tagNonHumanCamping Can Lead to Sex

Camping Can Lead to Sex


The breeze felt cool on my skin, something I normally welcomed but that now interfered with my attempts at building a fire. I had grown quite accustomed to disappearing into the woods for most of my weekends despite my parent's griping over it. I didn't want to stay at my house where my mother used my paychecks to pay for her sheets and the odds and ends she constantly shopped for. No.

I had a three day weekend for myself and I was going to take full advantage of it. With the loss of my dog and camping companion, I was even more spurred to leave for awhile.

Still, the impending storm actually had me comtemplating going home but I stopped myself, thinking, 'If you can't camp during a storm, what use are you?' I nodded to myself, my decision finalized as I gathered up my supplies and headed deeper into the cave I had found for the night. It was a rather shallow cave, one that I could go to the back and still see the opening but I was glad for it as it was sloped slightly uphill and would prevent the coming rain from dripping in. I dodged out for a few moments, gathering up enough small bits of wood, dead undergrowth, and twigs to keep a fire going for the rest of the night at least.

Once back in, I started to unpack, taking my time so I would be as comfortable as possible. I rolled out two sleeping bags, placing one over the other and unzipping the top one for use. I pulled out my pillow, two extra blankets, some candles, and was able to find my matches just under those. I had canned goods and a fork, and, beneath all that, a hunting knife I would retrieve before I went to bed. It was quick work, getting the fire to light and then feeding it until it was just right. I gave a sigh, lighting a few candles and setting them up around me as I pulled out a book. It was a paranormal romance series my best friend had gotten me into and I grinned, seeing the dog-earred page I was left on. The BDSM incubus was just about to seduce a female werewolf into his bed or, quite possibly, into some chains.

I sat down on my "bed", leaning my back against the wall of the cave and feeling myself relax. I know, I know, what kind of teenager finds relaxation sitting in a cave by herself reading a romance book? Well, that's me. I'm not your average girl by any means. I'm short and stocky, not the pretty little things you so often hear described in these stories. I have red/brown hair I keep cut short to avoid having it snagged on branches or caught in the mouth of a dog when I romp or wrestle with them. I have dark blue eyes and pale skin despite the time I spend outside. I really don't like it because no matter how much I tan, I can't keep it for more than a few days.

I'm chubby too, despite my ventures, sporting a DD36-32-44 figure; wide hips and a bubble butt that doesn't belong to a white girl. So no, I'm not going to sit in a bedroom or go to the mall to find my "happy place". I go to the woods.

Which had never been a problem for me before. Until that night.

I sat in my cave, starting to get sleepy but fighting it off, wanting to finish one more chapter..and then...maybe just another. I didn't notice my head starting to dip forward into my ample cleavage but I did notice when I landed against them. I took in a sharp breath and huffed at myself before getting ready to go to sleep. As usual, the only clothing I removed were my boots and my bra before climbing into my sleeping bag. There was no point in sleeping with those on but the rest of my clothing would help keep me warm should my fire happen to go out. I wiggled in until I was comfortable, giving a happy sigh and pulling the flap over me and then arranging another blanket over myself, just because I like to feel cuddled while I sleep. It was some time later when I awoke to the slightly familiar sound of an animal snuffling at the front of the cave. My sleep-fogged mind perceived as my deceased companion and I crooned softly to him, "Momo? Its ok boy, come 'ere.." I yawned, slowly sitting up and the snuffling turned into a low growl.

I was shocked and immediately aware. I realized that I had forgotten my knife in my bag and any sudden movements could cause an attack. I gulped some, trying to look past the calm fire to see what was in the cave with me. I didn't get the chance to see anything because whatever it was came flying at me. I instantly went limp, letting out a little grunt when I was grabbed by the throat and, shockingly, the waist. The teeth at my throat didn't snap closed immediately though, another shock to me and my blood hurdled through my veins, pounding in my ears as I fought to remain calm. I've been in dog fights before, real ones where they tear at skin and try to kill so, I think, that experience was the only thing that kept me alive.

