Cold rain whipped my face as I stepped from the train into the brisk November evening. I had left my car parked at the station knowing that I would not need it anymore.

It was several blocks to my destination, a dingy strip bar where I would drown my sorrows and prepare for the inevitable. It was wet and miserable, but I was oblivious to the discomfort as I trudged along. Why a strip bar? Sex had been my downfall, the cause of this pain, but I felt compelled to do this. It was the first strip bar that I had ever entered as a young man. I guess that if I could just to feel the good times I had had then, good times that I would not feel again.

Once inside I found an empty booth in the dingy little room. I removed my coat, being careful not to let the cold steel that would bring my final peace in a few hours, fall from the pocket.

"What will it be Mister," the waitress demanded. She was an average woman, kind of pretty, but she was well worn by the trials of life as was I.

"I'll start with Chevez on the rocks, "I replied; hardly able to contain the depression that enveloped my being. "Here is my card, just keep the drinks coming, and tell the bar tender to put on two hundred in tips for each of you."

"Well, thank you," she exclaimed. "We don't get many big tippers in here much anymore. In days past things were really booming here, but now that "the block" has decayed, the big spenders have gone to other clubs."

She returned in short order, placing the drink in front of me. "My name is Betty, would you care for some company Mister," she asked.

"No, I didn't come here for that Betty, just keep the drinks coming," I replied.

She didn't pay attention to my reply and slid in the booth next to me. She must have felt the lump in my coat because she stiffened slightly. "You look like you need to talk, Hon," she stated. "Why do you have the hardware?"

I looked into her eyes, and a tear leaked onto my cheek. I did want to vent my feelings one last time, but in a male like fashion, I could not bring myself to ask for compassion, nor could I explain my intentions. "I will be all right," I advised, "just keep the drinks coming."

As I reviewed my life my thoughts drifted to my childhood. My Dad died when I was two, and I was left at the mercy of a Mother and five older sisters who felt as if my Dad had deserted them. I quickly learned that my survival depended on pleasing them, and I gave into their every wish. I had little self esteem, and I almost failed in business, despite my high degree of talent in the financial analysis field. Finally I took on a partner who could negotiate with confidence, and our business prospered.

Several hours passed, as I drowned my sorrows. I drank the scotch, and some brandy, finally settling on Beck Dark to complete my night. My bar maid danced a few numbers, but I didn't pay much attention. She tried several times to talk, but I was still unwilling. Nothing could change what Camille had done, and without her or the kids, life was just not worthwhile.

I heard "last call" and Betty brought a last beer. "Please talk to me Mister. I don't want you to leave here like this," she pleaded almost in desperation. I won't ask for anything. Just tell me what is the matter and after you are done, you can go do whatever it is that you have in mind."

"It is closing time, time to leave, there is no time to talk now," I said.

"You could let me buy you some breakfast, I would like the company" she volunteered.

"Isn't it your job to get a guy to buy you breakfast?" I asked.

"Sure, I am just some old worn out whore, but I am a person, and I can tell you are hurting. I can forgo tonight's trick for you," she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I care, damn it," she screamed in frustration. I have my coat, so let's go. I will not take no for an answer, and what is your name, I am getting tired of Mister."

"My name is Bill, Bill McKee," I said. The reason I am here is because I am pussy whipped, now I am letting you do it too," I said angrily. But it was useless, she had her coat and I was following as ordered, just like I always have.


The rain had stopped, but it was still cold. We walked in silence to the harbor plaza, where the lights of an all night café poured onto the street. The inside was bright and cheery, but it was also empty. "We can talk privately here," she advised. Let's sit back in the corner. Now why are you so depressed?"

"My wife left and took the kids to San Francisco. It will be ages before I get to see them again," I said as the tears started to flow freely.

"Why," she asked tenderly.

"It's a long story," I replied.

"We have all night. Tell me everything; I want to know," she stated

"How graphic do you want it?" I asked.

"I want every detail. Tell me everything, and I'll try not to interrupt. I want you to tell me the whole story," she said.


