"If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise," she said. "I will tell you this much though. I want you to put four steaks on the grill and prepare something to go with it. Run out and get a case of Beck dark and a bottle of White Zin for me."

About two hours later Camille arrived with two of the biggest black guys I have ever seen. As soon as she introduced them I recognized them as two defensive linemen from the State football team; Crusher Hermann and Anthony Dobbs. Crusher led the team in sacks. I shook their hands and welcomed them assuming that Camille had brought them home to meet me since I was a football fan.

I served dinner, and we had some beers while chatting about this and that. A while after dinner I noticed that Camille had settled on the couch between the guys and they were starting to feel her up a little. Minutes later Camille turned to give Anthony a deep sensual open-mouthed kiss. He started to open her blouse, and she reached down to release the biggest cock I had ever seen.

"Honey, I have never had a black guy before, and these two have graciously consented to give me the night of my life. You don't mind, do you?" she asked with a whimsical smile on her face.

"Camille!" I started.

"Please sweetheart, don't be difficult. Look at this cock. You know you can't fill me like he can with your miniature dick. If you love me you will let me enjoy myself," she advised. And if I don't I will get all of my bones broken I added in my thoughts.

Anthony started caressing her pussy as she pumped his cock. They continued to kiss when Crusher moved over and started sucking her tits. He was rough with them and left red bite marks, but Camille seemed to love it. Anthony dropped between her legs to sample the luscious, soft shaven lips that were offered to him freely. Crusher then urged Anthony aside and unceremoniously rammed his huge cock all the way into her pussy. Camille squealed in pain at first because of the size, but soon got into the rhythm of the fuck and started shouting "God; fuck me, fuck me hard. Dammit, ram that thing into my hungry cunt. Make me cum oh God, yes I am cumming yes, yes ohhh, ohhhh ohhhhhh. As she came down Anthony stuffed his cock in her mouth, and she got fucked hard on both ends. Camille yelled and screamed as best she could with the cock in her mouth, but it was obvious that she was having orgasm after orgasm. Finally both men shot their loads in their respective holes.

I thought it would be over now, but I was wrong about that of course. I thought my beautiful Camille would give me her sweet soft loving after they were done with her, but these guys never shrank a millimeter. Camille got on her knees and started worshiping Crusher's meat. Without comment Anthony stepped behind Camille, made his cock wet with her cum filled cunt, and pushed into her ass. Camille screamed in pain at first, but after the pain subsided she started fucking back with vigor. I had a good view from the side as Anthony's pelvis slammed against Camille's ass and his huge balls slapped her cunt. Camille exploded. She shook and writhed on his cock while she dug her nails into Crusher's ass.

Anthony came inside of her ass but kept on fucking. Her action and additional lubrication Anthony poured into her hole sent her over the edge again. She had another thunderous orgasm; this time screaming so loudly that I was afraid that the neighbors could hear. When she came down Anthony was still fucking her hard. She lifted her mouth off of Crushers pumping cock and sneered at me, "See why I want big cocks honey? Oh Billy Boy, this feels so good, I am so full. God, please don't stop. Oh Billy, I wish you could make me feel like this, but I know you can't help having a tiny pee pee. Yes, pee pee; it isn't big enough to be called a cock, darling!"

During the next half-hour Anthony gave her three massive orgasms and Crusher filled her mouth with his pearly baby making fluid. Then Anthony let out with a groan and shot another huge load into her ass. He put in so much that it leaked out around his cock as he finished. By this time I had been so hard for so long that my cock ached, so I stopped resisting and shot my load all over the carpet.

Crusher and Anthony immediately switched. I could hear Camille moaning deliriously with the pleasure of orgasm after orgasm. I am not sure to this day if she had one that lasted twenty minutes, or she had so many I couldn't tell when one ended and another began. When they finally came she collapsed on the floor and said, "Thanks fellas. May I have a rest, before you take more? Billy, make them some sandwiches, I want them to build up their strength. They must be nourished if they are going to fuck me like this all weekend."

