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Camp Mom


It was a bright and sunny day. My son was already in the truck and had been ready to go for the past fifteen minutes. It was his first time to go to sleep over camp. He felt like a big boy now. I too was looking forward to it. I took the day off from work, and planned to go back home to nap all day long. Between juggling the normal daily activities and being a full time father, I was tired.

We drove up the mountain to get to the camp. I grabbed his bags and we were guided into the Mess Hall for sign in. We got in line where my son saw a friend of his in line ahead of us.

"Hey Jake, I did not know you were coming here." he said to his friend in front.

"Yeah, and I can not wait. Wanna see my new Pokemon card while my mom gets me signed in."

That was when I noticed her. Jake's mom. She was the sexiest person I had seen in years. OK, so I had been asleep for so many years and never noticed anyone, but really, she was on hot MILF. She had long dark hair drawn back into a pony tail which hovered above her bronzed and toned shoulders. Barely holding onto her shoulders were two straps of a bright yellow sundress which simply draped down her body. All this sat on top of some of the shapeliest legs in flip flops. She turned around to see who her sons friend was, then looked up at me. She cocked her head to one side, looked me in the eyes with her steely blues, and lifted one corner of her mouth in a slight smile. She was not wearing any make up, and had a natural beauty about her which was stunning. It took my breath away for a moment.

Just as she was about to speak, the camp counselor called her forward to sign in Jake. She turned and began her process. I stood dumbfounded as I watched her turn back toward the table. She kept looking over her shoulder at me, obviously distracted in her duties.

My son got signed in, and he learned he was in Cabin 2. He ran up to Jake and shared the news. Jake too was in Cabin 2. Both boys ran down the path toward their new home for the week. I ran to catch up with my bronzed Adonis woman.

I stumbled as I reached her, trying to be cute with my intro, "I guess our boys know each other. Funny, Alex never told me about you."

Darn, I blew it. Right off. How stupid of an intro is that.

Smiling, she raised her hand to greet me. "I'm Gwen. You must be Les. Jake has told me all about you through your son. I know Alex, and love to read to him in his first grade class with Mrs. Apple. I guess I need to tell Alex more about myself so he will share."

I blushed. I was indeed too forward. I just had no idea how to say Hi anymore.

We made small talk as we followed our boys to the cabin. I learned Gwen was a stay at home mom of three kids, two girls and one boy. Her husband traveled internationally, but has been home at least three times in the last fifteen years.

I told her I was a contractor doing high end home remodels. She perked up when she heard this.

After five minutes, we decided the boys were fine, and we walked back to the parking lot. Her minivan was parked beside my truck. We talked and I spent too much time staring at the ground to avoid looking at her gumdrop nipples as they grew beneath her sundress.

"Les, I really need to get going. Do you have a card? I have some work I need to do at the house and would love to have you come look at it." She said as she grabbed my hand to shake goodbye.

I climbed into my truck, reached into the console to get my cards, and turned in my seat to face her. Then I realized I never released her hand while I did my rummaging. She was now standing between my knees and in the open truck door while I continued to grasp her hand. She leaned in toward me and with her eyes closed took in a deep breath through her nostrils, her breasts heaving and nipples stiffened as she inhaled. She leaned forward into my lap as she finished my breath. She must have noticed my stiff cock as she seemed to grind herself into me as she breathed in. Then she took her free hand, combed her hair back and chuckled. She stared me in the eyes as she retracted her hand from my grasp and curled up the corner of her lip.

"Why don't I just call you. What time is good for you? Five tonight work out?" She blushed, looking down to avoid my gaze. She must have again noticed the growing bulge in my jeans when she looked down for she chuckled then looked me right in the eye again. "I'll call tonight."

She turned, and got in her minivan and drove away, looking at me the entire time. She almost backed into a car which was driving by since she was not paying attention.

I remained in my truck seat, door open. I could still smell her sweet perfume, and feel the warmth off her body. Cupid has struck. I had not felt like this since my wife left five years ago.

Once reality hit me, I began my drive down the mountain. The views were breathtaking, and there were many pull-offs. I passed one with what appeared to be Gwen's minivan. I was jolted back to reality when the phone rang. Unknown number.

"Hello, this is Les"

"Hi Les, it's Gwen. I got the girls taken care of, can you see what I need done now?"

"Don't see why not. I was taking the day off to rest anyway. What time?"

"Why don't you follow me home. I will pass you where the road widens at the bottom of the hill, just tuck in behind me and follow me on home."

"Sounds good. Let me make a few calls, and I will keep an eye open for you. See you soon."

