tagGroup SexCamp Fun: Back At Home

Camp Fun: Back At Home


[Note...there's 2 previous 'Camp Fun' stories – you don't have to read them first but this one will make a lot more sense if you do!]

(Frank's perspective)

Even with all the great sex the three of us had shared on the weekend, by the time we got home, both Diane & I were horny as a couple of teenagers again so we did what a couple of horny teenagers would do – left everything in the car, went inside (stripping as we went) and never made it past the living room couch where we spent the next couple of hours having some incredibly hot sex!

Monday came and went at work – I'm not sure what I did at work because I still kept thinking of everything that had happened. Tuesday followed, so did Wed. & Thurs. We heard nothing from John so we assumed that all was well & they were back to their normal routine. When I got home Friday, I could tell by the look on Diane's face that something was up but when I asked her, all she'd say was "I'll tell you after dinner" At least the way she said it told me that whatever it was, it wasn't something bad.

We had a great supper - BBQ chicken, rice, corn & several glasses of wine. Once everything was cleaned up & the dishes done, we went into the living room to relax on the couch. Diane sat down and I promptly straddled her and told her she was either going to tell me what was up or I'd tickle her – and she was REALLY ticklish. Knowing she'd held me off for as long as she could, she told me that Linda had called to talk to her.

As it turned out, when he'd gone to work that morning, John had accidentally left a website called 'Literotica' up on his screen that had a story up describing a threesome on a camping trip. I quickly realized that it hadn't been an accident at all and good old John must have written it, posted it and then 'accidentally left it on the screen. It seems he must have changed the details enough that Linda didn't realize it was a true story about the three of us but wanted to talk to Diane about it – and she was coming over later tonight.

When Linda got there about an hour later, Diane waited until we'd said our "hello's" and then asked me if I was still going to clean up the garage like I'd promised. I took the hint and headed out to the garage just in time to see Diane getting out another bottle of wine and 2 glasses.

(back to Diane's perspective)

It took a couple of glasses of wine before Linda even got around to telling me more about the story she'd seen on John's computer screen. It seems he'd been hinting for years that he'd like to try some of the things in the story but she figured that they were the kinds of things that 'normal' couples just didn't do. She'd printed it out and gave me the copy to read while she had some more wine. By the time I'd gotten to the bottom of the first page I realized 2 things – John was a darn good writer and my panties were already beyond 'a little damp'. By the end of the story I was down right wet and horny and Linda had moved over beside me while I was reading. As I lowered the papers, Linda and I noticed something at the same time – I'd unconsciously moved my other hand between my legs and was softly rubbing my crotch. I started to blush and stammer a bit, but Linda said "it's all right – I did the same thing when I read it"

When I asked her why she'd wanted to bring it over for me to read, she hesitated, took a couple of big mouthfuls of wine and said in one huge rush of words, "causeiwantedtoknowif youandjohneverdidany ofthosethings" and then promptly turned bright red and covered her face with her hands.

"What was that?" I asked.

It took a minute (and another glass of wine) or so to calm her down to the point where she could talk before she replied much more calmly, "Because I wanted to know if you and John ever did any of those things" and then looked at me as if she was expecting me to be disgusted.

"Well, as a matter of fact we do quite a few of those things." I said, "about the only thing we haven't done is sex with anyone other than the two of us" - I figured she wasn't quite ready to hear about that side of our lives quite yet.

"You mean you let John cum in your mouth?" (a gulp of wine) "And you use sex toys?" (another gulp of wine) "And you let him put his fingers and those toys in your bum?" (1 gulp of wine, refill glass and another gulp) "And you put your fingers and those toys in his bum too" (drain wine glass and refill & take one more gulp)

"Yes to all of the above. Why – don't you two do anything like that?"

"No, never – well he's mentioned it but as I said I didn't think normal people would do any of those things so I always said no."

Up until now, I couldn't tell if the flush on her face was from talking about things like this or the wine but when the last few words were a tad slurred I figured the wine was a definite factor.

"Relax," I told her, "as long as both people enjoy it then there's nothing wrong with it. Haven't you ever seen a porn movie?"

"Ya, a few, but they're paid to do it."

As soon as she said it, likely due to the fact I was still horny as hell, an idea popped into my mind. "Would you like to see real people do it?" I asked.


"Well, I've already told you that Frank & I do most of the things in that story so if you hid in the closet, I could get him to bed and you could watch, see how much fun it is & you might end up wanting to try some of it with John."

The wine and all the talk about sex must have gotten to her because she said, "ok, as long as Frank doesn't know I'm watching"

"No problem, you go upstairs & into the closet. I'll tell Frank I'm giving you a lift home, drive around for a bit and come back. When I get back I'll tell him I'm horny and get him to bed. Once he's in bed, I'll blindfold him so you can watch without him seeing you."

