staring nowhere. Then she got up slowly and walked towards the bucket. She took the lid off and squatted above. Her pee trickled loud in the dead silence around her. Then she put the lid back and returned to her mattress to lie down on it slowly. The chain rattled and jingled with her every move, following her and constantly reminding her of her predicament.

She was a slave now. A real sex slave. These men would fuck her, beat her, train her, and then they would sell her. Like a car. Like a sex doll. She meant nothing to them. She was just a piece of meat now, with tits and holes to use and abuse. How could she possibly "embrace" and accept such a horrible fate?

And yet, along with her fear and dismay, she felt something else. Her hand slowly went between her legs and cupped her aching pussy, then began to rub it slowly. It was still sticky with cum, but it didn't matter. However disgusting this situation was, it was her life-long fantasy, after all. She wanted to be a sex slave. She dreamed about being a sex slave when she fucked herself in the ass with that dildo for that guy, DarkRichard69, and for many others before and since. What happened to her was horrible... but would it matter if she just gave up and enjoyed it just a little, while she were at it? It's not like she would be able to escape, anyway: these men were surely too smart to let that happen. And that cock in her ass... it did feel a lot better than a lifeless plastic dildo, just as she hoped it would. She knew that some women could achieve orgasms from anal sex; could she be one of those lucky ones, maybe? And would it please her captors more if she could?

With her eyes closed and her hand between her legs, lost in her fantasies, Emma was squirming and breathing heavily on her mattress, naked and bruised, collared and chained in her solitary cell; and only its thick concrete walls could now hear her soft, weak moans of insatiable lust.


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