This is 100% true. This happened last summer, but I was too busy with college stuff to write it, so I apologize for the delay. Hope you like it.


It's almost a rite of passage these days for a teenage boy to go camping with friends. And believe me, if I'd known how this would turn out, I would've gone ages ago. I got the opportunity one day in July, when one of my best friends, a kid I went to school with named Cade (pronounced like "made" but with a C), texted me inviting me along. He was going with his girlfriend, a girl from a neighboring town named Mikayla (who he actually broke up with the following month). I also found out another one of my closest friends named Nate was going. He didn't have a girlfriend so he was going alone, which must've sucked. Naturally, I wanted to bring my girlfriend Liv along. We'd been dating for nearly 2 years by this point. She was going into her sophomore year in college, making her the oldest of the group. The other 5 of us had just graduated high school. I was going to the same college as Liv and Cade, who happened to be my roommate, in September, and I couldn't wait. We all went to the same high school, except Mikayla, who went to her town's.

My name is Matt by the way. I was 18 when this camping trip took place. In fact we all were. Liv was turning 19 later that month (that's a whole different story altogether, called Birthday Fun, check it out). I had dark brown hair, bordering on black, and grayish eyes. I had a honker though, which I broke when I was 14, and now was hooked and rather large. I was about 5'9" and average weight, whatever that is for a teen boy. I played lead guitar in a band, which I formed around the same time I first started dating Liv. We met in high school, in our French class actually, which we both hated with a passion, along with everyone who took the class. I was 16, she was 17, and the grade above me. We hit it off pretty much instantly, and I finally worked up the balls to ask her out in December of my junior year. She's my first girlfriend. We're still together, coming up for 2 years (now over 2 years in real life), and I love her immensely. We finally had sex for the first time on my 18th birthday the previous April. Her present to me was her v-card, which actually made me cry when she told me she surrendered her innocence. That was easily the best gift I've ever had for a birthday. I wrote about that as well, it's called Best Birthday Ever. And trust me, it really was.

Liv had a great personality, one reason why I liked her. She was usually very outgoing and talkative, as well joking and mischievous, but was a very sweet girl with a kind heart. And looks-wise, she was a fucking smoke show. She had blondish-brown hair and hazel eyes. She stood about 5'3" and was in great shape. She played soccer in college. And in high school, she was captain of the girls varsity soccer team and ran track, setting records for best times. She had a fabulous ass, my favorite feature on her, and roughly 34C tits. Her legs were long and toned from soccer, as well as tanned. Her stomach was toned and flat too, made even hotter with a bellybutton piercing, which made the tan look even sexier in the summer.

Anyway, I was at my house chilling out one scorching July afternoon when Cade texted me, asking if I was free the next weekend. I said yes, so he invited me camping with him on Saturday night, along with Mikayla and Nate. He said I could bring Liv, so I texted her asking her to come. She agreed instantly, being the adventurous type. I had never gone camping before, so it was bound to be a good laugh.

So on Saturday afternoon, I picked Liv up and we drove over to Cade's house. Mikayla was already there, and they were packing. Cade greeted us and informed us that Nate was borrowing his dad's truck for the night to haul all our stuff. Nate showed up about 15 minutes later. His dad had a nice truck, a black 2010 Toyota Tundra with a double cab. I've always liked these trucks, and hope to own one in the future. The only problem was, we couldn't all fit in the truck, even with 4 doors and a back seat. So we decided to put all our stuff in the truck and take my car as well. Nate would drive the truck to our campsite and I would follow. It was about a 90 minute drive.

I drive a silver, 5 speed manual 2003 Saab 9-3, nicknamed "Stealth" because she was deathly quiet, despite having a turbo kit and a manual gearbox. I got her from my grandparents when I was 16 because they were sick of changing gears and wanted an automatic. I had no idea how to drive stick when I first got her, but now I love it. I don't think I'll ever own an automatic (maybe a truck, but never a car) as long as I still have my left leg. She's a snarling, turbocharged beast, but she's still my baby.

