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Camera Phone Fun


Inspired by, and written for, a special - and very beautiful - couple...


When my boyfriend, Jamie, first mentioned the idea to me, I have to confess that I didn't think a great deal of it. It had only been a little over six months since we had started to become more daring and had been experimenting with new ideas, but this had only progressed to posting pictures of my body (never my face) on an internet site. Certainly the responses I was getting from eager, horny guys was giving me thrills that I can't even begin to describe, but Jamie's new idea was a long way beyond anything we had tried so far.

What he wanted was a twist on the idea of us going to a bar and for me to pick up a complete stranger while he watched. And what a twist!

Like I said, at first I wasn't that keen, but sometimes I get the impression that Jamie knows me better than I know myself because within a day or two even the most oblique reference to bars and strangers was getting me all shivery. On the third day we were in bed, making love with the wildness that reading the replies to my internet posts brought to both of us, and -- just as I was approaching my climax -- Jamie muttered something about the stranger in the bar seeing me so excited.

Within a couple of seconds I had visions of the unknown guy seeing my bare body -- not in a posted picture, but in the flesh, up close and very, very personal -- and it brought me to orgasm with a speed that I could scarcely believe. As wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through me I just knew that Jamie's idea would have to be tried out for real -- which just made me come even harder.

Even if I had experienced any doubts, as Jamie and I lay there panting and sweating afterwards, his reaction when I said that I would go through with it blew them away. As soon as the words had left my mouth I felt him starting to stiffen inside me and when I promised him that I wasn't joking or teasing, his erection completed its journey to full hardness.

If I'd thought our earlier love-making was wild, then this next time was feral.

During the course of the next few days while we planned everything, I lost count of the number of times Jamie turned to me and said 'Krissy, are you absolutely sure about this?' -- but every time he said it, it just made me more eager. In fact, by the morning of the planned day my mood could easily be described a 'desperate'.

Jamie had booked us a room at a nice hotel down in Brighton, reasoning that I would feel more uninhibited if the 'stranger' was someone we would never see again. The way I was feeling, I would happily have waited by our own front door for the postman and jumped on him, but I agreed that Brighton would be better all round.

Before we left we spent ages choosing what I should wear for the event, although to be honest anything I tried on seemed to have both of us horny in an instant. I think I have a pretty good body, firm, nicely-shaped breasts, a flat belly and what Jamie describes as 'Krissy's perfect bum'. Knowing that a complete stranger was going to be seeing a lot of that 'up close and personal' -- and that it was only a few hours away from happening -- made the wardrobe selection a rather long, drawn-out process as we kept having to stop for sex.

Eventually we managed to drag ourselves from the bedroom to the car and two hours later we were checking in to the hotel. A quick look at the bar there confirmed that it should be nice and busy later and we dashed up to our room to start preparing.

The look that we had finally settled on was sexy rather than slutty, a slinky, halter neck dress in prussian blue crushed silk. The bodice was quite low, but hinted at what lie beneath rather than displaying it, its skirt was long, with a modest slit up the left hand which made it cling to my stocking-clad legs. The only thing I wore beneath it was a blue thong and I felt gloriously exposed, wonderfully sexy.

Jamie and I were generating more nervous energy than a roomful of virgins at a sex convention, and so wild was our sex before my appearance in the bar, that I had to shower twice before finally getting dressed shortly after eight o'clock.

As planned, Jamie went down to the bar first and I spent an increasingly nervous fifteen minutes waiting for my own grand entrance. I could scarcely believe that I was going to go through with Jamie's wonderful plan, wondering constantly whether I had the nerve. But then I thought back to the first time I had allowed Jamie to post a nude picture of me on that website... I was a bag of nerves back then -- until the comments started flooding in. When I had realised the effect those pictures had on guys -- guys I'd never met -- all of my nerves disappeared, to be replaced by an excitement unlike anything I'd experienced before.

But this was a whole new level, and even though I knew that I wanted to do it more than I could have believed possible, I was still shaking like a leaf at the prospect.

As the minutes ticked by I raided the mini-bar and downed two vodka miniatures, the heat of the alcohol quickly taking the edge off my nervousness. As the minute hand reached the appointed time I grabbed by little clutch bag and the all-important mobile phone and headed down to the bar.

