Camp Rape


Jen and Nicki had a week off work. The two girls had been best friends for years now and had both recently turned twenty. They enjoyed each others company and also liked the same sort of pastimes, including camping and hiking. With hot weather forecast for the week they had headed up to one of their favourite spots. It was a secluded area, and being the off season they had a good chance that they would have it to themselves and would be able to hike and swim at their leisure. They arrived fairly late in the day and pitched their tent in a small clearing by the river. A deep pool formed here at the bend in the river and they considered it a prime spot for a bit of water play. The only downside was having to leave the car a few hundred yards away and hike in through the woods, carrying their things. Arriving fairly late, the hour the girls decided to just take the bare essentials with them, intending to collect the rest of their gear in the morning.

An early night and an early awakening, the sun rising and promising to another hot day.

"Come on, Jen," called Nicki. "Let's have a quick dip before we get breakfast and finish setting up camp."

"Might I point out that our bathers are in the car still?" smiled Jen.

"I know that," laughed Nicki, "but we're the only ones here. We can do a quick skinny dip and be out, dried and dressed long before any new arrivals turn up. That is if any turn up at all."

"Good point." said Jen, already slipping out of her pyjamas. "Let's go."

The pool was somewhat colder than expected, but after some squeals and energetic splashing both girls warmed up and enjoyed the pool. With the pangs of hunger starting to be noticed Jen headed back to the river bank. She grabbed a wrap, slipped on some thongs and told Nicki to start making breakfast while she went down to the car and grabbed the rest of their things.

Nicki glided over to the bank and strolled to the tents, grabbing a towel to dry herself. Deciding to wait until Jen brought the rest of their things before getting dressed, she wrapped the towel around herself like a sarong, and started checking to see what supplies they had for breakfast.

A footstep, and Nicki looked up, assuming Jen had returned faster than expected. Even as she was standing and turning to where she expected Jen to be she realised that the steps had come from the wrong direction.

Before Nicki could fully understand what that meant, the towel was whipped off her, leaving her as naked as a jaybird, and two large hands clamped onto her hips, lifted her and pulled her back against a large body. A large masculine body.

Nicki gave a yelp, startled but not scared and glanced down at the hands holding her. The first thing that struck her was that they were very large hands. The largest she had ever seen. And below them, rooted firmly to the ground were two very large feet. Those hands and feet did not belong to any of the campers she had previously met on this site, and she'd met a few jokers here who would think it funny to scare her.

Nicki felt a head lean forward and touch lightly on the top of her head and a deep voice rumbles for her to be quiet. He'd take care of everything. Everything? What everything was he talking about?

Then the reality of her position dawned. She was naked and had just been picked up as easily as a small child and was being held against a very large male body. Two other details were starting to filter through her mind. These were that the man was naked and by the feel of what was firmly pressed against her buttocks and lower back the people who said you can judge the size of a mans cock by the size of his hands and feet were understating things. And those were very big hands and feet.

She felt her stomach sink and turn over as she started to suspect just what he meant by everything and she could feel her pussy starting to tingle and moisten. She was going to be skewered by that thing pressed against her and that there wasn't a single damn thing she could do about it. She wanted to yell, but couldn't force herself to. This was a very big man who was holding her, and he'd said be quiet, so quiet she was.

Nicki felt those hands casually lift her even higher and tilt her forward, with a huge knee pushing against and between her knees, forcing them apart and spreading her legs. She is tilted a bit more and her legs are now wide apart, one either side of those tree trunk thighs, while the accompanying cock was now pressed firmly along her vertical slit.

Being lifted again, moved up and down, her pussy being rubbed against that mammoth erection. From the way it felt she had the crazy thought that those hands and feet should be twice the size they were. The sensation in her pussy were become a lot more noticeable as her body decided that it liked this feeling, and she felt liquid heat pooling inside her, lubricating her, starting to adjust in anticipation of what was coming.

Lifted higher and she felt the monster head brush against her, slide forward and jut between her legs, and found she was being lowered so she was astride it. Nicki was then held effortlessly in midair while the erection was rubbed back and forth slowly, teasing her pussy, reminding her body that an invasion was coming and it had better be ready.

Too nervous to look down at the junction of her legs where the warmth was emanating, afraid that she might faint if she actually saw that erection she looked straight ahead. Looking anywhere but down. Looking at the trees. Looking at the river. Looking at Jen coming through the trees, returning from the car, and knowing Jen had spotted her at the same time by the way she abruptly halted with a stunned look on her face.

Nicki's hands fluttered making soothing motions, making shushing signs, making stand still signs, trying to tell Jen to just freeze where she was. Apparently successfully as Jen didn't call out, but just moved sidewards to where a tree helped conceal her, and then just stood there watching the little drama unfold.

Nicki was breathing hard and her pre-sex juices were flowing. She was wet and helpless, and was feeling tiny and altogether a woman as the monster holding her up continued to rub her up and down his rigid member. Her nether lips were now parting. She had no control over them.

The stranger now seemed satisfied that her cunt had been primed and was ready and lifted her up higher, balancing her over the tip of his rearing erection, gently pressing her pussy lips over the head of his cock, preparing to enter her.

The giant holding her was now moving her back and forth in small rocking motions, while gently manoeuvring her down, helping her slide onto the giant invading her. She felt herself stretching, easing onto it, fitting more in and yet still more. She had thought she'd been filled with cock before but now decided that they'd all been tiddlers, barely worth worrying about.

