tagGroup SexCamp Bare A While Ch. 02

Camp Bare A While Ch. 02



Waking in the morning Rob checked to make sure Candy was really there with him and not just a beautiful dream.

Kissing her awake they embraced and murmured love words to each other and moved together for a 69. 'Time for breakfast.' Rob said. "If I can't have coffee I'll have pussy."

"Please go easy." Candy said. "My pussy is tender after all the action we had last night.

Her cunt lips were bright pink and puffy so he just kissed them tenderly and said. "Lets go for breakfast."

Jack was already there with Ginny and Jim. He told them that Joan was still in bed. She had dragged in after midnight totally fucked out and without a word to him crawled into bed and had fallen fast asleep. He would look in on her later.

Jack, Candy and Rob wandered around for a while until Candy said that she wanted to go to the hot tub. Not for sex but to soak her tired pussy for a while.

There were no towels over the gate so we went in. One couple, Bob and Jean were there. Middle aged, Jean was thin, dark tan, very small breasts with a silver ring in her left nipple. Hanging from the ring was a tiny bell that tinkled when she moved. Bob, a bit older, grey hair had an identical ring and bell. They said it made them easier to find each other in the dark.

Lowering into the water they relaxed. Candy discovered the jets of warm water around the tub and positioned herself over one and let it caress her tender pussy. The warm water felt good flowing over her pussy. Soothing it

After about five minutes of riding the jet she Pulled Rob to her and kissed him whispering. "Hold me Hon, I'm almost there." And quivered into a series of orgasms. Staying centered on the jet she enjoyed herself for another ten minutes or so.

"Careful, that can get addictive." Jean told her as she moved to a jet herself. "Bob, go put the towels on the gate."

After he put the towels on the gate Bob sat on the edge of the tub in front of Jean and she started sucking his cock while she rode the water jet.

Candy looked at Rob and Jack asking ."Who's first?"

They both sat on the side of the pool in front of her. She took a cock in each hand and after getting them hard enough she started to suck on them, first one then the other, taking turns. Rob came first filling her mouth with fresh cum. Then finishing Jack getting what she wanted, another mouth full of cum.

Near them Bob and Jean were also finishing. They could see her cheeks puffing up as he filled her mouth and she swallowed his cum.

Going to the cabin to check on Joan they found her just getting up. "What a fucking night." She said. " We haven't been to a large orgy like that before, usually three or four couples and sometimes an extra man or two with just Jack and I."

"I had more sex last night than I ever thought possible. I sucked three cocks, two pussys, got screwed twice in the ass, lost count of regular fucks after ten, not counting how many men and girls sucked my pussy."

We all told about our evening adventures.

Jack had fucked three women, one man in the ass, sucked several cunts and one cock.

Candy confessed to sucking three cocks, got fucked four times, and told about the lineup of the girls at the pool, getting sucked by all the men in a row. "I want to do that again." She said.

"I liked that too." Rob said. "Especially when most of the women were shaved."

They spent the rest of the day lounging around soaking up some sun and resting.

Jim and Ginny stopped for a while and told us that only about 20 to 30% of the couples were into open parties. Another few meet with an other couple or two once in a while. Most of the rest say live and let live. Some just like to watch.

"Once in a while we catch some of the teens crashing the adults side or having a party of their own. We try to stop them but once they start having sex it's impossible to stop."

"The membership is growing fast and the place is showing a good profit."

As they left Jean remarked about the size of Jim's cock. "If it's that big soft how huge is it hard?"

"Believe me, its big." Candy told her. "I tried to suck him last night but couldn't fit him all in. You can find out tonight if you want to?"

"We're going to have a small party at our cabin and your invited to CUM." Said Rob.

Going back to the cabin to rest for the evening, (They knew they would need their strength.)

Shortly later Joan knocked on the door and asked Candy to go with her, some of the girls were making plans for the party tonight. They went across to Ginny's cabin.

Rob was dosing when Candy climbed on the bed and sat on his chest with her pussy just inches from his face.

Something was different, then he realized that her pussy was bare, she had been shaved, she was bald, no hair, as bare as the day she was born. It was beautiful to him. Her puffy inner lips sticking out and her clit showing slightly in between them.

"Kiss me lover." She said as she lowered her pussy to Rob's eager lips.

