tagErotic CouplingsCamille & Shelli

Camille & Shelli


Camille closed her eyes and smiled in the darkness. Snuggled in close to her, Shelli slept quietly, her exposed chest rising and falling with her steady breathing.

Her desires and passions had been fulfilled by Shelli, together they found pleasure in each other's company. And found that they pleasured each other in ways Camille had only imagined before.

While Shelli had been, up until meeting Camille in the strip club, a heterosexual woman, she was now bisexual and very comfortable with that. Shelli was petite, yet strong and athletic, her body showed defined muscles and radiated strength. Shelli's body excited Camille. She got very aroused by watching Shelli stretch and flex, watching the curves and lines of her body transform and move made her that much more attractive to Camille. Shelli had an all over tan, with no tan lines visible. Shelli's body projected strength and confidence.

Shelli, who slept comfortably in the softness of Camille's' bosom was at first a bit unsure of her new found sexuality. But after a while, she took it on in the whole cloth. Camille could not wait now for the times when Shelli could stay with her over night or through a weekend. They would spend their time doing girlie things or making love to each other as only one woman can make love to another. Camille was a voluptuous woman, with curves and soft skin pale white skin. Her full breasts swayed beneath her clothing, causing many a man's eye to wander. Her hips moved in a feminine fashion, and on the whole her body radiated sensuality, fertility and passion.

Even now Camille was feeling herself becoming aroused just being so intimately intertwined with Shelli. Her sex was wet with desire. She reached down between her legs and touched herself feeling that familiar double jolt of touch and touching. She lingered, stoking her fires, touching, caressing, probing, seeking.

"you horny slut... you've started without me" Shelli whispered through half closed eyes.

Shelli's hand covered Camille's and their fingers touched and teased.

Camille looked back at Shelli with mock embarrassment, "You were asleep, and I did not want to disturb you... mmmm your touch is ... ohh..."

"now then isn't it better?"

Shelli's lips found Camille's and they kissed, deeply tongues dancing, swirling, seeking, hiding, chasing...

Their lips parted and Shelli asked, "you want to try it again?"

"practice makes perfect"

Shelli rolled away from Camille for a moment, reached over the edge of the bed and brought back one of their toys.

Shelli sat up, her firm body revealed in the light. The strap on dildo was large simulation of a male organ, flesh colored and was textured and rippled. Her eyes looked at the dildo and then to Camille.

"so - shall I fuck you, or shall you fuck me?"

They both laughed for a moment, then Camille replied," I want to fuck you, after all he's your husband."

"Ok", and Shelli handed the Dildo to Camille.

Camille spread her legs, revealing a perfectly shaved and smooth womanhood. Wet around her labia and dark colored, engorged with desire. She sat up and buckled the toy around her waist securely. She could feel the teaser brushing against her sex. She ran her hands up and down her body, caressing her breasts, abdomen, and thighs.

Shelli's lips found hers and they kissed for a long moment, passion building, Camille gradually laid Shelli down and positioned her below. She grasped the dildo between her hands, she needed both, and began to tease Shelli's sex with the tip. Her lips parted and Camille could see Shelli's pink wetness.

Her hips thrust slightly.

Finally Camille began to press the toy into Shelli's sex.

"ohhh... slowly... please..."

Camille pressed in deeply, pushing in almost all of the toy.

"Oh man this just fills me up, like it's going to come up my throat"

Camille withdrew until the tip almost slipped out and then plunged in again.

"oh my god... I feel stretched and... Oh..."

"deeper?", Camille whispered.

"Yes, deeper"

Camille pushed in until her groin was against Shelli's.

Shelli gasped.

Camille pulled back and then in again. Shelli's face flushed, and she gritted her teeth.

"He may just be to big for you... "

"hmmm... we've been over that... ohhh...

Camille began to work her hips back and forth, her breasts swaying and bopping. Shelli reached up to grasp one, then slid her hands down to Camille's hips, surrendering to herself.

Shelli's orgasm was deep and intense, her whole body seemed to be on fire and freezing, numb yet alive. Her whole body turned a deep pink, and her nipples engorged pointing skyward. Her vision blurred and spun.