We got back to my neighborhood. I drove by many of my customers homes, and we pulled into the Starks home. Oh, man. I had always heard about Mrs. Stark, but never met her. She was said to be rather shy and private, keeping to herself. No one really knew her well, just that she was always quiet and polite. I pulled my truck in behind her, got out and greeted her again.

"Gwen, I am sorry, I do know who you are. I just had never met you. Please forgive my stumbles earlier. You caught me by surprise."

"No problem. Do you mind dogs? Mine is protective. Wait here while I put him out back."

I stood in the garage waiting as I heard doors open and close. Eventually, she came back out and led me into a basement room. She was strictly business.

"We want to convert this room into a play room for everyone. I want to do a stage so the girls can put on plays, find a way to make a loft with a fire pole for Jake to play and not disturb the girls too badly, and put in a kick ass sound system so my husband can watch movies and no sounds will be heard. I do mean NO sounds. Can you do that?"

I looked around, took some measurements, and we talked more about her ideas. After an hour of discussing her new room, she offered me a glass of wine and a sit on the back porch so we could continue our conversation. I agreed.

She led me through the house and out to a huge back porch. The dog ran around in the yard and did not bother us. She sat down on the lounger and tucked her sundress up close so she could work on her tan some more. Her legs looked great. They were long, sculpted and nicely bronzed. I could not help but stare as she laid back, soaking in the sun. Beads of sweat forming on her body. I had to survey her again. I was most intrigued by her breasts. They were natural, and full. Exactly as you would expect for a woman who has had three kids and kept in shape. I enjoyed they way her nipples strained at the thin cotton sun dress. She then dropped the straps to her dress so as not to get any lines on her shoulders. She scooted the neck line down until I could see the unmistakable change in skin at the tops of her nipples.

I was beginning to feel the wine, the heat of the sun, and my lonely cock stirring to attention. I got up and quickly excused myself, telling her I would have a quote by the end of the week with some drawings. Gwen stood to escort me out. When she stood, her sun dress fell to her waist, exposing her perfectly bronzed breasts to me. We both stood awkwardly and stared.

As soon as I got home, I stripped naked. I ran up to my bathroom to find some lotion and began to stroke myself. I had not done this in years, but I could not stop thinking about her. I imagined her naked breasts in the sun. I pictured her soft lips curled around my cock. I could see her leaned over begging me to take her from behind. I came so fast and hard, I could not believe I was done.

All I could think about was Gwen. I designed an incredible room for her, and let it sit for a few days just so I could clear my head before presenting it. I called on Thursday, and she asked me to leave them in the mail box.

That night, she called about ten. I was half asleep when I answered. She had a low seductive voice which fit the mood I was in.

"Les, I was thinking. What should get laid on

the floor in the basement? Hard wood or some rug? I am thinking it should be smooth so it can be easily cleaned. What do you think?"

Of course, my mind went down the naughty isle. "I will tell you, only if I get the job to lay it for you." There, I said it. My hand went to my dick as I waited to hear her voice again.

"When can you start?"

"Three weeks. I will see you Monday the 18th, 8am."

"Good, now back to getting laid. I love to have sex anywhere but in bed. I am also pretty messy. I make a lot of love juice. I want it to clean up easily. I want to be sure you are a man who can handle this job. I can tell you are. I have talked to some of my neighbors, and they all like how you handle your tools. I want you. To do my work that is."

My jaw dropped. The innuendo was gone. She laid it all out there for me. I was so hot and horny, but did not wish to blow this job.

The next morning, I called around and moved my Monday job. I was ready to start Gwen's immediately. We arranged for my arrival at 8am.

I pulled in, parked my truck and walked up to the front door. Ringing the bell, I could hear scrabbling, and hollers as Gwen ushered her girls together. She arrived at the door, out of breath and wearing a long T-shirt nighty which was nearly see thru. I could easily see the change in color on her breasts, and could have sworn she was not wearing panties.

"Les, sorry. I am ready to kill the girls. They are headed out the back door now to see the neighbors. Would you like some coffee?"

"I would love some. Cream and sugar please."

I followed her into the kitchen, my gaze focused on her ass as it swayed under her flimsy T. I sat down at the table and watched her open the fridge. To my complete and utter delight, when she bent to get the creamer, she exposed her naked ass to me. It was heart shaped, and in between her yummy thighs, two soft and smooth lips seemed to purse to kiss. I suddenly went flush at this sight.

We talked about schedule, and I went to my work. About lunch time, Gwen came out to ask me about lunch plans. She had made finger sandwiches, and would have them in the kitchen for me when I was ready.