And so I started." It was Sept 9th1999 when I came home for work. I was exhausted and looking for some peace and quite. Camille, that's my wife, greeted me at the door in a very sexy outfit, and she had a martini in her hand. She led me to the sofa and took off my shoes. I am not really used to this kind of care, but I must admit I enjoyed it.

"Honey," she said. "We need to talk."

"Not now, Sweetie, I am too tired," I replied unenthusiastically.

"I want to start college this fall," she continued. "I have put it off long enough, and I am tired of being a housewife. I want to do something important."

"I thought raising kids was pretty important, and we certainly don't need the money," I retorted. "Anyway it's too late. School starts on Monday."

"I have already registered at State and orientation is tomorrow," she advised coolly.

"What," I exclaimed, "Without discussing it!"

"Yes, there is no discussion," she said as she raised her voice." Please honey, sugar, I really want this. I have for a long time. I am going to study in the medical research field. It is something I am interested in, and I need to feel that I have some independence."

I knew there was no need in arguing. She always got her way anyway. I loved her so much that I just couldn't refuse her anything, and she knew it. I think a reward is in order. "Please say nothing and let me do this for you," she whispered.

She looked at me with those doe like eyes and unzipped my pants. In a flash she was on her knees in front of me with my cock out. She made love to it, like nothing I have ever seen before that night. It was wonderful as she licked and sucked me for almost an hour. She rubbed her cunt under her skirt, and I know she had at least three orgasms, but she never missed a beat on her project. Finally I shot load after load of my pearly white juice into her mouth, and she swallowed it all as if it were soda.

"My turn," I offered.

"No this is my treat because you're so understanding," she replied. "I should be home in time for dinner tomorrow, but the kids are going to Mom's anyway to spend the night. You can take care of me then,"

It was early when I got home the next day. The house was lonely when it was empty, as I was used to people around when I was there. Maybe Camille was right. She was home in this lonely house all day. I guess it could drive her crazy.

It was still daylight when Camille got home. I heard her car in the drive and rushed to the door to greet her. I was totally shocked. There she stood, messed up hair, make-up smeared all over her face, buttons torn off of her blouse, and bite marks on her neck. As she drew close I could smell the aroma of sex, a lot of sex.

"I am going to get a shower," she said.

"Hell no you're not!" I replied in the heat of anger. I dragged her into the bedroom and tore her skirt off. "Where are your damned panties?" I demanded.

"I gave them to him for a souvenir," she answered through her crocodile tears.

I pushed her to the bed and pulled her legs apart. She struggled, but she was no match for my masculine strength. Her pussy was open and red. There was still white juice running out, and her thighs were crusted with dried cum, both his and hers. In that instant I didn't know whether to hit her or run, but through my contempt I was excited by the vision before me, and I started to harden. "Why," I asked in a pathetic tone.

"I couldn't help it," she answered.

"What do you mean, you couldn't help it?" I demanded. "Did he rape you? If he did he did it for a long time."

"You don't know how a woman over thirty feels when she believes that she is unattractive and unwanted," she offered. "He made me feel like a woman. It was animal lust in a parking lot in his car. It was pure animal lust and yes, he fucked me over and over again like only a young stud can. He was big and strong and so young, Bill. I was just swept off my feet. I didn't mean to hurt you. It meant nothing, just a good fuck; that's all."

"But I think you are beautiful Camille, I think you are the most attractive woman in the world. I love you, and it hurts so much that you could betray me like this," I said. My resolve was waning though. Her tears always melted me, and her pleas made me want to forgive her.

She reached up and pulled me to her. I know she could feel my hard member and that she would take advantage of my state. She was so manipulative, and she knew my every button. "You're hard darling," she exclaimed. "Would you like to hear what happened? You like being a little kinky." She didn't wait for an answer. "He took me to his car and pushed me in and tore off my panties. He just pushed up my skirt and hopped on. I was already wet, so he just slid right in and started pounding. Bill, he was so hard and so big. I thought all was lost when he shot into me because I had not cum, but he never got soft. He turned me on to my knees and fucked me doggie style for a long time, I think I came three times before he filled me again."

