Camilla Ch. 064


As you begin to slide your cock inside Camilla's pussy, Desiree goes over and gently lowers her pussy onto Camilla's hungry mouth. Camilla is sighing as your cock goes in deeper and deeper. Desiree moans as she feels Camilla's sighs blowing against her hairy bush. Now sitting on Camilla's face, Desiree sighs to the sensation of Camilla's tongue in her vagina. As you're thrusting your cock in Camilla's pussy, you reach over and fondle Desiree's breasts. Desiree reaches over to you and briefly kisses you, then moves back so you can see Camilla's tongue gluttonously licking away. You alternate between looking at your cock in Camilla's pussy and and her face in Desiree's cunt.

Soon, you're about to come, and you pull out of Camilla's vagina. As she continues eating Desiree out, Desiree jacks you off, and you blow your load all over Camilla's belly. Then Desiree, also a gusher, comes all over Camilla's face.

Desiree gets off of Camilla, and you zoom in on her come-soaked face, then you look down at her belly and her crotch: a flood of her come is everywhere on the carpet between her legs.

"Well, I guess it's time to have the carpet shampooed," you say. "But all the same, that was good work, girls. I predict big promotions coming your way soon."

Bob pressed STOP on the camera. "Well," he said. "I guess that's a wrap."


At Club Ritz that night, Camilla chatted with Candice as they sat at a table, bored again and waiting for customers to ask them for lap-dances.

"Did you e-mail Dr. Singh and ask him about our dreams?" Candice asked.

"Yeah," Camilla answered. "In his replay, he said he totally agrees that Nigrovum is affecting our dreams."

"So is it ghosts of dead lovers?" Candice asked.

"That, or something like that," Camilla said. "He says what we're experiencing is like what they call Incubi."

"What's that?"

"An Incubus is an evil spirit that rapes women in their dreams," Camilla explained. "That's what Ravinder says, though he's not sure that's what's happening to us. He says it could be just Nigrovum living on in the dead people's bodies, then sending out energy to us while we sleep."

"How can that be if our lovers are dead?"

"He says that though Jasmine, Mr. Hanson, and the others are dead, Nigrovum has affected their energy, causing their desires to stay alive. The alien beings Ravinder thinks Nigrovum are cause those desires to be manifested. The energy of those desires radiates outward because Nigrovum, aliens made sympathetic to those desires, will it so; the energy then seeks us out and finds us, the objects of their desires. Ravinder thinks they get at us in our sleep because our defences, apparently, are down."

"OK, but what do you mean by 'their energy'?"

"Ravinder says everything is energy: matter, mind, body, spirit, even thoughts. Nigrovum was in our lovers' bodies, and it's still in their bodies even after their deaths. It still animates everything about them, though not their bodies. Ravinder says this could be proof of the existence of soul, of atman; but none of his scientific colleagues believe him."

"So what are we gonna do about these ghost-dreams, these inky-bite-whatevers?"

"I say fight Nigrovum with Nigrovum," Camilla answered.

"How?" Candice asked.

"We'll build psychic barriers around our bodies when we go to bed, so the ghosts--the incubi--can't get at us. It should work."

Just then, Miles Holland came into the bar. Camilla saw him approaching.

"Hi, sir!" she said, then got up, pulled off her dress to reveal her naked body, and walked over to him. "Shall we go into a private room?"

"Of course," he said, and they went into one.

Candice just sat there, alone and bored. "I doubt I can build that psychic barrier when I'm too high to concentrate," she said to herself.

Inside the private room, Camilla and Miles didn't bother with either the couches or the bed; she got on the floor on all fours, and he got behind her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Anticipating her gushing, he remembered to take his pants and underwear right off before sticking his cock in her.

"Where do you want to put it, sir?" she asked. "In my ass, or in my pussy?"

"We'll go with your pussy this time," he said, touching his knob against her vaginal orifice.

"Oh, thank you, sir!" she sighed. He pushed his cock in a few inches. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she squealed as it went in a few inches more.

"Oh!" he moaned as he shoved it in all the way. After a few aggressive thrusts, she gushed her first orgasm. His cock and balls were drowning in her jizz.

He reached over and grabbed her tits as he kept fucking. She squealed those high-pitched staccato screams, ever wavering between soprano and whistle register. Soon, she came again, showering his cock and balls with goo.

"Wanna...put my...mouth, sir?" she asked with a wavering voice as he kept impaling her with his phallus. "Ah!"

"Yeah," he moaned, and pulled his cock out of her waterfall vulva.

She turned around quickly, eager to have his cock in her mouth. He stood up, and she, on her knees, opened her mouth wide. He brought the tip to her lips. Looking up at him with a slutty smile, she licked and kissed his knob a few times, then took his shaft all the way in, deep-throating him.

Looking down at her, he couldn't stop being amazed at her seemingly effortless control of her gag reflex. His pubic hair brushed against her nose; she loved having that long, thick hunk of manhood filling in every cavity of her mouth and throat. She played with his balls as she continued deep-throating him.

Finally she pulled her mouth away, having his cock only half-way inside her mouth. Her tongue tickled his protruding corpus spongiosum, and her wet lips were tightly sealed against his shaft. She never stopped looking up at him, all lovingly and eager to please him.

"I'm...gonna come," he grunted.

She'd had his cock three-quarters of the way inside her mouth, and she was about to pull it out so he could come on her face; but by the time she'd pulled his cock out so only his knob was still in her mouth, he spat out a plentiful discharge of come. She decided, therefore, simply to eat his whole load. More blasts shot out and into her mouth: she gulped each ejaculation down like a quickly drunk glass of water. She kept his spent member in her mouth even after all of his ejaculating was finished, so eager was she to get every last drop of residual come...and she did.

Finally, she pulled her head back and let his limp dick flip out of her mouth. Looking up at him, she asked, "Did you enjoy that, sir?"

"That...was fantastic," he sighed.

"I'm glad you liked it. And now I've gotta pee. Wanna watch?"

"Of course," he said, and followed her over to the toilet.

She sat down, looking up at him and keeping her legs wide open so he could see. She moaned softly as the first drops of piss came pouring out of her urethra and down into the toilet bowl water. He enjoyed hearing the tinkling sound of the golden drink as he saw it splashing against the toilet water.

"Do you feel another poop coming?" the coprophiliac asked.

"No, sorry," she said. After a few more seconds of peeing, she squirted out the last few drops, then reached for the toilet paper. "So, how's the peaceful new life, without a bitchy wife?" She wiped her vulva with the toilet paper, raising her wide-open legs so he could see her stretched-open pussy.

"Well, it's not as peaceful a life as you'd think," he answered.

"How so?" she asked, getting up and flushing the toilet.

"I dreamed about the bitch last night," he explained as she put her arms around his waist and they walked over to the couches. "In the dream, she hit me with her fists, and kicked me in the legs. All because I'm fucking you, of course. She even bit me on the arm. I woke up this morning with bruises, all in the exact places she'd hit me. And look at this." He rolled up his shirt sleeve, showing her his forearm. She saw teeth marks there! "That's where she bit me in the dream."

With a look of terror in her eyes, she asked, "After our business trip, did you have sex with your wife?"

"Yeah, she forced herself on me that Sunday night, out of jealousy. As I fucked her, I fantasized about you to stay hard; I even managed to come inside her. But what does that have to do with my dream?"

"Absolutely everything," she said. "You're gonna need psychic barriers, too."

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