tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamp Rape Ch. 02

Camp Rape Ch. 02


Jen and Nicki were an example of opposites attracting, as while both were vivacious and pretty, Jen was a platinum blonde, whereas Nicki had hair as black as a ravens wing. Both had turned eighteen and, neither having a current boyfriend, they had decided to spend some time camping. They had set up their tent in a little glade in the woods, near a pool at the bend of the river. It was the off season, and no-one else appeared to be camping and so the girls were able to just totally relax.

They had some fine hot weather, good hiking paths and a week before they were due back home.

"You know," observed Jen, "If it wasn't for your little sister having her birthday next week I'd stay here for the full two weeks."

"I know what you mean," said Nicki, "It's peaceful here, but I suspect that we'll get restless after a week and be happy to head back. Besides, I suspect that Mum intends for us 'older' girls to supervise the party while she and Dad hide."

"Probably," laughed Jen. "Right now, however, I'm going swimming. Come on."

The girls quickly changed into bathers and slipped into the pool. After swimming for a while Nicki voiced a complaint about her bathers.

"I knew I should have bought a new pair before we came," she grumbled. "These ones have a stupid wire along the base of the top and it's worked loose at one end and pokes me."

"If they bother you that much, take them off," smirked Jen. "There's no-one around to see and you do have an excellent pair of boobies, don't you?"

"Swim topless in public? You're kidding me," laughed Nicki.

"It's not public if there's no-one here, and if the top's irritating you, you won't enjoy your swim. Tell you what, if you do, so will I, to keep you company. Then if anyone comes by they'll have a doubly excellent view."

Nicki bit her lip, thinking, then shrugged. "You're right. Let's toss them." She slipped off the offending item and tossed it up on the bank, seeing Jen's top come flying up to land next to hers. Then started, as another item joined the tops on the bank. She turned to stare at Jen.

"What?" said Jen. "It's not like we've never skinny dipped before."

"Yes. When we were children. We're responsible adults now." Nicki paused, then shrugged. "OK. Maybe we're irresponsible adults," she grinned and seconds later another item landed on the bank.

The girls returned to their water play, laughing and squealing.

Around the bend was another, larger pool, in which Mike and Andy were relaxing, also without the bother of bathers. Both men were on furlough, having an unexpected break before having to rejoin their unit. A particularly loud squeal from one of the girls floated past them, drawing their attention.

"Female company, around the bend," observed Mike. "Want to swim around there and check them out?"

"We could create a bit of a riot if they realise we're naked," warned Andy.

"We're covered by the water. They won't realise and even if they do, as long as we swim back here to leave the river they probably won't be offended. Let's go."

Andy and Mike struck out and were soon approaching the smaller pool where the girls were playing. Andy called out to the girls to let them know they were there and was taken aback by the girls shocked reaction.

"Go away," yelled Jen. "You're not wanted here."

The young men stopped, treading water, trying to figure out what the problem was. The girls couldn't possibly know they were nude, so it couldn't be that. The boys coaxed, saying they could have more fun as a group. The girls were nervously indicating no thanks, stay away.

Mike suddenly laughed and pointed to the bank. "Bathers on the bank, so what are these young ladies wearing?"

Andy grinned and called to the girls. "You're secret's out. You're skinny dipping, aren't you. And in public, too. We're shocked."

Jen and Nicki blushed, nervously looking from the boys to the bank where their bathers lay, not knowing what to do.

"Don't worry about it," said Mike. "You're both decently covered by the water so we won't see anything we're not supposed to and, truth to tell, we're sort of without bathers, too. We're coming over. You can either stay and say hullo, or head for the bank, grab your bathers and run for your camp. Come on, Andy."

The girls looked at each other. Stay or go? Nicki shrugged. "Might as well stay and meet them. As long as we stay in reasonably deep water they're not going to get an eyeful and neither will we."

"In case you haven't noticed," said Jen acidly, "the water is remarkably clear. They'll get a very good idea of what we look like. And us them. But you're right, let's play."

The foursome quickly became acquainted, all of them on their best behaviour which, while involving quite a bit of touching, ducking and teasing on the part of the boys, ensured that they kept their teasing within bounds, not trying to feel up the girls or openly ogling them.

Not that this stopped any of them from keeping their eyes open while swimming under water and appreciating the sights.

Jen was the first to call it quits, saying she was heading back to the camp to sunbathe for a while. Andy graciously offered to escort her to the camp. He received a wry look but Jen didn't refuse, just picking up her bathers and heading back with Andy walking beside her. Reaching the camp she flicked a towel onto the ground and lay down on her tummy.