Rob kissed her then used his tongue to explore the depths of her cunt. Licking her pink slit and coaxing her nub of a clit to expose its self. He nibbled at it causing her to moan with delight and grind herself to his face.

Nectar of the gods. Her pussy flowed to his continuing sucking and he lapped it greedily, loving the taste of her delicious cunt. Eating and sucking her till she moaned with a climax on his active thrusting tongue.

Rob was so excited from eating her that his cock spirted cum with out even being touched. She really affected him.

This was why Joan had taken her to Ginny's cabin. Alice, Janet and Ginny were waiting for them with plans to rid their pussys of hair. Taking Candy first, laying her down on the coffee table they gathered around her , spread her legs wide. Ginny applied warm shaving cream to her pussy, getting her ready to be shorn. Using a razor she slowly shaved all the hair from her pussy

Candy was getting excited from the attention being given to her cunt. First the heat of the cream, then the scrapping of the razor over her tender flesh. All the stimulation was driving her crazy.

Ginny finished shaving and wiped her bald pussy with a hot towel.

"Oh that feels good." Candy said. "Do me more"

Removing the hot towel, Ginny kissed the newly smooth flesh. Used her tongue to part the lips of her pussy and licking slowly the sweet slit brought Candy to climax.

Joan was next. Getting the same exact treatment including getting her pussy happily licked.

Then they all took turns eating each other. It was the first time Candy had sex with another girl and she liked it but still preferred a hard cock to suck or fuck with.

"We're having our party at Ginny's, they have more room." She told Rob. Entering their cabin Rob saw that their place did have more than enough space, The wall between the two cabins had been removed and the area was wall to wall mattresses. Scattered around were lots of pillows. The room was made for sex. All it needed was some willing people.

And they were there. Ginny\Jim, Joan\Jack, Tom\Alice, Ron\Janet, Rob\Candy and a new couple that just checked in that morning, Lou/Lulu..

A nice couple, he was six ft, lean, dark hair, average equipment. Lulu, red head, 5'7", nice shape, small up tilted tits and a bush of bright red over her pussy.

They were new to nudism, this was their first time at a resort and had never swapped with any one but were very interested in it. When they heard about the dance and party last night they said they wished they had been there. They wanted to try swinging, so Ginny said she had invited them. "This will be their first sex party, lets all help them enjoy it. We girls will help Lou and you guys can take good care of Lulu."

"Everyone ready? Lets go fuck!" Called Jim and the guys picked up Lulu and carried her laughing to the mattresses. She was giggling as they laid her down and began to sexually play with her lovely body. Two men kissed and sucked her tits, one was licking her belly, one kissing her mouth and one spread her legs to begin licking her cunt. All were using their hands, caressing her. Her giggles changed to moans of pleasure as all five men made love to her. All at the same time.

They moved around taking turns at all parts of her. She didn't know which was who, doing what but didn't care it all was great. She reached out and finding a hard cock drew it to her mouth to suck it. Sucking cock as some one spread her legs and a cock pushed to her pussy lips then entered. Raising her hips to greet it she eagerly started to fuck who ever it was.

Lou was surrounded by the nicest tits and prettiest pussys that he had ever seen. all sizes and shapes of tit and all bald pussys. (He'd have to get Lulu to shave.) Not knowing where to start he reached out to caress the largest tit, which was Joan's. Two girls started playing with and sucking his cock and balls taking turns on each. Another sat over his face lowering her hairless cunt to his waiting lips. Finding another body with his hand he explored it till reaching her pussy he inserted a finger into its moist slit.

Ginny and Janet were busy at Lou's cock and as he got hard it grew to more than they expected. Six inches of long thin cock. Janet was the first to lower herself on his length to fuck. This was the first time for Lou to be with more than one woman at a time. It was more than he ever dreamed of, all these tits and cunts for his enjoyment. Enjoy he would. He had a quick thought of Lulu, I hope she is having a good time.

Lulu was having a good time, she was having a great-t-t time. Lou an she had talked about doing this for some time. Since an old school friend of hers had told her about the swap parties that she and her husband had been to and how much fun sex in a group was. They both loved sex with each other and decided to try the swinging scene at least once.

If this was an example of swinging, they both would come back for a lot more, often. When they got back home she would call her old school friend and invite them for a swap party.