Finally it was over and Camille stopped and just rested inside of Shelli.

A hand reached up to caress Camille's cheek. Camille smiled down at the disheveled, pleasured, Shelli beneath her. She withdrew the toy and removed it from her body.

"My turn" she said, "Fuck me with it, fuck me hard..."

Camille raised herself up onto her knees, offering herself to be taken, she buried her face on her pillow.

Shelli, still breathing hard and her body tingling from pleasure, moaned and raised herself up onto her elbows. She gazed at the smooth creamy skin before her, ran her hand across the soft flesh or Camille's back, and bum. She fingered Camille's ass briefly eliciting a soft sound and a push against her fingers. Shelli found the wetness between Camille's legs and her fingers teased the soft pink flesh of Camille's sex. Finally she rose to her knees and placed the toy around her waist. She could feel the teaser touch her sex and so near to her last orgasm, it sent a bolt of sensation through her.

She could see Camille peering back, her ass swaying slowly in the dim light. Camille was touching herself, fingering her sex and her ass. Shelli bent closer, she could sense Camille's arousal, the musk of her scent. She opened her mouth and her soft pink tongue touched the pink wetness of Camille's smooth sex.

Shelli paused for moment, savoring the taste and the touch of another woman's most intimate place, then allowed her tongue to slide up to where Camille was least expecting it, the deep pink rose bud between the cheeks of her bum. Camille squirmed and gasped with pleasure of the warm and wet sensation radiating from her backside.

Losing herself in the sensation, Camille allowed her hands to touch, caress and squeeze herself. shocks of sensation radiated from her breasts, as she tweaked and pulled on her turgid dark nipples.

Shelli stopped and pulled away.

"oh god, don't stop..." Camille moaned.

Then she could feel the tip of the toy touching the entrance to her tingling sex.

Shelli slowly pressed the toy into Camille's depths, while Camille pushed back against her. Camille's ass pressed up against Shelli's hips as the dildo filled her completely.

She grasped Camille's hips and began to thrust her hips moving the toy in and out of Camille. Sensations slid through her, as the toy flexed and shifted against her, touching her intimately as if to answer her thrusts.

Camille Could feel every bump, ripple and texture of the firm, yet pliable toy sliding inside her. Camille felt filled with each thrust, her sex gently being stretched by the dildo's size and girth. Her face flushed with passion, and she could feel Shelli thrusting harder and faster with each passing moment.

Shelli was a strong, athletic girl, and when she did Camille this way, Camille really did feel ravaged. As if a strong man was having his way with her. She never permitted a man to do her like this, because she did not want to give up this much control, but for Shelli she gave up all control and abandoned herself to pleasure.

Camille could feel herself losing her control...

Waves of pleasure began cascading through her body...

She bit her lower lip, trying to stay on the edge...

"ohhh god.... yes.... fuck me... Shelli... oh god yes..."

Camille buried her head in the pillow in front of her and began to scream as her orgasm swept her away. Her whole body shuddered in the pleasure and passion of release.

Shelli continued to ravage Camille as her orgasm subsided. Shelli could feel another of her own approaching. The toy gave both users pleasure.

Camille's breaths came in deep rasps as she rode backside of her cumming, realizing that Shelli was not done, Camille griped the bed sheets in her clenched hands feeling the dildo work it's magic again.

After a fashion, Shelli and Camille settled into a warm tangle of skin and sated pleasure.



"I want you to do him"

"I know that"

"No, I want you to do him soon."


"Only because, well, because I want this in the open. So he knows. About me and about you"

"well how do you wanna do it?"

" I want to...


Camille's heart was pounding in her chest. It felt as if her breasts were vibrating to the beat. Her excitement was as high as it she could ever remember.

But she told herself, remember - breathe. It's important to breathe.

Her eyes swept the room, searching for him. In the dimness she could see the usual late lunch stragglers. The men who, for what ever reason, had time to play during or after their lunch hours.

The music pounded away as Allison swayed to the beat, her lithe body illuminated by the stage lights. Set in sharp contrast to the dim room.

