tagLetters & TranscriptsCamille Ch. 02

Camille Ch. 02


Author's note:

Camille is 23 and lives just across the water from me in France. She is 5'7 tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, ample 36D cup breasts and a cute smile. This is our second online encounter, which takes place a night after the first. She works as a secretary for night truck drivers, and at the start of this tale she is alone in her office, with the whole night ahead of her, but a definite tingling between her thighs. This is slightly tamer than some of my other chats, and even romantic in places. I do still however love Camille's shyness coupled with her growing horniness. You can just imagine her twinkling eyes and beautiful French accent as she lets herself be seduced on her office floor.


CAMILLE: hey my night lover, I'm waiting for you to come in my office

PHIL: you there again all alone?

CAMILLE: yes I'm alone for half an hour now

PHIL: half an hour? We must be quick. What are you wearing tonight my lover?

CAMILLE: jeans, beige pull over, yellow thong and bra

PHIL: I like it, did you miss me?

CAMILLE: yep I missed you

PHIL: and I missed you. I was thinking about you a lot today

CAMILLE: but now you're here

PHIL: and I can finally wrap my arms around you

CAMILLE: and I'm so happy to be there

PHIL: aww, I hope it's not cold. If it is I'll try and warm you up baby

CAMILLE: not at all, but you can warm me up, I'm never too warm

PHIL: come here and let me kiss your lips deeply and passionately

CAMILLE: I like when you kiss me like that, it's so lovely

PHIL: hmm it is. I like seeing the passion in your eyes when we're so close. Are you warm enough to let me take some of your clothes off Camille?

CAMILLE: I think so yes

PHIL: are you sure? Only your top

CAMILLE: ok, take it off

PHIL: hmm leave your bra on for a moment. I just want to run my hands over your shoulders. Down your back feeling your soft skin

CAMILLE: I can feel you, I feel a tingle

PHIL: I'll start to trace kisses down over your shoulders and down to your breasts, lifting each of them delicately out of your bra and beginning to kiss over

Your nipples, opening my mouth and letting my tongue flick over them to tease them to hardness

CAMILLE: sorry, hold on for a second I have to answer the phone

PHIL: ok

CAMILLE: hey I have good news

PHIL: oh yeh?

CAMILLE: I had to have a driver in my office in 10 min but he can't come. Poor him ;-)

PHIL: I can stay in your office?

CAMILLE: yes you can stay, kiss me

PHIL: hmm baby. I feel your breasts pressing against me as we hold each other

CAMILLE: Can I put my hands under your T-shirt to touch your skin?

PHIL: take it off of me if you wish. You can have me topless too baby

CAMILLE: really?

PHIL: of course honey you can do whatever you want

CAMILLE: so I slide my hands under your top and then I caress you. I take your t-shirt off

PHIL: that feels great

CAMILLE: don't you feel better without it? ;-)

PHIL: definitely, now you can stroke me and touch me as we caress each other

CAMILLE: I like your body

PHIL: aww you're sweet. I like yours too, your curves look sensational tonight. I've been dreaming about them all day

CAMILLE: you're so soft

PHIL: and warm baby

CAMILLE: you have a so smooth chest

PHIL: this is hot isn't it? Just kissing over and over again, sliding our hands over each other

CAMILLE: It's getting hot yes

PHIL: the room filled with the sounds of our wet mouths on each other

CAMILLE: I like kissing and stroking your chest

PHIL: hmm yes, put your head down to put your lips on me. I like how it feels, warm and wet. My hands keep tracing up and down your back and even inside your jeans to cup your asscheeks. I like how your skin feels against me. I hold you close as you continue to kiss

CAMILLE: hold me closer

PHIL: nice and tight

CAMILLE: I put my arms around your neck to be closer

PHIL: ah baby yes I love how it feels with you. Keeping you real company on this cold night

CAMILLE: fucking cold outside yeah but so warm in here

PHIL: we make a lot of heat baby. Warm enough to let me unbutton your jeans and slide them down your legs?

CAMILLE: for sure, keep going love

PHIL: step out of them and let me see you, let me watch you stand there only in your underwear, your thong and your bra. You look fantastic with your tits looking out at me. So gorgeous

CAMILLE: you like it?

PHIL: ah *I love it

CAMILLE: French girls and lingerie....

PHIL: it makes me so hard in my jeans

CAMILLE: you'll be better without your jeans

PHIL: let me take them off and just leave my boxers on. Can you see my hardness poking out?