After feeding them again and serving more drinks I started to join them in the living room, but Camille stopped me. "Honey," she said in her innocent diminutive tone, "I want some privacy tonight, so I am going to take these wonderful hunks to our bed. I would like for you to sleep in little Billy's bunk bed. I know Gina's bed is more comfortable, but I don't want you to leak all over her sheets. I will leave our door open so you can hear my cries of joy and ecstasy. "

"In the morning bring us some juice when you hear us fucking again, and when we are through you can make us breakfast. Set your clock for seven so we don't have to wait for you. Darling, you are a dear. Don't worry, after they leave on Sunday I will let you have all of my sloppy stretched pussy you want. It will be worth it. OK?"

The next morning, as I heard them fucking like animals, I made fresh orange juice. I took it to them just as Crusher rolled of Camille, exhausted. Camille was rubbing Anthony's flaccid cock apparently wanting more. She looked me in the eye and pointed at her pussy. I smiled thinking I knew what she wanted and started to enter her pussy.

"No you fool. I don't want that puny thing now. Eat me. If you want, you have permission to jerk off while you do it," she sneered.

I put my head between her legs and started licking. I had never seen Camille like this, as she immediately started screaming and bucking. She had an orgasm, and then another, and another. I could feel her pussy muscles contract and her body thrash out of control. I stopped for a minute to deposit a load on her mound, but she quickly pulled my face back to her cunt, and I cleaned my own cum too. In that twenty minutes I realized that my Camille had turned into a woman which no man could possibly satisfy. I didn't like being humiliated, but I was in love with her, and I was pleased that I could be open minded enough to allow her satisfaction.

As I got up to go make their breakfast Camille called and threw a bag at me. "Put these on so you can look the part. I am tired of being reminded what a little dicked guy I married." I looked in the bag and found an old housedress that must have been purchased from a charity-clothing outlet. There were also some old lady cotton panties, and a bra that was going to be ridiculous on me. She could have provided a cute little maid's outfit, but I guess she wanted me to be a maid not a sex partner. I did as I was told, and then went to the kitchen to make them breakfast.

I don't think I have ever seen a sex show like we had at our house that weekend. I was in charge of massages, feeding and cleaning her while they had sex session after sex session. I was not allowed in the bedroom, so I am not sure exactly what happened, but I could see cum running out of Camille's ass and pussy in copious amounts. In addition her voice was faltering because of the amount of grunting and screaming she had done. They finally left on Sunday after I served breakfast. They said they would be back, but I never saw them again except on the football field.

As the door closed behind them Camille approached me with abroad grin on her face and a happy gleam in her eye. She held me against her cum crusted body and kissed me deeply and whispered, "I love you. Thank you for this great weekend."

"Camille, this was not my idea of fun," I said in a voice of resignation.

"Now, now," she said. "You got really hard and came several times. Some of this cum on me is yours too you know." She had me there I guess. I was so numb I didn't really know what I felt. "Will you give me one of your specialty tongue baths and then wash me in the shower darling? I really do want more fucking, and I want it from you." "

Chapter 4

"How did all of this make you feel?" Betty asked.

"I'm not sure. I guess I didn't feel threatened at the time because she always came back to me. I felt inadequate because I couldn't satisfy her, but I came to realize that no one man could ever keep up with her. She said awful things about me and humiliated me, but she was so sweet afterward that I believed that it was just part of her game," I explained. "I never realized that this lifestyle was more important to her than was I, nor did I realize that she would have thrown me over in a minute if she had not needed financial support. I guess I am a real dope, right Betty?"

"I think you are the loyal man who sticks around when the going gets rough, and even though you have an odd way of showing it, you are a man who really knows how to love. Your eldest, Gina right, was entering puberty at this time. Who did the mommy things like teaching her to use make-up, who did the talking when her first period started, and advised her when the first boy came calling. Who took her to get her first training bra?"

"I did, who else was there?" I said. I did ask my secretary to help her with some of the girl stuff but for the most part I was father and mother. When Camille was home, and the kids were awake, Camille was studying. She didn't seem to take any interest in their lives."

