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Camping Can Be Great Fun


Denny and John were nudists and used every opportunity to be naked. They never imposed on anyone else, preferring to be with their own group of nudists, but they were never ashamed of what they did and would readily talk about it if anyone raised a question about their activities. Of course this didn't mean they couldn't have ordinary friends like Kath and myself, (Tim) and we had been their friends for many years although we weren't nudists ourselves. I suppose I wouldn't mind going around the nudist camp naked but Kath is not in favor of showing off her body to anyone else.

It isn't that Kath has anything to be ashamed of - she is a very attractive woman and I love her dearly - her body is really great and I certainly enjoy looking at her all the time. She has made some concessions of recent times and will now sleep in the nude and will also walk around the house wearing only a short thin housecoat which isn't done up but that is as far as she will go. We have wonderful sex and although she was a very slow started she has gradually loosened up and not enjoys all sorts of sexual intercourse. It was only last year I introduced her to anal sex which she now enjoys and two years previously she accepted that I loved to have my cock sucked and my cum swallowed and she now will do that if I ask her nicely! We have certainly come a long way since our courting days when she wouldn't even let me put my hand inside her panties - I was allowed to play with her breasts and nipples but never to get my hand on her pussy. It wasn't until the night we were engaged that she actually allowed me to touch her cunt and then it was only a touch and I wasn't allowed to play with it! A week before we were married she allowed me to fuck her! I had waited a long while for that and I really enjoyed it but she was terribly reserved and didn't enjoy it very much but she did it because she loved me and needed to prove it to me!

Anyway it had been arranged that Denny and John and Kath and myself would go camping on the long weekend which was coming up in two weeks. We were all looking forward to this weekend and I had bought a new 'two-person' tent for us to sleep in while Denny and John had their own 'four-person' tent. Kath wasn't too keen on sleeping in the same tent as Denny and John although we had done so on several other camping weekends. Denny and John knew they wouldn't embarrass us if they walked around naked and so they did this at our previous camps. When it came time to go to bed, they would both be naked in their sleeping bag while we were in our own but we would hear them fucking during the night and this was very upsetting for Kath because she always thought sex was a totally private matter! She had made me understand she didn't want to sleep in the same tent as the others and that was that!

Therefore I bought this 'two-person' tent brand new for the trip. I only took delivery during the latter part of the week and didn't have a chance to see how it worked when it was erected. Anyway, disaster struck on the eve of our trip. Kath's father, who lived by himself, on the other side of the city had fallen and broken both of his wrists and couldn't look after himself. Poor chap, he is a really beaut bloke, couldn't feed himself and couldn't even go to the toilet by himself so Kath had to go and stay with him until her brother returned from a business trip early in the next week. She would miss out on the camping trip. I wanted to cancel but she told me I had to go because I would get very sick and tired looking after her father with his disability. I knew she was right so I had to ring Denny and tell her Kath couldn't come with us.

Denny immediately suggested I leave my new tent at home and simply sleep in their bigger tent. Of course I knew that was sensible so I agreed. Naturally I am a normal man and I must admit I loved the sound of them fucking in the same tent and I was looking forward to hearing them again. I loved to look at Denny's lovely body too when she was walking around naked. She has an almost perfect body with lovely large breasts and she has an all-over tan which looks great. She also doesn't shave her pubic bush preferring it to look natural and I love that too.

We were leaving on the Friday afternoon for the lovely isolated riverside camping area which we had used several times before. It was a nice, quiet secluded spot which didn't normally have any other visitors. We arrived about 5pm and it was a lovely warm sunny afternoon and would be light for several hours yet before the sun sets. The first task is always to prepare the campsite and this we did quickly before we set about erecting the tent. It is quite a large tent but two people can erect it very quickly and three makes it even quicker. Just before we unrolled the tent, John undressed and then started working on the tent naked. He knew I wouldn't object and just did it naturally. We had most of the tent up before Denny quietly undressed and we finished the job with both of them walking around naked. Denny watched me as I helped with the finishing touches to the tent before she asked my quite nicely if I had ever walked around naked in the open air. Of course I had to reply I hadn't so she suggested that, as Kath wasn't with us, perhaps I might like to try being a nudist for the holiday. I was taken aback a bit but John offered encouragement and so I slipped my clothes off too.