CAMILLE: yes I see it. You're hard?

PHIL: its hard and hot because of you, because of that kissing and your amazing body tonight Camille

CAMILLE: thank you. I'm really happy to make you hard

PHIL: come here and put your arms around me again. I want to hug you now we're both nearly naked

CAMILLE: I love feeling your skin against mine

PHIL: heavenly baby. Can you feel my hardness pushing between your legs? Over your thong covering your pussy?

CAMILLE: oh yeah and I like that. I'm rubbing my pussy against your cock

PHIL: come here I want to whisper something to you

CAMILLE: tell me

PHIL: as I kiss your neck I'll say it quietly in your ear. "Camille, do you like that cock pushing at your hot wetness between your legs? Are you going to let me lick you again tonight"?

CAMILLE: and I whisper to you "of course you can lick me you tongue king"

PHIL: I sink to my knees kissing down your chest and over your breasts as I go

CAMILLE: are you well on your knees?

PHIL: well yes but if you want to come down on the floor with me?

CAMILLE: of course I come

PHIL: let me lie on my back and you can put one leg over my face and plant your pussy down on me. Will you do that for me you hot girl?

CAMILLE: I'll take my thong off before

PHIL: hmm yes please, slide it down and off

CAMILLE: ok I've taken it off and now I come onto you. You're so hard

PHIL: I'm getting that way. Will you sit on me so I can lick you?

CAMILLE: oh yeahhhh

PHIL: over my face so I can really start to push my tongue upwards between your gorgeous pussy


CAMILLE: yes you can

PHIL: feel my tongue snake out of my mouth and up inside you, over your clit a few times and then sliding back between your tight wet pussy lips

CAMILLE: you're so good

PHIL: does it feel as nice as last night when I licked your twat then too?

CAMILLE: well go on and I'll tell you if you're better or not

PHIL: I reach up between us with one hand to hold your hole open for me, revealing your tingling clit. Licking over it to see if you moan or not. If you tell me you like me fucking your tight hole with my tongue. In that oh so hot accent!

CAMILLE: Phiiiiiiil

PHIL: ah fuck yes say my name in that accent above me as I lick and suck on your hungry clit

CAMILLE: you're a specialist of that kind of activity and you're making me get wet. I'd like so much to have you there for real

PHIL: aww baby me too

CAMILLE: ohhhh I like that so much

PHIL: oh baby I like the taste of you. So hot and juicy. You're nice and hot again after last night's sex. Do me a favour and take off your bra as I lick you. I want you naked over me now

CAMILLE: you're right we don't need that bra

PHIL: definitely not. Ah baby I love the moment when you get naked for me. I love knowing you're so hot in your office tonight and letting me see your body totally naked... All over... Nothing on

CAMILLE: I don't need any clothes 'coz I have you

PHIL: and now I've got my tongue buried up in your hot little fuckhole I'm happy. And I'm able to reach up and play with both your nipples to hopefully get some more juice to taste

CAMILLE: I'm getting more and more wet. You're driving me crazy

PHIL: my cock is so fucking hard tonight with you. How do you feel being naked baby Camille?

CAMILLE: I'm happy to do that for you and I see that your getting harder

PHIL: I am

CAMILLE: so I love it

PHIL: what are you doing there?

CAMILLE: I'm playing with my clit thinking of what you're doing

PHIL: have you locked the door? Or do you just play inside your jeans?

CAMILLE: I play inside my jeans

PHIL: it's very very hot. I love imagining your wet clit now

CAMILLE: and I love imagining your naked body here with me

PHIL: are you dreaming about being naked and feeling my tongue rub over and over on your clit? Feeling me put two fingers right up inside your hot hole and start to finger fuck you?

CAMILLE: yes I'm dreaming of you

PHIL: ah baby yes. Us two together, naked

CAMILLE: your fingers in me ....... Oooooohhhh my god

PHIL: moving backwards and forwards like a little cock in your juices. Hmm you feel so tight around them. I promise I'll make you feel amazing with them

CAMILLE: I know what you're capable of

PHIL: we've only been together two nights but already I love it, already I feel good with you

CAMILLE: I missed you so much yesterday

PHIL: ah baby

CAMILLE: hey love how is your cock?

PHIL: I'm playing with it, nice and fast dreaming of licking you. Would you like to sit on it for me?