"If you're considering any seduction scene or groping generally, you'd better be on your way," warned Jen, with Andy hastily promising no such intention. He'd just relax and chat with her until Nicki and Mike turned up, and then he and Mike would be on their way.

Back at the pool Nicki and Mike continued with their light horseplay and teasing, although both were a lot more conscious of the other person now that they were alone. After Mike had demonstrated his underwater prowess by swimming the length of the pool, including swimming between her spread legs at the end without actually touching her, Nicki decided that she'd better head back to camp and the safety of other people. She'd noticed that when Mike had swum under her he'd rolled on his back and that his eyes had been wide open. Enough was enough.

Nicki grabbed up her bathers and headed to camp. Mike told her he'd escort her, pick up Andy and they'd swim back round to their camp. Would it be all right if they came back after they'd dressed. Their camps were probably only a few hundred yards apart. That would be fine. They could get further acquainted and they might be able do some trips as a foursome.

Nicki led the way back to the camp, speaking firmly to herself as she walked. She was not feeling sexually stimulated. She was just feeling flushed from the exercise. And of course she was wet. She'd been swimming and so of course she'd be wet. "Internally" asked a little voice, that was determinedly ignored. Concentrating on her thoughts and where she was going she hadn't even noticed that Mike had dropped back a little and was admiring her figure. She also failed to notice that a penis that had been flaccid and shrunk due to the cold water had rapidly recovered once out of the water and in the sunshine. Mike's penis was reacting sharply to his appreciation of the delicate bottom wiggling along in front of him, raising it's head and standing tall as though it also wanted to see that cute little bum.

Nicki reached the camp and wandered over to where her towel lay, stopping and bending over to pick it up. Mike wandered over right behind her, but didn't stop when Nicki stopped, taking those extra couple of steps and in front of Jen's unbelieving eyes reached down, moved Nicki's lips apart and, with no hesitation, slid his now engorged cock straight into her. Plunged deeply, fully embedding himself in that one swift stroke.

Nicki gasped and, feeling the way his cock slid so neatly into place, knew that all those self lectures she'd been giving herself were false. She was hot and wet sexually, and her body was welcoming this. Her mind wasn't being consulted by either Mike or her body. She glanced over to see how Jen and Andy were reacting.

Andy had noticed Mike sporting that erection and was not surprised by what followed, as his cock had also swelled while he had been talking to and observing Jen. Andy had already made his own plans for what he intended to do unless Mike had waved him off. With Mike certainly not waving him off, Andy made his move.

Jen was horrified. Mike had just walked up behind Nicki and without a word or a warning had started fucking her. This was rape and she wouldn't stand still for it. Jen gathered her hands and feet beneath her, preparing to leap to her feet and go to Nicki's rescue. Unfortunately, as soon as her bottom started to lift into the air, a hand descended and pressed on her back, holding her in a half risen position, while a second hand came forward and pressed between her legs, cupping her love mound.

Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth followed suit, preparing to yell and blast the ears of both the boys when she noticed Nicki shaking her head. What? She paused, uncertain, but Nicki was definitely shaking her head, indicating she should be silent. She froze, uncertain what to do, seeing Nicki relax, while Andy continuing to squeeze and stroke her.

Nicki saw Jen's look of outrage and her attempt to stand. Grinned internally when she saw Andy stop her rising, and tried to indicate to Jen to just shut up and let the boys do what they wanted to. Relaxed minutely when she saw Jen pause and close her mouth, and then found herself tightening again as she felt Mike starting to seriously move within her body. Amazing she thought, it looked so small in the water, but it sure don't feel small now that it's in me. She started to move in concert with Mike, accepting his cock and starting to ride it to an inevitable conclusion. She just hoped that he would last long enough to let her reach a climax.

Jen stayed where she was, saying nothing, watching Mike pump into Nicki, watching Nicki meets his thrusts with an eager body and at the same time feeling Andy playing with her. She was in doggy position, she realised, and Andy was preparing to take her like that. He was manipulating her, stroking, stretching her lips apart and darting his fingers into her, teasing her, getting her hot and wet. This is rape, she thought. I should be protesting. I should be fighting. I shouldn't be pushing my bum into the air so that he can get at my cunt more easily, but that's what I'm doing. Oh, god. I'm feeling depraved. I'm going to have sex in public with other people watching and I don't seem to care.

Nicki continued to watch Andy playing with Jen while Mike thrust repeatedly into her. Watching the look of excitement on their faces was increasing her own lust, providing a vicarious feedback, urging her to meet Mike's urgent thrusts with her own urgency, both of them feeding of each other, reaching for that climax. Soon, Nicki was thinking, very soon. I can't take this forever. And Jen's watching me get fucked and knows that she'll be getting something similar, shortly. Andy looks ready to take her at any moment. She felt Mike speeding up his already desperate thrusts and felt her tension rising. The she heard a grunt of relief from Mike and felt his ejaculate exploding deep within her, causing her to gasp and finally climax, feeling Mike's cock as part of her body, part of her essential being. The climax slowly died and she became aware of her surroundings again.