The guys kept switching around, on and in her. The sensations were fantastic. Cock in her mouth, cocks in her hands a hard prick in her pussy. Someone spurted cum on her tits and rubbed it in. She was in cock heaven and she loved it.

Three times someone came in her mouth and at least five loads of cum were shot into her pussy.

She started a series of climaxes, each higher and higher. Higher than she ever had been before.

"Enough." Lulu groaned. "Enough, please, I need a rest."

As they all lay in a heap Lulu moved to each, kissed them, saying to each. "Thanks."

Lou was in heaven, he had come three times and one of the girls was now sucking hard on his cock trying to get more cum from it. He didn't think she could but was willing to try. His normal limit was twice, once in a great while Lulu could coax a third.

But he could still eat pussy, and that he did. Going from one cunt to the next, licking the juices from them all.

Across the room he noticed Lulu laying spread out with a big smile on her face. He crawled to her and taking her in his arms kissed her, saying. "I love you baby."

"I love you too dear, but right now I'm too fucked out to show you how much." She said. "My pussy will be tender for a week."

"Want me to kiss it better? He asked as he moved down on her.

"OH, don't. You know how much I like to be eaten but its tender and full of their cum."

Lou lowered his lips to her puffy pussy, it was bright red and he could see globs of the cum slowly leaking out. Inserting his tongue he bathed her sore cunt, licking and sucking at her. Cleaning the mixed fluids from his wives pussy as she pulled his head tight to her crotch and wrapped her legs around his neck.

The rest of the group were very happily busy, everyone was connected one way or another.

Jean and Candy had Jim in a corner and were both sucking on his large cock, one on each side taking turns trying to get the head of his monster in their mouths.

"Get it good and wet." Jean told Candy. "I'm going to try to fit my pussy over it." As she straddled him. Candy licked the head, sucked enough to get it wet and guided it to the entrance of Jeans cunt.

Jean slowly lowered herself to meet Jim's cock, the head spread aside the lips of her pussy and easily slipped in about two inches, stopping for a few moments to give her cunt time to stretch Jean then took more, then a little more. She was stuffed. She had about seven inches or more of hard thick cock jammed in her. More than she had ever hoped to get in her whole life.

Taking a deep breath she started fucking up and down on Jim. As her pussy stretched he went deeper. "OH, oh, he's hitting bottom, it feels so good, So-o-o good"

"He's still got about four or five inches." Candy said. "Don't let him come yet, save some for me."

Jean fucked as fast as she could, bouncing up and down, loving the feeling of this beautiful cock stretching her. The best fuck she ever had. Quickly she climaxed, then moved away so Candy could try her luck.

Taking her place Candy squatted over Jim. Candy's cunt was well lubricated from the excitement and anticipation. Jean held his cock, aiming it to Candy's pussy and as she sat down, over half went in. "Wow, what a feeling." Candy said. "It feels like he's stretching me a mile wide."

She rode this beautiful cock, letting her senses run wild. Fuck me, fuck me-e-e, FUCK. She started a series of climaxes that drained her mind and body. Jim rolled her over and fucked her hard, pounding his cock into her until he came. Quivering he shot a massive amount of cum into her.

After Jim came Jean pushed Candy to one side and went down on his still dripping cock, licking him dry of the mixed juices, then moving to Candy, she cleaned the cum from her sloppy, well used pussy. Candy and Joan turned to eat each other. Eagerly locking in a 69.

Rob was fucking Ginny and watching the two women as they began eating each other. This was better than any stag film that he had ever seen. Shooting his cum to Ginny he rolled over to find another pussy. Finding an empty cunt he went down on it, it wasn't empty. It was Janet's cunt, had just been fucked and was full of someone's cum, Rob licked it, cleaning out as much cock juice as he could. His cock was still half hard and while he ate Janet a pair of lips wrapped around it to suck him.

All the sights and sounds and smells of sex served to stimulate everyone past normal bounds, each trying to outdo the others. One hell of a contest. A connection would be made with a body in one way or another, then change to another. No one cared if it was male, female, cock, cunt, mouth, ass, tits. SEX was sex. It was all great.

Finally most had enough, Rob crawled to Candy's side, kissed her and holding her in his arms fell asleep.

About 2AM Rob had to pee. Picking his way around the sleeping couples he saw that every one was cuddling with their right partner. Sex is sex but good love is best!!!

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