When I reached it I was relieved to see that it was quite busy, and that I wasn't the only woman dressed so elegantly. I was even more relieved to see Jamie at a small table near the end of the bar. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, just long enough for him to ask with a look whether I was ready, whether I was going to go through with it, and for me to reply with a nervous but determined nod.

With my heart fluttering somewhere near my mouth, I strode along to the bar and slid onto one of the high stools. From the corners of my eyes I had seen heads turn as I made my entrance and the knowledge lent me strength. So much so, that when the barman asked me what I would like I was able to reply in a steady, strong voice -- and even offer him a smile.

It was soon obvious that the barman was the ideal target for our plan. He was a little older than Jamie and I, but cute and with dark eyes that nevertheless glittered with an inner light. He was also quite obviously interested in me and as the minutes ticked by he began to spend more time at my section of the bar. His attentions were sending my pulse rate through the ceiling, and even a simple question like 'May I ask your name?' had heat surging into my groin.

While the guy's back was turned, I took the opportunity to look over at Jamie and the look on his face immediately had me squirming on the stool. He was obviously following the interplay between me and the barman -- and even more obviously, it was turning him on like crazy.

With this tacit approval, I stepped up the banter with the barman before my nerves could get the better of me.

My increased friendliness seemed to make him bolder and within a couple of minutes he said, "Do you mind I ask why a frankly beautiful young woman such as yourself, Krissy, is doing here all alone tonight?"

I didn't have to fake my enjoyment of his question, "That's very kind of you, Jay, but I'm afraid my boyfriend has had to go into work. Some sort of emergency, he said."

"He's a brave man letting you out all alone. He must be very trusting or very stupid -- if you don't mind me saying so?"

I laughed, "Not at all. And he's rightly trusting. Besides, I was looking forward to dressing up and having nice relaxing evening, so I don't see why I can't still have one even if he is missing it."

"I have to say, you're dressed wonderfully, and I'm glad you chose to spend some of your evening in here. It makes my shift far more tolerable"

"Well, thank you. I'm glad to help."

"Oh, you most certainly do. I know you're obviously taken, but I just have to say that your dress is beautiful and... well, very, um.."


"No, I shouldn't say."

"Oh, please!" I laughed, "You can't just start to say something and then stop like that!"

"Well..." Jay seemed to reach a decision, "I was going to say it's a very sexy dress and that you're a very beautiful lady, but I know I shouldn't really."

"Aw, thank you -- and yes, you should say it. I don't know any woman who wouldn't love to hear a lovely compliment like that."

"It's the truth, but I shouldn't really say anything in case you think I'm coming on to you. You did say your boyfriend trusts you and I don't want to make things difficult in any way."

"That's very thoughtful but not necessary. Jamie and I have a... very special relationship and part of our trust is built on the fact that we can enjoy ourselves a little as long as we're open with each other about things." My heart began to beat even faster.

Jay's eyes widened as he tried to work out what I meant. "Um... so if I said, you're drop dead gorgeous and I'm jealous of this Jamie guy, you wouldn't be at all offended?"

"Hardly," I smiled, "I wouldn't be dressed quite so... nicely if I didn't want to turn a few heads, would I?"

Emboldened, Jay nodded, "It is a gorgeous dress. Very... sexy. And perfect on you."

"You really think so?" My heart was now hammering at my ribs and I could feet heat surging to my cheeks -- and places far more intimate.

"Damn yes. Trust me, I see all sorts of women in here and you... well, you're the only one to make me feel uncomfortable you're so damned cute."


Jay glanced down at his black trousers, "Yeah, precisely."

My eyes followed his glance and I nearly slid off the stool when I saw a distinct bulge, "Oh my... I mean, well... now that's what I call a compliment. Sorry."

"Don't you dare be. It's fine, honest."

"More than- Oops!" I giggled and put a hand to my mouth for a couple of seconds, "Sorry. I say the oddest things when I get to feeling like this."

I could see colour rising in Jay's cheeks now. He had to clear his throat before he said, "Like what exactly?"

"Complimented, of course. But I really am sorry for making you uncomfortable."

"Like I said, it's no problem. Worth every twinge just to be able to chat so much with a drop dead gorgeous lady."

I closed my eyes for a second, the realisation that the moment had arrived threatening to have me whimpering with the sort of scared excitement that was bringing me close to losing control. I opened them and stared into Jay's dark, dark eyes. "Well, I still feel responsible, and I wish there was something I could do to make amends."