CAMILLE: I'd love it

PHIL: I want to watch you get up and walk around so you can sit down on my cock

CAMILLE: really?

PHIL: of course

CAMILLE: well why not

PHIL: its sticking right up in the air. I love watching your nakedness

CAMILLE: I can't stay too far from you for too long. I put my feet next to your hips

PHIL: hmm yes tell me

CAMILLE: I'm coming down on you. Fuck your hard

PHIL: ah fuck yes that is soo good feeling my cock sink into your waiting pussy. So warm

CAMILLE: I take your cock to help you enter inside me

PHIL: I watch your face as I slide in

CAMILLE: I start moving up and down

PHIL: let me help you. Let me hold your hips and move you up and down on my throbbing cock. Buried so hot and deep inside you now

CAMILLE: oh that's so good to feel you inside me

PHIL: reach up to your desk so you can really hold yourself and let my cock fuck you hard, up and down, over and over. God I love watching you fuck yourself there Camille, it's fantastic. Nice and slow, deep. I love being deep inside you honey you know that don't you?

CAMILLE: yes I know it. I want you to be as deep as possible

PHIL: one time sit down on me and stay there and look into my eyes. Hmm open your mouth and look at me

CAMILLE: ohh you're so sweet

PHIL: I want to look straight at you and say I love my cock being there inside you

CAMILLE: how do you feel there?

PHIL: just amazing. Honestly I'm getting too hot here. These pictures are so real

CAMILLE: you're making it real. Let me change my move. I wanna move from backwards to forwards. We have better feelings like that

PHIL: yes. You are so good at sex my baby. God if we do it for real I'll make you tell me all the time how much you love it. Your accent would make me cum so hard

CAMILLE: I like when you say that, it pleases me

PHIL: good, it pleases me too. The thought of it

CAMILLE: I wanna let my look sink into your eyes

PHIL: is my cock as good tonight as last night?. Am I making you just as wet now as before?. Did you miss having me fill up your tight snatch with my dick?

CAMILLE: Ooh yes you're doing a very good job

PHIL: you're amazing. You look just heavenly

CAMILLE: let me come closer to your face and kiss you

PHIL: yes lean down to me and kiss me. With my cock still inside you, only moving slightly now cos of our position. I like it

CAMILLE: I have my hand ready to put your cock back inside me just in case

PHIL: hmm can you feel me inside you with your hand? Feel me going right inside you? Where our bodies meet

CAMILLE: ohhh yeah I feel that

PHIL: feels amazing doesn't it? Where our two bodies become one?

CAMILLE: I like the idea. You being in me and being part of me

PHIL: are you shutting your eyes and fingering your hot wet clit dreaming of how it will feel one day when I'm really inside you? Floating on a cloud of hot love

CAMILLE: yes I've put my fingers in. I had to, you're too hot

PHIL: will you get up off of me? I want to go forward and have you on your back so I can do some of the work

CAMILLE: well I can. I kiss again before leaving that posture

PHIL: nice and deep before you get up and lay back

CAMILLE: I free you from my pussy and I lay back next to you

PHIL: now I have you totally naked on the carpet here

CAMILLE: yeahhh

PHIL: god I can't wait to really be there with you on the carpet of your office, hoping nobody finds us. To have the whole night with you

CAMILLE: normally we have almost the night for us two

PHIL: we could do so much. Let's keep kissing hotter and deeper and I can reach down and find the wet part between your legs

CAMILLE: I can feel your tongue playing with mine

PHIL: hmm yes moan into my mouth as you feel me touch you

CAMILLE: I become so sensitive with you

PHIL: can you feel things all over?

CAMILLE: I can feel your hands on me even when you just touch me lightly

PHIL: my fingertips moving along your skin. Does it make you tingle all over?

CAMILLE: oh yeah I want you

PHIL: I want you

CAMILLE: oh yeah

PHIL: now open your legs nice and wide and I'll put my cockhead to your entrance

CAMILLE: ouuhhh I can feel you

PHIL: look into my eyes and let me know you really do want to be fucked by me


PHIL: that you are really needing this sex again with me

CAMILLE: I want I want I want

PHIL: in your best French

CAMILLE: I need you in me love

PHIL: when you tell me I push my hips forward and slide myself fully in you again. Hear me moan as I feel how tight and wet you are around my thickness, kissing you over and over, holding myself up with my arms and pushing slowly back and forth. Feel the rhythm of my body against yours making love to your wonderful pussy

CAMILLE: my pussy thanks you

PHIL: I know she does, she likes it and shows me by getting wet

CAMILLE: so wet

PHIL: and by letting me get inside her all the time

CAMILLE: I love what you're doing to me

PHIL: this is amazing

CAMILLE: Phiiiil

PHIL: I never thought I'd have such a beautiful French woman underneath me, totally naked and to whom I could make such sweet love

CAMILLE: never say never

PHIL: my hot little French princess with me

CAMILLE: I'm there only for you. So can I put my arms around your neck or do you prefer to hold them and have control over me?