Everything went according to plan except for one little detail – instead of telling Frank I was taking her home, I told him exactly what was happening upstairs and from the immediate bulge in his pants I could tell he was all for it. Linda is a very striking woman and more than once I'd seen Frank looking at her when he thought no one was looking at him. Her hair was a bit longer than mine – down to the shoulders and while her breasts were a bit smaller, they were quite firm but had much bigger nipples. The last time I'd seen her in the shower at the gym, her pubic hair was trimmed short but not shaved the way I often kept mine. Her waist was narrow and then flared out to a very well rounded ass where I was a more athletic build without as much curve.

I pulled out in the car so she'd hear it leaving, parked down the street for about 15 minutes and came back. Frank was eagerly waiting and we went to the bedroom. I could see the closet door open just a bit as we went in and started undressing each other. As soon as his pants and underwear came off, I could tell just how incredibly aroused he was! I got out the blindfold and told him I wanted him to be blindfolded tonight. As per plan, he agreed so once he couldn't see, I pushed him to a sitting position on the bed and knelt in front of him. I motioned for Linda to come out of the closet. She hesitated & I thought she was going to stay there but then the doors opened up and she quietly came into the room until she was standing beside me. I'm not sure if Frank actually heard her or not but if he did, he pretended not to.

I made sure that Linda had a great view as I licked and nibbled on his engorged head, slowly licking the shaft to get it nice and slippery and then as slowly as I could I took it all in until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Just like when I was reading the story earlier, my hand found it's way between my legs and I started playing with myself. Between knowing that Linda was watching, sucking his hard cock and stroking myself with my fingers, I was so turned on that I thought I was going to cum before Frank did. It was close but I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth and heard the first few tell-tale grunts that he makes just before he cums. Usually I take him all the way in so I can feel his cum shoot down my throat but I wanted to make sure Linda got a good show so I backed off, opened my mouth and jacked him off with my hand.

It only took a few more seconds before the first of several thick strings of cum shot from his cock into my mouth and on my face. I know she could see perfectly as I licked off what I could with my tongue. Rather than swallow right away, I pushed Frank over to his back, lay on top of him and kissed him hotly. As his tongue came forward to meet mine, I pulled back and let some of his cum slide from my tongue to his. That part he wasn't expecting but seeing as we'd done it before it wasn't a huge surprise. We kissed for a few more minutes until between us we'd swallowed all that he'd shot into my mouth. I looked over at Linda and she had her short skirt lifted up and her hand in her panties. I could easily see a good sized wet spot and could see her fingers moving quickly under the thin fabric.

From there I kept moving upward until my soaking wet pussy was right over his face and Linda had a good view of my ass. As I lowered myself down, his tongue came up to meet me and as soon as contact was made I had my first orgasm of the night. I could hardly hold myself up through the contractions and I'm sure he could feel the hot gush of my fluids on his face. He nibbled and licked me for a while, occasionally using his tongue like a small cock to fuck my wet slit. As I built up to another orgasm, I grabbed some lube from the nightstand, put a glob on my rear pucker and asked him to finger my ass. He slowly worked his finger into me, the tip, the first knuckle then the second knuckle until finally I could feel the rest of his hand snugly against my ass. As the speed of his oral pleasing increased, so did the speed that his finger was fucking my ass. This was going to be a big one and I actually collapsed forward as I came – I think the moans I heard were mine but they could have been Linda's.

We lay and held each other for a few minutes, touching & kissing as I recovered from my orgasm. "Now it's your turn," I told Frank. I slid a pillow under his ass to raise his hips up and told him to draw up his legs until he looked like I would have in the stirrups for a gyno exam. He was hard as a rock and his cock twitched when he felt me put the cold lube on his asshole. From there I used my finger on him just as he had on me except that once he'd loosened up enough to accept one finger I added a second and eventually had three fingers thrusting in and out of his ass.

The look on Linda's face was a cross between lust, amazement and pleasure. With my free hand, I reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out one of our toys – a medium sized jelly dildo and lubed it up. I slowly removed my fingers from his ass and pushed the head of the dildo up against his backdoor before it could fully close. It slid in easily & once it was in, I motioned for Linda to take control of it. At first she shook her head but I kept motioning her until finally she moved close enough to kneel down, grab the dildo and ease it in and out of his ass. Afterwards he said he knew exactly when we switched but like a good actor, he didn't let on at the time. At first she was very tentative but slowly sped up.

"Suck me while you fuck my ass dear," said John.

There was no way she could refuse without letting him know something was up so just as tentatively as her first strokes into his ass, she leant forward and slowly took him into her mouth. I couldn't resist the temptation so I flipped her skirt up onto her back and found she'd already taken off her panties when I wasn't looking. She voluntarily spread her legs to make room for my hand and I knew it was her that groaned when two of my fingers slid into her and brushed by her g-spot. As she got more comfortable sucking on Frank's cock, I swapped my fingers for another dildo out of the drawer – similar to the one she was using on Frank but a bit smaller. More groans from her as I slid it into her pussy and I think I groaned as I licked her juices off my fingers. I'd never tasted a pussy other than mine – it was different but quite arousing. Seeing as she hadn't objected yet, I took the lube and put some on my finger.

