tagLoving WivesCamp Fun Ch. 1

Camp Fun Ch. 1


Everything started out quite simply - my wife and I were going to spend the weekend camping with another couple at a local park. We'd camped with them before and had a really good time. We arrived on the Friday night before they did and had our tent all set up. Just as we were finishing, John arrived by himself.

It seemed that John and his wife, Linda had gotten into a big fight that afternoon and as a result, she stayed at home and he came by himself. Not a great start to the weekend, but no big deal. John set up his tent and the three of us went down to the beach for a quick dip to cool off. While we were in the water, Dianne (my wife) and I took the opportunity for a few quick underwater gropes. John didn't really see anything and if I hadn't swam underwater and blown a stream of bubbles at her crotch he might not have noticed at all. As it was her gasp promptly drew his attention. "Don't be cruel you guys," he said, "don't forget that I won't be getting any all weekend - and maybe longer!"

We all laughed and headed back to the tents just before dusk. A nice campfire was soon going and the drinks came out. It started to rain about 11:00 so we called it a night and went to the tents. Dianne and I had been fooling around in the dark a bit and it escalated once we hit the tent. By now the weather had changed from a drizzle to a real cloudburst, with thunder and lightning, so we figured we were unlikely to be heard by John. We'd stripped naked and were making out like a couple of teenagers when we heard a loud "SHIT!" from John's tent.

We hollered over to see what the problem was and he said that his tent had a hole in it and rain was coming into the tent. As much as Dianne and I wanted to continue, we couldn't leave him in a leaky tent so we told him to grab his gear and throw in with us. We quickly re-arranged things so there was room for him beside us. I was still incredibly horny, so as we all settled down, I cautiously reached a hand around to fondle Dianne. I figured that with John there I'd get pushed away, but instead she turned to my ear and whispered, "We'll have to be quiet!"

She knew from the twitch in my hardon how much that idea appealed to me! We fooled around for a few more minutes and then she rolled onto her side and I moved up behind her. It was a comfy position and I slipped into her easily. We'd been going at it for a few minutes and thought we were doing a very good job of being quiet until we heard, "great..I'm not getting any, and now I've got to lie here with a hardon listening to you two"

Well that brought us to a crashing halt really fast! Just for the heck of it, I leant forward and whispered in Dianne's ear - "seeing as it's our fault he's got a hardon, why not reach over and give him a hand?"

I'm still not sure if it was the drinks, the fact that she was as horny as I was, or maybe she was thinking of one of our bedroom fantasies of having two men, but when I heard John gasp I knew she must have reached into his open sleeping bag. I'd seen John's dick soft before when we were taking a leak and it was considerably bigger than mine, so I wasn't surprised when I also heard a small casp from Dianne. Just to let him know I was cool with it I asked if that was better and could tell by his "uh huh" that it must have been just fine.

I could feel her body move as she stroked him for a few minutes., then she turned her head toward me and asked how far I wanted her to go. "As far as you want to go!" I whispered back.

I knew our fantasy would soon be reality when she threw back what little sleeping bag was covering us, and then did the same to Johns. She moved away from me and got up on her hands and knees. "Then take me from behind so I can give John more than a hand."

As I slid into her from behind, she turned toward John and kissed him while still stroking his erection. After a few hot kisses, I could tell by the sound and movement that she was kissing her way down his chest. Another moan from John told me she'd reached his crotch. It was too dark in the tent to see the detail, but I could see the shape of her head as it moved up and down over his shaft. I reached around her hips to play with her clit, but found John's fingers already there. No problem there - that left me free to tease her a bit more!

I started running my fingers up and down her back, each time getting closer to and finally running them down the crack of her ass. I kept it up until my fingers were just brushing over her backdoor. It wasn't long before she was pushing back against my finger every time it touched her opening. I reached over for the lube that I'd unpacked earlier and let a few dribbles of it run down her crack . As the lube warmed and reached it's target, my finger was there to work it in. Soon everything was slick enough that I began to work a finger into her tight rear hole. As I worked it in and out, she slowly loosened up enough for me to ease a second finger in. When both fingers were easily accepted, I pulled back out of her pussy and eased my cock up against her backdoor. Slowly and easily it slid in until I was buried all the way in her ass. This certainly wasn't the first time we'd had anal sex and both of us quite enjoy the feeling - yes I've had her dildo up my ass too! Quite often when we do it anally Dianne will use a dildo on her pussy while I'm in her ass. She'd mentioned a couple of times that she thought it would feel better to have two real cocks in her, and here was our chance! "Do you want to be a sandwich?" I asked Dianne out loud.

"A sandwich?" queried John.

Before I could answer him, Dianne told him that I was already doing her bum and she could take him in her pussy at the same time if she got on top of him. I didn't think he'd turn that offer down and I was right! I eased out of Dianne and she straddled him.. She gave a low moan as she sank down onto his larger shaft, working her way up and down until she'd taken all of it. After a few more strokes, she stopped and told me she was ready. Seeing as her ass was already nicely lubed, it wasn't difficult to ease back in again. I'd say we fell into a nice easy rythm right away, but I'd be lying. It took a few minutes, and a few 'fall-outs' before we worked things out. If it felt as good for John and Dianne as it did for me then we were all having the best sex we'd had for a while - and from the moans from the two of them I suspected it was! I could feel John's hardon sliding back and forth past mine as we made love to her ass and pussy at the same time. With the oral attention that Dianne had given him it wasn't surprising that he was the first to cum. Dianne and I came pretty much together very shortly after that, the three of us collapsing in a sweaty, satisfied heap. As we separated ourselves, John broke the inevitable silence by saying that Dianne really seemed to enjoy it anally. "Yes," she said, "I feels good - different, but really good. Especially when I've used a toy at the same time. Have you and Linda ever do it that way?"

"Hell no, she won't even let me touch her ass with my finger, let alone have anal sex!"

"Well, if you're good...there's always tomorrow night!" Dianne said teasingly.

Almost in unison, John and I said, "That sounds like fun!"

We all drifted off to sleep shortly after that, I'm sure with thoughts of a repeat performance in our heads!

(Stay tuned - If people want it, there might be a continuation for the 'next night')

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Nice flow, story line and ending. two thumbs up...........butt.

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