Anyway, we hit the road about 20 minutes later, at roughly 4:00, Nate's truck carrying all our gear. I was driving the Saab, following him. I love flooring the gas on the highway, the turbo pushes everyone back in their seats. Seriously, it's like a fucking roller coaster. So naturally, I did that once we were on the highway, dropping it into 2nd gear and gunning it past Nate, waving and laughing. He had no chance of catching us, driving a huge pickup truck weighed down with all our shit for the night. The journey there was great. We rolled down the windows and hung our arms out of them. I also opened the sunroof and blasted the radio. We all loved cruising around on summer nights like these. Liv was wearing sunglasses and was sticking her arm out the sunroof the whole journey, a permanent smile on her face.

We finally arrived at the campsite, coming down from the high of driving around on a summer night without a care in the world. This was the shitty part. We had to unload the truck (we'd brought plenty of coolers full of beer luckily) and set up our tents. I was sharing a tent with Liv. Cade was with Mikayla. Nate, the poor kid, had his own, being single. This took forever to do. No one had a clue how to pitch a tent, so everyone kept fucking it up, but it was a good laugh nonetheless. We finally finished about 2 hours later. Nate got the grill set up and went to work on burgers and hotdogs and all sorts of barbecue food. He's a great cook. I was very surprised he didn't have a girlfriend. He's in great shape and can cook, and isn't an ugly kid either.

Cade and I got a fire going while he cooked. The 2 girls found some logs for us all to sit on. Dinner was served at about 8, just as it was starting to get dark. The fire certainly helped keep the mosquitoes away, which was a big plus. It was also getting colder, maybe in the 60s now. Liv certainly noticed and sat next to me, putting her arms around me and leaning on me, giving me a clear view down her tank top. She also got the idea of feeding me, which I liked. I returned the favor, feeding her all of my food. Then she decided to take one of my fingers in her mouth, sucking on it and swirling her tongue around it.

I laughed. "Liv, there's a time and a place for this, you know."

She took my finger out of her mouth. "Damn right. It's now." With that, she sucked each of my fingers on that hand one at a time, and started kissing up my arm and neck, not caring that there were people around. If that wasn't bad enough, she started sucking on my earlobe. I had to resist the urge to moan. She stopped and whispered into my ear, "This isn't the only thing I'll be sucking later." She smiled and turned my head, giving me a particularly wet kiss. That's why I liked her, she didn't give a shit what she looked or sounded like.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by Cade's voice. "Jesus Christ, cool it, will ya? You were right, there's a time and place," he said with a grin from across the fire. Liv finally pulled away with a wet and audible smack, once again hugging me and leaning on me. I put an arm around her waist, caressing her perfect stomach and holding her close.

"Sorry. Liv can't get enough of me," I said jokingly. Cade and Nate both groaned and pretended to puke.

"Anyway, as I was saying, before Romeo and Juliet over there interrupted us, I wanna know what scares you all the most," Cade said, looking around at us.

There was silence until Nate spoke up. "Spiders."

Cade nodded. "I don't like them either but they're not my absolute worst fear."

Nate continued, "I don't know, I just don't like them. Some are ok, like the small harmless things I find in my house. But, there are also some truly nasty motherfuckers crawling around. Mainly the massive, hairy, fucking leviathans I see in, like, South America or Australia. Those fuckers are the things that give me the shits."

Cade nodded. "Fair enough. I'm with you there. Mikayla?" he looked over at her, waiting.

She was surprisingly quiet. I thought she would be loud and outgoing, but she hadn't spoken since we'd arrived. She thought for a second, then said, dead seriously, "I'm not sure yet. Probably heights. Or blood." There was silence.

Cade said, "Alright. That's a common one." He looked around.

Then Nate spoke up, "I wanna know what scares the 2 horny lovers over there."

All eyes fell on us. Liv went first. "I've always been scared of the dark. I always feel like there's something waiting just out of my line of sight, trying to kill me." Her voice changed to a joking tone. "That's why I'm sleeping with Matt tonight, to protect me. As well as other various reasons, which you can probably guess," she grinned.

Everyone burst out laughing, even Mikayla. I laughed and put an arm around her again. She smiled and fell silent, snuggling against me again, putting her head on my shoulder.

The laughter eventually stopped. Nate said, "Go on Matt, what scares you?"

Cade spoke up, "Screw off man, nothing scares him." He got up and threw more wood on the fire.