PHIL: put them around me and kiss me if you want


PHIL: do whatever, it's your time with me you sexy sexy lady

CAMILLE: I put my tongue deep in your mouth

PHIL: ah yes baby

CAMILLE: I play with your tongue

PHIL: hmm show me how romantic the French girls are

CAMILLE: I kiss your neck and your ears and even your chest

PHIL: hmmmm ah

CAMILLE: I stroke your back from your neck to your cheeks. Slowly and lovely

PHIL: ah baby I love how you touch me

CAMILLE: keep going with your hard cock

PHIL: ah yes I am. I'm still moving inside you, feeling how you grip me so hot and tight

CAMILLE: go faster

PHIL: ah fuck. You like how it feels?

CAMILLE: oh yeah

PHIL: I like how I rub against the inside of your hot snatch. Fast and passionate baby. Showing you how much I like that hotness by moving in faster and deeper

CAMILLE: very passionate. I love having you in my arms

PHIL: hold me close as I continue and moan in my ear. Fuck my cock is hard in my hand right now. I'm dreaming of pushing deep inside your hot wet pussy

CAMILLE: I'd give anything to be with you to welcome your hard cock in my pussy. I'm dreaming of it

PHIL: I'm dreaming of you saying those words. It drives me crazy when you write such things. You really really turn me on princess

CAMILLE: I love that soooo much when you call me princess

PHIL: when we have sex for real I'll call you it all the time, right in your ear. When you moan I'll be saying it to you: "hmm I love your hot body princess"

CAMILLE: oohhhhh

PHIL: fuck I can't take much more. I'm going to have to cum so fucking hard with you

CAMILLE: kiss me again

PHIL: baby put your tongue in my mouth as my cock pushes in your hot twat

CAMILLE: I'm holding you as tight as I can while you kiss me

PHIL: hmm let your passion flow into me, so burning with desire

CAMILLE: I need to lift my legs and put my feet behind you so I can feel your cock deeper

PHIL: I like that. I want to see your toes curl when you cum

CAMILLE: you'll see them

PHIL: it's my dream to see you with your eyes shut, your mouth slightly open, toes curling and your body cumming so hard over my cock as I shoot my hot cum deep inside you. Last time I shot it over your tits but today I want to stay clean and give it all to you

CAMILLE: you want me to feel your inner warmth

PHIL: ah yes, squirting inside you, cos I want you to have it, to show you I've loved being inside you tonight

CAMILLE: I'm all yours. I want you

PHIL: Will you cum with me?


PHIL: I want to feel your pussy get really tight as you cum


PHIL: and see this picture I described as I spurt my hot wet cum inside your depths

CAMILLE: oooooooooooh

PHIL: oh fuck... oh yes... it's coming, nearly there.... fucking cum with me baby

CAMILLE: sooo good

PHIL: I love your sex soo much. Kiss me deep as we do it

CAMILLE: can't type


PHIL: phew... Did you cum?

CAMILLE: for sure

PHIL: nice

CAMILLE: it was really good

PHIL: can you really see those pictures in your head?


PHIL: that's what makes it so good

CAMILLE: that's why I needed you tonight

PHIL: thank you baby I do love it with you. You turn me on so much

CAMILLE: you drive me so crazy

PHIL: well we were lucky tonight then that you are alone


PHIL: you said it doesn't happen every night but tonight we had each other

CAMILLE: and that was so cool and you're so sweet

PHIL: well baby I'm sorry to say I've got to go cos its really late for me again

CAMILLE: no worries. Thank you for being there with me

PHIL: you're sweet. Take care honey and maybe we'll chat again next week or whenever you have time ok?

CAMILLE: ;-) no problem for me

PHIL: and thanks again, it really was great, yesterday and today. Phew I've got to clean up now


PHIL: take care night night baby

CAMILLE: go and clean dirty boy

PHIL: haha

CAMILLE: good night love

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