As promised, there they were sitting on the kitchen table with a note stating simply "Enjoy". I sat down to do so, and looked out on the back deck and lawn as I ate. On the upper patio, almost around the corner, I could see a lounge chair. It was occupied. There lay Gwen, soaking up the sun. I took an other bite of my sandwich and stood to go out to thank her for lunch. As I reached the door, I could see her more clearly. She was nude, and covered in oil. One hand was caressing her oiled breast while the other was carefully flicking her labia. I stood in the door, struck by this image. I could feel my cock stir. I reached down and began to rub myself outside my jeans. I began to imagine myself caressing oil over her bronzed and sweaty body. She moved her hand with more intensity as I watched, pulling her nipples and aggressively flicking her clit.

I reached for my zipper when suddenly the phone rang. I ducked back and could hear Gwen utter "Damn, and that was going to be a good one too."

She reached to the side table, read the Caller ID. "Hey Suz, you sure know how to ruin a moment."

As she listened to her friend, she searched for a towel to clean herself up. I retreated to the kitchen, grabbed the plate of sandwiches and headed back to my workspace to finish my meal and dream.

The next morning, I ran down to pick up supplies at the store, and headed to Gwen's to start my day early. I wanted to get there early and unload the truck so as to beat the rain. As I rounded the corner near her house, rain drops hit the windshield. Pulling into Gwen's drive, I parked and began to unload my supplies into the garage so they did not become ruined by the rain. By the time I was half way done, it was pouring. I was soaked to the bone.

As I got the last box unloaded, I came running into the garage. Wiping the water out of my eyes, I noticed Gwen standing there, holding two cups of coffee. She was a thing of beauty, wearing a soft white cotton robe, contrasting her dark skin.

"Oh, you are soaked. I brought you some coffee to warm up." she chuckled as she handed me my morning brew. It smelled so good.

"Sorry to be here so early, I wanted to beat this rain. Looks like my timing was off. Tell you what, I will be back in a bit. I am going home to clean up before I start here."

"Oh no you don't. I have something for you. Come now, lets dry you up." Gwen placed her coffee cup down and walked up to me, pulling my T shirt out of my jeans. It clung to my body due to the rain. As she pulled it up, she licked my chest and ran her fingers up my arms as she lifted it over my head. I could feel my cock grow beneath my wet jeans.

"Poor thing, you are shivering. Let me warm you up." She grabbed my belt and pulled it open. In one smooth motion, she had unbuttoned my jeans and was pulling them to the ground. She had to kneel down to pull them. She looked up at me, her brown eyes gazing first deep into mine, then directly at my growing cock. She smiled, opened her mouth, and began to take me into her awaiting lips.

"This ought to warm you up." she purred as she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her mouth.

I threw my head back as I felt her warmth engulf me. It felt wonderful. For a moment, I thought I must be dreaming. I was standing in Gwen's garage, soaking wet, with my pants around my ankles as she lovingly sucked away.

Reality hit when she released my cock from her mouth with a loud sucking pop. She stood, opened her robe and began to engulf me into her robe against her soft naked body. I closed my eyes as her warm soft breasts pressed against my abdomen. I could feel the heat radiate from her nipples as she nuzzled into my cold body. She ground her hips toward me, placing my cock between her smooth legs. I could feel her labia engulf me. She felt on fire down there as her moist lips flowed over the length of my shaft.

I leaned down to kiss her. As I kissed with the passion of an awkward school boy on his first date, I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me. She lifted up onto her toes, and slid herself onto me. I was stunned. She was tight, smooth and on fire. I lifted her off the ground while she remained impaled on me. I grabbed her ass and felt her contract her body to lift up and down on me.

The cold rain on my body mattered no more. I felt her juices flow down my balls, and trickle down my legs. Her ankles clasped behind my knees, and her assault on my aching cock continued. I could not hold much longer. I leaned backward, grasping her ass even tighter. Pushing my pelvis up and into her deeper, I let go. I could not stop it. I released a torrent of cum which seemed to shoot for minutes. As my balls tightened, Gwen could tell what was happening. She ground herself yet deeper onto me, and tightened up for her own gushing release.

We stood, locked together, in the middle of the garage. The door was still open, and the rain continued to pour. Not wanting this moment to end, I hugged her, and kissed her as I felt my dick soften inside her.

"Give me those clothes. I'll throw them in the dryer while we shower up. Thank you Les, I can not tell you how much I needed that." Gwen kissed me, pulled herself off of my deflating cock and knelt down to finish removing my clothes. She dropped her robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. "Be a gentleman and follow me." With that, she walked into her house, naked, and glowing.

The rest is for an other day.

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