I smiled. "I don't know about that. Girls used to scare me." I paused and continued with a smile, motioning to Liv, "Until I met this one." Instantly, a disgusted groan went up around the campfire. Cade jokingly rolled his eyes. Liv laughed and kissed my cheek. I continued, "But seriously, the thought of never seeing my friends or my family again scares the shit out of me. That and the things that make your skin crawl, and the hair stand up on the back of your neck." I paused, smiled, and pointed, "Like Nate over there." Everyone laughed even harder, even Nate, who blushed. Liv, Cade, and Mikayla were crying with laughter now. I grinned and continued, "One more thing. My grandfather always told me a creepy story of his dad." I paused and cleared my throat, leaning in and removing my arm from around Liv. Cade leaned in from across the fire and looked at me, the flames reflecting in his hazel eyes.

I continued, "It was back in world war two, which my great-grandfather fought in. He served with the 1st Marines on Okinawa. There was this insane guy in his squad. A fucking nut job. He was bloodthirsty. Anyway, it was about a month into the battle. This guy got the job of carrying the flamethrower. Now this was a really undesired task. They were always the priority targets. Any soldier in his right mind who saw he was about to be burnt to a fucking crisp would aim for the flamethrower. Makes perfect sense to me. Add an additional 25 pounds of fuel on your back and it was considered to be the worst job any soldier could have. I can only imagine what the fuck the guy's superiors were thinking, giving that lunatic, of all people, a flamethrower. But the problem was, he loved it! Even worse, he was the best shot in the platoon with it. And one day, his platoon got orders. These came straight down from the top." I paused and looked around at everyone. They were all listening attentively and leaning in. Liv was staring at me, her hazel eyes wide and fearful.

I went on, "His platoon was ordered to charge a series of tunnels and caves carved into the sides of the mountains. These were a fucking death trap. They were all connected so any cave thought to be clear could suddenly spawn dozens of Japanese soldiers. Countless men were lost because of this. Anyway, my great-grandfather was ordered to provide cover for the flamethrowers as they cleared out the caves. And of course, the crazy guy was given this task. He didn't give a shit about his safety or self-preservation. He was a killing machine. Anyway, this nut had to push uphill and clear out a cave, pretty much singlehandedly. It almost worked. He cleared out the cave successfully, burning all the guys inside to a crisp. He turned around and signaled that it was clear. But it wasn't. He must've missed one guy. This guy took a single shot at him. The bullet hit the fuel tank and it exploded. The poor fucker never had a chance. He went up like a fucking match. And the rest of the platoon had no choice but to watch. Not a good way to die. The flesh literally melted off his bones. The guy that shot him didn't last long either though. Our boys shredded his body with gunfire. Anyway, the corpsman attached to his unit had to go retrieve the body. If you could call it that. It must have been awful. The smell, the sight, everything. His skin was black and charred. He was so disfigured that he couldn't be identified. His dog tags had melted into his skin."

I paused again and looked around, checking everyone's reaction. Everyone looked disgusted. "Yeah, his dog tags. Metal being melted into your skin. God knows what that felt like. Anyway, here's the fucked part. His skin was black, apart from one perfect patch on his arm. This patch of skin had a tattoo on it. This guy was a lifer in the marines. The tattoo was a picture of Satan and a hellhound with the words 'Devil Dog' under it. That's an infamous nickname given to the marines in the first world war if you're wondering. Like I said, his skin was all burnt. Beyond recognition. But not that part. That part was perfect. The one chunk of skin with a satanic reference was unscathed. There's nothing fun in a war, despite what you may see in the movies. It always looks like a clean, tidy adventure on camera. The reality is, it's fucking disgusting. So, back to the story, what happened with the tat? Was it just a fluke? Or was Satan watching over him? Either way, it taught me to keep an open mind." I finally finished and sat back. There was silence for a long time. Everyone was trying to comprehend what I just said. Liv looked terrified.

Cade finally broke the silence, "Wow. So anyway, back to the conversation. The thing that scares me the most is definitely-and don't laugh at me, I'm dead serious- is definitely dying before I get laid."

He told us not to laugh, so what did we do? We laughed. Hard. Nate and I both fell off our logs, howling with laughter.

