Camilla Ch. 065


Candice got up, getting his cock out of her pussy, and she put it in her mouth. As her mouth went up and down on his long shaft, he wiped Camilla's come off his face with his fingers and licked them. Camilla brought her breasts to his face; she squeezed them against his cheeks, and he started sucking on her left nipple first, then her right. She had her ass in Candice's face, so as Candice sucked him off, she fingered Camilla's pussy, tickling her G-spot.

Candice's wet lips were tightly wrapped around his cock, and her tongue flickered against his corpus spongiosum, near his knob. Candice's left hand was gently shaking his balls, while her right index and long fingers were probing Camilla's cunt, her long finger gently poking against Camilla's A-spot. Candice licked and kissed the tip of Davis' dick while her left hand jacked him off. Sensing his imminent ejaculation and not wanting to make a mess on her bed, she quickly wrapped her lips around his cock and received his entire discharge in her mouth, not letting a single drop get out.

Meanwhile, she continued fingering Camilla's soaking wet pussy, and Davis kept sucking on her right tit. Finally, Camilla came a second time, covering his belly and Candice's hand with her cooze.

As they sat there regaining their breath, Candice, not wanting her own come to leak out on her bed, asked, "Who wants come?"

"I do, I do," said Davis.

"My cooze is oozing out," she said, opening her legs so he could see. "Lick me clean, Doctor."

"Gladly," he said, then licked the secretion off her sweet pink vulva. "So tasty," he said when he was finished. "I'd better get home. As mad as I am with my wife, she still is my wife, and I'm no better than she is. Thanks for a great evening, girls. Let's do it again some time." He got dressed and left.

"Stay with me tonight, Camil," Candice said.

"Of course, sweetie," Camilla said. "Daddy's drunk in front of the TV; I told him I was here with you."

"Thanks, baby."

"But no drugs, OK?"

"You're no fun, Camil."

"Since when?" Camilla said, then kissed Candice.

After some more brief lovemaking, Candice fell asleep. Camilla then visualized a thick, strong, almost metallic, blue force field surrounding her and Candice; after several minutes of intense concentration, the barrier was made. She psychically sensed the energies of their many deceased lovers approaching, but not able to penetrate, the force field.

"Good," Camilla said to herself. "It's really working." Then she thought about Miles, Agape, Bob, and Davis: they'd need the same protection, so she made psychic barriers for them, too. She made an especially strong force field for Davis' wife, whom she feared was quickly losing control because of Nigrovum. "See, Father Josiah? I told you I use my powers for good."

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