"Let me get this straight," she said. "You earned the income, took full responsibility for raising the kids, did the housework while she fucked the whole university. Do I have that straight?"

I chuckled and then hung my head; "It does sound ludicrous doesn't it?"

"It sounds to me like you are either the biggest fool in the world, or the kindest and gentlest man around, and I am betting on the latter. Look; let's get out of here. I want to hear the rest of this, but I would like go get comfortable. Will you join me for coffee in my apartment, please?"

We left the coffeehouse and walked to her place. It was getting colder, but we just rambled easily as I related more of the story.


"As the semester continued Camille started coming home later and later. She still used the pretense of using the computers in the library, but we both knew what was happening. She never came home on Friday nights anymore, and I found it necessary to get the kids out of the way when she did arrive because she looked like a streetwalker who had seen better days.

Just after Christmas she announced that she was going to get an apartment near school to cut her commuting time. It was then that I went to talk to Ed who had the surveillance business. I told him that Camille was the woman in his tape and confided the whole story. He didn't chastise me or laugh at me, and for that I was grateful," I related.

"Where is she staying?" he asked.

"The Lakeview apartments," I answered.

"Good, they have a lot of vacancies. Do you know the number?" he asked.

"Yes, 2280d," I answered.

"Let's take a ride over there. I know the resident manager, and I have some ideas. Help me carry this equipment in case we need to set up," he advised.

As we rode I unloaded the whole story on Ed as if he were a priest or something. He just listened without much comment, but he did advise that I could really use some evidence. "When she graduates you are going to lose her anyway," he explained. "I know that she will get the kids, and that is why you put up with this, but it is a losing cause. I'll get the evidence needed for you to keep your kids."

When we arrived Ed talked to the manager and found that Camille had not yet moved in and that the apartment next door was vacant. I agreed on the rent, and by the end of the day we had her apartment covered by voice activated cameras with sound and video that was transmitted to a computer in the apartment I rented. The Internet then connected the system to my computer at home. We almost got caught as Camille started moving in before we finished in my apartment, but we got away undetected. Since she was busy moving in Ed accompanied me to my house, and we set up a computer and Internet connection in my office that was off limits to everyone and could be locked. He showed me how to set up the video and voice recorder, change the tapes, and monitor the apartment live if I wished.

"Just make sure you have enough tapes and keep everything," Ed advised. "Everything is dated so you will have a complete record of everything she does."

"How much do I owe you Ed?" I asked.

"Oh, all of this equipment just came back in off lease. Let's say two months of free advice on my investments," he offered.

"But that is not enough," I said.

"Look buddy, you have made me a ton of money during our association. Besides you have gone out on a limb for me many times, and you have always been a good friend. I shouldn't charge you at all, but I know you would not accept that," he said. I felt overwhelmed by emotion; at last someone was on my side.

"Should we try it out?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" he answered. "The cameras are always on, and so is your computer in the other apartment. If I were you I would just keep it open all of the time. Just make sure you change the tapes so that you don't miss anything."

I turned on the computer and the recorder only to be greeted by a great surprise. Camille had bought all new furniture, and the apartment looked like a show place. Two guys were lugging in a king-sized mattress, and as they entered the bedroom another camera took over. I was shocked at the efficiency of the system. "Suppose something is going on in two rooms?" I asked "This control will allow you to change cameras manually if you wish, but if you are not here the strongest sound signal will control the system," Ed answered.

Camille then appeared from outside camera range and stood in front of the movers. "What do I owe you?" she asked.

"Shipping and set up are included with the price mam," one of the men answered.

"Well, you deserve a little tip then," Camille answered with a sly smile. She stepped close to them and reached for their crotches. Camille was a beautiful woman, so both guys started to tremble with anticipation. Camille opened both of their flies adeptly, and she reached in to free their cocks. She knelt before them as if to pay homage, and then she took each in her mouth alternately. Of course they became hard and began to play with her hair.