Shelli's idea was risky, it could cost Camille her job. But having felt Rich's arousal during her dances for him, she could not help herself.

She desired it. Longed for it. Wanted to be swept away by it.

But first she'd have to find him. Tease him. Seduce him. Own him. And then train him.

She sighed. And then she heard her name called by the DJ, she was to follow Allison up on stage. As she approached the stage she saw the front door open and someone entered the club.

Allison stepped down from the stage and bent over to collect her things, giving Camille an unrestricted view of her petite bum and dark pink sex. Camille ignored this display and tried to see who had come in. In the bright lights of the stage she couldn't tell, but she needed to start her routine as her music was starting up.

Camille stepped into the light and began her practiced routine. Sexy without being crass. Inviting without being overt.

She slowly revealed herself to the assembled audience. Touching her breasts, lifting them, teasing her nipples. All the while scanning the room.

She realized that the final minute of her song was coming up and she needed to completely disrobe. Without much ceremony she untied her thong and allowed it to drop to the floor. This revealed her completely. Her soft white skin glowed in the stage lights, only to be contrasted by her red hair and large dark nipples.

Revealing yet concealing. Some things she saved for the private dances.

Her music stopped, and the light applause could be heard. The DJ called the next dancer and Camille collected her costume. She really wanted a stage door where dancers could escape afterwards, if only to collect their things and dress, as it were, in some semblance of privacy. It was never to be.

She dressed and checked herself in the mirror. The next dancer brushed by her, they exchanged a word or two. She was a new girl, nice body, but unsure yet of how to use it. She'll learn, Camille thought.

She walked across the room to the juice bar and got a glass of water. She sipped it and swallowed. Passing the glass across her upper body, feeling the coolness against her. The stage was always so hot.

And then she spied him.

In the far corner.

He saw her too.

They acknowledged each other, and she made her way over to him. As she had danced for him before, they chatted for a moment while the music blared around them. It always seemed so very bizarre to her that patrons could discuss anything before and afterwards. But during it seemed to her, they became dumb, struck by the visual stimulus of her writhing body.

The music stopped and she asked him if he wanted her to dance for him.

"Yes, please."

" mmm... I wonder, might you be interested in a more, er, private setting?"

He was taken aback, " More private - how so?"

She smiled, a wicked, seductive smile, " We have a private room, that we can use for a more intimate setting, less noise... That sort of thing. Not for just any customer though..."

" I see... '


"hmmm I don't know..."

Her hand caressed his thigh, her eyes never left his.

"I would be completely undressed, the rules up here do not apply. Just you and me."

"wow... really.... sounds very tempting..."

She could feel his arousal swelling. She felt her own desire waxing.

"as much time as you'd like..."

"well... OK... what do I do?

"Between the men's and ladies room go through that door, downstairs and the last room on the left. I'll meet you there in 5 minutes."

"I see..."

She leaned in close, " Don't be obvious about it, just go to the men's room and be one door off."

She could smell his cologne, mixed with the smell of his arousal. She caressed his face with her hands.

"see you soon...", and with that she backed away, turned and went to the dressing room.


Rich sat there for a moment, somewhat stunned. This was a line he had not considered crossing.

But there it was.

Offered up to him.

She was so different from his wife, whom he adored. Shellie was trim, fit and lean. Whip smart and he loved her for all these things and many more. But he was a man, and as such his eyes did wander. Camille was soft, round and voluptuous he thought, smiling. A truly sensual being.

He watched her go, her soft backside swaying beneath her costume as she walked away. Finishing his drink he stood up and made for the men's room, and at the last moment he went through the door she had indicated. Closing the door behind him, a dimly lit stairway greeted him and he descended it to the basement. A short corridor was at the bottom and he followed it to the last door on the left. He saw that another stairway led up to what he assumed was the dancer's dressing room. He place his hand on the doorknob.

Something occurred to him.

A pang of guilt went through him.

He paused and thought about what he was doing.

He heard a door open down the hall, he was committed.

He opened the door and stepped inside. The room was slightly more well lit than the main floor upstairs. The lighting was warm and cozy. The room had a couch, an overstuffed chair both of which had a pattern that could not stand the light of day. In the middle there was what looked like a massage table.