The creature was a great hulking beast, one that curled over me, paws, or, more accuratly, paw-like hands on my waist to hold me up. It let go of my throat when I didn't struggle and lifted me clean off my feet, raising me higher and higher so it could look at me, I guess. I smelled it before I saw it, the smell of wet dog isn't all that unpleasant to me but it filled my nostrils, mixing with a heady musky scent that had me swallowing hard. I trembled in huge hands, amazed it could lift me. I looked down at it finally and I immediately recognized what it was that was examining me.

He-as it was obvious from my first look over him-examined me with a keenly intelligent gaze, tilting his head this way and that to look me over. He was huge, standing easily eight feet tall with thick dark fur covering him from head to toe. His head was massive, the snout long and straight, ending with a large, wet, black nose and lips that were curling lightly, showing the tips of two ivory fangs on either side of his maw. Deep gold eyes were settled under heavy brows and his ears were completely erect, standing on his head at full attention and one seemed to have had a piece bitten out of it. A mane of thicker fur came from the back of his head and circled his neck to flow down his chest, turning darker as it narrowed into a small trail leading down his hard-plated belly to another thicker patch of fur covering his groin although the animal-like sheath was present.

His legs were long and strong, the legs seeming human until the ankle joint at which point it turned back and led into huge paws tipped with dangerous looking claws. The only other thing that readily caught my attention was the big fluffy tail behind him and in the irrational and slightly crazy part of my mind, I heard a girlish squeal. He narrowed his eyes but I was frozen still, my mind working to try and comprehend what I was seeing. It was obvious that this was a werewolf holding me in the air, his hands having moved to hold me under the arms at some point. I gulped, feeling like I had lost my mind but he saw the movement and, I suppose, he saw it as a sign of submission. He lowered me some and then dropped me on the floor of the cave. He lowered himself to all four limbs, walking over to my bed and sniffing at it.

He tossed it around a little until it resembled more of a nest than a bed and then walked toward the front of the cave. I started to move but he must have seen it because he growled at me. I went still and he trotted to the front of the cave as the storm raged on. He lifted his hind leg, pissing at the entrance and clearly marking his territory before he trotted back and then plopped down on the sleeping bags and blankets in front of the fire. I stayed in the corner of the cave, starting to shiver and knowing I needed to get near that fire again, huge viscous creature or not. I gulped, my pulse still roaring in my ears as I slowly got up and took a step. His head snapped up and around, fixing molten gold eyes on me and he let out a louder snarl, baring all those viscous teeth at me. I immediately plopped back down, my legs folding under me and I lowered my head. Time among canines was apparently serving me well because he huffed at me and laid his head back down.

It was obvious to me that he was more animal than anything, regardless of the ridiculous stories that come up sometimes. Romance novels didn't cover this and I had to rely on my personal knowledge to keep calm...and alive.

I lowered my head, hanging it between my shoulders and whimpered lightly and his ear flicked toward me. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously, taking in my submissive posture. He snorted and stood on all four limbs once more and as he did, I immediately laid down, folding my legs and arms under me. He stalked over to me, sniffing at me and then finding my back end. He sniffed more and his ears jerked forward, obviously smelling that I was female and that my period had ended less than three days ago. I gulped some, stealing a glance at him and his expression, from what I could tell, was one of confusion. I hesitated but then let out another whimper and his gaze instantly turned and focused on my face. I took slow deep breaths, trying to keep my body under control. He grunted some and trotted back to the bed.

His expression was schooled as I slowly started to shimmy towards the fire on my elbows and knees. I gulped a little when he lifted his head but he only watched my progress and I finally made it to a rock-free area next to the fire, finding myself laying near his back legs. He shifted, using a hand to push himself towards me and sniff at me. I couldn't help the tingles that swept up me as his cold nose pressed and then tickled down my neck and the space between my shoulder blades. He snorted some, clearly finding the smell of my detergent offensive. His cold nose found the place where my shirt rode up and my jeans slipped down, pressing it against the small of my back. I held back a yelp, jerking some and he seemed to frown at me.

