I decided to go camping with my boyfriend MC. I had never been camping before. I decided to wear the same clothes. I put on a short skirt, a short top, no bra and a thong. He was all dressed up in camping gear. We had all packed, tent, sleeping bag, etc. We started to drive to our site. I got all horny waiting in the car. I climbed on top of him. Just when I was about that Katherine called me to say she wanted to come along.

So I was like ,"You're driving." and went the backseat of the car.

Katherine was like, "aren't you guys exciting to be camping?"


We mumbled and started to kiss. We started to take off our clothes. I took off his shirt and started to climb on top of him. He started laughing so I started laughing.

Katherine said ,"Stop it. It's hard to laugh and drive at the same time."

We agreed to stop. We drove for hours. Finally we stopped for lunch. All I wanted was fries and a milkshake. We agreed to eat in the car.

I said to MC, "You look good enough to eat!"

"I have an idea", MC responded.

He poured the milkshake on me and said, "I'm going to lick your whole body".

It felt so good. I was also laughing because it was ticklish. We all got cleaned up. We then got driving until we got to a hotel.

Katherine said ,"I thought we were going camping. I mean like outdoors and such."

We both said "no, we are tried and going to sleep."

"Promise me tomorrow woe can go camping?" Katherine asked.

"Fine" we replied.

I tried going to sleep but " I can't sleep alone", I whimpered to MC.

MC replied "Come sleep in my bed. I will keep you toasty warm."

"Ooh sounds good" I answered.

I snuggled up against MC and fell asleep in his arms. Soon it was morning. I knew that because someone started shaking me telling me it was time to wake up.

"What the hell",I said

"Time to go camping."

"Now? You have to be kidding me. It's too early plus we have never camped before. Why don't you give me a break" I moaned.

"Hey. You'll do fine. Don't worry so much. I made breakfast, eat some, pack then let's go."

"Ok, I promise" I said.

I got dressed and went downstairs. "Breakfast smells good".

"MC helped me cook," Katherine replied.

I gave him a grateful look then sat down on his lap. He noticed I wasn't wearing a bra.

"Nice one baby" he said.

"Oh you mean...." and I looked down at my shirt.

Katherine said,"You didn't do what I think you did, did you?"

"What do you mean" I said innocently.

"You need to go and put a bra on. Now. I mean it."

"Fine"I replied.

I stuck on one and started to pack. Then we decided to go.

I asked her where we were going but she said "I would drive until I found a camp site."

I went into the back seat and got all comfy. I ended up falling asleep because I don't remember much more. Soon we arrived at some dirty ass place. I mean ewww! And we had to stay outside, EW, on the ground. We decided to unpack. Our luck, it started to rain.

"No!", I cried and put my hand over my hair, my hair will be ruined, my makeup, everything.I was getting real mad now.

MC said," Baby you will look fine to me no matter what."

"Awe. Thanks sweetie."

I gave him a kiss. Finally it stopped raining. For dinner/lunch we had to get our own food because "I am not eating fish, gross",I said. So I pulled out a granola bar.

"That's its baby?he said. Eat some fish with me. At least try some."

"Ok Fine."

It looked gross. Katherine cooked it for us.

"Smells good guys."

I must not have been feeling good because at this moment I threw up in the grass. I still looked green.

"Oh Baby. You don't look so good. Lay down. "

So I went into my sleeping bag and took a nap. When I woke up they were like how are you, are you ok.

"Yea I think. I still feel a little sick so I'm going back to sleep."

When I woke up in the morning I still felt sick. I threw up again. Katherine and MC were worried.

"You have a temperature", she said as she felt my head. "Yep, you're burning up." I felt my head, I did feel warm.

It must have been something I ate. Oh No, I just ate that granola bar, I must be allergic. Duh, I'm allergic to nuts

"Oh no, that can't be good. I'm going to have you drink tons of water and I'm going to put a cold washcloth on your face and just drink water and rest."

"Ok." I said unhappily.

I just closed my eyes. "My stomach feels horrible." and I laid my hand over my stomach.

"Look we will stay one more day then head back ok?", Katherine said


I took another nap. Later I felt better. So I suggest we take a walk.

"Are you ready," MC asked.

"Well I'll hang on to you and I should be fine."

I got up a tried walking.

I almost feinted, luckily MC picked me up and said "Whoa baby, be careful."

I grabbed onto his hand and started to walk. There was one point where he had to cross a river by walking on a log. It was really hard. I went first. My foot must have been placed wrong, because I fell off the log into the river.

"Help, I can't swim!" I screamed.

The river was carrying me downstream. I was too weak, my arms wouldn't work. MC jumped in after me. We were so close but not to close enough. He told me to reach out and grab his hand. I tried but I couldn't.

"Help." I screamed. "I hope I don't die."

I thought I felt someone grab me. I grabbed on and realized it was MC. He pulled me out. He told Katherine to see if I was ok. She felt for my pulse. I had little. She said

"She's ok. Quick lets get her back to the campsite and warm her up by the fire. Oh, wait we don't have fire. I'll go get some firewood. You stay with her."

"I have an idea that will keep her warm." MC said.

He took off all my clothes and took all of his off, put us in a sleeping bag and put his body on top of mine. His body heated me up. Soon we heard a scream. MC went to look for Kat. I was scared of being alone so I saw a star in the sky and prayed we would be all right. I waited and waited. It seemed to go on forever. I wondered what was wrong.

Katherine was face to face with a bear. A big grizzly bear and he had huge teeth. He had his paw out and ready to scratch her at anytime. She backed up, she was about to go over a cliff. She screamed. She had been scratched and she lay on the ground. I wondered if she ok. MC ran to her and saw that she was breathing barely and brought her back to camp. She was bleeding badly. MC placed bandages on the wound after he cleaned it. She seemed unconscious. Finally after what seemed like hours she slowly opened her eyes, she looked around and then closed her eyes again.

"Do you think she'll be ok?",I said to MC.

"Yea. I guess so. I really don't know."

Finally she opened her eyes again.

"What happened?" she said.

We told her.

"It all happened because I think I saw a cute baby bear and was playing with it. Then the mom came and got all defensive."

"Kat you're usually smart. Why didn't you think?"

She got all teary eyed and said, "I know. I'm such an idiot."

"No. You're not. The important thing is we are all ok."

And we all hugged each other.

We all agreed to leave in the morning. We managed to find stuff to do. We found a lil puppy dog. It was so cute. It took us to where there were other dogs.

"Someone must have left there dogs in the wild. What a horrible thing to do," I said.

They were hungry and bruised. I picked one up. Awe. It was so cute. It tickled when it licked my finger. I laughed. I asked the others if we could take them back with us. They said if no one claims them, then we can. Finally something good about this trip.

Later I felt itchy.

"Oh, no I feel itchy. I think I have poison Ivy."

I was itching everywhere. MC offered to scratch my back for it.

"Ooh, it feels good. Harder."

But that was a mistake. I think MC got it too.

I said "Lets just fall asleep. We all need sleep."

Soon it was morning. I was so happy to leave. We got into the car and left. As we were leaving, the thought of 2 things came to mind. One was the dogs. And second, guys why we didn't sleep in the car. We felt so stupid. The minute we got home, went the doctor. I did have poison ivy. Luckily MC did not. Good. Katherine had major cuts and bruises from the bear. The doc said she would need stitches. I got medicine and said we were all fine to go. We all were still happy to see other.

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