tagNonHumanCamping Ch. 03

Camping Ch. 03


(Sorry this part took so long. but here it is. again sorry for any incorrect grammer or mispelled words. Ravenara)


Two weeks had gone by without another dream. I still wouldn't talk outside of my midnight hunger raids with my dad. The rest of my family wouldn't listen even if I were to ever talk to them. Tonight was family dinner night, which meant my sister her husband and the twins would be coming over. I was dreading dinner as I was getting around to go to a doctor's appointment when my mother came upstairs. She came into my room and sat down on my bed as I finished fixing my hair.

"You know this has been hard on all of us. Not just you. It would be nice if tonight you would talk to your sister. She's worried. Stop being selfish and thinking of only yourself." I glared at my mom before I left my room and headed down stairs to go with my dad to the doctor's appointment.

The tests the doctor had to do for my check up went by rather quickly. So before long my dad and I were waiting in one of the rooms for the results. The longer it took the more nervous I became. I was debating telling him of my dreams to see if he had any suggestions. My dad suggested I tell him to see if maybe I would get referred to someone that could help. Finally the doctor returned.

"You seem to be healing great. No infections or internal bleeding. I'd say you're going to be just fine." I smiled slightly relief washing over me.

"I told you sweetheart."

"Although," The doctor started to get our attention again. "May I ask you a question?" I nodded.

"Yeah, of course."

"Are you sexually active?" I felt my face start to turn red.

"Uh.. I've had sex, but not in a very long time. Why?" The doctor stared at me for a few moments before speaking again.

"You're pregnant." My jaw fell open as I looked at him. He continued talking but I couldn't hear anything as tears rushed forward and my breath caught in my throat. I felt dizzy and slightly sick to my stomach. I had trouble standing so bad that my dad had to half carry me to the car. The drive home was taken in complete silence. When we pulled into the driveway he turned off the car and sat there for a moment.

"I have to tell your mother." I lost it. Leaning forward to bawl into my hands. He got out and came around the car helping me out as my legs just wouldn't hold me up. He helped me into the kitchen and sat me at the table as my mom and sister came in.

"Everything alright?" My mom asked before my dad motioned them into the other room. I heard my dad talking even though I couldn't make out what he was saying. My mind replayed what the doctor had said when I heard my mother give a shocked gasp.

"You're kidding me?" my sister yelled. "You actually believe that she doesn't remember fucking some guy without protection? I just don't believe it!" My heart began to beat fast and it was getting harder to breathe. "I think she's lying to get attention! She's done this kind of thing before." At my sisters accusation I got up and fled the house. I hit the pavement outside and ran as fast as I could. Ducking into the first park I came too, rounding the first tree I started to hear cracking. Too scared and frustrated I didn't stop when my body was thrown forward and I landed on paws rather than hands.

With renewed speed I ran through trees. I felt something building in me as I ran, something I didn't understand but accepted as part of me. This part of me was desperate, with a longing I didn't understand. Something was missing with this new part of me, although I didn't understand it I let it take over me. Throwing my head back I let out a long confused and sad howl. I slowly stopped running and continued to howl, putting my whole being and everything I was feeling into this message to no one. Finally I flopped to the ground feeling oddly safe and comfortable in this strange form hiding behind a thick bush. I lay there staring at my paws in wonderment. How was this possible? And why did I feel so natural in this form? Slowly I started to calm down and get my mind under control when another wolf bounded around my bush. I jumped up and warned the other wolf with a dangerous growl, suddenly I felt more wolf then human. The wolf simply backed up and with a loud amount of cracking and shifted to huma n. He was like me! He seemed familiar, but I didn't know him. Shifting left him naked, but for a reason I wasn't sure of it didn't bother me and I wasn't attracted to him.

"Anjulie?" How'd he know my name? I quirked my head at him. He smiled and backed up again looking off into the distance. "Xander! She's over here!" He looked back down at me looking over my form, not sexually but seemed to be sizing me up. Another wolf, a lot larger than the other man was, came up and quicker than I could register he was human. I knew him, or so I thought. Something in me seemed to leap at the sight of him but I wasn't so sure I should trust this new side of me. He took a step towards me and I backed up with a growl. He stopped, looking almost hurt that I had done that.

"Anjulie, it's me." I quirked my head at him. "Shift back baby. Remember how I taught you? Picture in your mind what you looked like and will yourself to change back." I whimpered not wanting to leave the comfort of this form. I doubted returning to the form of a human would be as simple as willing myself to change, but something in his voice made me want to try. I thought about my human body and as I did the cracking sound came to my ears. It took a few minutes but finally I was back in my human form, naked before two seemingly strangers. The man named Xander smiled at me and the other nodded as he looked me over.

