Camilla Ch. 097


"When you're about to come, Hewitt, take your cock out of her mouth and come on her face," Cameron said, taking out another cigarette and lighting it.

Camilla's skills at cock-sucking hadn't withered away at all: it was just like riding a bike. So eager was she to suck dick again, that she showed particular ability this time; and Hewitt could feel himself ready to blow after only a minute or so of getting this blow job. He pulled his cock out, and Camilla knelt there, all ready for her facial. He splattered his come in her right eye, on her nose, on her left cheek, on her lips, on her left eye, and on her chin. He looked down at her in amazement as his come dripped down her cheeks.

"Did you enjoy that, sir?" Camilla asked Cameron.

"That was fantastic," he said, puffing on his cigarette. "Hewitt, how do like my wife as a lover?"

Hewitt, reaching for his clothes, said, "All I can that I you can...have her...every night." He began putting his clothes back on.

"Indeed," Cameron said. "OK, let's all go back downstairs and have another drink or two. Camilla."

"Yes, Cameron," she said, the come still dripping off her mouth. She got up and went with Cameron out of the bedroom while Hewitt finished getting dressed.

They all went back down into the living room. Camilla stayed naked for the rest of Hewitt's visit, and even left his come to drip off her face. She fixed the men some more drinks, and sat with them in the living room.

What a kinky couple, Hewitt thought as he sipped the drink Camilla gave him. Well, if they both like it, I guess there's no harm done. That hot wife of his sure is a great fuck. They'll surely be the gossip of the York campus, if they keep doing stuff like that with their guests.

"What do you think, Hewitt?" Cameron asked. "Do you think your come will make a good facial cream?"

Hewitt looked at Camilla, his come still dripping down her face, and laughed. "Maybe it'll reduce ageing."

No need, Camilla thought. I have Nigrovum for that. Speaking of which...

She looked deeply into Hewitt's eyes. He felt himself strangely unable to move his eyes away from her gaze.

"When you leave here today, you'll forget everything that happened after our lunch," she said.

"When I leave here today, I'll forget everything that happened after our lunch," he repeated.

"You will leave now," she said.

"I will leave now," he repeated, then finished his drink with one swig, picked up his jacket, and walked out the front door.

"Bye," Cameron said.

"Bye," Hewitt said.

Camilla looked at Cameron. "Cameron, I just committed adultery, right in front of you. Are you sure you're not upset with that?" she asked him.

"I'm positive," he reassured her. "As long as we control it, it's fine with me. Your psychic powers are very convenient that way; we don't have to worry about gossip. Don't worry about anything. You wanted to spice up our sex life, and we just did." Besides, he thought, I was finally able to satisfy my Candaulism, and I allowed the wife I love so much to have a lover much worthier than myself.


Because Hewitt was made to forget what had happened that afternoon, he never got to enjoy Camilla again. As the months went by, she and Cameron found more men to indulge his fantasies; these men would also be made to forget the sex as soon as it was all finished.

The masked men, always monitoring Camilla, thought, Like mother, like daughter: married Camilla swings, just as Collette used to do when Camilla was a child. She's now indulging in all the extra-marital sex she used to secretly watch her mother have at those key parties she hosted with Camilla's stepdad, back when Camilla was ten. It's all coming full circle now.

While Camilla was enjoying hot sex again without fear of divorce, she was still feeling guilty about having more sex than her husband. She was also missing the joy of lesbian sex; both of these problems suddenly inspired her, one night in April, with a kinky idea.

She went up to Cameron in the living room and sat on his lap. "I have an idea that I think will spice up our sex life even more," she said.

"Oh?" he asked. "What's that?"

"Let's have a threesome with another woman," she blurted out. "Let's go out to a dance bar tonight, find a bisexual girl, and take her home. You can watch me make love with her, and I'm more than happy to let you fuck her, too."

