Camilla Ch. 103


"Yes, I do," he said, opening the front passenger door for her. "Get in." She got in his car, despite not wanting to, for the masked men were making her get in. He began driving back to his home.

"We met in Vancouver," she said in a monotone voice, "then you saw me in Toronto, now here in Montreal. What a coincidence." They stopped at a red light.

"A really lucky coincidence for me," he said, ogling her body and touching her pubic hair. Always under the control of the masked men, she was powerless to resist David's groping. "I'm always seeing you undressed. First when we worked in that McDonald's back in Vancouver, I went into the ladies room to clean it one day, and you were changing into your uniform, remember? What pretty, flowery pink underwear you were wearing. Mm-mm. You didn't seem to mind my seeing you. How old were you then?"

"Just turned eighteen, or thereabouts, I think." The light turned green, and he started driving again. She was dreading having to let him fuck her, but the masked men wouldn't let her go free.

"That's right. I remember begging and begging you to go out with me, but you wouldn't. Then you quit the McDonald's, and I never saw you again till we were in Toronto. Then I saw you crawling around naked, your pussy and asshole showing, on the stage of a strip joint--what was it called?"

"Club Ritz."

"Yeah, that's the one. 'It's a dream come true,' you said when you were giving me my first lap dance there. Oh, what fun I had feeling you up, seeing and fingering your pink pussy and brown butt-hole, and squeezing your tits and ass. Yum, yum. I'd open your butt-cheeks out wide, and see those pretty brown lips, wanting to put my cock in there so badly."

"Your hands were a little rough," she said, worrying about having to put up with them on her body again later.

"Yeah, that's why you still wouldn't go out with me after I begged and begged, after I'd paid for all those lap-dances," he said with a slight tone of bitterness as he pulled into the driveway of his house. "And now I've gotcha all nice and naked again." They got out of the car and started toward his front door. "You seem all doped up, so I'm taking advantage of this, naturally." He opened the door, and they went into his house.

He took her up to his bedroom after they took off their shoes by the door, and she was psychically made to get on his bed on all fours, showing off her asshole and pussy. As he began to take off all his clothes, he ogled her body.

"Wow, you still look great naked after all these years," he said, pulling down his pants and underwear. "You must be in your thirties by now, and yet you have the body of a girl in her early twenties, I'd swear it. Amazing." He took off his shirt and socks. "Look at that pretty pussy and that asshole; they look just like they did when I saw you onstage at Club Ritz. Oh, I'm gonna have fun tonight. And finally, you're not saying no."

She wished she could say no, but the masked men wanted her fear-energy passed on to David. He got on the bed behind her, unable to decide at first which hole he wanted to put his tongue into. Then he chose her pussy, and slid his tongue inside.

He grunted when he got it in as far as he could get it. He flickered his tongue around her G-spot, and she automatically got excited, even though she didn't like him. She started moaning softly. If only his hands were as sensitive as his tongue, she thought.

Then he took his tongue out and started licking her asshole. His finger went inside her cunt, poking away without any thought as to whether she'd like it or not. Even though she didn't like his prodding, the masked men were psychically controlling her reaction, and her pussy got wetter and wetter. His tongue flickered and tickled all over the wrinkles of her asshole. "I've fantasized about...tasting this...for so long," he grunted.

Then he got up and pointed his cock at her pussy. He slid it in all the way and started ramming. Again, her soaking wet hole belied how much she just wished the night would end.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned as he continued aggressively ramming away inside her. "It's a...dream come...true. Unh!" He reached forward and grabbed her breasts. He was squeezing them hard, and it hurt her, but she was still psychically made powerless to do anything about it. "Oh, they nice. Ah!"

After another minute or so of fucking her pussy, she came, and he pulled his soaking wet cock out and aimed it at her asshole. At first he was annoyed that he didn't have anything to lubricate her with, but just then he saw her asshole getting wet.

"What is that? Magic?" he asked. "How did you do that?"

Knowing the lubricating of her anus and rectum had to be the masked men's doing, she said, "I'm not doing it."

"Well, it's a miracle as far as I'm concerned," he said, pushing the tip of his cock against her anal orifice. "It's a...dream come...true. Ooh!" He shoved his cock in a few inches.

As she felt his cock go in deeper and deeper, she could only remember how David used to be thinner and better looking. Indeed, the only reason she didn't go out with him before was that he was so aggressively lecherous. If he'd been more of a gentleman, and more considerate, she would have made his dreams come true much sooner, and much more often.

His cock got all the way in, and he started thrusting aggressively again, with no thought as to how he was making her feel. After a few minutes of ass-fucking, he was about to come. Wanting to see what his come would look like on her face, he pulled his cock out.

"OK, baby," he moaned. "Turn around quickly. I wanna fuck your mouth." Helplessly passive, she did as she was told. She had her mouth open for his cock, but before she could take it in, he showered her whole face with his jizz. This was one of those few times when she didn't like getting gooey-faced. "Well, I guess that's it. OK, honey, move your gorgeous ass over so I can go to sleep."

She got up and went to the bathroom. As she washed his come off her face, he greedily licked as much of her come off the bedsheets as he could. He normally never liked doing that, but something outside of his consciousness was making him eat her come. When he'd eaten almost all of it, the masked men released him, and he lay on his side and went to sleep. She got in bed beside him and, exhausted, fell asleep soon after.


