tagLoving WivesCamp Encounter Ch. 2A

Camp Encounter Ch. 2A

byAlberta Al©

The original Camp encounter described my wife’s initial sexual liaison with her boss and contained very few embellishments. Part 2 is divided into:
A. what really happened next and
B. what I wanted to happen next.

* * * * *

Kris was still having difficulty dealing with her feelings of guilt. She knew that she had my support and approval to continue to have sex with Quint. But she didn’t like the two of them cheating on Quint’s girlfriend, Ann.

Kris left for work worried about how Quint would react. They avoided each other until the office closed for lunch. When everyone else had left they talked. Once Quint found out that I knew and approved, he felt less guilty. He explained that his relationship with Ann was one of convenience. Neither wanted a serious relationship and neither had the time to look for a sexual partner. For the last 10 years they provided each other with sexual relief.

Kris and Quint agreed to keep their relationship casual and away from the office. When Quint stood up the tent in the front of his pants was obvious. Kris moved closer to Quint and caressed his cock through his pants. She wondered aloud how the ‘big guy’ was going to make it until quitting time. Quint laughed and said that he would call on Kris if the ‘big guy’ couldn’t make it.

Kris kept busy through the afternoon catching up on the work that was left undone when she was at the camp. She was interrupted by a gravely voice.

“I can’t take it any more.”

She looked up and saw Quint standing across the desk from her with his fully erect penis sticking out of his pants.

“Put it away. Some one will see us.”

Quint told her that everyone was gone and that the office was locked. When he moved around the desk and stood beside her, Kris turned and kissed the head of his cock. Quint pulled he to her feet.

“We agreed not to do anything at the office. Where can we go?”

Quint ignored her and began to unbutton her blouse. When her breasts were exposed, he pulled one from her bra. Kris moaned as Quint’s mouth covered her breast. She gave in to the delight of his tongue caressing her nipple. Next time they would find a place to go.

She pushed his pants and underwear below his groin and began fondling Quints cock and balls. Kris held both balls in one hand and squeezed them while she used her other hand to gently stroke his cock. Quint responded by humping her hand and poking her belly with the head of his penis. He continued to suck on one breast while he fondled the other. Quint’s hands undid her bra, releasing the second breast, and moved slowly down her back. He slipped one hand under the waistband of her pants, then under her panties, and stroked her ass.

The radio phone rang startling them both. Quint reluctantly pulled away from Kris. The logging crew only phoned when something went wrong. He went to the reception area and answered the phone.

Kris collapsed into her chair. Quint was still on the phone. She slowly put herself together. When she was ready to leave Quint was still on the phone dealing with some kind of emergency. In a whisper, Kris reminded him that they would have to find somewhere private. She left the office on shaky legs.

Kris came in our front door, kicked off her boots and dropped her coat on the floor. She pulled her suit pants and panties off as she came in to the living room. What a sight she was, standing there in her suit jacket and blouse, breathing heavily, her face flushed and full of lust. I walked up to my wife to kiss her and ask about her day. She put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.

“Please.” she moaned.

I knelt between her legs with my head spinning and moved towards her groin. I had never seen her this excited. What had she done with Quint? As my tongue parted her pussy lips I wondered what I would be licking: A freshly fucked pussy full of Quint’s semen? An overheated pussy desperately needing a tongue or a cock? Kris’s lips were swollen and puffy. I could taste her arousal. She began to orgasm almost immediately. I held on to her ass and kept my tongue in her and in contact with her clit until she quit humping my face. I gently licked her as she calmed down.

As I pulled my head from between her legs I realized that I was painfully erect. I stripped off my pants and underwear as Kris laid on the carpet. She guided my cock into her and I began to pump her with long steady strokes. I was surprised when my need to come eased, allowing me to fuck her to another orgasm, before I tensed and emptied my balls into her.

We lay together on the floor and I stroked Kris as she told me about her day. I was relieved that he had not come in her. I suggested that they use our house during lunch hour as no one was home during the day.

Over the next few weeks Kris and Quint were regularly touching each other at work. Quint was uncomfortable about using our house and they could not find another place to go that they were happy with. As a result their sexual encounters were in the office after work. They were rushed and consisted of either a quick fuck or some heavy petting with Kris masturbating Quint to a climax. Rarely did Kris climax. She usually arrived home horny and desperate to come.

She usually wanted me to skip any other form of foreplay, put my head between her legs and bring her to orgasm with my fingers and mouth. Then I would mount her and fuck her until I came. Eating Kris had always been one of the highlights of sex. But putting my tongue in her pussy when it could be full of Quint’s cum repulsed me. After I told her, Kris varied her routine when Quint came in her. She would strip me of my pants instead of pushing my head between her legs. I was hard immediately and took great pleasure in rubbing the head of my cock around her vagina and between her lips before sliding it so slowly and effortlessly all the way into her freshly fucked pussy. She was always so slippery and very hot. I would hold myself motionless inside her as her intense heat pushed me towards ejaculation. Then I would fuck her furiously until I added my semen to Quint’s. This was followed by the two of us showering together. I would gently clean her ‘ravaged pussy’ and then go down on her, often while we were still in the shower.

One evening, as she pushed my head down, I could smell fresh semen as I got close to her pussy. I started to pull back and told Kris why.

“I made him pull out and come on my belly.” she panted.

I attacked her pussy and did everything that I could to bring her to a crushing orgasm.

Their relationship gradually deteriorated after that night. Quint got to come in her less frequently and mainly to provide me with ‘sloppy seconds’. Kris would take care of his needs but save herself for me to satisfy. Kris moved on to another job and their relationship ended.

Despite my urging, she will not consider looking for another man to replace Quint.

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