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I was in my last year of college when I met Camile. She was a couple of years older than me, and was Nigerian, in Mumbai, India, doing an internship with a software company. We had met at a party and instantly clicked, and discussed subjects like politics, philosophy, literature etc.

But that was all eye wash. Both of us were together primarily because both of us stuck out. Camile is about 5'10, black (African, whatever you want to call her), with long, never ending legs, a nice butt and slightly small breasts. Coupled with her athletic frame, curly hair and her deep dark skin that looked like dark chocolate made her sizzling. Unfortunately, most Indians are a lot shorter (the average male height around here is about 5'8) and most people don't really like darker women, least of all Black women.

As for me, I'm part Iranian, so I'm about 6'2, weighing around 100kg, and thanks to years of martial arts training, quite muscular. I had had other relationships in the past, but never with anyone from a different race. Even when I had first met her, I couldn't help but wonder what she was like in bed, and I was hoping for the opportunity to sleep with her. But Camile, being a Catholic, had strict views about sex. In three dates, we had made out only twice, and then too, she had pushed my hand away, shyly. Either way, she was very hot.

Not all the people around her were thrilled either, most guys got jealous, and most of my friends thought there was something wrong with me, or treated me as if I were doing her a favour- and proving to the whole world that I'm not racist. Somehow, the simple reason that a guy can date a girl for being hot escaped them.

Either way, that is irrelevant to this story.

In India, we have a wet season known as the monsoons, lasting from June to September, when it pours pretty much all the time, especially in South India. However , it stays dry rest of the year, and so if it rains any other time, the city is unprepared and pretty much shuts down. That November, there was an unseasonal cloudburst that made my dreams come true.

On a Saturday afternoon, Camile and I went out to lunch, trying to have an intelligent conversation. Suddenly, it began to rain, and it became clear that this was no small unseasonal shower, but an oncoming flood. Already, the suburban railway had shut down, and the city was slowing down. We both got wet, and soon realized, there was no I way I could get home, at least for the next 12 hours or so. Thankfully, her place was nearby.

"You better come up, or you'll catch a cold."

"Camile, are you sure you want me to come up?"

"Yes. Better this than leaving you out in the rain. Come on up."

We went back to her place, which was about five minutes away. Outside, a storm was coming in from the sea, with lightning, thunder and torrential rain lashing the city. We made our way up to her flat, which she shared with her colleagues, who were at work that day. It was comfortably furnished, and she left me in the living room, and went looking for a towel.

I couldn't help but think of this as my opportunity. She went in to get me a towel and I stood up and took off my wet shirt, to reveal my muscular and hairy body. She came in, and looked startled at first, and tossed me a towel, and used another to start towelling her own hair. There was a deep sexual tension in the air, and she turned away from me, slowly, whilst talking.

"I thought it didn't rain here in November. Isn't this unseasonal?"

"Yes" I said.

"I hope it doesn't rain next week, it's my birthday."

"Yeah, let's hope so." I said, and started walking towards her.

"Back home in Nigeria, it rains a little bit, you know, in this season. I was hoping it'll be a bit dry, and we can like, go out..."

"Camile, shut up."


I didn't say anything. Instead I took her in my arms and kissed her. At first, she seemed surprised, and then her resolve softened, as she put her hand behind my head. Here, I continued to kiss her as my hands moved lower over her wet body, and I reached and grabbed her arse. She seemed to react surprised, but continued to kiss me. I lowered my hands a little bit more, and picked her up, right there. She responded by putting her legs around me, and holding me. I walked like that into an open bedroom, and dropped her gently on the bed.

She looked at me, with her pretty eyes, and seemed to only want to go ahead. I climbed on to the bed, and began to kiss her, on her lips, her neck, and began to go lower, while slowly helping her out of her clothes at the same time.

Her clothes, a kind of blouse had nothing underneath it, but her bra. She helped me take it off, and I started to kiss her, sucking in the stray droplets of water that had collected on her body. Her body was a curious mixture of smells, of the rain, of the mud, her perfume, and what seemed like the unique smell of her. I helped her take her jeans off, and stood up to take of mine, when she waited, and pulled me closer.

I put each slightly hard, very exited nipple into my mouth, and teased it, flicking it, slowly, she moaned, as I went lower, sucking each drop of water from her flat abdomen, and teasing her navel with my tongue, as I went lower, and pushed my hand into her panties. I felt her pussy lips, all wet by excitement, and slowly pushed in two fingers in. She gasped, and began to hump my hand, and it felt like she was nearly holding those fingers in place with her muscles. She moaned again, as I continued to tease her navel. She begged me to go lower, and lower.

I watched as she sexily raised her legs into the air, and began to take off her panties over her wet, athletic, sexy, and womanly legs. I reached lower, and I saw that she had curly hair all over her body, and went lower into her dark bush.

I breathed, just breathed, onto her pussy for a second and she put her hand into my hair and pulled me closer into her bush. I took a quick taste of her pussy. It was something different than any other pussy I'd ever tasted. It was something quite tangy and remotely spicy. It tasted so good, that I didn't want to leave her. She folded her legs on my head, and my ears got blocked out of all sound, due to her thighs, leaving me, only to go deeper and deeper, driving her crazier by the second.

She moaned loudly, and let me go.

"I want you inside me, right now! Get in!"

I didn't need to be asked twice. I pulled out a condom from my wallet and tore the packet open, and Camile helped me get it on. Again, she welcomed me in between her legs, and I positioned myself to the thing that I'd been fantasizing about for a very, very long time.

I entered her slowly at first, giving her time to expand for my large cock. She pulled me closer, so I dove in, harder. She moaned- the sexiest sound a woman can make- and asked me to go faster.

I rammed her harder than I could, driven onwards by the sexy sounds she made, and the smell of her. She moved in my rhythm, and for a minute, we were in sync. She clawed me harder, and I sucked on her earlobe, drinking in the flavours that made her body such a potent drug.

She arched her back, pulled me closer, and I felt a peculiar sensation- like that of someone milking my penis. I realized she was cumming and I couldn't take it, as she moaned. It is the sexiest moan I have ever heard, that of a woman really enjoying herself. I couldn't help it, I came just after her; the force of it driving me deeper into her. I came very hard, wondering whether the rubber would break. Thankfully, it didn't.

As our orgasms faded, I rolled off her, on to her side. I looked at her for a second, and realized that this was probably the best sex I'd ever had in my life. I was steady with her for a month or so, before due to certain personal reasons, I broke up with her. She might be leaving India soon. Maybe I should go talk to her again!

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