The next morning, she woke up before David, and she was still not free of the masked men's power. She got out of David's bed carefully so as not to wake him, and went downstairs to get her purse and put on her high heels. She then was psychically compelled to walk out of his house still naked and unable to cover herself. It was about nine o'clock.

As she was walking down the neighbourhood, trying to ignore the staring of the neighbours, the two surviving young men, of the three grade twelve graduates who'd taunted her and Eros, briefly saw her from up in the bedroom of a two-storey house. The boys then rushed from the window to get their cell-phones so they could get video of her.

"Eros' mom," one of the boys said as he picked up his cell-phone on his bedside table. "So that's what she looks like naked."

"She's as hot as we'd hoped she'd be," the other boy said. "After we get the pics, this is going online ASAP."


At home, 13-year-old Eros, wondering where his mother was, closed his eyes and concentrated: within seconds, he could sense that she was in trouble. He had a vision of her walking about naked in the neighbourhood where those high school graduates lived. He didn't want Cameron to know what he was sensing, since Cameron was equally worried about her. So he blocked Cameron's psychic access to knowing where she was and what she was doing. Eros didn't want his step-dad to drive them there either, because Eros wanted to rescue her himself (besides, it was difficult for him to squeeze his large body inside their car); he would then be her hero, and she would love him more for it. Standing by the front door of their house, he got one of Cameron's trench-coats from the nearby closet.

With his already prodigious ability with Nigrovum, he decided to use it not only to pinpoint her location, but actually to teleport himself there! He visualized himself disappearing and reappearing in that neighbourhood, just like Nightcrawler from the X-men movie he'd watched the night before. With his eyes closed, he concentrated, and in about ten seconds, his body disappeared in a puff of smoke.

In a split second, he suddenly reappeared in front of his mom with the trench-coat held open to wrap her nakedness in it. After resisting the temptation to look at her body (had he looked, this would have been his first time to see her naked, so careful had she been not to let him see her), he helped her put the coat on, then looked up at those two young men, who had now just come out on the balcony, ready to get video of nude Camilla. Unfortunately, they were too late.

"Aw, come on, Eros!" shouted the first boy. "We wanna see your hot mom's body!"

"I'll bet you got a good eyeful before putting that coat on her," said the other boy. "I knew it: you want to fuck her as bad as we do! Incest is best!" The boys laughed.

Eros scrunched up his face in rage; then he took control of the boys' minds. The boys were made to drop their cell-phones on the pavement below, smashing them to pieces.

"What the fu--," the first boy said. Then he and the other boy felt themselves compelled to get up on the balcony railing. "What the--"

Both boys dove off the balcony, head first. Their skulls cracked open on the pavement; they died instantly. Amid screams from the neighbours who saw the 'double suicide', Eros closed his eyes, concentrated, and he and Camilla disappeared; the neighbours were so shocked by the boys' deaths that they didn't notice the vanishing of Eros and Camilla at all.


They reappeared in the front hall of their home, and Camilla finally became free of the masked men's control.

"You didn't look at my body, did you, sweetie?" she said to Eros. "Nice boys don't do that."

"No, I didn't," he said, as embarrassed by his incestuous thoughts for her as Camilla was from sensing them.

"Good, and thank you for getting me," she said as Eros went upstairs to his room. She instantly set up a particularly strong psychic barrier, twice as strong as the one she'd set up the day after she fell into the swimming pool two years before. When am I going to have a barrier strong enough to keep those bastards out of my life for good? This is driving me insane, she thought.

Then she heard Cameron coming down the stairs. Immediately, she set up a psychic barrier so he wouldn't be able to feel David's lustful energy on her body.

"Where were you?" Cameron asked, suspecting the worst. "And why are you wearing my trench-coat? In that hot summer sun, you'd be boiling. I thought you were wearing that golden dress."

"I was," she said, taking off the coat and putting it in the closet. "It was the masked men again, I swear, Cameron. They won't stop terrorizing me."

"I see," he said, not at all believing her story, then turned around and walked into the bathroom.

"Really, it...was," she said, then lowered her gaze and went upstairs to her bedroom.

Just as with Alain, Eros had disintegrated Camilla's barrier so Cameron would know she'd been with David. Eros had visualized her barrier as 'transparent', making her think it was there between Cameron and David's energy, but Cameron nonetheless could 'see' that energy on her body. Eros just lay on his bed and smiled. Cameron should be gone within a year or so, he thought.

Cameron sat on the toilet and began crying. Just as my father used to say, he thought, I'm worthless and weak. She's seeing other men because I'm not good enough for her.

Eros was ever so subtly expanding the despair in Cameron's energy. Go to work, my poison, he thought.

Camilla lay in bed and started crying herself. I can't talk to Cameron anymore, she thought. I can't even look him in the eyes. I'm a terrible wife. I'm nowhere near good enough for him, but he thinks it's the other way around. I can't make him understand my addiction to sex. I can't make him believe me that the masked men are out to get me. What am I going to do?

Not knowing what else she could do to ease her pain, she strengthened the emotionally numbing psychic dome around herself, got dressed, and tried to carry on with her day as best she could.

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