tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCampfire Stories Ch. 07

Campfire Stories Ch. 07

byGood Burger©

When half an hour had passed with no sign of the campers, Colin, or Julia, Marie and Joe decided to go for a walk. Marie liked Joe, he was handsome, well-built, and a decent guy. To top it all off, Julia had let her know about Colin walking in on Joe, and she knew there was a nice prize underneath those shorts of his. Joe was feeling the same way. Marie was stunning, and he had to try very hard not to let his gaze fall to her voluptuous chest during conversation. They had "clicked."

As they reached the lake, and Joe saw how the moonlight shone on Marie's light blonde hair, he couldn't resist, and took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She gratefully returned the affectionate kiss, and whispered in his ear, "Let's go."

Joe couldn't believe his luck. He hadn't been laid in months, and now an incredibly beautiful girl was leading him back to her place. They quietly snuck into the Arapaho cabin, and tiptoed past the sleeping teenaged girls. Joe caught glimpses of several girls' panties, thongs, and even saw one girl's bare twat! His penis had already started coming to life by the time they reached the bathroom.

Marie led Joe into the shower stall where just days before, she experience the most erotic moments of her life only days before with Colin and Julia. Marie wrapped her arms around Joe's neck and kissed him lightly on the mouth. Joe's arms glided up Marie's hourglass figure as the kiss they shared grew more passionate. The instant Joe's hands came in contact with Marie's breasts she broke their kiss with a sharp intake of air, before kissing him even more deeply.

Joe pulled the white tee shirt emblazoned with the camp's logo over Marie's head. He briefly enjoyed the sight of her breasts clamped together in a lacy red bra before removing Marie's shorts to reveal matching panties. He traced his fingers over her ass and slid around to her front and gently raked them across the material that separated him from her moist slit. Joe pulled off his shirt as Marie pulled down his shorts and briefs. Joe's thick manhood sprung from it's prison and slapped against Marie's stomach. The lovers didn't break eye contact once. Joe caressed Marie's tits and undid the front clasp of her bra as he massaged. Marie pulled the bra from her shoulders as Joe crouched down to remove her underwear. As her bald beaver came into view, he began to place light kisses all over her mound.


Julia came in minutes after the girls returned. Gina and Ashley were pretending to sleep. Julia noticed the wetness on Gina's blue panties and Ashley's hard nipples poking against her shirt. She had seen Keri step into the bathroom just before she walked in the door. Julia stripped naked, and searched through her bag for a long enough tee shirt to hide her body from the girls in the cabin. She heard a faint movement, and noticed Ashley's hand slip between her legs. Julia could see the short girl's bright red pubic hair out of the corner of her eye as Ashley pleasured herself. At first, Julia thought the teen was recapping her experience in the forest. However, Julia quickly realized she had a better view in the mirror beside her bed, and saw that Ashley was staring at her while masturbating! Julia felt the wetness between her legs.

Julia pretended not to see Ashley, and give the girl a show. Julia stretched, arching her back so her breasts were accentuated and her light brown bush could also be seen. Julia grabbed a bottle of lotion from her bag. She moistened her hands and then began rubbing it all over her tits. Her nipples hardened and she gave them a little extra attention. Julia watched the mirror as Ashley slipped on hand under her shirt to massage her massive melons. Ashley's tank top popped up, letting her tits spring into view. Now with an unobstructed view of Ashley's tits and pussy, Julia couldn't hold back. She took the bottle of lotion and inserted it into her pussy. She turned and faced Ashley, who was too close to climax to care, and began vigorously fucking her tight pussy with the bottle. She fucked herself as hard as she possibly could as she noticed Ashley's hips grinding into her land. Suddenly, Ashley froze, and then shook violently as she came. Ashley shoved her face in her pillow to muffle her moans and screams of pleasure as her pussy soaked her sheets. By the time Ashley looked up, Julia was on her back, legs spread into a 'V,' finishing herself off with the bottle.


Keri was still turned on from the erotic game of truth or dare. She decided to go into the bathroom and have a little fun before bed. She walked in and was greeted by the sight of two counselors in the shower stall! Marie was wearing only a lacy red bra with matching panties, and she had just freed Joe's thick cock from his underwear! He wasn't as big as Mike, but he sure was thick! Keri watched as he undressed her counselor and started kissing her pussy!

Keri had never seen such a thing, and it turned her on even more. Almost mesmerized by the sight before her, she untied her negligee and let it fall to the floor. Her white panties soon followed suit. She sat on the floor, and was thankful for her cheer leading background as she spread her legs as wide as they could go. If Marie or Joe looked towards the door, they'd have a clear view of the teen's blonde pubes and virgin twat. Keri gasped as she pushed three fingers as deep as she could into her depths.

Marie had just taken half of Joe's penis into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip and slid up the glans. Joe's precum tasted different, but not in a bad way. Keri watched Marie suck Joe's dick and then lowered her hairless pussy to Joe's waiting mouth. Keri had never thought of shaving her entire mound before, just the bikini lines. As Keri admired her counselor's bald beaver, Marie broke the 69 and stood over Joe, who lay back on the floor, his rigid member pointing at the pussy that dripped on it from above. Slowly, she lowered herself until the head of his penis brushed the lips of her vagina. She slid back and forth, coating his glans with her juices, before impaling herself on Joe's prick. Marie gasped, she had never felt so...so filled before. She could feel every inch of her pussy walls wrapped tightly around his cock. Joe was enjoying the sensation as well, and he eagerly began thrusting into the twat he had thought about all night. Marie welcomed this action, and began riding her lover's fuck toy with no abandon.

Keri had forced a fourth finger into her tight, virgin cunt at the sight of insertion. The attractive cheerleader made her hips match the rhythm of her counselor's fucking. Keri was overwhelmed by the sexual nature of the evening and fucked herself harder than she had ever done at home. Before long, she felt her hot cum running down her leg. She lifted her head to see Marie quickly stand up, with Joe's cock coming out of her twat with a pop. Marie began furiously rubbing her clit as Joe's cock exploded shooting wads of cum everywhere. When Marie felt his sperm shoot her pussy from the floor below, she fell to her knees with a mind blowing orgasm. Keri watched Joe erupt, and saw the cum flow out of her counselor's pussy too. When some of Joe's cum landed on her face, Keri came again, achieving an orgasm without any physical stimulation. Keri quietly crawled out of the room to her bunk, where she pulled the negligee over her head and fell fast asleep.

Ashley was pretty embarrassed the next morning. She was pretty sure her counselor caught her masturbating, but her embarrassment waned when she saw Keri. Keri's negligee hung around her neck, leaving her gorgeous tits and virgin pussy exposed. Ashley tossed a sheet over her friend before anyone else woke up, and noticed something dried on Keri's cheek. Ashley knew that this would be a very different summer...

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