"Oh, uh, OK," he said nervously. "Since our marriage has gotten pretty open over this past half year, why not? If that's what you want, and as long as we can control it, the way we do with the men."

"Great. Let's go," she said. "We'll get Emily to watch over Eros at her apartment again. It's been great having her watch Eros again, whenever we want to swing. I sure missed having her around to take care of my boy when we got married."

They took Eros to Emily's apartment, then drove to a dance club in downtown Toronto. They went in and looked around, dazzled by the lights and pounding electronic beat.

"Remember, we'll control this, as always, OK?" she yelled in Cameron's ear. "We'll agree on the girl we want, we'll have her for only one night, with no strings attached, and make her forget all about it the next day."

"Right," he said. "As always, we'll follow our rules: we mustn't develop feelings for her, and she mustn't develop feelings for us."

They looked around the bar, and suddenly Camilla recognized a slim, pretty Korean-Canadian girl she knew in her graduate class, with Cameron as their teacher, two years before. Camilla knew that this Asian girl once had the hots for her and for Cameron, from having psychically scanned her back then. While no sex had materialized then, now everything was wonderfully convenient for Camilla's purposes.

"Cameron," she said. "Do you remember the cute Asian girl over there? We were both in your class."

He looked over at the Asian. "Oh, yeah, I remember teaching her."

"Do you like her? I sure do."

"Oh, yeah; but she won't like me. I'm too old."

"Oh, Cameron, stop putting yourself down. She likes you. I know she does. I did a psychic scan on her back in our class together, and I learned she has the hots for you. I'll get her to be in our threesome. Wait here." Camilla went up to the girl, who was wearing a tight black dress, high heels, and heavy makeup. "Connie?" Camilla yelled over the loud music. "Connie Park? Hi! How are you?" The girls hugged.

"Oh, fine," Connie said, ogling Camilla in her sexy red dress, heels, and whore-bright makeup.

"Remember Dr. Fox? Our old prof?" Camilla asked.

"Oh, yeah," Connie said. "He's so handsome."

"Yeah. He and I got married. Can you believe that?"

"Get outta here! You married that good-looking guy?"

"Yep. He's right over there," Camilla said, indicating where he was sitting. "What do you think? Is he still hot?"

"Well, uh, yeah; but I shouldn't be talking to you about that. He's your husband. Lucky girl."

"You can get lucky, too."

"Only if I can find a guy as great as him; but I don't think I will tonight."

"I beg to differ," Camilla insisted.

"Where will I find a guy like him tonight?" Connie asked, totally confused as to what Camilla was getting at.

"I don't mean 'find a guy like him', I mean 'find him'," Camilla said.


"I have a proposition for you. Cameron and I are looking for a bisexual woman to have a threesome with us tonight. Since you like both of us, and we both like you, we'd like to offer you the chance to have a little fun with us."

Connie just looked at Camilla in shock, though the idea of having sex with her and Cameron wasn't without appeal to her. "You've got to be kidding me," she said.

"Look, Connie, I know you like both of us. I'll be happy to let you have sex with my husband, because he needs more self-confidence, and he's a great man, who I love and want to please in every way I can. He actually likes to watch me have sex with other men. He and I are swingers: we have an open marriage, and we'd like you to have a chance to get in on the fun."

"You're sickos," Connie said. "You have a soon-to-die marriage, and as much as I'd like to have a chance to get in on the fun, I'm too decent a person to--"

"We will all have sex tonight," Camilla said, looking deep into Connie's eyes.

"We will all have sex tonight," Connie repeated in a monotone voice.

"We will all have fun," Camilla continued.

"We will all have fun," Connie said.

"You won't develop feelings for us, though."

"I won't develop feelings for you, though."

"Nor will we for you."

"Nor will you for me."

"After tonight, you'll forget what happened."

"After tonight, I'll forget what happened."

"And you'll vote Green Party."

"And I'll vote Green Party."

