Camilla Ch. 079


"Wanna fuck my ass, sir?" she asked with another lewd grin. "I'll moan softly enough so no one outside will hear."

"OK," he said, then got down on the floor behind her, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. She still had some jizz inside her vagina, which he could use to lube her rectum with. He did so, also smearing some on his erection. Then he slid his cock inside. "Unh!" he grunted when it was half-way in.

She looked back at him with welcoming eyes. "Oh, that good. Ah!" Still, the music was loud enough for no one outside to hear them.

He slid his dick further till it was all the way in, then pulled out half-way, then back in all the way. Out half-way, in all the way. Out, in, out, in, out, in...

After several minutes of ass-fucking, she sighed, "How about...some ass-to-mouth now? Oh!"

"Yeah, OK," he groaned, then pulled his cock out of her ass. She turned around on the floor as he got up and sat back on his chair. She knelt between his legs and brought the tip of his cock to her lips. Giggling and grinning lasciviously, she looked up in his eyes and started licking and kissing his knob before putting it half-way inside her mouth. His rock-hard cock slid in two-thirds of the way, then out to his knob, then back in three-quarters of the way. Out to the knob, in three-quarters. Out, in, out, in, out, in...

Her fingers tickled his scrotum and jiggled his balls as she sucked him off. She never took her eyes off his, eager to tell him how much she enjoyed pleasing him with her mouth.

Finally, just as the Mahler symphony had reached a climactic moment with the strings and horns, he came in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. She kept his cock in her mouth until it was completely flaccid, and absolutely no more come was dripping out. Then she put it back in his pants and zipped them up for him.

"Thank you," he said, "for giving me such a good time."

"Thank you," she said as she got her clothes, "for giving me such a big cock." She got dressed and left.


That night, Agape lay in bed and thought about his daughter. He sensed that he was developing unusual powers, though he had no idea where he could have got them from. He could recover from hangovers in seconds when waking up after a night of heavy drinking; this was why he was drinking even more than ever before--he knew he could handle it the next day. He also knew he simply desired more booze.

Furthermore, he remembered how Camilla could cure any physical discomfort of his by simply touching him; she'd often fix his back pains this way. Earlier that day, he had fixed his own bodily aches by merely wishing them away! He couldn't understand how he was suddenly able to do these things, though he knew he'd become able to do them shortly after Camilla had come back into his life.

His new powers didn't stop with ending physical pain. He could now sense other people's secret thoughts. He'd tried this on Carrie a few days before, and to his delight, he sensed that she was hoping to marry him as much as he wanted to marry her. Earlier that day, he proposed to her, and she said yes with teary eyes! He wasn't going to tell Camilla just yet, because he correctly sensed that she would be opposed to this marriage.

He tried psychically scanning Camilla's thoughts to find out for sure if she really had incestuous feelings for him: he couldn't get in, because he could feel her blocking him. Though he had no definite answer, this blockage only made him more nervous about her.

Another power he'd discovered was his new ability to influence other people's thoughts. He'd successfully used it on Camilla to dissuade her from wanting to smoke pot with him, though she already seemed deterred from the idea because of what had happened last Sunday. He also used Nigrovum on Carrie, making her want to go with him for dinner to Giovanni's that evening without even having to ask her verbally. Though he was finding it convenient being able to influence things with his mind, the more unsettling realization that Camilla had those abilities, and to a far more advanced degree, was also dawning on him.

On Monday night, when she'd asked him about Lot's daughters getting Lot drunk and committing incest with him, Agape sensed that the inexplicable calmness of his answer was completely artificial. He felt a fog of carefree obliviousness obscuring his moral judgement, and he correctly sensed that Camilla had put it there.

He tried to clear that 'fog' away with his new power, but he was able only to clear it slightly. To understand fully what Camilla had been doing, and what she planned to do next, he started to plan carefully how to be ready for her.

Camilla will want me to get drunk and stoned again, he thought; that's why I've been leaving the booze alone lately, though I'm in agony for my bourbon. I can't prove it yet, but I think she's been drugging my booze, so she, it can't be! How could she? Maybe I have been drinking too much, and it's affecting my sanity. Her version of what's been happening is certainly implausible, but I'd much rather believe that then think she's been...I can't say the words--I can't even think them!