Cade stared at us, rolling around on the ground killing ourselves laughing, with a "what-the-fuck...." look and said, "You said you wouldn't laugh! What the fuck guys? Come on, I'm serious!" He stood up. "Stop laughing! I'm not kidding! You know what? Fine. Go on. Laugh. Keep laughing. See if I care." He sat down and turned away, trying to ignore us and pretend it didn't bother him. This worked for about 5 seconds until he looked at us, annoyed again, and said, "Fuck you guys! Fuck you! Fuck everyone! You can all go fuck yourselves!" he pointed at Nate and I, "Especially you two! I hate you all!" His reaction just made us laugh even harder, if that was possible. He started to walk to his tent, shaking his head and pissed at us for laughing and pissed at himself for telling us, probably knowing how we'd react.

Nate finally sat up, still on the ground, and said in a baby voice, "Awwww, Cadey-poo, did we touch a nerve?" Cade ignored us. Nate continued, "Yes that's right. Pay no attention to the nasty teenage boys." We both started cracking up again.

Cade finally calmed down and emerged from his tent about 5 minutes later. Nate took one look at him and started cracking up again. Cade looked at him with a faint smile, probably realizing what he'd sounded like from our point of view. I got up and grabbed a beer. And on a spur of the moment, I grabbed my guitar (acoustic, there weren't any outlets to plug my electric guitar and amp into) from my tent. Cade noticed and said, "Oh yes. Serenade us, you sexy piece of ass."

We sang several campfire songs, including the "Campfire Song Song" from Spongebob. We all still love that show. After that, I put on an exaggerated redneck accent and improvised lyrics and a guitar line. I spun my hat around backwards and jumped up. I danced around the fire, pulling pained expressions and rapidly trilling (It's hard to explain what that is without pictures or videos. It's basically hitting the same 2 notes really fast on a guitar string without picking/strumming them). Everyone laughed hysterically.

Liv was watching with an amused expression, but really started laughing at this. I finally sat down with a bow, enjoying everyone's reaction. Liv finally stopped laughing and said, "OMG, you're so cute," and grabbed the sides of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. The kiss slowly got more intense, and groans and wolf whistles went up from everyone. She finally stopped and smiled at me. She grabbed my hat off my head and put it on, backwards, like I had it. I laughed and put an arm around her waist, holding her close. She smiled and kissed my cheek, putting her head on my shoulder. Liv looked very tomboyish, wearing a tank top and tight shorts with my hat on backwards.

We all stayed up pretty late, swapping stories and jokes, drinking and having a good time. My arm had fallen asleep from being around Liv's waist the whole time. She was well on her way too, still wearing my hat and her beer bottle slipping from her grasp. Her head was still on my shoulder, and she was struggling to keep her eyes open. I finally stood up. "I'm going to bed. And I think Liv is too. Goodnight everyone!"

I carried Liv over to our tent and was about to go inside when Cade said to me, "Get it!" I smirked at him and ducked inside, zipping up the tent. Unsurprisingly, the second I zipped the tent closed, Liv opened her eyes and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me intensely. She must've pretended to be asleep to get me alone. I wasn't about to complain, she was awesome in the sack.

I slowly reached up her tank top, caressing her toned stomach, and finally her boobs. She moaned and lifted her arms up, and I quickly took her tank top off, tossing it to the side, followed by her lacy black bra 10 seconds later. The kissing resumed, more intense this time, with a lot of groping and tongue work. She finally stopped and removed my shirt, running her hands up and down my torso and back. I responded by sticking my hand down her shorts and rubbing her clit through her thong. I wasn't surprised to find she was already very wet down there. Soon enough, like her tank top and bra, the shorts and thong came off. She pushed me down onto my sleeping bag and got on top of me, feverishly kissing me and shoving her hand down my pants, squeezing my cock and slowly jacking it off. I inhaled sharply and wriggled out of my shorts and boxers. Liv resumed jerking me and slowly inserted it into her snatch. Fuck foreplay, we both wanted the real thing!

She moaned softly into my ear and started gently bouncing up and down on my cock. It felt great, like always.

"Oh my god, baby," I whispered, lying down and closing my eyes. "Don't stop."

She only moaned in response and leaned in, sticking her rack directly in my face. Sweet! The view just got better. I sat up and ravaged those heavenly mounds, making her moan, "Ohhhhhh," and climax, sending me over the edge too. I inhaled and closed my eyes trying to restrain it, but I couldn't, and squirted.

Liv rolled off me, exhausted, her eyes closed and breathing hard. "Fantastic," she murmured, opening her eyes and looking at me with a smile.

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