She pulled me to her and unzipped my pants. She didn't even pull them down. She guided my cock into her steamy hole, and I started to fuck her really hard. "He fucked me two more times," she said as she pounded her cunt against the material of my pants. She was so wet and slick, but warm and welcoming I couldn't help myself, I just gave in. "After he was done with me he made me clean his cock with my mouth, Bill. He wiped his beautiful cock all over my face. You can probably still taste it." With that I exploded into her pussy; shot after shot of hot sticky sperm, until I was dry.

"Bill, would you eat me like they do in the stories, please," she asked. I could be humiliated no more than I had been already, so I submitted to her request. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I could taste the cum. It wasn't the greatest thing in the world, but it was tolerable. She came two times as I ate her and she squirted juice over my face. She had never done that before now. Then I fucked her again, hard and fast. I wanted to hurt her, but the harder I gave it to her the better she liked it. As I filled her cunt she started the longest and most intense orgasm that I had ever seen her have.

"I promise, I will never again Bill," she said, but she wasn't very convincing.

Chapter 2

"Bill, how could you bring yourself to forgive her," Betty asked.

"I don't know for sure," I answered. "I knew that I would lose her and the kids if I didn't. I really had no proof other than her admission that she could deny. Anyway, that night we had the greatest sex we had ever had in our lives, and I wasn't sure that it was not for the better. During the days after that she was happier than I had ever seen her. She was really good to the kids while being soft and feminine to me. That in its way was a change. She was always an aggressive woman and a good sex partner, but there was always something missing. Now there was nothing missing. Can you understand that?"

"What I think is that you are the gentlest and kindest man I have ever met. You seemed willing to let her have her freedom to make her happy," Betty offered.

"I guess so. I did want her to be happy, and I guess if this was what she needed that I could go a long with it. As it was, no one knew, so I wasn't embarrassed, and she acted as if she still loved me. Perhaps it was just raw sex and meant nothing. I decided to let it play out, and tried not to be jealous if it happened again. Maybe it would be over when she finished school," I said. "Do you want me to continue to be this graphic?"

"There's more?" she questioned. Yes, tell me more; tell me everything. I think you need to get this out."


After the first two months of school she started coming home late on Friday nights. She didn't seem any different, and told me it was a nice quiet time to use the computers in the library.

"We could buy a computer for you Camille, I responded.

"They have so many programs that we use for only one class," she said. 'It would be a big waste to spend all of the money for so little use."

"Camille, money is not one of our problems," I stated emphatically, but my words fell on deaf ears.

"After four weeks of late Fridays I decided to do some checking, and found out that the library closed on Friday night at five since most students went home for the weekend. The next Friday I got a baby sitter and went to the campus. It was a big place, but I eventually found her car in front of one of the houses on fraternity row. I knew I couldn't go in, but I took a chance and looked in the windows. Camille was dancing with a guy who couldn't have been over eighteen. Her blouse was open and his hand was up her skirt. When they turned I could see that she had his cock out, and she was masturbating him in time to the music. The dance ended and a fast song started, so they left the dance floor, and I lost her. I went home realizing that I had learned more than I wanted to know."

When she came home, I smiled at her and said, "Study hard Hon?"

"Yes I did," she answered.

I grabbed her and pulled her upstairs and pushed her to the bed. "Oh, this game again," she squealed. "So you know big boy. Oh, you're so tough." I pulled her skirt off, and again I found no panties. "I stopped wearing them," she said. 'It was cheaper since I kept giving them away for souvenirs. Now be a good cuckold and eat my well fucked cunt."

I was shocked by her brazen attack. She was in the wrong, but she was demanding, ordering me to eat her.

"Look Billy boy, if you want to fuck me you have to eat me first," she demanded. "Otherwise let me up, so I can go to bed. If you aren't up to it I can just get myself off." With that she reached down and plunged her fingers into her very red opened cunt. I looked down, and knew that I was defeated. I didn't want to be a cuckold, but I loved her, so I dropped to my knees and started eating her pussy. We made love for the rest of the night, I don't know how many times she had already been fucked, but when I came the last time she started masturbating right in front of me. I just need so much these days, Bill."

