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We had gone camping with our friends Gordon and Peggy. The first night, before we went to bed, in out separate tents, Gordon had told me that I should not be worried if I heard movements from them in the middle of the night as he and Peggy had formed a liking for having sex in the open air. They often indulged themselves on camping trips like these, he said. So I wasn't surprised when I heard rustlings and whispers an hour or so after we had retired.

Louise and I got up and followed them. He was wearing shorts and she had on a billowy nightdress, through which the moon light showed her ample body. Down by the lake we could make out their dim outlines as Gordon pulled the shadow of his wife's nightdress over her head. Her full tits shone in the pale light and we could see the erect dark points of her nipples. She pulled down Gordon's shorts and his shaft stood clearly out from his body. Louise sucked her breath in at the length of his cock. The moon bathed his long rigid cock with its pale light as Peggy moved away and then down and the silhouette of her head merged with that of his erection as she took it into her mouth. She sucked for a while, with Gordon bending his knees to thrust upwards into her mouth. She slipped the long tool from her mouth and straightened up as Gordon took is turn at her breast and then at her groin. She bent her knees to allow him full access to her cunt while her hands played and tugged at her nipples. At last she laid down in front of Gordon. We could just see her bended knees as Gordon knelt between them and then their twin shadows merged with the tufted grass and we could see nothing more.

My own cock was hard and Louise was holding it, just giving it some slow strokes. My hand was caressing her pubic mound, my fingers feeling her increasing dampness. She now led me back to our tent. We plunged right away into fucking. As soon as we were inside Louise was on her back. She opened her legs, run a finger up the line of her cunt and just whispered "come on!" I parted her lips and buried my stiff rod in her warm channel. She groaned with pleasure as she felt her cunt walls stroked by my eager prick. I only managed a few strokes before I felt a climax coming on. I pumped a load of spunk into her, but remained hard and in a minute or so I was again pushing into her warm canal. I worked her cunt, varying my pace and depth of penetration, the way she likes until her hips bucked and she gave out her cries of joy as her orgasm hit.

It was a slow day in the camp the next day. I think I caught Gordon's eye once or twice, but there was no overt mention of the previous night's activity.

In the evening our wives coaxed us to go for a walk after dinner. Curiously they both wore longish dresses. I could tell that Louise didn't have her bra on by the beautiful way her breasts swayed under the fabric. We walked round the lake a little and then at a small clearing the women looked at each other, nodded and then moved so they were standing together. In one swift motion, they simultaneously pulled off their dresses and stood completely nude in front of us. We men just stood there, completely nonplussed.

My wife looks fabulous in the nude. Her full breasts, tipped with dark red nipples, always invite my eyes and lips. She trims rather than shaves her pussy so she has a desirable strip of black at her groin. Peggy I hadn't seen naked before. Her tits were smaller than Louise's and her nipples were less highly coloured, but as they hardened in the night air I could see that they would be longer and I wondered how they would taste. Her slim waist led to her pussy covered with blonde hair.

The women turned and walked into the water of the lake. We could do nothing else but strip and follow, After that it was chasing one another in the water, feeling the wet and weighty tits of the nymphs, allowing their hands to find our cocks and then coming out onto the bank and coupling first with his wife and then with my own wife and then watching the women suck each other's breasts and finger their cunts and the unexpected feel of his hand and mouth on my prick and the new sensation of having his cock between my lips, hard and urgent melting in flow of salty sperm.

Rolling to the side to watch that same cock, so recently in my mouth, now being sucked back to hardness by my wife's mouth. Peggy takes my cock now and strokes it until it rises and then she engulfs it with her mouth.

Then again the open legs leading to that blonde cunt and long nipples to suck and a familiar hand on my back, massaging my anus and a finger inside to urge me onto a shattering climax leaving me panting, looking at the stars.

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