"Anjulie?" Xander seemed almost pleading as he said my name. I looked him in the eyes trying hard to remember him as someone other than a man from my dreams. Slowly I shook my head at him.

"I'm sorry." He frowned.

"Sorry? What's wrong with you?" That simple question sent me into tears.

"A lot is wrong with me! I went camping over a month ago and woke up in the hospital 2 weeks ago. I don't remember what happened to me between that time." I was slowly getting hysterical. "I guess I lost a week and a half worth of time. I was shot twice, by some sort of hunter. The people at the hospital said I was attacked by a wolf which is what the mark on my shoulder is. I keep having these dreams I can't explain that actually have both of you in them and..." I gasped in some air. "I just found out two hours ago I'm pregnant!" My legs gave way at my last confession and before I could hit the ground Xander had his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him just seemed right as I sobbed.

"Alex, follow her scent back to where she came from. I'm sure she needs to go home right now." Alex shifted back to his wolf form and lead Xander to her home, then ran off quickly and reappeared with a bag in tow. Alex sat the bag down and pulled cloths for them both out of the bag. Xander put the pants and shoes on and then slid his large shirt over Anjulie. With a deep breath and a side glace to Alex they walked to the front door and knocked. The door was opened almost immediately by my dad who took one look at me in some strange mans arms and held his arms out taking me from Xander. He nearly had to force me as I had trouble letting go of Xander's neck.

"Thank you so much for finding her. Please come in sit down, I'm going to take her up to her room."

"No! I wanna stay down here." My dad looked down at me and then nodded taking me into the living room and sitting me down on the couch. Xander sat himself next to me and I instinctively curled up next to him. My dad sat down on the couch across from Xander and I and looked Xander over. My mom came in the room.

"Who is this and why..." my father cut her off.

"Please, just bring us some nice iced tea. I'll figure it out and take care of this." My mom for the first time since I could remember looked over the patrons of the room and without anymore protest turned to get the tea.


"Xander." He said automatically understanding my dad's pause.

"Xander, tell me how you know my daughter. Since it's obvious there is something between you two." Xander looked from my father down to me and gave me a small sad smile.

"Love, I need to talk to your father. Would you please go upstairs and lie down? I promise I won't leave without coming up and seeing you first." I looked at him pleading with my eyes to stay where I was. But realizing it was a lost cause I got up and decided to listen to him. I got half way up the stairs and couldn't go the rest of the way. My heart was weeping to leave his side, and a small part of me wanted to know what he was going to talk about. So I spied.

"I met your daughter in the woods when she was hiking. She fell down a small cliff and hurt her leg. I took her to my home and fixed her leg. Then I fell in love with her. This may not make sense to you but we are meant to be together." There was a long pause and at this point I wished I could see my father so I could see his expression.

"Are you a 'wolf' man?" I heard Alex cough on his tea that I guess my mother had brought them when I left.

"What?" that was Xander's voice. I heard my father sigh.

"Anjulie has been having these dreams of wolf men. She is confused about them. See a hunter tried to save her when a wolf attacked and accidently shot her twice. One bullet grazed her head damaging only a small part of her brain. Which is why she seems to have forgotten about a week and a half of her life. I was hoping that her dreams had something to do with the time she has lost."

"She wasn't attacked by a wolf. She was marked as my mate."

"Werewolf?" My father said almost in disbelief.

"How've you heard of us?" Alex was speaking now. My father answered with a chuckle.

"Honestly I never believed in things like werewolves. I've read about them but like everyone else thought they were myth. But when my daughter was attacked by a wolf yet had pleasant dreams of wolf men I started to put the pieces together."

"You are a very smart man." Xander again, I smiled as he complimented my dad.

"So as your mate, does that make her a wolf as well?"

"Anjulie has already shifted. She was quick to take the form and seems to accept it well. Did the doctor say when she would get her memory back?"

"No. They're not sure she ever will. But I have hope. She's having dreams about you. That's a good sign." I heard my father sigh. "Are you the father?"

"That... was not meant to happen. We've never heard of a human being taken as a mate right away. Most human turned wolves there are were made by mistake. Then they had time to get used to the wolf before any of the females went into heat. This is as new to me as it is to you."

"That's not what I asked."

"Yes, I would be the father."

"That makes me feel a little better. She seems to be linked to you, even though she can't remember you completely." Again there was an awkward pause between the man I was 'mated' too and my father. "Are you going to take my little girl away?" My father's voice nearly cracked when he asked that.

"Never. Although she'd have to live with me."

"Xander is our packs next in line to be Alpha and we were waiting for him to find a mate so he could take his place..."

"Enough Alex. This isn't something to talk about here."

"Alpha? So you're basically the king?"

"No. I'm not a king, nor am I an Alpha." I heard my father get up.