She was panting hoarsely now, her muscles clenching around this two-handed sword that was being drilled into her. She felt rough hair scratching across her sensitive lips and realised that he was finally fully imbedded within her. She felt full, totally taken over by this invasion, the occupying force taking full control of her body, leaving her nothing to do but observe and feel as it consolidated its conquest and started to ravage the land it had occupied.

The titan settled down to work. His massive hands held her firmly in place, suspended in the air, while his hips started to move, pulling his cock slowly out, and then returning. He's very considerate, she thought hysterically, he's giving me time to adjust. But not much time she realised as his movements started increasing in tempo. Not that it mattered. She was now riding that cock in fine style, letting it drill in, relaxing and letting it withdraw. Flexing her muscles to welcome it back again as he returned. She quickly realised that with that much cock inside of her, rubbing against so many hyper-sensitive nerve endings, she was going to climax, rape or not.

On it went, long slow thrusts, followed by faster thrusts and then returning to those long slow intrusions that so sweetly scraped against her. How long had he been drilling her, she wondered. It felt like years but couldn't have been more than a minute or so, surely. She felt him accelerating and decided that he must be due to come too. She heard a hoarse gasp and felt the heavy crash of his cock slamming home and then felt his cum flooding inside her, the hot liquid and the last desperate thrusts enough to send her spiralling down into her own climax, shuddering and convulsing against the weapon that had skewered her.

She came down from her climax, waiting for him to withdraw, wanting to be alone with the aftermath of her climax. Waited, and felt his hands twisting her around his still erect rod, one hand leaving her hip, sliding down and catching her leg, lifting it and rotating her, still firmly affixed to his penis, until she was facing him.

She sat there on his massive cock, stunned, looking at this giant, who had just vigorously used her and apparently was intending to keep on doing so. She shuddered, He must be nearly 7 foot tall and weigh at least 300 pounds. No wonder he was tossing her around like a child, even though she was a grown woman of 20. And he was ugly. Extremely ugly. If she had met him on a dark night she'd have been tempted to run away screaming. Unfortunately, she was not exactly in a position to do that right now.

Nicki blinked and stared at him as he grinned down at her, then he reached around and dragged first one leg up and around him and then the other, never giving her a chance to get off his cock, her own weight keeping her pressed down upon it. Now that she was straddling him he grabbed her arms and pulled them up to his neck and growled at her to hold on.

Then she felt his loins twitching upwards again, pressing his cock further into her pussy, as though it wasn't already buried as deep as any cock could get. His greedy mouth reached down and started sucking on her breasts, moving from one to the other, muzzling them, licking and sucking. "I'm going to have bruises there," she thought fuzzily. "I might be enjoying the feeling of his mouth on my boobs but I'm still going to have bruises. And he's starting to fuck me again. Wasn't once enough?"

Apparently not, because she felt his rhythm building bouncing her up and down, while she clung desperately, clutching onto him for all she was worth as that relentless pounding started again, tenderising her inner flesh, taking her over. Like a swimmer lost in a raging sea, all she could do was cling to her perceived sanctuary while the waves battered and tossed her, and if they were internal waves of his cocks making, so be it. She was still helpless before them and could only hope to ride out the storm.

She no longer cared if she lived or died. She just wanted to feel the storm, rejoice in the storm, let the storm gather her up and carry her away. And her giant stranger helped her with this, relentlessly pounding her into submission, using his cock as a weapon, driving her before him, subduing her, making her his. All too soon for her it ended, with another flood of hot seed sending her through the storm into her climax, and the spiralling down from her climax to a strange stillness.

She slowly gathered her thoughts together, and at the same time felt the gentle rapist lift her up of his cock and place her feet firmly on the ground. His rumbling voice growled at her to stay there and he turned and quietly withdrew back into the surrounding woods.

As she gathered her wits about her, Jen came running up. "My god, my god!" she was saying. "I couldn't believe it. I came back just as he was picking you up and jamming you down on that massive cock of his. Why didn't you scream and tell him to stop? Why did you wave me away and stop me helping? Did you know he stood there and bounced you up and down on that little monster of his for the last half hour."

"Half an hour? Is that all? It felt like an eternity. I've never met a cock so large before. His monster was only little if you're comparing him to a horse, and from the feel of it in me he wasn't far behind one.

Telling him to stop wouldn't have made any difference. He'd obviously decided he wanted some pussy and I was it. I'll admit if one or both of us had screamed, he might have decided not to chance it in front of a witness and stopped but --- by the time you showed up I already had an idea of what that cock was like and there was no way I was going to let anything stop it fucking me.

Now where are my clothes."

"Here. Are we moving on to a different camping place now?"

"Hmm. No. I don't think so. I don't think he'll come back. He's probably getting the hell out of the area."

"OK. We'll continue here for a couple of days, but tomorrow you can wander down to the car to get anything we might need and leave me wandering around the camp starkers. After all, he might come back."

"One little thing, Jen. When I waved you off you ducked into the trees but I saw you lifting something to your face. Did you take a photo? No? Then why are you smirking like that? A video? You mean you taped the whole thing?"

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I forgot how much I loved this one!:)

I read this years ago, loved it at the time but forgot about it. Was just going through your library again, as I am want to do, AND Eureka!

5 Stars. Apparently I didn't vote last time. Sorry.
Still lovemore...

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