He got up, lifting himself with his hands but keeping his backlegs folded under himself as he seemed to get more interested. That musky smell invaded my nostrils again and I gulped, feeling my skin start to tingle in the best-and worst-of ways. I couldn't believe my body was responding to this. I had been raised around dogs and canines of all sorts since I was little and this had never happened before. But then, this wasn't a complete canine.

He licked the small of my back and I couldn't help but arch some. One of those huge hands came down, landing on my back to pin me down and he continued to lick, starting to push my shirt up with his nose. I don't know why he found me so tasty, maybe he was planning to eat me but at the moment, he was just tasting of me. He found the gap of my jeans again and his long tongue flicked there, over my tight simple panties.

I gulped some, a perverse part of my mind starting to form an idea. Obviously, this creature was an alpha male and maybe that was what was starting to get to me. Or maybe it was that deep musky scent, so obviously male but I started to move, my body slow but determined as I sat up. He looked towards me, narrowing his eyes and his ears came to full attention again. I gulped again and slowly unbuttoned my jeans, wiggling out of them and pulling them down my legs as best I could. They got caught on my knees but I honestly liked that, seeing it prevented my skin from getting scraped up on the ground. He was still as a statue, watching me like a true wolf through those narrowed eyes. For some reason, I got embarassed because I have some stretch marks on my thighs. I know I shouldn't be ashamed but they stood out bright and silvery against my pale skin, especially in the firelight. I shook my head, not knowing why I was so embarassed in front of this creature though his intelligence might be the reason. I slowly started to pull my shirt off, feeling the brisk night air brushing over my bare breasts. I tossed the shirt away and then stood on all fours, offering him a smell of me.

He took my offer, sniffing over my back and then ducking his long snout under me to lick at my belly. I held back a low moan when his tongue flicked over both my breasts in one go and then slid down my belly. I keep my pubic hair shaved in a small triangle pointing towards my sex but this didn't affect him as he slid his tongue over it, starting to stand up on all fours again. I could see his massive body and the tip of a pink cock starting to come out of his sheath and that smell got stronger, pushing me to do something I would never have otherwise done. I whimpered some, dropping to my elbows, popping my ass high in the air and then wiggled under him, head-first.

He felt me under him because his first instinct, as with all dogs, was to start thrusting. His hips tucked in tightly and his cock started to slip out more. He was panting loudly over me, that huge tongue lolling over my asscheeks and peaking my senses. I finally got close enough that my butt was just between his hands and my head was near his cock. I took his sheath, gently positioning his cock down and his hips started thrusting faster. I licked my lips, inexplicably compelled as I leaned forward, wrapping them around the head of that huge cock. It was odd that even though it had come from an animal-like sheath and was the same color as a dog's cock that it was shaped like a human cock with the glands and slit at the head and the thick proud shaft.

He tasted salty but fortunately I happen to love salty foods. As he thrust, he found that my mouth was a hot little hole and he grunted, thrusting more. I eventually had to pull back or fear losing a few teeth. He growled as I did and I got the message: Don't stop.

I started to stroke his sheath and the remaining cock in it as I sucked on his cock as best I could. I found that his thrusting was less when I bobbed my head, obviously creating the effect of a female pushing back on him. He didn't reciprocate the oral pleasures and I didn't expect him to but it would have been nice. I could feel his saliva dripping onto my asscheeks and it was making my skin tingle. That and that wonderful musk had me feeling warmer than I would have otherwise and I pulled back some. He growled again but I decided to push my luck, moving until I was in the nest he had made of my bedding. I stood on all fours, spreading my thick thighs for him and he caught the scent of my arousal, coming after me quickly.

He moved over me and I was afraid for my little pussy when the head of his cock started poking at it but I was good and wet, completely soaked as I panted. I moved a hand down to my folds, stroking them and I was absolutely shocked at just how wet I was, salty and creamy, I held my hand up and he sniffed at it before taking a lick. I groaned some, his cockhead seeming to tease my pussy as it brushed over the slick folds. He seemed to be in no hurry though I knew he had to be in some sort of discomfort. He started to thrust and these weren't the wild thrusts of an animal but the practiced ones of a male seeking a target. I reached a little further between my legs and finally found his cock, leading it to pussy before he impaled my ass by accident.