I felt rather embarrassed standing there naked with the other two but I had to admit if felt nice to be so free and easy. John startled me when he came over and gave me a hug and told me he was glad I was giving this a try. He meant nothing except welcoming me and his hug was a natural act. Then Denny came over and hugged me too and I was very embarrassed because as soon as her body touched mine I started to get an erection and it touched her pubic hair. She smiled at me when she felt my cock touch her hair but didn't say anything but held the hug just a little bit longer than I thought would be necessary. I had to turn away from John because I didn't want him to see my cock sticking out after hugging his wife.

We soon had the campfire going and cooked our evening meal which we enjoyed sitting around the portable table naked. It is true after a while when we were all naked it didn't seem to be so unusual and I just accepted the nudity as almost natural. When we had finished our meal and Denny was clearing up she bent over the box which held our provisions and, with her legs slightly apart, I could look right between them and directly at her cunt. This sight gave me an instant erection but glancing over at John showed me he had been looking at the same view and he had an erection as well but I was thrilled to see mine was at least an inch longer than his cock! I felt good. John and I remained behind the table and our erections didn't show and after a while they eased off and we were back to normal again.

When it came time for sleeping, we all moved away from the camp to pee and Denny is so natural she just squatted down between us and peed on the ground while we peed standing up. This was the first time I had seen a woman peeing and I got a real thrill. Next it was back to the tent to sleep. It would have been lovely sleeping out in the open but the mosquitoes and other bugs were very nasty and we had to sleep inside the tent. The tent had netting to keep out these intruders so we were fairly safe inside. It was still quite warm so we abandoned our sleeping bags and they laid down on top of theirs and I on mine. It wasn't very light in the tent, in fact it was almost dark but there was just enough light to see their bodies dimly while they were settling down to sleep.

At first I didn't think they were going to engage in any sexual activity at all because they just laid there against each other. After about 20 minutes I heard them whispering and Denny sat up on the bedding and shuffled around until I knew she was taking his cock into her mouth! She had wriggled in such a way that I knew he had his mouth between her legs and he was sucking her. In the absolute quiet of the bush, I could clearly hear her mouth on his cock and then I would hear the slight noise as he licked her cunt lips and her clit. I had my cock in my hand and was slowly wanking myself while listening to them sucking each other. Soon my patience was rewarded when I heard her moaning softly as she came due to his sucking on her clit. Moments later I heard her gag slightly as he shot his load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed his cum with a gulp which I also heard before they returned to their original positions alongside each other.

Fortunately there was a full moon and after a while I was able to see them more clearly. She was lying slightly away from him and he had his hand over her breast in what seemed to be a fairly tight grip. My sleeping bag was only about 2 feet from theirs and after about an hour of lying awake and watching them (mainly her) I noticed she was wriggling again this time turning around on the sleeping bag so that her legs were coming over near me. Eventually with her very slow movements she was at ninety degrees to him with her legs resting over the top of my body. She was moving her legs back and forth over my body until she hit my hard cock, which was standing upright, with her heel! She then kept teasing my cock with her foot until I got the message she wanted me to move closer to her. John was snoring gently indicating he was deeply asleep. I gradually moved over until I was lying on my side with my legs between hers while she was lying on her back. She lifted up the leg nearest to me and laid it over my behind and pulled me to her. She had my cock in her hand as soon as she could reach it and was stroking it as she pulled it towards her cunt. I reached over and touched her pubic hair and then slid my hand down alongside my cock and her hand and began playing with her clit. Her reaction was immediate - she pulled my cock until it was against her cunt lips and then with her leg gripping me firmly she pulled me until my cock entered her cunt! I was actually inside this lovely woman whom I admired so much.