He sat down in the chair and tried to breathe. Regularly.


Camille walked off the floor and into the dressing room, once inside she took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind for the task at hand. She was going to give herself to him. almost completely in the next hour.

She would allow him to have her.


Without reservation.

And then after a fashion she would bend him to her will, in the end he would please Shelli, become the lover she wanted him to be. And yet Camille wondered if she would become a extra item.

This thought gave her pause. Would Shelli still be her lover after it's all said and done.

She pondered this as she changed into another costume, one more flowing yet more revealing than before. This was her late night costume, revealing yet concealing. Her breasts appeared through the sheer material as soft white globes, topped with dark circles they swayed gently within the fabric. If she did not shave her sex smooth, a dark patch of fuzz would have been apparent between her thighs. As it was the only contrast to her skin and the outfit was her long hair and her dark nipples. She put low sandals on her feet, not fuck-me shoes.

Camille did not perform private shows often, as she did not trust the normal clients at the club. Most were too rude or abrasive for her tastes. While this did not affect her standing at the club, her employment was secure, it did make a divide between her and the rest of the dancers who did private shows. As so when the back stage group saw her apparently getting ready, there were whispers and sniggering in the dressing room.

She did her best to ignore them.

Exiting out of the back of the dressing room, she closed the door and took the several steps to the stairway and descended to the lower level hallway beneath the club. She could hear the faint thump of the music from upstairs. Her hand touched the knob on the door to the room and turned it.


Camille ventured in and saw he had found his way. She smiled and turned to close the door.

"see? just you and me", she started, " a quiet room and some time."

"ok", he replied, " now what?"

"Welllll, you could start by getting comfortable, would you like to lay back or..."

She could see he was a bit nervous and unsure. She was too, to some extent, as she knew how far the club allowed the girls to go, officially, and also she how far she wanted go.

She knelt down in front of him, making sure he could see her charms clearly, her hands ran up his inner thighs, until her left hand touched his member beneath his cargo shorts. It had swelled considerably, and with her touch twitched, involuntarily.

Her eyes never left his.

In her mind she knew she about 30 minutes before the floor patrol would get suspicious and come down her to see what she was up to. The management and the dancers had fought over the use of cameras in the club and in the private room. It was agreed that a camera would be in the room, and that it could be activated should a dancer get into a tight spot. But only then.

Camille shed the last of her garments as she slowly crawled into his lap. His hands traversing her soft skin.

"may I", she whispered, tugging on his fly.

He lifted his arms to give her access and she unzipped him and slid her hand inside to touch him.

"mmmm, warm in there".

His member responded by pulsing.

She slid out of his lap and tugged on his shorts, pulling them to his ankles. His cock pointed straight out from his groin, hard and thick. The glans peeked out from within his foreskin and was engorged and purple. Camille resisted the urge to lick it.

His pubic hair was shaved.

She danced a slow sensual strip tease for him until she was nude, and then knelt before him. Her eyes held his and never wavered.

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Granting him permission to touch her.

His touch was warm against her skin and her nipples responded to his touching and tweaking. His hands cupped her full breasts, as if weighing them.

Camille leaned in closer.


Shelli entered the club on time and yet missed Rich and Camille's departure downstairs. She took a spot on the floor and had the required soft drink. She scanned the room for a few minutes, unsure in the darkness if she was just missing them or not.

Shelli realized that they must have already moved to the downstairs area. She cursed herself for not being early.

" Would you like a dance?"

Shelli started. A thin willowy girl stood beside her.

"ah , no I'm waiting for someone else..."

"you sure?" A tender hand traced a line up her thigh and then across her cheek, " I'll treat you right..."

"No thank you , I think I'll wait..."

"ok but she's not here"

"who's not here", shelli replied



"She left early today."

Shelli looked confused, she'd seen this girl before in the club when she first met Camille. And had seen her a couple of time since when she met Camille after work.

"C'mon she's not here, play with me... "

Shelli's mind spun rapidly. Why would Camille leave early, after all the effort to do this, she could not believe that Camille would back out.

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