He decided to do what he correctly sensed she'd been doing: visualize how he could circumvent her plans. He sat on his bed and meditated, imagining that that 'fog' she'd put in front of him was really a window, allowing him to see clearly for the whole time what she'd do the next time they partied; but this 'window glass' would also emotionally shield him from the horror and trauma of seeing her commit incest with him, if that indeed was what she had been doing. He'd be able to know the truth, but be able to bear it, and come up with a rational solution to his problem with Camilla.

He focused and focused, sensing that 'fog' slowly changing into a window, but one that still superficially 'looked' like a fog, so Camilla wouldn't suspect he'd changed anything. Also, the 'transparency' of the 'window' would make her psychically unaware that he was watching her as she fucked him.

He was almost certain that she was lying to him; he just had to prove it, and thus force the truth out of her.


On Thursday night, Camilla went to sleep without psychic barriers, for she wanted to try fighting off all those evil incubi again.

She was once again dreaming about being in the burning mansion of the masked Satanists. At first, she was being gang-banged by Miles, whom she was blowing, Dr. Davis, who was fucking her pussy, M. Larre, who had his cock between her tits, and Mr. Langella, who was fucking her ass. Her absolute starvation for cock was making this gang-bang so thrilling for her that she forgot all about her original intention to fight off the masked incubi. Soon, she came.

Then she looked up at her lovers, and saw they were gone, replaced by the grotesque masks of four of the Satanists, who were now gang-banging her in exactly the same way as her four original lovers had been. They had got on her before she could even think to get up and defend herself. Since she was also totally horny and still hungry for cock, she could only acquiesce to them.

As she felt the cocks of the masked men inside her mouth, between her tits, and in her pussy and ass, she heard them laughing their eerie, distorted laughter.

She looked up at the one she was blowing. He looked down at her, his ugly mask seeming to be his real face, and he said, "We're gonna fuck you for all eternity, you little whore."

She could hear the others say, "You dirty little bitch."

"Your pussy's gonna bleed when I'm done with you."

"I'm gonna rip your ass in two."

From across the room, Camilla could hear the voices of Calina, Akemi, Li-ping, and Ms. Callahan chanting, "Forever, and ever, and ever..."

Camilla looked around at the four masked Satanists on top of her; but instead of seeing them, she saw those four Vancouver punks now gang-banging her! Again, the young men were in the same positions as the other two quartets had been in.

"Oh, yeah!" the one in her mouth shouted. "My cock's gonna knock your teeth out, big titty bitch!"

The one who was tit-fucking her shouted, "Your tits are lop-sided, you fucking ugly cunt!"

They are not, asshole, she thought.

"Your cunt stinks, you fuckin' sow!" the one in her pussy shouted.

"Your butt-hole smells even worse," shouted her ass-fucker. "You gotta clean yourself out, you ugly whore!"

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and screamed, "Fuck you all!"

Camilla woke up drenched in sweat, with come all over her sheets.

"Those bastards," she whispered in pants. "I can't stop them."


On Friday night at Club Ritz, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Camilla saw a face she hadn't seen since grade five back in Vancouver: her old teacher, Mr. Berman.

He saw her from across the room in the main area of the strip joint, struck by her beauty. When he got closer and got a good look at her face, he was oddly able to recognize her after all those years, and after all the changes in her appearance.

He went up to where she was standing, by a table and talking to Candice. He tapped her on the shoulder. "Camilla?" he asked. "Is that you?"

She turned around and saw his face, immediately recognizing him. "Mr. Berman, my old teacher?"

"Yes, it's me," he said. "You remember me!"

"Hi, sir!" she said, throwing her arms around him. "It's been so long. How are you?"

"Oh, OK, I guess," he said with a pout. Candice sadly left with another customer who wanted a table dance.

"You seem sad," Camilla said of Berman, completely ignoring the jealous sadness of Candice. "Why, sir?"

"Do you know how I knew it was you, after all these years?"

"No. How? You have an amazing memory."

"I've never been able to stop thinking about you, that's how," he said.

"That's so sweet, sir," she said, then kissed him on the cheek.

"Do you remember what happened to me?" He sat on the chair Candice had been sitting at.

"Not really," Camilla said, sitting with a girlish grin on his lap. "I just remember that you were really sweet to me when I was your student. Some boys were teasing me, calling me skinny and ugly, as they always did back then, and I came into your classroom crying. I sat on your lap, as I am now, and you told me how wrong those boys were. I'll never forget how kind you were to me."

