tagNonHumanCamping Ch. 02

Camping Ch. 02


Thank you for all the comments and feedback. Chapter two was only written because of the requests i got from readers. :) Sorry for any errors ahead of time. I wrote this and wanted to post quickly. When the whole story is finished i will repost it as one piece and have it edited. Feedback and Comments Appreciated!!!

- Ravenara


I could feel myself slowly waking up. I stretched with a yawn then my arm touched something soft yet hard. I smiled and without opening my eyes I rolled over and snuggled up close to him. 'Him' I thought to myself then chuckled slightly, I don't even know his name. I opened my eyes propping myself up on my elbow and looked down at him.

"What? What's that look for?"

"Here we are about to be mates and I don't even know your name." He smiled up at me, leaning up and kissing my nose.


"Anjulie." His smile grew as my name rolled off my tongue.

"Anjulie." The way my name seemed to purr out of his mouth sent shivers down my spine. He pushed me over so that I was now on my back and leaned down with a grin and licked the wounds he crated that were trying to heal. "Mine. My mate. My Anjulie." His lips moved down to my collar bone where he gave it a light lick before sucking on it. A moan escaped my mouth as my legs wrapped themselves around his waist.

"I love that!" he growled against my skin, his hot breath driving me crazy. My senses seemed to be working in over drive and my hips kept jerking against him as if I couldn't control them. His tongue then found my nipple and drew it into his mouth sucking. I hissed as my hand dug into his hair as if that would keep me grounded as he pushed me higher. Once that nipple was aching and standing at attention he left it to give love to the other. He received a yelp from me when he bit down, but his tongue quickly soothed away the pain. His head jerked up and looked towards the entrance of the cave, a growl vibrating from deep in his chest.

"What's wrong?"

"Stay here." He was off the bed and shifting faster than I could protest and he disappeared out of the cave at full speed, leaving me alone and confused. I sat there on the bed for what seemed like forever caught in an awkward silence before I slid from the bed and found the jeans and shirt I had wore when he first found me. I didn't worry about finding the bra and underwear I had for I was sure they were a lost cause. Slipping the jeans on and pulling the shit over my head I slowly headed for the entrance of the cave.

"Xander?" I whispered even though he wouldn't have heard it if he were more than a few feet from me. My heart was racing and I felt on edge yet something in me kept pushing me further through the cave entrance. I was nearly to the entrance of the cave when I heard a gun shot. I froze my ears straining against the echo of the sound. Then I heard it again only this time something took over and I was running towards the direction the sound had came from. The familiar snapping began and I tripped nearly losing pace as I was thrown forward to land on all fours only to roll during the shift and come up running with four legs on large balanced paws. Everything around me became sharper and suddenly his sent hit my nose. Without preamble I shifted directions heading the way my mate had gone.

I skidded to a stop. Blood... I could smell it. His blood, I knew the blood was his. I jumped forward at the large black lump that lay ahead of me. It was him and he had been shot. I nuzzled him but he didn't move. Didn't make a sound. I wasn't even sure he was breathing and I heard myself whimper just moments before I heard another gun shot. Dust was kicked up right in front of where I was and when I looked up I saw a large man his gun pointed right at me as he slowly advanced. I crouched low growling a deep warning growl I was capable of. Warning him to stay away from me and my mate. He didn't head the warning as he kept slowly advancing on me.

"Get!" he yelled at me. "Go on!" I took my own step forward and bit the air my growl turning to a more hostile sound. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain nearly the same moment I heard his gun go off again. I was knocked back a few steps from the impact of the bullet which hit right in the shoulder. My instincts told me to run, my heart begged I stay, my mind hit a midpoint as I stepped forward one step threw my head back and billowed a painful cry of help howling to any and all wolves. Then I turned and ran away hopeing the hunter would follow me and leave my mate alone. It was working well as I could hear the hunter running after me when his gun went off again, I felt pain in a new spot and my body flipped head over tail only to have me land in darkness.