The next Tuesday I had an appointment with Ed Hornby, one of my clients to review his portfolio. He owned a surveillance company, so he was just getting ready to put a tape in his VCR to see what he had caught.

"This professor at the school wanted me to make this tape," he said. "This babe is fucking him for A's, and he wants evidence that it was purely consensual. Usually consensual would not matter, but this one is older, and she is able to make up her mind for herself. He pushed the button and a woman with long black hair came into the picture. I could not see her face, but she looked familiar.

"May I suck your cock, professor, please?" she said. The voice was familiar. He turned in his chair and she moved behind the desk and dropped to her knees; it was Camille. "What will a blow job get me?" she asked while sucking his cock into her throat.

"A passing grade," he replied. "Oh God Camille, that feels good."

She stopped for a minute and asked, "And if I fuck you too?"

"Oh Camille, keep sucking," He pleaded. "Ok, a "B" for a fuck."

"Your wife's away, isn't she?" Camille asked. Not waiting for an answer she added," Suppose I come over on Friday night and make you feel like a real man all night?"

"Ok, Camille, an "A" for all night Friday night if you fuck me right now," he replied. With that Camille stripped off her blouse and skirt and straddled his cock. I could see the passion in his face as she lowered herself onto his cock. Camille bounced hard on him until he finally filled her cunt with his cum, but it was not all work for her. She started screaming and biting his shoulder as she came. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, much longer and harder than with me.

"Wow what a fuck," my friend said. I am supposed to edit out the references to grades, but I think I will keep the real one in my file. For some reason I think I might need it."

I finished my work there, never acknowledging that the woman in the tape was my wife. I had my proof, but how could I use it. If I did, it would destroy my kid's faith in their mother, and I would hate to do that. I was still in a quandary. As expected Camille called on Friday night to explain that she was going to study late Friday night through on Saturday morning. She arrived home at about one o'clock Saturday. The rest of Saturday and Sunday, she treated me like a king. My every wish was her command. I enjoyed her body in every way possible filling her cunt over and over again. Each time I thought I could do no more, she sucked me back to life, and we kept sharing our love until we both collapsed. I swallowed my pride in resignation."

Chapter 3

"Do you feel as if you were a fool or something?" Betty asked.

"Sure, what kind of dope hangs around when his wife is fucking the whole campus, and then becomes her sub? I guess I am just not much of a man," I replied.

"Look, I talk to dozens of men, men who pay me for sex. Your situation is not that unusual. Some guys even like watching their wives fuck. You sound as if you really loved her," she said.


"The rest of the semester went about the same way. She stayed out every Friday night and even some nights during the week. When she got home I began to be the routine slave for her. I took care of the kids, the housework, and even learned to cook. I guess necessity is the mother of invention.

During the summer Camille came home every night as there was nothing going on at school. Some days I could tell she had had sex in the afternoon, I guess for grades mostly, but I had more sex than I had had before her escapades started. I thought that it couldn't be all bad. Even though she was fucking around I was getting as much as I could handle. I never knew she was such a hot piece of ass. I even began to enjoy eating her cum filled cunt.

When fall arrived her activities resumed just as they had left off in the spring. At first it was Friday nights. She would get home pretty drunk and well fucked after the TGIF parties. Each night I got really horny waiting for her because I knew that I would get my reward for being patient. Since the kids would be in bed she would stop at the door and allow me to take off her skirt, clean her pussy, and her thighs. She loved making me feed before she let me relieve my tension in her pussy. I noticed that she would now have orgasms faster and harder than ever. She would also have many more. In the time it would take me to clean her at the door she would have at least two, and sometimes she even collapsed on the floor. I would then carry her to the bedroom, make her a sandwich, and fuck her.

About three weeks into the semester, Camille called me at work on Friday afternoon and asked me," Bill, send the kids to my Mom's for the weekend. I have a surprise for you."

"What's the surprise Camille?" I asked.

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