"I'll never forget something you did to me on that particular occasion."

"What was that?"

"You suddenly kissed me hard on the mouth."

"Oh, yeah, I did. That's because I had such a crush on you. I've always had crushes on my male teachers. I'm funny that way. But you left our school soon after that day. Why?"

"Well, a teacher saw you kiss me, and not knowing what had really happened, he told the whole faculty I was a pedophile who was trying to seduce you."

"Oh, no!"

"I was fired, and I lost my teaching license," he said, fighting back sobs. "I became a disgrace not only to the whole Vancouver community, but to my family, too. I barely escaped conviction of child molestation, since there was a lack of conclusive evidence. The courts couldn't decide which story to believe: mine, that you'd kissed me; or the teacher's, that I'd kissed you. Still, the damage to my career and reputation was done."

"I'm so sorry; I didn't mean for that to happen." She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"I don't blame you for what happened, don't worry. I just had to talk to you about it, because I knew you'd be the only one to believe me 100%."

"What do you do for money now, sir?" she asked.

"I drive delivery trucks in the Toronto area."

"You don't deserve that; you're so much smarter. I feel so bad for you. I wanna make it up to you, make you feel better, and make you feel loved. Wanna fuck me?"

"Camilla! After what happened..."

"Oh, come on, sir. I'm 18 now. Nobody here knows what happened back then. Come on, let's have some fun. We can screw in one of the private rooms. They allow it here."

"I--I'm just not so sure..."

"Well, I can feel your penis making up its mind," she said. "Come on, you know you want me. I'm not a ten-year-old any more, but I'm still hot for you. Let's fuck."

"Oh, OK," he said. She took him into a private room. He looked around and was surprised to see not only couches, but also a bed, a toilet, and a shower stall. "Wow, these rooms sure are complete, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they sure are," she said. "Let's get naked."

She'd been wearing a red dress and matching high heels; no underwear, so she got naked quickly. She turned around for him to see everything. He looked at her beautiful body with amazement.

"I can't believe how you've grown," he said. "You used to be a cute little skinny thing, and now you're a shiksa goddess."

"Thank you, sir," she said. "I know a guy at the CBC who calls me that. And I'm a goddess in more ways than one. You'll see."

With shaking hands, he started taking off his clothes. She got on the bed and lay on her back, eager to receive his cock in her pussy.

Now naked, Berman got on top of her in the missionary position. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he said.

"Don't feel guilty about it, sir. Let's have some fun. I've been starving for cock: you'll be doing me a favour, really."

"OK," he said. What about condoms?"

"We don't need 'em."

"How can that be?"

"I have something inside my blood that protects me from all diseases."

"And what could that possibly be?"

"I'll explain another time. Please, fuck me. I'm so horny right now."

"OK," he said, then pushed the tip of his erection against her vaginal opening. As he slowly and carefully slid his cock in, her sighs of pleasure went higher and higher, and louder and louder.

When he was all the way in, she screamed. He wasn't as big as most of the lovers she'd had, but he was big enough, and she was too desperate for cock to be choosy now. After pumping away inside her cunt for several seconds, she came her first gushing. "Oh!" she squealed.

"Wow, we've made a mess," he panted as he continued fucking her.

"Who cares? Just keep fucking. Ah!"

He kept sliding his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, reaching over and fondling her breasts as he fucked. He looked in her eyes, at the beautiful face of the young woman he'd once been falsely accused of molesting when she was a child. Not only was he thrilled at fucking so hot a young girl, but he was touched that she, of all girls, actually wanted to have his cock inside her. That he was giving her pleasure made him feel redeemed of the shame he'd been so unjustly given...or at least, he saw a chance to get redemption through her.

"Let me...know're come. Oh!" she moaned.

"OK, around now," he panted.

"Take it out."

He pulled his cock out of her pussy, then they got off the bed. He was standing, and she, kneeling before him, pointed his cock at her face. She jerked him off briefly, and he blew his load on her nose, her right eye, her left cheek, and her lips. She looked up at him and giggled.

He looked down at her with amazement at her skills. For the first time in eight years, he felt relieved of his woes, and it was all because of the girl who had given them to him, however unwittingly. She would become even more of an obsession for him than she had been before...

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