tagLoving WivesCami in Handcuffs

Cami in Handcuffs


Cami felt the bed stir as Dan turned off the alarm. It hadn't gone off. He always woke up before it did and tried to sneak out of bed without waking her, didn't work though, Cami was a light sleeper. She shifted a little away from him. He saw she was awake and leaned over her, rubbing his hand down her back and kissing her neck.

"Ummm, humm... no tochie..." Cami mumbled.

Dan got out of bed and she heard him head to the bathroom, getting ready for work. When she opened her eyes again the clock said 9:20. She gasped and jumped out of bed, hurrying to get her things together for school. She stepped in front of the mirror to quickly check her hair, it was awful. She began fixing it up.

Cami's hair was about shoulder length, a brown that seemed dark at times and light at others. Her eyes were a silver blue and she was in the lower half of five feet tall. Her figure was slim, complimented by a gorgeous ass and breast that breast that mesmerized her husband Dan. Her small, well formed mouth may have been her best feature though, when she smiled it was like a angel and when she wrapped them around a man's lucky cock they could milk him for all he was worth.

Packing up her school books she headed out. Class was so-so, at lunch she knew she should eat the packed lunch in her car but couldn't resist the McDonald's just off campus. While she ate the men at the table next to her were checking her out, one came up and tried to get her number, she beamed, eating up the attention.

When she got home she chatted with friends on the net for awhile, Dan wasn't home yet and she decided to take a bath. The water was hot and she shaved her legs, looking down at her trimmed pussy she thought about shaving it clean. She ran her fingers through the hair thinking. She shaped it into a nice little square and relaxed.

When she got out of the tub and came back in the room there was a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold on the bed. She smiled and sat at the computer in her bathrobe, checking a few things. Noise from the hallway told her husband was coming; she stood up and walked to the bed. Letting her robe fall off she picked up the blindfold and slipped it on, taking the cuffs she lay in the bed and put the restraints on.

She heard and felt Dan come into the room and stand over her. He took her hands and raised them over her head, he used something to faster them to the bars, immobilizing her. Cami felt a little anxious, not knowing what she would get when she put the cuffs on, sometimes it would be just the same as always, some pussy licking and a fuck, but every now and then he'd do something different, and that could be good or bad depending on whether he was looking to be loving and please her or if he was just horney as hell and wanted to make her fulfill some of his dirtier desires while she lay defenseless.

She felt his fingertips running up and down her skin, she giggled as they caressed her tickly places. Before long his mouth was on her skin along with his hands. He kissed around the breast, taking her nipples into his mouth and flicking his tongue over them quickly. She felt her pussy respond to his lips as they moved up her chest and sucked on her neck. He pulled away from her and waited silently to see what would happen next. She heard him doing something and then her right nipple got very cold.

"Eee!" She squealed as goose bumps raced down her legs. The cool whip can fizzled again and her other nipple perked up under the assault. "Baby that's cold!" Cami said. Dan chuckled and then she felt the warmth of his mouth on her right nipple, she moaned at the pleasure of the heat combined with the sucking. Her moved to her other nipple and gave it similar treatment, while he worked on them she felt cool whip spray all over her pussy and she trembled at the sensation. She expected his mouth to move to his favorite candy then but he pulled away. After a moment she felt something cold and rough rubbing her sweetened pussy lips. "Ugh... Dan..." The contact was pleasurable and unpleasant at the same time, the object, wet, cold, and rough moved across her pussy, and then it was gone.

Dan pressed it against her lips, she parted them slightly, smelling the strawberry covered in cool whip, he pushed it into her mouth and she bit down, chewing the sweet fruit. Dan ran the bitten off half down her chest, leaving a trail of juice. It went over her nipple, across her stomach, and soon touched her clit.

Cami moaned as the soft inside of the strawberry was used to play with her clit, goose bumps covered her legs and she shuddered. She welcomed the feel of Dan's mouth when he leaned in and began licking her soaked pussy clean, his warm tongue touched every inch of her pussy, playing with her lips, dipping into her vagina, and then sucking her clit into his mouth and working on it the way she liked.

He pulled away before she got far along and the bed creaked as he slid up it. His naked thighs wrapped around her chest as he positioned himself, presenting his cock to her lips. He pressed forward and she opened her mouth, taking his manhood inside her. His precum flowed out like a faucet and she swallowed keeping her tongue going on the underside of his cock while he began to press in and out of her mouth. At the same time she felt him lean back and something cool and large press against the entrance to her love tunnel. She spread her legs as he slipped a smooth vibrator into her, turning it on low he worked it all the way in, filling her up. The tingling sensation in her pussy made her muscles clamp around it, and a thrill ran up her spine from deep inside her.

She heard him sigh and his hands gripped her head, running through her hair. He didn't linger on a slow blowjob, but began riding her face. His cock thrust in and out of her mouth quickly, not deep enough to gag, staying where she was comfortable, but using her for purely for his pleasure now. She moaned around his meat, a sound she knew would encourage him to fill her mouth with his cum, but he lasted a while when in her mouth, and she lay there, the vibrator beginning to drive her crazy with pleasure and the need for more at the same time.

Slurping sounds filled the room as Dan approached orgasm and began working her mouth wildly, finally pressing in deeply and spraying cum into her throat. She worked to swallow as soon as he started, sucking hard to pull it down her throat. He remained there for a moment enjoying the post orgasm feel of her tongue gently licking his shaft, and then he pulled out.

The vibrator was pulled out and Cami sighed, almost immediately it was replaced with a large dildo, rough and vain. Dan pushed it into just a bit and she grunted at the large object opening her up. Dan worked it in and out, getting her used to the feel. She trembled as her insides were stretched by the intruder, and Dan began to fuck her with it hard and fast, a pace he learned drove her wild. As she bucked her hips against the fucking she felt his tongue on her clit again, this time he didn't pulled back. She squealed and rotated her hips, wishing her hands were free to grab his head and press it into her crotch.

She moaned loudly and trashed about on the bed, Dan's free hand pressed down on her chest, holding her somewhat still. "Ag. gah, Dna..." Cami grunted and squealed losing track of time until she begged Dan to let her overused pussy go.

Dan withdrew the dildo and lay next to her, his hands going up and releasing her from the cuffs. Cami pulled the blindfold off and looked at Dan, breathing heavy.

"I love you." He said, and kissed her.

"Umm," She purred and snuggled up against him, "I love you too." She stretched out and hopped off the bed, "Now clean the sheets." She said.

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