tagBDSMCamilla's Cuckold Ch. 02

Camilla's Cuckold Ch. 02


Author's Note: After posting Camilla's Cuckold, I got numerous requests for a Part 2, so I decided to tell a little more about the characters involved in the story. This episode doesn't have any sexual action but rather lets us peek in on their lives and motivations. More installments are planned and will cut across different categories. You can expect bondage, humiliation, and all sorts of wild fetishes. These people like it rough. So if you do to, I invite you to join them and stick around to see what perverse pleasures they will engage in next.


When Rod and Camilla Turner found themselves a sexy playmate through an ad in an adult magazine, they had no idea that Justine, their new companion, had been a former professional dominatrix. The thirty-one year old brunette had a graceful and curvaceous figure and the face of an angel. She came across as wild and willing to do almost anything, possibly even submissive. It had never even crossed there mind to ask her if she was into domination or humiliation, but she had quickly inducted them into the lifestyle.

During their first sexual encounter, Justine had gotten Rod aroused by practically imitating a 'girls gone wild' video with his wife, and then tied the pretty blonde to a chair so that she alone could take advantage of that arousal. Camilla had refused to say the safe word and back out of the game, and soon Justine knew with absolute certainty that she was in charge.

From that day on, Justine moved out of her tiny little one room apartment and into the extra bedroom of Rod and Camilla's sprawling ranch style home. The couple lived on the outskirts of town and had a spacious yard. There were other houses on the road, but they were spaced out away from the Turner's house, giving them plenty of privacy without any feeling of seclusion.

The official story was that Justine was renting out there spare bedroom in exchange for low rent and household help. Both Camilla and Rod worked full time in well paying jobs so it was obvious that they didn't need the extra money, but at the same time it made sense that they would need household help. Justine got a kick out of the irony of the neighbors thinking that she was there as a maid, when in reality the Turner's- especially Camilla would be serving her.

Justine had made it perfectly clear that she was going to be taking over their lives, and the Turner's were all too happy to oblige. As soon as Justine had unlocked Camilla's submissive side, Rod and his wife knew that they couldn't have it any other way. Camilla had a craving for submission now, it burned in her and held her tight and she really didn't know how she had ever gotten along without it.

Camilla was a CEO in a large corporation. She was used to being in charge of everything all the time. And she liked it that way. But Justine showed her the keys to the release valve, and she learned that after a long day of running things and balancing the world on her shoulders nothing was better than leaving all of that behind and becoming an entirely different person.

Rod worked in the city as an industrial architect, a job that sounded mind numbingly boring to Justine, but nonetheless Rod seemed to enjoy it. Not to mention the money he made. He was good at his job and managed to get many top accounts to keep the bucks rolling in. Rod had agreed that whatever Justine needed, indeed whatever she wanted, while she stayed there with them would be hers. Rod had been a fairly generous man to start, and he found that the joy he got in watching Justine dominate over his petite wife was worth every penny he had.

However, Justine had no plans to just take off with there money and run. She just wanted to enjoy the high life with them and do what she did best. Despite, or maybe because of Camilla's conservative, buttoned up appearance she found her to be quite attractive. There was a certain elegance about her, as much elegance as a five foot two inch woman could have, but she managed to command the respect of all that she worked with nonetheless and definitely had that air of 'good breeding' that could have been mistaken for snobbery if Justine hadn't known them as well as she did. Camilla wasn't snobby in the least although by all outward appearances, she was what they would have referred to in Justine's old red light district as a 'rich bitch.' A classy woman in a classy neighborhood were no one would suspect that the girl in the spare room was really tying her up and doing nasty things with her husband.

And Rod. That man was a fine piece of meat. For a guy who worked in an office all day, he had a very fine tuned body, with a tight stomach, hard nipples, and well defined muscles everywhere they should be. He was a regular blond haired Clark Kent in his work clothes, with a broad chest and shoulders, but still very little to hint at what was underneath. Fucking him had been an amazing experience and the fact that his wife was there to watch- and practically in tears- added immensely to her enjoyment. She was quite happy to find herself with a permanent gig, teaching this couple what submission was all about.

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