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Camera Testing


We recently added a remote camera system to our 35-foot fifth-wheel camper, and our latest campground stop gave us a chance to try it out.

We took our dog to the campground's dog park in the afternoon, and I watched Jane strike up a conversation with one of the guys there, joining them after a few moments. It turned out he worked at the campground, doing handyman chores. When he mentioned he was single, I saw the sparkle in Jane's eye and knew she'd found her target. We left the park just after he did, and Jane noted that he was camped not far from us.

We decided over dinner that Dave was the perfect candidate for our camera trial. I threw my laptop into the truck, then we sat outside for a while, enjoying the evening. When he came out to walk his dog, he naturally stopped by to her say hello to ours. I said hello, gave Jane a quick peck, and hopped into the truck. Then I headed just outside the park, still in range of our wireless hub, and settled in for the show.

I tapped into the outside camera first, and watched as Jane and Dave chatted for a few minutes, then offered Dave a beer. He nodded his assent.

"They're inside. Come on in and I'll show you around." I switched to the main camera, and caught her grin and a wink as she preceded him through the door. She headed for the fridge, pointing to the couch, where Dave settled in.

She popped the tops on the beer and handed one to him as she sat on the couch beside him. The beer bottles clinked as they toasted to new friends. Jane took a good draw of the beer, placed her hand gently on Dave's thigh, and grinned. "Maybe you can help me with a little problem while you're here, Dave."

"Sure," he said, "what are friends for, afterall? What can I do?"

"Well," she drawled, reaching for the bow that held her sundress in place, "I'm horny, and I need some strange cock." As her sundress parted enticingly in the middle, revealing the valley between her breasts, she placed her hand back on his thigh, higher this time, partially cupping his balls. "I want you to fuck me."

Dave stammered something about me, to which she replied that I'd gone to the store and wouldn't be back for at least an hour. She then stood up, locked the door, and walked over to the stove, where she calmly set the timer for 50 minutes, bending over to tempt Dave some more as she did so. She then walked back to the couch and knelt between Dave's legs, rubbing his cock through his shorts as she bent forward to slid her tongue between his almost-willing lips. His final resistance faded quickly, and he wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her down toward him.

As the kiss deepened, he slid one hand into the sundress to cup a breast. His other hand slid down, then pushed the sundress up, exposing her ass and stroking it slowly.

Jane broke the kiss and nibbled her way down as she unbuttoned his shirt, then leaned back and lewdly licked her lips as she slid her hands up the legs of his shorts. Dave groaned as her hands obviously found his hardening cock under the tent formed by his shorts. She stroked him a couple of times, then locked eyes with him.

"I'm going to suck you off first, then you can fuck me. You'll last longer on your second load, and I need a good hard fuck." It obviously took Dave all he could manage to nod and say "Ok."

She slid her hand back out of his shorts, and managed the zipper in short order. She slid his shorts to the floor and moved them out of the way, then leaned back and shrugged off her sundress, leaving her only in a skimpy pair of panties. She grabbed his hefty cock in her hands as she bent forward, licking the tip for the sweet taste of precum she always craves.

A low moan started from Dave's throat as she started sucking in earnest, taking him deeper and faster with each stroke. It was obvious he wasn't going to last long. Her fingers wrapped tight around his balls as she buried her nose in his pubic hair and sucked hard. Dave groaned and jerked up toward her mouth, and she hung on tight to get every drop as he unloaded down her throat.

As Dave tried to catch his breath, Jane stood and stripped off her panties. Before he could fully recover, she pushed him down on the couch and kneeled over his head, giving him a good view and a whiff of her heated scent. When she threw her head back and started to moan, I knew he'd finally taken the hint.

She rode his face hard for a few minutes, crashing through at least two hard orgasms as she rode. When she reached back and started stroking his cock in time with her movements, I knew she was getting ready for the main event. After she shuddered through another orgasm, she grabbed a condom from the shelf over the couch as she stepped back onto the floor.

She leaned forward for another lick of his cock, then slid the condom over his glistening dick before heading up the steps to the bedroom.

"Come on, Dave, I want to feel that rock-hard cock buried in my pussy." He hopped up to follow her as I switched to the camera in the bedroom. She was on her knees on the bed by the time I got the switch made, the fingers of one hand playing with her pussy.

"Right here, Dave, drive it in deep, I'm nice and w..." She groaned as his hefty dick slammed deep into her pussy, then drove back against it, hard and fast, meeting him thrust for thrust. She glanced up at the camera, grinned, then her eyes rolled back as another orgasm swept through her. When he slowed to feel her pulses, she took the opportunity to disengage and roll over on her back, spreading her legs high and wide, leaving her ready for another pounding.

Dave took the hint and drove back deep inside. She wrapped her legs around his and once again met him thrust for thrust. Her orgasm wasn't long in coming, and I watched her dig her nails deep into his ass, burying him deep as she screamed out. After a few seconds, she put her hands against his chest to slow him down, and smiled up at him.

"Do you want to cum in my pussy, or in my mouth again?"

"Mouth," he said, the first words he'd spoken since she'd grabbed his cock. Always cum-hungry, she was more than willing to oblige. She rolled him on his back and straddled his face before slipping off the condom and burying her face in his pubes. One hand cupping his balls, the other stroking his dick, she went right for the taste she was craving. Dave's muffled moans made it obvious he was close, and she stroked faster, rocking against his face as she sucked. As his body started jerking under her, she slipped one finger from his balls, sliding it slowly into his ass. He screamed as his cock pulsed, and Jane went deep again capturing every drop, then licked him clean before she rolled off his face. She gave his dick a friendly pat as she gave him a quick kiss, then rolled off the bed.

"Damn, that was great, Dave. Just what I needed. Catch your breath, I need to get dressed." She gathered her clothes and his, as well as the beers, and made it back to the bedroom as he was just getting up. She tossed the clothes on the bed and handed him his beer, offering to toast again.

"To new friends," she said as the bottles clinked.

"New friends," he replied, then took a long drink as she slipped into her panties. He grabbed his clothes off the bed and started dressing as I headed back toward the campground, watching as I drove.

"I better get moving," he said. "Dick may be back soon." Jane went to check the timer.

"Yeah, five more minutes," she grinned. "Thanks for the fuck. Just don't let on to Dick."

Dave finished dressing as I turned into the campground. She gave him a peck on the lips as she ushered him out the door. I drove slowly to give him time to get away from our campsite before I pulled up.

When I walked into the camper, Jane was already in the shower, so I cued up a replay of her adventure on the bedside tv, and stripped off my clothes before getting in bed. Jane joined me after her shower, and the instant replay led to my her mouth on my cock in short order. I lasted longer than Dave had the first time, but not by much. After that, we sort of lost track of the replay, but she got well-fucked again before we settled into sleep.

The next morning, as we were pulling out of the campground, Dave was outside walking his dog, so naturally I stopped the truck to say goodbye. We made the usual meaningless chat, then I started the truck to pull away. As Dave started to walk away, Jane called out his name.

"Dave, thanks again for that great fuck. Maybe we'll come back this way in the fall."

The look on his face in the rear-view mirror as we drove away was priceless.

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