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Camp Fright


I used to be in Girl Scouts, all the way from Brownies to Juniors when I finally didn't have enough time for it anymore. But while I was in Girl Scouts I had a lot of great fun with my friends, we were rambunctious and not very good Girl Scouts. The girls I tended to hang out with in the troop watched R rated movies and knew far too much about sex, drugs, and alcohol. I thought they were great.

When I was in Juniors, about 11 years old, we all went on this camping trip.

Well, we get to this campsite and it's surrounded by woods, and going down from the site is this one HUGE hill. Like this is a long, long hill and we felt almost like we were camping on a small mountain! And one of the girls that I was going to be in a little cabin with, her name was Donna, goes, "Wow, this looks like that scene from 'Jason Goes to Hell' where he's chasing those people right before he kills them!!" well, I'd never seen the movie because I hate scary movies, but I hardly found that reassuring as I was already a little freaked out that the top half of our "cabins" were just heavy tarp that could blow in the wind (which was more nature like I suppose... but you really had to hope it didn't rain!). Still, for the most part we just laughed her off and told her to stop being dumb, but I couldn't help but feel a little nervous after that observation (can you see why I don't watch scary movies? Just someone saying something like that freaks me out!)

Well it was a fun filled day, with Donna constantly going "wouldn't it be freaky if this is where Jason DID chase those kids???" and lots of other stuff. For the most part we just tried to ignore her.

at the end of the day we went to our cabins, pretty exhausted but also very excited to be out without any parents! And especially without an actual leader in our cabin with us. I was with Donna, Anetra and Amy... the three girls considered to be the most intimidating in my elementary school - Donna was a BIG girl and she was not scared of anyone. I swear this girl could've kicked any of the 6th grade guy's ass!! so we were having fun and doing our usual giggle and talk when Anetra's all like, "I have to go to the bathroom"

Donna: "you're gonna go out there ALONE??"

Anetra: "yeah, unless you're gonna come with me"

Donna: "But what if this IS where Jason is?"

Amy: "Oh come on Donna... then we just won't see Anetra again"

Me: "I think I have to go too."

Donna: "well why don't you guys go together?"

Me: "Why don't you and Amy come with us?"

Amy: "yeah I kinda have to go"

Donna: "well you're not leaving me here alone!!"

So the four of us creep out the door to the latrines, being quiet so as not to disturb our leaders or anything. giggling of course, and being on our best watch for Jason - esp when Donna started describing how the movie looked JUST like this and pointed out the spot on the hill where he would've been chasing them in the dark. It was very nerve-wracking in the dark, but in a deliciously exciting scary way, the kind of thrill that most people probably get from watching horror movies. we get to the latrines with no problem, and everyone does their thing.

we turn around giggle giggle

Amy: "See? No Jason. you guys are such pussies"

Deep rough voice: "What are you girls doing out here?"

we whirl around to see a figure in the darkness... thin... tall... buzzcut...


Donna: "IT'S JASON!!"


we run back to the minimal safety of our half cabin and sit there panting scared out of our minds. trying to stop our breathing enough to listen for footsteps, sure that at any moment we're all going to be dead, our brains spilled onto the floor by a hockey stick. the door opens and there stands the shadowy figure, something clutched in its hand, tall and imposing, with short spiky hair looking like devil horns against the moonlight sky while tree branches whipped in the wind behind it. Surely, we were doomed.


The figure flips on its flashlight.



We'd forgotten that our Girl Scout leader had a very short spiky haircut, and that she could look deceptively male at times. She wasn't exactly thrilled with our behavior, but as we babbled frantically about how we'd thought she was Jason (trying to shift the blame onto Donna), I think she felt a little more sympathetic. Part of that was probably because she was having trouble trying to figure out what we were saying since we were all talking on top of each other.

For her part she had just been really worried when we'd screamed and run like that, and so was just happy to find us all safe and ok.

After she left we almost killed Donna.

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