She jumped when my finger first touched her butt-hole and for a second I thought I'd gone too far but then she pushed back against my finger, forcing it in to the first knuckle. It wasn't long before I had all of one & then 2 fingers working in and out of her ass. I knew that seeing as Frank had already came once I had lots of time before he'd cum again – even knowing how turned on he was with someone other than me going down on him and fucking his ass with a dildo. I could tell she'd been getting closer to cumming and when she finally came, she did a great job of controlling it, only the clenching of her pussy on the dildo and a few shudders gave her away. Slowly I removed the dildo from her pussy and pressed the slick end up against her well lubed asshole. I just held it there and she quickly got the idea that it was up to her as she pushed back and then pulled away from it. Pretty soon every movement was in sync, her mouth went down on his cock, she slid the dildo into his ass and pushed back to take the one I held into hers then all would back off and repeat.

Soon it was obvious that Frank had enough oral & anal pleasure when he reached down, grabbed her by the waist and said, "come here and give me some of that pussy". Before she could say or do anything, he'd pulled her up on top of him and thrust fully into her pussy. Frank wasn't as thick as her husband but was an inch or so longer so I'm sure he hit spots that hadn't been hit for quite a while. It only took a dozen or so strokes before she came and this time there was no hiding it – she started moaning and when it finally hit she screamed in pleasure.

As soon as she screamed, Frank took the opportunity to take off his mask in feigned surprise to find Linda on top of him. By now the wine had pretty much worn off and I thought she'd be totally embarrassed for him to find it wasn't me he'd been fucking but instead she rolled over pulling him on top of her and said, "don't stop now, I want to cum again."

I could tell he had no objections and started giving it to her hard and fast. She came again in a couple of minutes, not as hard as the last one but a good one just the same. By now Frank was close to cumming and asked her if he should pull out. "Yes, I want to taste it" was her reply.

Again, no objection on his part as he pulled out and moved up so she could suck on him while he stroked himself at the same time. Usually his second ejaculation isn't as much as the first but the circumstances must have affected him because once he started cumming he just kept pulsing. Linda did her best for someone who'd never let a guy cum in her mouth but invariably she couldn't contain it and I could see it running from the corners of her mouth. Without really thinking, I got on the bed and started licking it from her face, kissing her and for the first time tasted Frank's cum from someone else's mouth.

"Wow, that was fantastic for our first threesome", I said, hoping that Frank wouldn't slip up and say anything about the two of us and John camping. "I'd say you've done just about everything in that story Linda"

"Not quite, I still haven't had a real cock in my ass"

"That might have to wait awhile, I doubt Frank will be able to..." as I looked down I realized that I'd been about to make a mistake, not only would he be able to, he was!

Linda knelt on the bed, her ass still lubed from the fingers and dildo that had been there earlier. Frank lubed up his cock that had amazingly gotten hard again and put it against her tight pucker. It took a lot more work than my fingers or the dildo had but he finally got the head in. Frank could tell from her face that it hurt somewhat but when he asked her if she wanted him to quit she said "no, just stay still and let me move back and forth". At her own speed, she slowly worked him in and out until she had all of him buried in her back entrance.

"Wow, that's an amazing feeling – it still hurts a little bit but it feels so good" said Linda. "Come here," she said to me. "I want to make you feel good too."

I wasn't sure what she meant but when she stuck her tongue out and licked her lips, I got the idea pretty quickly. I'd never had a woman go down on me before but I certainly wasn't against the idea.

I lay on the bed in front of Linda and as Frank slowly slid his cock in and out of her, she started licking and kissing her way up the inside of my legs to my smoothly shaved crotch. I could sense a bit of hesitation but then I felt her tongue start at the bottom of my slit and slide up until its roughness was over my clit. When she heard my gasp, she knew she'd hit a sensitive spot and dove right in. It wasn't any time at all until I was coating her face with one and then two orgasms before she pulled up and said her ass was getting sore. As she pulled away from Frank, I quickly pulled her into a 69 with me on top so I could have my first taste of pussy (without losing the pleasure of her tongue). If I tasted as good to Frank as her pussy did to me then I know why Frank likes going down on me so much – the taste of her sweet juices and the feel of her slick lips and hard clit against my tongue was incredible.

I wasn't sure what Frank was going to do, but that got answered when I felt his freshly lubed cock against my asshole. The pleasure was intense – his cock in my ass, her tongue frantically searching out every sensitive spot in my pussy and the taste of her juices on my tongue. It was almost like the end of a holiday fireworks display. She came, Frank grunted and came and I came, all within about 10 seconds of each other.

Now totally spent, happy and relaxed we crashed together on the bed. "That was totally amazing." Linda said. "I wonder if John would be interested in something like this?"

"I'll bet he would" I said as I winked at Frank. "Why don't you leave it to us and see if we can figure out a way seduce him into a four-some?"

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