Camilla Ch. 082


"Oh, that's OK. I don't mind if people see me bare-naked. Even the lady in the shop can look, if she wants," Camilla said, deliberately loud enough for the thrilled lesbian to hear. Her ogling was now getting bolder.

Camilla turned around, spread her legs, and bent over so Patrick and the owner of the shop could see her pink pussy and brown asshole. Camilla looked up at Patrick with eyes that asked him if he liked what he saw.

Because of Camilla's psychic manipulations, Patrick was totally insouciant of whether anyone was watching them or not; so he started fingering her pussy and asshole as if they were in a hotel room. The lesbian owner of the store was similarly oblivious of her surroundings, since Camilla had her just as mesmerized as she had Patrick. Camilla had also created a force field to stop anyone from entering the store and interrupting their pleasure. They all could now freely enjoy themselves.

As Patrick's sensitive fingers massaged and stimulated Camilla's G-spot and the rectal wall that her vaginal wall shared, she visualized those same fingers fingering the cunt and rectum of the lesbian store-owner.

Why should only I enjoy this? Camilla thought; As I've always said, Nigrovum can be used for good, and I don't want to be selfish and greedy.

The lesbian was panting and clutching at herself. What is this incredible sexual experience I'm having? she thought; Never has a naked girl gotten me this horny before.

Camilla reached back between her legs and stroked the bulge in Patrick's pants. He reached over, pulled his finger out of her rectum and started licking her asshole. The finger in her pussy went deeper inside, gently jabbing at her A-spot. Camilla sighed and moaned with pleasure; then she psychically replicated the same sensations for the lesbian, whose A-spot now felt a pleasurable poking, and whose asshole felt like a tongue was tickling it.

What's touching me? she thought, panting and sighing; If this is a succubus, I'm attending seances!

Patrick's two hands were now all over Camilla's pussy, with his fingers tickling her hard clitoris and her tingling G-spot; Camilla gave the lesbian voyeur the same psychic masturbation. Finally, Camilla came in Patrick's cupped hands, which caught almost every drop. He brought his hands up to his face and drank all the come, then licked the remainder off his palms.

The lesbian creamed her panties soon after; luckily she was wearing a dress, so the mess wouldn't be visible to the public. "I need a cigarette," she whispered.

Now that Camilla was satisfied, she finally tried on the black dress. "Do I look sexy in it?" she asked Patrick.

"Camilla, you'd look sexy in a potato bag," he said, drying his hands with a tissue. "OK, take it off, and I'll take it over to the lady to ring up."

"Thanks," she said, taking off the dress and handing it to him. As he walked over to where the cash register was, he hadn't noticed the owner still standing by the fitting room and staring at Camilla's frontal nudity. Camilla just smiled at the woman and let her look.

"Um, Miss?" he said to the owner.

"Oh, uh, sorry," she said, then reluctantly went over to ring up the dress.

Camilla got dressed and went over to them. As the woman put the dress in a bag for her, she shyly avoided looking at the lewd smirk on Camilla's face.

Patrick paid for the dress with his credit card, and the woman handed Camilla the bag. "Here you are," she said. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome," Camilla said to her, still grinning lasciviously. The woman blushed, and Camilla and Patrick left the store.

"Thanks, Patrick," she said with a giggle. "Bye." They went their separate ways.

When am I gonna feel his cock inside my pussy? she wondered; Don's is big, but he's getting boring. To think, he actually wants me to be his wife. Ugh! Berman is more fun in bed, but his dick is smaller. He, too, wants me to marry him. No fulfillment there. Patrick's prick is perfect, but he's already married. Daddy is my soul mate, but he wants Carrie for a wife. Wives suck; I, however, deep-throat. She giggled again.


At Josiah's home that night, Camilla was in their bedroom studying.

Josiah was in the living room, meditating and feeling the Nigrovum in his blood flowing all through his body. He was beginning to feel a peace comparable to what Dr. Singh had been describing in his online chats with Camilla.

Maybe Camilla was right, Don thought; maybe this psychic power can be used for good. I just have to convince her to stop using it to get sex from everywhere. My spirituality is opening up: I can find God's love in the most unexpected places these days. No more Christian exclusivism for me. I'm giving up that idol. i must help Camilla give up her idol of sex, though. It will be really difficult, but it will be the only way to end her suffering. I care for her so much, and I know how much pain she feels; I must help her.

When Camilla had finished her studying for the night, she began a meditation of her own. She scanned Agape's mind, doing a thorough sweep of his sexual feelings. Go deeper, she thought; deeper inside his subconscious, where his darkest, most secret fantasies lie. She kept scanning and scanning, hoping to find any trace of incestuous urges her father may have had for her. Come on, Daddy, you know deep down you want me. No straight man can resist me. You must want my hot little body. Doesn't it drive you wild with desire? Where are those incestuous feelings you must have? Where are they?

She searched and searched for an hour before finally giving up in frustration. "Carrie, Carrie, nothing contrary," she whined. "Fuck, Daddy. You want to fuck only her? What do you see in that old woman? And what am I to you? Just a cute, skinny little six-year-old girl. That's all the love you have for me." She started to cry. "I don't want you to love me in an innocent way. I want to be sexy for you."


There was someone, of course, who still had strong sexual feelings for Camilla.

Candice lay in bed that night, high on heroin, but lonely and love-sick for Camilla. Though she was using Nigrovum to moderate the high so as not to let it cause her health to deteriorate, her use of Nigrovum was waning. The will to keep her body healthy was fading away.

Kill Carrie? Candice thought; Camilla, you're killing me.

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