Camille moved backward and fell on the bed with the skirt up to her waist. She had no panties of course, so her gaping pussy was fully exposed. "I have been thinking about you two all day, so I am already wet. How about giving me some cock; one in my mouth and one in my pussy? You can swap after you cum the first time!" she exclaimed. She didn't have to ask twice. They followed her instruction to the letter. It was only seconds before Camille was bucking and screaming with her first orgasm. I had to admit that for the first time I realized what a hot fuck she was. What I didn't know was to what extent her passion extended. Then both fucked her as directed and when they finished, Camille had white gooey cum leaking out of her cunt and spread all over her face.

"Thanks guys, that was great!" she exclaimed. "Now I am going home to let my puny husband use this cunt filled with your cum. Wait!" She reached in the purse and gave each of them one hundred dollars. "Don't leave without your tip."

Ed shook his head and started to leave. I turned to thank him when I noticed a wet spot on the front of his pants. He realized I saw this and said, "You should sell these." They're better than the adult stores porn movies. I_ I_ I am sorry." He left without further comment.

I should have been so ashamed that I could not show my face again, but I was strangely aroused by the things that I had just seen. The comment she made did really hurt, but I knew that I would give into her when she got home.


"Hi sorry, I am late, but moving is such a bitch," Camille said as she waltzed into the living room. "Where are the kids?"

"In bed of course, Camille," I answered in an aggravated tone.

"Good," she said. "Let's have some fun then. My pussy is craving your beautiful cock baby."

"I am not in the mood tonight sweetie, "I stated.

"Don't be silly baby," she continued. "It is my job to get you in the mood." She advanced and grabbed my cock through my pants and led me into the bedroom. Pictures of her earlier escapade were still fresh in my mind, and the memories were counter productive to my resistance. My cock started to grow in her hand. She pushed me on to the bed and freed my cock, and started sucking. Oh God, she was a pro. She could harden the Pope, I think.

I was about to cum when she stopped. "Billy boy, I need my pussy eaten," she teased.

"Camille, you know I hate for you to call me Billy boy. I don't want to eat your pussy tonight, ok?" I stated without much conviction. I always lose these encounters.

She pulled her dress off and sat on the bed next to me. She spread her thighs and pulled my head toward her cunt. It looked awful. She was crusted with cum, and she was still red and open. She looked as if an army had fucked her. I wondered how many others had fucked her since this afternoon. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her cunt, and I obediently started licking her. It was just minutes before she was writhing in ecstasy and smashing her pungent gash against my face.

As she came down from her orgasm I pushed her back on the bed and rammed my cock in her as hard as I could. I didn't want to be gentle. I wanted to hurt her, but the harder I pumped the more she liked it. "Oh God, yes Billy boy, fuck my hungry pussy. Oh yes, yes, oh I'm cummmminnnggg yes, yes. My body gave up and I shot my load into her hot open honey pot. I was so full from watching earlier, it seemed as if I gave her gallons of my cum. I grunted and groaned like an animal. She smiled at her conquest. I guess she owned me.

For the remainder to that year, and the next, Camille usually came home on Wednesday night and Saturday morning. Sex between us was better than most married couples could ever have, but I was always left with a feeling of guilt, knowing what she had been doing while away. Her sex partners were numerous. I saw her host a party at which she was the main entertainment. She danced and stripped before her guests that consisted of about ten guys.

The guys stripped too, and they played music for about an hour as they danced and drank. Camille was chugging her drinks, so she got very drunk very quickly. I was also shocked to see cocaine passed around, and I was even more surprised to see my wife and the mother of my children participating.

Then the guys dragged her mattress from the bedroom and proceeded to gang bang my wife. I could hardly believe my eyes. I watched one hard long cock after another pump seed into her unprotected pussy. She was so full of cum that every pump forced some white juice out from around the dick, which was inserted in her. She spent hours in ecstasy having orgasm after orgasm. I could not tell when one stopped and another began. As the party raged on new guys entered her apartment, but few left. She sucked every cock presented to her and took all cumers into her pussy. Several times she took one in her ass and one in her cunt as another filled her mouth. Guys jerked off on her too, so eventually she was covered with slick white gooey male excretion.

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