I saw a large male wolf lying on the ground. He didn't seem to be moving when three other wolves padded up to him. They sniffed him before the one that must be the leader shifted into the form of a man. I couldn't hear what the men were saying once they all had shifted but when they finished they lifted the large wolf and carried him off. I fell back into darkness. I heard three small howls tiny voices with a high pitch wail. Then I could see three pups. One black, one white, and one with both colors they were howling loudly and slowly their howls turned into ringing. I tried to cover my ears but I couldn't move my body, that's when I noticed the smell of blood. I saw a man; tall and handsome. He reached out for me but when he spoke his voice was feminine and seemed familiar.

"Anjulie. Please, please wake up!" My eyes fluttered open. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Get a nurse, she's awake." I tired to move but pain sliced though my body. "Oh no honey, don't move." Then my mother's face came into view. She looked horrible. Had she not slept? Was she crying? What was going on? I heard the door open and some russling around before a face I didn't recognize came into view.

"Well hello Anjulie. How do you feel?"

"It hurts."

"I know. And it will. Can you move your arm?" When I lifted it slightly she smiled and nodded jotting something down on her clip board.

"Wait. Something's not right."

"You're in the hospital. Don't worry we'll take good care of you. Do you remember what happened?"

"Happened? What are you talking about?"

"do you remember a wolf attack? Or the hunter? What about getting shot?"

"What are you talking about? I was camping with my family. Then I was here." I looked over at my mother I could feel my heart begin to race. "Mom this isn't right. What's going on?" I burst into tears as a mans voice came from the background.

"I think my little girl needs some rest. Can you leave us for a moment?" I saw the nurse nod and then she left the room. When I looked towards the door I noticed it was my father that had told the nurse to leave. My dad came up to the bed I was lying on and took my hand in his.

"Daddy something's not right."

"I know sweet heart; you're in a lot of pain. But everything is going to be alright." I shook my head.

"No not the pain. Something's off. Something is missing."

"You've been though a lot honey. Just lay back and rest. We'll make sure you're safe." I looked at my dad my heart filling with sadness, knowing that if my dad wouldn't listen to me no body else would. I lay back down and closed my eyes letting my tears flow freely. I felt alone and scared. Something in me was missing and I couldn't fit the pieces together. I remember going camping. Then waking up here. I sighed. Why did that not seem right to me?

During the next two days I was silent as the doctors, nurses, and my family went through procedures to ensure me returning home would work out fine. I over heard the nurse give my family numbers of specialists for me to see including a few therapists so that maybe I'll start talking again. They explained to me that I had been attacked by a wolf which was what the marks on my neck were. A hunter had come upon a wolf and shot as it ran when he came up to find the body there was another wolf there. He tried to scare it away but it ending up snapping at him and taking off so he chased and shot it too. Only he missed the wolf when it ran into a bush and accidently shot you instead. Lies. I wasn't sure why I knew that wasn't true, but I did.

Finally I was released leaving my family happy and myself relived that I was safe from the poking and prodding, at least for a little while. I was hoping that being home would help me to clear up some things but all it did was make me more uncomfortable. I remembered this place but for some reason it just didn't feel like home to me. I was so confused and my head hurt from thinking. When my parents left me to myself in my room I just fell on the bed and cried. Some time later my mother came upstairs to get me for dinner.

"Your sister is here. She's excited to see you. If you don't feel like eating at least come down and see your sister for a little while. Please."

I nodded as I got up off the bed and fixed my hair which I knew was a mess. When I looked at myself in the mirror I looked horrible. Bags under my eyes you could see the top of the 'wolf attack' wound peaking out fro under the collar of my shirt and my skin was incredibly pale. I sighed and checking my fake half smile in the mirror headed downstairs behind my mother. My sister upon seeing me began to cry. I could tell she wanted to hug me but was questioning weather I could hold up to it. We sat at the dinner table and while I sat there playing with the food on my plate my sister talked and talked. After awhile my mom placed a hand on my sisters shoulder and whispered in here ear. Strangely enough I noticed I could hear my mom as if she were talking normally.