John still had his grip on her breast and it looked as though that was a normal way he held her while he was asleep but tonight I had my cock inside her cunt and she was encouraging me to fuck her! John's snoring didn't change at all and I was sure he was asleep while I pushed my cock into her and after feeling the lovely grip she had on me, I pulled it out and then back inside again as I fucked her lovely cunt! After a while I felt her shuddering quietly and knew she had cum. This made me increased the speed of my stroking into her and then I shot my load deep inside her lovely cunt. At long last I had fucked Denny - something I had dreamt about for years!

I stayed inside her still playing with her clit very slowly until I could feel her starting to tremble again and knew she was about to cum again. My cock was still semi hard and this made it erect again. While I was still playing with her clit I began fucking her again and after a while she came for the third time as I shot my second load of cum deep into her body. I knew I couldn't cum again so I pulled out my soft cock and returned to my sleeping bag while she gradually turned until she was alongside him. He was still snoring at the same regular rate and because I was so tired after my lovely sessions with Denny, I dropped off into a deep sleep!

When I woke next morning both Denny and John were already up and were preparing breakfast. I joined them, again we were all naked and we chatted for a while and then enjoyed our breakfast of bacon and eggs. Denny was her usual lovely self and while she was very friendly towards me she gave no sign I had fucked her last night! John seemed to be totally unaware of what we had done too. We all spent the day alternately swimming, fishing, sleeping, eating, swimming, fishing and sleeping and eating until it was time to go to bed again. I think the only time the three of us were separated was when it was obvious each of us needed to use the toilet and we individually took the shovel and dug a hole and then did our business and covered it up. We again peed together and I became very excited watching Denny peeing - this time she was turned towards me and I could see everything as the piss was squirting out of her very hairy pubic area and puddling on the ground in front of her.

That night, as we were finishing up before retiring, John and Denny went into the tent first and I followed straight after. John began kissing Denny passionately for several minutes and I could see he was playing with her tits and between her legs as he was kissing her. He then moved back and told her it would be a good idea if she slept with me tonight so I wouldn't get lonely and he could get a good night of rest. I was stunned but Denny didn't hesitate and came over to my sleeping bag and began kissing me passionately as she had John.

Now I had full access to her body and began caressing and feeling all over her lovely body. She felt so wonderful and soft and I loved touching her. She kissed me a lot and then whispered, "John will be expecting to hear you fucking me - we had better not disappoint him!" With that she pulled me up and over onto her lovely body by my cock which she already had in her hand. She spread her legs and I was inside her lovely body for the second time this trip! She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me very tight as I fucked her. When she was cumming both times as I fucked her, she moaned and shook her body and also as I came inside her! After this I rolled off her lovely body and, still holding her, I moved my head up to her ear and asked her if she was satisfied. She whispered back that this had been wonderful and then she seemed to doze off. John's snoring started just after we had both cum and I listened to his rhythmical snoring until I too dropped off to sleep still holding his lovely wife.

During the night I was woken up when I felt her sucking my cock with her lovely mouth. She didn't try to make me cum, she only wanted to make sure I was really hard again. This time, when she indicated she wanted me to fuck her again, she rolled so she was facing away from me but bent her backside so that it was pressing against me. I then realized she wanted to be fucked in a spoon position so I moved around until my cock was between her legs. She did the rest as she eased my cock into her cunt and then it was a matter for me to fuck this lovely creature while I was holding her with my hands over her wonderful breasts. She came at the same time I did and then we remained in that position until later when my cock slowly slipped out of her very wet passage. I held her in this position until it was almost dawn when she was caressing my cock between her legs and I started to get another erection. Naturally it was only a short time before I was fucking her again. It appeared she loved this spoon position.