Jay's eyes were boring into my soul, "Krissy, if you didn't have a boyfriend, I'd sure make a suggestion."

The rest of the bar faded away as my focus zeroed in on Jay, "Like I said, Jamie trusts me as long as we're open with one another. Our only rule is no actual sex with anyone else..." I paused to gather my strength and courage, "Anything else, though..."

Jay's eyes widened even further, "Really?"

"Oh, yes. So... what was this suggestion?"

"I... I was going to say that it wouldn't take much to get me comfortable again. A couple of minutes somewhere a little more private."

Shivers coursed down my spine, "I think that sounds like a very nice suggestion."

"Holy f..." Jay took a deep breath, "Are you serious?"

I didn't trust myself to speak, and just nodded once, firmly.

"So this is what heaven's like."

"You haven't seen anything yet," I managed.

"And you really are serious?"


Jay broke the eye contact and called to a colleague, "I'm going to take my break now, Kenny, okay?" He turned back tome, "I still don't believe this is happening, but if you really mean it then leave it a couple of minutes then go through the rear doors there, turn left down the corridor and I'll be waiting in a storeroom on the right-hand side just before the fire doors, okay?"

This was the moment and it almost took my breath away. "I mean it. See you there in two."

Jay snorted a disbelieving laugh and turned on his heels, dashing off at an uncomfortable trot.

I turned to where Jamie was sat and crossed to him. "It's on," I gasped, "I can't quite believe it but it is."

"Oh fuck, Krissy, you are incredible!"

The awe in his voice had me trembling with excitement. "I adore you!"

Jamie's hand slid up my leg and he squeezed my butt gently, his hand vibrating, "Go then, quick, before I come in my pants here!"

"You got it." I turned and made for the rear doors.

My hand was shaking so badly when I rapped on the store-room door that it sounded like I was using a castanet. Jay flung the door open and almost dragged me inside, shutting and locking the door behind me.

"Holy fuck, you actually turned up!"

"You didn't leave me any choice after what you were saying."

"Well, I still can't really believe it, but... fuck, wow."

I handed him my phone, "One condition."

He stared at the phone, then at me, "What?"

"There's a camera on there, ready to record. You'll get your much-needed relief as long as you record everything so I can send it to my boyfriend, okay? That's how we maintain the trust."

A grin spread over Jay's face, "Okay? It's as hot as hell!"

My heart-rate took another leap, "That's perfect then. I guess you'd better start recording right now, because you're not the only one with a pressing need."

"Oh fuck, Krissy, you got it." Jay thumbed the switch and held the phone up towards me, "What first?"

"Well," I said, slowly, tremulously, "I've got this thing about guys looking at me. Any requests?"

"Oh fuck yeah. That dress is beautiful but I bet what's underneath is even better."


"Meaning, why don't you let me see?"

"You want me to take off my dress?"

"I'm desperate for you to take it off."

The last remnants of my nervousness ignited in the heat that I felt rise within me, "Sure it won't make you even more uncomfortable?"

"Not for long it won't."

I could scarcely believe my ears when I just said, "Okay then." I reached behind my neck and tugged at the halter. As it came loose, I put one arm across the bodice of the dress for a few seconds, teasing Jay, teasing myself. And then I let it go.

Jay's eyes looked as if they would burst from their sockets as my bare breasts came into view.

"Holy fuck! Oh my god Krissy you are so fucking gorgeous!"

"Thanks to you, right now I feel it!" The sight of his excitement was soaking my tiny panties, sending tremors through my pelvic muscles.

"Oh fuck, wow!"

Jay was still holding the camera out towards me and the thought of what Jamie was going to be seeing was driving me nuts. I managed a smile, "Any more requests?"

"The.. the thong?"

I ran my fingers across its front, teasing my hot pussy, "What about it?"

"T... take it off.... Please?"

"Naughty man.... Okay." I hooked my fingers under the waistband and tugged the thong down my stockinged legs, stepped out of it and raised my eyes to Jay's. "Better?"

"Better? Fuck, you are so fucking hot... Jesus!"