"She hasn't spoken since her first few sentences when she woke up." When my sister turned suspicious eyes on me I was done. I couldn't handle this dinner anymore. I stood up and retreated to my room, leaving my plate of food messed with but uneaten. I lay there in my bed for hours listening to my family argue. First it was my mom and sister as they argued that me not talking as just an act for attention. Finally my sister gave up her fight and left the house. It was quite for about 30 minutes when my mom and dad began fighting. My mom was blaming my dad for this. I shoved my head under a pillow and ignored their voices begging for sleep to come. It was some time after my parents had finished yelling at one another that I felt myself start to drift off.

"Hey man, come on wake up!" I looked around. I was no longer in my room but a dark, what was this, a cave? I looked over to where I heard the mans voice. There were three men in the room. One was lying on a large bed he seemed asleep while the other two were on either side of the bed trying to wake him. "Xander wake up!" Xander. That was familiar to me. The man talking set his hand on the sleeping mans chest and once it touched his skin the sleeping man shot up into a sitting position and faster than I could really see had the other man by the neck. "Xander, hey man, it's me Alexander!" Xander stared at the man for a moment before finally letting him go.

"Alex? What are you doing here?"

"What are we doing here? You called us here. Don't you remember getting shot?"

"Of course I remember getting shot, but I never called for help."

"If that wasn't your howl for help then who's was it?" Xander sat there for a moment before something registered with him.

"Where's my mate?" Alex and the other wolf exchanged confused glances.

"Mate? Xander you have a mate?" Xander got up off the bed.

"yes she should have been here. I told her to stay here while I went and faced the hunter." Alex's face went from confused to worried.

"Xander. There was a loud howl of need and pain. We heard it and came as fast as we could. But there was only you, half dead. The hunter shot you four times. We didn't a female." Xander turned and looked over the other man.

"Gregory?" the man smiled with pride. "The last time I saw you; you were just a pup still."

"You've been gone for a long time." Xander nodded to the young man.

"so back to this mate business. If you really have one I think we should start looking for her." Alex said as he headed for the entrance.

"I have to tell you something about her first guys." Greg and Alex stopped and looked back at Xander. "She was a human before she was my mate. She's very new to shifting."

"A human?" Alex stammered. "Our Alpha to be takes a human mate?" Xander's eyes narrowed on him.

"You got something against it? And I'm not going to be your Alpha."

"No noting against it. Just wasn't expecting you to ever take a mate. You know that since you have a mate now you have to be Alpha." A low growl rumbled deep in Xander's chest making Alex stop. Xander Shifted with the other two following before they all left the cave.

I woke up with a slight start. Looking around I was back in my room. I sighed and got up going to the bathroom to drain my bladder. Why was it suddenly all about wolves? When I finished in the bathroom I headed for the kitchen to grab something to eat. My dad sat at the counter when I entered, he was eating a sandwich and drinking milk. He smiled lightly when he saw me.

"Hey honey. Hungry?" I nodded and he got up and began fixing me a sandwich as I took a seat at the counter as well. I watched as he slid the sandwich towards me and then poured me a glass of milk. I took a long drink of milk, then stared down at my sandwich. I had to try again.

"I've been having dreams." I knew I shocked my dad by speaking because he jumped. Looking at me he didn't respond, giving me the option to go on or stop. "All of my dreams are of wolves. Not the kind that attacked me. They are kind of wolf people. They're nice and loving. I feel a strange connection to one of them. I'm not sure why but I know it's a strong feeling. Something isn't right with me daddy. I'm missing something." He sat there for a long moment. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever say anything when he finally spoke.

"I wish I could tell you something to help ease your mind, but all I can say is I know everything will work out and be fine. Maybe these dreams are linked to what happened to you between camping and the hospital. There was a little over a week of time you don't remember." I continued to stare down at my sandwich as my father got up and put the stuff away, cleaned his dishes, cave over to me, and kissed the top of my head. "Thanks for talking to me." Then he left the kitchen leaving me to eat in peace. I sighed wishing that everything would just clear up and once again make sense as tears fell from my eyes.

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