Jen saw Nicki suddenly spasm and shake and knew that she was climaxing.

Then she finally felt Andy holding her lips apart again, but this time it wasn't his fingers that were daring to enter her. She felt a sphere mounted on a rigid shaft easing its way into her, spreading her vaginal passage and slowly driving home. How big was his cock she wondered, and looked up at where Mike was slowly withdrawing from Nicki.

"That big?" she wondered.

"Actually, mine is bigger than that," whispered an evil little voice. Andy had noticed where she was looking, and was delighted to enlighten her.

Nicki sank to the ground in front of Jen, and watched her face as Andy slowly drilled into her, taking his time and enjoying her squirming. Jen was horrified.

"They're just going to look and watch while he fucks me," she realised.

"Go away," she hissed at Nicki.

"Why? You watched me get fucked."

"I had no choice. You do. Go away."

"No. I like watching you take it. It's exciting, and anyway you like knowing I'm looking."

Jen groaned.

"Why did you stop me struggling and protesting, anyway. I might have been able to stop this."

Nicki explained. "At that stage we could only say stop or go.

If we'd said go we'd have looked like a pair of tarts, so we couldn't say go. If we said stop, they may or they may not have stopped.

If they didn't stop when we asked, then they'd have been raping us, and we wouldn't want to be raped, so we couldn't say stop. So we said nothing."

"But if we'd told them no firmly they probably would have stopped," gasped Jen, feeling Andy continue to advance within her. "Then it would have been over."

"That's the other point. Who wanted them to stop? I didn't and from the look on your face you don't. Far better to shut up and enjoy it.

Now while you suffer the humiliation of having Andy fuck you thoroughly while we watch, I'm going to explain to Mike that we didn't want this and as an apology for this unwarranted assault on our bodies they have to take us out to dinner."

Jen gasped in outrage, then gasped again as Andy gave a final thrust and buried himself deeply within her. Jen crouched, quiescent, trying to hold still while Andy started to withdraw and return. "I won't give in to this," she told herself. "I don't even like doggy fashion. I'll just hold still and spoil it for him."

Andy slowly thrust, feeling the tension in Jen and knowing she was fighting the feelings that he was creating within her. He smiled. A challenge. He liked a challenge. Andy continued to stroke her slowly, pulling his cock almost fully out before driving back, the very slowness agitating a body that was begging to be allowed to respond. Then while continuing with that slow sweet torment, Andy reached forward and captured Jens breasts, swinging freely below her. "Not fair," she muttered to herself as her breasts started to swell and add their excitement to the sensations that were building up around and flowing out from her cunt. "That is so not fair."

Nicki was watching closely, enjoying the show while keeping up a conversation with Mike who was casually playing with her breasts. She reached over to mutter in Andy's ear.

Andy grinned, and started to speed up his thrusts slightly, flooding Jen with more sensations, undermining her determination, causing her to start moving in rhythm with Andy's thrusting cock. Then his hands slipped down from Jen's breasts to just below her ribs, paused as Jen waited in horrified anticipation, then swiftly dug his fingers in below her ribs.

Jen screamed and her whole body spasmed as the tickling ripped into her, causing her to writhe and twist, then screamed again as all her determination was swept away in a flood of feeling.

Jen was bucking wildly now, her body frantic to make up for lost time, thrusting back against Andy as he finally settled in to coaxing a climax out of her, hammering his cock in at a steadily increasing pace. Jen was mindless now, riding Andy, content to be riding him, content to let her cunt dictate what was going on, ecstatic to feel her climax as she orgasmed, totally lost and not really caring that Andy was also climaxing deep within her.

Nicki sat back with a smirk on her face watching Jen slowly come back to life. Jen slowly sat up, only then realising that she could as Andy had finally withdrawn. She looked back at Nicki, who smiled. "Mike agrees that they should take us to dinner as way of apology." she said. "They're heading back to their camp now and will be back to pick us up about six. Mike did say however that he can't guarantee that they won't feel compelled to ravish us again after dinner, but if they do they'll bring us breakfast in bed."

"Probably their beds," she added thoughtfully. "Are you in? Willing to take the chance?"

Jen glared. "Of course I'm in, but I'm going to make sure that Mike knows where your ticklish spots are."

Nicki smiled."That's nice, but you might be better off telling Andy. From the interested looks he was giving me I think they might intend to change partners after dinner, so be prepared."

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