"Well I hope you stick around. I'd like to get to know the man that has chosen my daughter." There was a clap sound and I figured my dad had clapped Xander on the back. "Anjulie, you can come back down now." My dad had known I was spying. With guilt written on my face I descended the stairs and entered the room. Xander automatically wrapped his arm around my shoulders and brought me up against him. I had to suppress a moan at feeling his muscles against me. My father gave me a small smile.

"I'll keep you're mother and sister quite as long as I can." His eyes traveled to look Xander in the eye. "I'm trusting you, and a whole pack of wolves doesn't scare me." Xander gave an understanding nod before he pulled me around and lead me to the door.

"where are we going?" He heard the nervousness in my voice and he slightly tightened his hold on me in a reassuring way.

"Just back to the park. I want to talk to you where we're not near your family."

"Then why'd you bring me back?" He moved his arm from my shoulders and took my hand.

"Something familiar and safe to calm you down." He smiled down at me. "Your family, mostly your father, needed to know you were alright."

"Sir, if you no longer need me.."

"Thank you Alex. You may go. I'll get a hold of you later."

"Thank you." Alex looked at me and nodded. "A fast recovery to you and may you help our Alpha find himself." Before Xander could retort Alex shifted and ran off. Xander grunted before pulling me through the entrance of the park. He led me to a bench where he sat pulling me to sit next to him. I didn't look at him as we sat in silence. My focus stuck on the flowers just ahead. As the silence stretched on I wished he would say something. A small noise caught my attention and when I looked up I saw a small playground. Suddenly a lump forced its self in my throat.

"I'm scared." That came out of my mouth before I even had a chance to stop it. Xander's attention moved from what he was looking at to me. He then followed my line of sight and pulled me close when he realized what I was referring to.

"Don't worry love. I'm not going anywhere. I'll help you through everything."

"Am I going to have puppies or babies?" Xander didn't respond for a long time.

"That depends." I swallowed.

"on what?" He leaned back slightly with a sigh.

"What form we conceived in." My heart started beating faster. I stood up and looked at him.

"We had sex in both forms didn't we?"

"you remember?"

"No but if we'd only had sex as humans you would have just answered me right off." He nodded. I felt like I couldn't breath. I turned and started walking off, the ground was spinning around me as tears welled up.

"Anjulie?" I stopped in my retreat.

"How will I know which I'm having?"

"Anjulie, can we talk about this later?"

"How will I know?"

"You're last trimester." I turned to look at him.

"Go on."

"If you are having puppies you'll spend those months as a wolf. If you're having human babies or baby you'll spend it as human." I blinked as I looked at him.

"I'll be unable to change either way?" With his nod I felt my world start to fold inward on me. I no longer felt connected to my body.

"Anjulie, hey honey," I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me close to him. "listen everything is going to work out and be fine." He pulled back from me slightly his hand lifting my chin. "I love you. We're going to be alright." His lips descended upon mine. I tried to push him off of me but he held me in place. He parted his lips and licked mine. With a slight groan I parted mine allowing my tongue to mesh with his. His tongue running across mine was all I could think about. I felt his hand move up my back and tangle in my hair at the base of my head. He deepened the kiss with a growl and that triggered something primal in me. With a responding growl I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist. His hands moved down to cup my ass to help hold me up then I felt him start walking.

My back hit a tree roughly pulling a growl of pleasure from me before I attacked his jaw line and neck with playful nips. I moved my hands down his back my nails digging in as I pulled them back up. He locked one arm under my ass to hold me up while he leaned back and with his other hand undid the button and zipper of his pants. I reached between us and pulled his cock out with a groan. He was hard, hard because of me. I felt intoxicated. He pulled the shirt he put on me over my head exposing my body to his view and touch. Suddenly he stopped his breath hot on my neck and ears.

"Anjulie, tell me you want me. I can't do this without knowing you want me." I nipped at his neck.

"Fuck me Xander." I gasped as he thrust his cock deep. His breathing was ragged as he started thrusting. I pushed my back against the tree and moved my hips to meet him stroke for stroke. I felt the wolf inside howl with pleasure and she was fighting for control so I let her have it. My jaw snapped as it elongated and my k-9's extended from my gums. I threw my head back with a howl my claws digging deep into his back. Xander let his wolf take control as I noticed his body was slightly covered with fur. I nipped at his neck and shoulder the desire to bite ringing in my head. He gripped my hair and pulled my head back distracting me by pumping his hips into me harder. Then I shattered into a million pieces. My whole body quaked and responded, my hips bucking out of control. It wasn't long before he forced his cock deep and held there I felt the warm sensation of his cum soaking my insides. He stood there holding me against the tree for a few moments before pulling me off the tree and lay down with me on the ground.

"I love you Anjulie." I smiled and snuggled closer to him.

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