I let out a loud moan when his thick cock was suddenly pushed into me in one hard thrust. I clawed at the bedding as he seemed to realize that he was exactly where he wanted to be. His hips pistoned hard against me, tucking up as much as they could so my ass was fitted perfectly between his hind legs. I felt him all the way up to my cervix, the head of him banging hard against it. It hurt but at the same time felt good and he kept going, making me moan louder and louder. I panted hard, pushing back against him in desperation as I felt my stomach warming and a knot starting to build there. I realized I was close to cumming with that huge cock in me despite the pain that had been involved in taking it.

But gods did it ever feel good...

He grunted and growled over me, his tail raised high as he thrust into and over me. I started to let out little cries and soft moans, feeling my ass and breasts bounce with each hard, fast thrust. It was amazing when my pussy squeezed on him and he responded by thrusting faster. I came fast and hard on him, letting out a soft cry, trembling under him. I was hard-pressed to stay standing on my hands and knees but I had no choice with him thrusting into me still. I could feel my tight walls being pounded again and again by him and so recently after my orgasm. It was driving me nuts. I scrambled at the bedding but one large hand came to rest on my hips, fingers-and claws-digging in to keep me in place as he grunted and kept thrusting. I couldn't believe it. Dogs were done in minutes. Humans in no more than half an hour or an hour if the other partner was good!

These creature kept plowing into me, driving that huge cock as deep in my tender pussy as he could. His head dropped, coming to a stop right over mine and his huge tongue slipped out of his mouth, flicking over my face, my cheeks, my lips, my shoulders, and even my neck as he groaned loudly, a strange sound. I was shocked when I felt myself pushing back against that huge length and even more so when my tongue came out, finding his and stroking it. His taste was that of a wild animal. I heard a louder moan from my mouth and spread my thighs more, arching my back to shove back against him forcefully. His nostrils flared and he held me tighter, pushing me on more of his cock. It felt amazing and painful at the same time. My poor cervix couldn't take much more when he finally stopped, shoving deep and hard into me, his hips occasionally twitching as his cock seemed to swell some, almost like a sponge as he came hard.

I felt the cum splashing in me forcefully and it was soothing on my bruised cervix. He gave tiny little thrusts that had me moaning and panting softly. I wanted to turn and burrow into his thick fur. I didn't know where all of this was coming from but images of documentaries, story books, and the things I had seen myself came to me.

He remained standing over me, panting and, I suppose, starting to calm down. He kept his large furry hand on my hip, shifting so he was laying down on his side with me in front of him, my back to his stomach. I gulped, realizing he intended for me to stay like this until he went limp which could be awhile. He lifted his free back leg and I looked at it in confusion until I realized what he was doing. He was trying to clean himself! His hand kept me in place though and confusion flooded through me. This wasn't something either dogs or humans could do.

Dogs because it didn't come naturally, humans because they couldn't physically do it. All thoughts were ceased though when his claws stopped touching my skin and I realized that he had left deep welts. Little pinpricks of blood showed up on my pale skin and he licked at them before his long tongue slipped down to start licking at his cock where it entered my pussy. I gasped, one hand going to grip the fur on his stomach as he kept licking, each time flicking over my clit. It wasn't enough to make me cum but it was enough to drive me crazy. I gasped and wiggled, feeling tortured as he kept licking. I finally had to move, shifting slowly. He growled the entire time but I had to move.

I shifted to all fours, feeling his cock slip out til just the head was in and then I shifted some more, until I was laying on my side, supported by my elbow with one leg thrown over him as best it could be. I started to move, humping his cock and moaning loudly. His girth was amazing and felt shockingly good in me. I gripped his fur with one hand and he lay his head back, like he was a man enjoying his woman's pumping hips. His nostrils flared and he studied me through liquid gold eyes. I kept going, wishing he'd thrust into me because the way I was going, I wouldn't be able to cum like this. Finally, he shifted until he was laying over me, this time with me facing him.

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