Denny and I were up before John woke and she took the opportunity to clean up all the cum which was starting to run down her legs. She looked so lovely standing there as I was watching the cum knowing it was mine which was running down her legs. We were both cleaned up before John came out of the tent. The day continued as yesterday and we had a lovely restful day.

That night Denny spent the whole night with John and didn't make any attempt to have me fuck her although I was wishing she would. It was now time to pack up. In all this time John hadn't mentioned a word about me fucking Denny although he knew all about it because he was watching us. After an uneventful trip home which seemed strange because we were dressed for the first time since we had arrived at the camp, it seemed to be an anticlimax leaving Denny and John and returning to my home. By now Ruth was home and we hugged and kissed. While Ruth was telling me about her father, I was stripping off her clothes as well as my own and just as I finished and we were both naked she finished telling me he was O.K. and I took her into the bedroom and fucked her! It felt wonderful fucking my own wife after fucking another woman! The other woman, Denny, was lovely and I really enjoyed fucking her, my own wife is very comfortable with me and we loved being together and making love is our sign of how much we love each other.

We spend a very easygoing 3 months before another long weekend came up and once again Denny and John asked us to go camping with them. This time, just before we were leaving I had a chance to try out our new tent. John came over to help me as the brand was unknown to us both and it seemed a bit tricky to assemble first time. Imagine our disgust when we found 3 of the poles were missing! I rang the supplier but he didn't have any spares and would have to contact the manufacturer to get new ones and that would take days! I demanded he take back the tent which he agreed to do. Now we either had to sleep in Denny and John's tent or stay at home. When I told Ruth we would be sleeping in their tent she wasn't all that happy but knew I wanted to go so she gave in!

That was the start of a very interesting weekend. We arrived safely and started to erect their tent when, as they had done last time, both Denny and John undressed and continued the setting up of the camp in the nude. Ruth had seen them both on lots of occasions naked and she was sort of beginning to accept their nudity. She frowned over at me when they appeared naked but then smiled as if she was accepting it as normal.

Once it was time to go to bed, Ruth took me aside and told me there was no way we were going to make love tonight or any night we were in the same tent as the others. I could accept it or lump it - the answer was the same - no sex! I reluctantly agreed and soon we were inside their tent getting into bed. Ruth was, as usual, in her nightdress but I would be sleeping naked as usual but the other two were getting ready but naked as usual.

John was making quite a bit of noise while he was kissing Denny and we could see enough to know he was feeling her all over. Then he made the pronouncement which shocked us both. He said, "Well, Ruth Darling, come over her and sleep with me and Denny can sleep with Tim - after all it is my turn to sleep with his wife after he slept with my wife last camping holiday!" Now the cat was out of the bag completely. Now Ruth would know I fucked Denny but hadn't told her. We have this agreement whereby if either of us does something which affects the other partner, we are obliged to tell the other immediately! I could feel Ruth tense up and I knew I was in for a bad time when we got home.

Instead of her immediately refusing to do what John had suggested, she shrugged her shoulders and then kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "Well, see you lover - I guess I am in for a good fucking tonight - enjoy your partner because who knows when you might get any sex again!" With that she left my side, stripped off her nightdress and moved naked to John with her arms outstretched. As she reached him she said just two words, "Fuck me!" I was stunned. I never expected Ruth to react this way.

In the meantime Denny came over to me and kissed me hard. She whispered, "I didn't expect Ruth to give in that easy but at least I can enjoy fucking you tonight!" While Denny was hugging me I looked over at John and Ruth to see she was lying on her back with her legs up in the air and John was between them just inserting his cock into her cunt. I was now watching my own wife being fucked by John!

Although Denny tried every trick in the book she couldn't get my cock hard again! She stroked me, and sucked me and played for a long time but it just wouldn't rise to the occasion. She was getting cross with me - she wanted to be fucked!

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