Twenty minutes later, they were all back in Camilla's house. They went upstairs to the bedroom and got undressed. Camilla and Connie got on the bed together, with Connie on top. Cameron sat on the side of the bed and watched the girls make love.

Camilla looked up into Connie's beautiful, expressive eyes as they gently kissed. Camilla was delighted with Connie's skinny body and small breasts, which reminded her of Li-ping. The vulnerability and sadness Camilla saw in Connie's eyes made her think of Akemi. As Camilla gently kissed and caressed Connie's body, she imagined herself trying to comfort those two other Asian girls she'd led to destruction, eight years before.

Cameron smiled as he saw the girls making love. He wanted to show that kind of sweetness when he made love with his wife, but felt too incompetent in bed. That's why he wanted to see other men make love with her. In spite of all of Camilla's attempts to repair his broken self-esteem, he still felt inadequate, and felt unworthy of having such a hot wife. He needed to see other lovers satisfying her.

"Come join us, Cameron," Camilla said. "We're waiting."

"Oh, uh, OK," he said, then lay on the bed with them. Camilla sat on his cock and fed it in, while Connie sat on his face. Facing each other, the girls could continue kissing and fondling each other while Cameron pleased them from below. It was hard for Connie and Camilla to kiss, with all of Camilla's bouncing on his cock, but they managed to get in a few pecks on the lips all the same.

Camilla's squeals and screams grew louder and higher, and she came all over Cameron's lap. Then the girls switched positions: Connie fed his cock into her tiny little pussy, and Camilla sat on his face.

"You sure...this is OK, Camilla?" Connie asked as his cock got in half way. "Oh!"

"Yeah, sure," Camilla said, enjoying the first cunnilingus she'd ever gotten from her husband. "Have fun. Ah!"

His cock got all the way inside Connie's cunt, and she was riding him and squealing as Camilla had been. Connie reached over and fondled Camilla's tits, while Camilla reached over and touched Connie's small tuft of pubic hair.

As Camilla watched Connie enjoy her husband's cock, she imagined it being Akemi, or Li-ping, enjoying him. This is why Camilla always had a thing for Asian girls, because they reminded her of how she had hurt that Japanese girl and Taiwanese girl. Having sex with Asian girls felt like atonement to Camilla, for she could imagine that she was with Akemi or Li-ping, healing their pain with her kisses and caresses. She felt so much remorse for all she had done in her life, and she could only fantasize about how to resolve her troubles.

Camilla came all over Cameron's face, and Connie was close to coming, though her pussy was in pain from the size of his cock. She got off of him, and Camilla went down on her pussy, licking away. Connie liked Camilla's sensitive lips and tongue much better, getting wetter and wetter very quickly, then coming her ooze, which Camilla licked away.


Connie left their house the next day, and as soon as she was on the bus to her apartment, she suddenly felt her memory black out; she had no recollection of where she had been after arriving at the dance club.

Her vagina was still sore, and she feared the worst. Did somebody put the date-rape drug in my drink? she thought.


Now Camilla and Cameron would spice up their sex life with sometimes another man, sometimes another woman (usually Asian) in a threesome. In spite of this risky way to have a marriage, they kept it going well for a while, since they always kept the extra-marital sex well-controlled.

Eros was annoyed that Cameron still hadn't gone away, but the masked men were pleased; for they had broken through Camilla's facade of respectability as a wife, and soon they would cause her to have as much disregard for her sexual partners as she had had before marrying Cameron. She was under their control, once again; and she was even getting her lovers to vote Green Party again. Garth's approval ratings shot right up again, and he was encouraged enough to run for Prime Minister, which he immediately began planning.


By reliving these sexier memories, 37-year-old Camilla was getting more excited as her unconscious naked body continued to hover over the water tank in the Montreal aquarium. Her vagina, once again fully lubricated, was no longer spewing blood, but lustful come. Singh, and the spirits of her loved ones, were not pleased; but the masked men were.

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