"Thanks -- and I feel it." I slid fingers down my belly and then lower, moving my legs further apart. With Jay's eyes boring into me, I slid those fingers between my legs, across the engorged lips of my labia, the tiniest touches sending electricity coursing through my nerves. With a jolt of shock I realised that I was close to orgasm. The reality of the situation was driving me a little crazy -- naked in front of a stranger, close to losing control, a tiny camera catching every second for Jamie...and now I wanted more. A lot more. "I think..." I managed, "That we'd better get you the relief you need, don't you?"

"Fuck yes, oh fuck yes."

"Let me see it then."

Jay needed no second prompting and unzipped one-handed, pushing his trousers and boxers down his thighs in an instant to reveal a glorious erection.

I gasped and moaned, seeing that accusing, beautiful eye staring at me, at my nakedness. "My mouth," I panted.

"Your mouth?"

"Yeah," I licked my lips, "I want you to... slip it inside. And keep filming, okay?"

"Holy fuck yes!"

I closed the gap between us and dropped to my knees, almost losing it as my hand grasped Jay's engorged cock. His groan of pleasure sent a shudder through my belly and I was suddenly desperately hungry to taste him. I glanced up at the phone and smiled -- a dirty, sexy smile of pure lust -- "Oh Jamie -- you are wonderful."

I turned my face back to the beautiful cock and licked my lips, "And thank you, Jay." I opened my mouth wide and cover the tip of his cock, my lips tightening around the shaft, my tongue probing and darting around the glans, already tasting pre-cum.

Desperation filled the air and I started to move greedily, taking more and more of Jay's shaft into my mouth with each movement. I felt one of his hands tangle in my hair, guiding my head as I licked and sucked greedily, and he started to thrust.

As his pace built and he began to moan, I could feel the heat intensifying in my groin. All the while my mind was marvelling at the fact that I had a stranger's cock in my mouth, that I was naked and oh so horny. I felt wild and dangerously excited, feelings that intensified as Jay's pace increased further, his movements becoming jerkier. The realisation that he was going to come any second had me whimpering around his shaft and the stirrings in my belly became more urgent.

I felt the first little spurt hit the back of my throat and fireworks went off in my head. I swallowed hungrily and was rewarded with a cry from above and a harder spurt. Jay thrust again, a gush of his juices filling my mouth. I released him for a moment, his cum flowing over my lips and onto my chin, dripping down onto my naked breasts as I looked up into the camera. I gave Jamie a cum-filled smile and then took Jay's still pulsing cock back into my mouth, licking and swallowing until he was starting to go limp.

I leant back on my heels then, the full realisation of what I was doing hitting me like a sledge-hammer. My fingers dropped down to my soaked pussy, sliding easily inside my heat, the knowledge that I had to come now -- in front of this stranger -- becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I was helpless with my own need and when I felt Jay's hand squeezing my firm, tingling breasts I started to spasm. When his hand dropped lower, his fingers joining mine as they stroked ever-faster I lost control, giving in to the climax. Helpless to do anything but wallow in my own pleasure I yelled in pure ecstasy as my orgasm sent wave after wave or unadulterated joy shuddering through me.

After a minute, or maybe ten, I came back to reality and let out a slightly disbelieving laugh. "I guess we both needed some relief."

Jay was still filming. He pointed down at my belly which was splattered with his juices, "I guess you're right. I come again when you did."

The words sent a lovely aftershock through my groin, "That's lovely."

Jay nodded, "The best ever. Look... I hate to say this but my break... well, I should be getting back right now."

I nodded, "That's okay. I think we both got what we wanted, didn't we?"

"Holy fuck, yes. You really are the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen, and those tits... wow."

Another tremor passed through me and I smiled happily, "Thank you, but I guess we'd better get them covered now."

"Yeah, shame but true." Jay turned his head away, "I'll wait while you get dressed."

I stood, wonderfully aware that my pussy was at his eye level, "Hey, I don't mind if you watch, you know. Make the most of your last few seconds."

Jay shot to his feet, "In that case, thanks."

I dressed slowly, smiling at both the camera and at Jay, and almost felt disappointed when the camera phone was finally switched off.

We said our goodbyes and a dozen 'thank yous' and slipped back out into the corridor. After Jay had left, the sense of disappointment disappeared in the couple of seconds it took me to create the message for Jamie. By the time I had attached the movie clip and pressed 'send', the disappointment had been replaced by a whole new level of excitement and I had to force myself to wait out there for a full minute before I dared to go back into the bar.

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