Camilla Ch. 058


"Sure," he said, taking his drink. "Call her."

"Thanks, Dad," she said, getting her cellphone and an already-rolled marijuana cigarette from her purse. She gave him the joint, and he got a lighter from the coffee table. She rang up Candice. As he lit and puffed on the joint, she went into the kitchen and talked to Candice on the phone. "You aren't high, are you?...Good, come over. I put some E in his drink, and he's smoking a doob. Wear that black wig you bought, and a sexy red dress; that's how Carrie was dressed tonight at dinner. See you soon. Bye."

Candice arrived fifteen minutes later. Agape was stoned and tipsy; the ecstasy would begin to take effect soon. In his stupor, he found black-haired Candice surprisingly enchanting, especially in her red dress.

"Candice?" he slurred, getting up from his chair. "Is that you? That's a n-new look for you, isn't it? You look like my girlfriend, Carrie."

"You like how I look, Mr. Mennon?" Candice asked, turning around for him and eyeing him lewdly.

"B-beautiful," he said. "Charming; but don't t-tell Carrie I said that. Get a drink. Join us."

Camilla got a beer out of the fridge for Candice. "Thank you for staying clean," she said softly as she handed Candice her beer.

"It's been difficult," Candice said, changing the music to Drum and Bass. "Nigrovum helps with withdrawal, but it can do only so much."

"It's for your own good," Camilla said, giving her the joint to smoke. "A little pot's OK, but please, sweetie, leave the heroin and cocaine alone. At least cut down." Candice, puffing away, ignored her.

Soon, it was obvious to the girls that the ecstasy was taking effect, for Agape was completely wasted. His body tingling and his head swimming, Agape lay on the floor, thanks to Camilla's psychic suggestion. She used more mind control to make him think Carrie, rather than Candice, was in the room with them.

"Carrie?" he slurred. "You're back."

"Yeah," Candice said. "Let's fuck." Wearing no underwear, she flipped up her dress and squatted down between his legs; he caught sight of her pubic hair, ginger-coloured, but with those wisps of black mixed in. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and used Nigrovum to harden it. She sat on him in the cowgirl position and slid it in, moaning from its hugeness. "Your daddy's endowed, Camilla. Oh!"

Camilla watched in awe as they fucked. Being stoned herself from a few puffs of the joint, Camilla was uninhibited enough to watch her father's cock go in and out of Candice's pussy, enjoying what she saw instead of being horrified by her unnatural urges. Camilla was amazed by its size and beauty. Also wearing no underwear, she flipped up her dress and started masturbating as she watched.

"To think," she said as her finger tickled her hard clitoris. "That tower of perfection gave me life, and the body I have today."

As Candice went up and down on Agape's cock, Camilla psychically made her father's vision of Carrie's face dissolve almost imperceptibly into Candice's. She watched his face carefully to see his reaction, and psychically probed his mind to know if he found the sight of Candice--and not Carrie--having sex with him disturbing. He didn't seem to be troubled by who he was seeing on top of him; he was too stoned to know what was happening, and the girls' use of Nigrovum was keeping him even more confused. To be safe, Camilla psychically made Candice's face change back into Carrie's, then back to Candice's, then back to Carrie's, then Candice's...back and forth, and back and forth. He simply didn't know which girl he was fucking. In any case, he was enjoying it, so he just acquiesced happily.

Camilla went up to Candice and helped her take off her dress. Now she was naked on top of Agape, and he could enjoy seeing her beautiful, big-breasted body. Though Carrie's breasts were too small to be those he was seeing bouncing before him, the sight of Candice's, with their pointy nipples, was a pure delight, and he--in his weak-willed stupor--reached up and fondled them. She squealed when he pinched her nipples. Camilla removed her dress; now also naked, she took Candice's head in her hands and kissed her on the lips. The feeling of Camilla's hands gently sliding up and down Candice's arms made her come, and she got off of Agape. Candice psychically made his erection go limp, and she put his cock back in his pants. He lay there on the floor, fidgeting as he continued peaking on the ecstasy, barely cognizant of what had just happened.

Candice pulled off the wig, and Camilla buried her face between her legs. As she licked Candice's pussy, preparing her for another orgasm, she visualized Mr. Holland safe at home, with a wall of energy protecting him from his vicious wife.

As Camilla continued licking, kissing, and sucking on Candice's rock-hard clit, she, on all fours with her legs spread out in the usual way, had her ass pointed in Agape's direction. She was doing this at least unconsciously. Candice ran her hands through Camilla's hair and moaned louder and louder. Agape, still fidgeting, swayed his head to the side, where he saw Camilla's pussy and asshole just a couple of feet away. He quickly turned his head away, not sure whose secret places he'd just seen. In his high state, he soon forgot about it, and continued reeling to his peaking on the ecstasy.

Candice came, and Camilla lapped up her cooze. Then Candice got on top of Camilla, who was now on her back, and started sucking her left tit. As she enjoyed the sensitivity of Candice's lips and tongue on her nipple, Camilla tried to visualize a wall of energy keeping Carrie away from Agape. She couldn't concentrate, because Candice's sucking was getting her too excited. Candice's index finger tickled Camilla's clitoris, and her long finger went up Camilla's cunt. After a few minutes of tickling her G-spot, Candice made Camilla come all over her cupped hand. She used Nigrovum to keep the come in her hand, and not get it on the carpet. Candice brought her hand to her mouth and drank it all. The girls just lay there naked for several minutes, Candice's head on Camilla's chest.

Agape got up, and looked at the two naked girls. Shocked, he turned his head away. "Girls, get a r-room," he grunted before belching. As he walked over to the kitchen to fix himself another bourbon, he thought, That Candice sure has a nice body, though...if I wasn't with Carrie...

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