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Camping Fun


They say than when you get hitched, it is the end of all fun. However, I am fortunate to be in a position where I get even more good times than before, courtesy of my partner Keryn. Perhaps the best of these came last summer during our camping trip in the local forests.

We were having a good time travelling and relaxing, but on the second night of our jaunt things started getting a little more exciting. We had a relaxing day and this, combined with the warm summer air, ensured that we were in the mood to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes - sex.

And it was a good session too. Keryn was the first to get things underway when she pounced on me outside the tent as I was drying off from my evening wash. Before I knew what was happening she was treating me to the kind of spectacular blowjob that only she can provide. And it was while she was working her magic that I first had an inkling that there might have been an animal or something nearby.

When we got to the sounds we decided to look for a secluded bay and thought we had found the perfect little spot, so there was no thought of the noise being human orientated. I had a brief look over at the bushes, but in the diminishing light and with the camp fire not yet at full steam, we dismissed it as a weka. And it was also hard to worry when my girlfriend was making me shoot my load all over the grass.

We carried on that session with some good loving, all of which was even better against the cool night air and with only a blanket laid on the ground for modesty. We heard a couple more noises, but that was it and whatever it was it was not there when I went for a look later.

We ended up falling asleep out there, only popping inside when the cool morning air and the sun got a bit much.

The secluded little spot turned out to be close by another campsite. The people there weren't close enough to hear us talking but we knew they were there when we all met up down at the beach. They were really young, my guess was about 18-20ish, of which two were girls and two guys, one of the latter showing particular interest in my partner. This didn't bother me much as I can only agree with people who think she is hot. And Keryn didn't seem to mind either, as he was quite an attractive guy and everyone likes to be found attractive by younger people.

After talking and swimming with them a while we went our separate ways, Keryn and I intent on carrying on where we left off the previous night. All the signs were there: the campfire was roaring; the stars were out; and Keryn was horny as hell. That suited me just fine, so we got down to it.

She must have been in an exhibitionist mood because Keryn made me sit down while she stripped down for me and stood in front of me, running her hands slowly and deliberately over her breasts and buttocks. She knew that this sort of thing always got me excited, so she upped the anti, playing with her pussy and bringing her fingers to her mouth for a taste.

After a while of this I lost all restraint and pulled her down on top of me, my cock slipping straight into her pussy because of the covering of her natural lubrication. We fucked like that for quite some time - which was no small miracle considering how horny I was - but things really started to get wild when a noise came from the bushes behind us.

Again it was too dark to see anything with only the firelight to guide us, so I assumed it was only an animal. Keryn, however, had other ideas. She thought it was probably an animal, but whispered something in my ear that blew my mind.

"What if there was someone there," she said.


"Imagine if there was someone there watching us fuck," she replied. I could see where this was leading: we had just jumped into the world of mind-sex. Keryn had recently shown an ability to fantasise about some pretty wild shit, so I was keen to see how this would work out. "He must be so envious watching us fuck." She obviously assumed it was a male. "I wonder whether he wishes it was his cock in my pussy, sliding in and out - getting all wet."

All this whispering was getting me freaking hot and it was all I could do to stop coming. I managed to control myself enough to put a little spit on my fingers and move my hand around to her arse where I teased her anus and slowly slipped a finger in.

"Oh, yeah," she whispered "I hope he can see your finger slide in there. Fuck that feels good."

"I bet he can," I replied, deciding to get in on the action. " I bet he wants to walk over and replace that finger with his tongue and give you a good rimming. And then he would want to take you there - give it too you in each hole. Imagine us both filling you with cock, sliding in and out of your ass and pussy at the same time." Keryn got very excited at that last thought and thrust herself backward, impaling her arse on my finger.

The hot talk continued as we fantasised about what would happen should this mystery man actually be there. We continued to fuck in the same position, with my finger slipping ever-easier into her tightest hole. This way we could whisper to each other and keep our ears out for more activity. When she described how this mystery stranger and myself would come all over her face and tits, I finally lost my restraint and shot a huge load of come into her pussy.

It was such an intense orgasm that I could hardly move afterwards which was a slight problem for Keryn, as she was in a mood for more. Luckily we came prepared and she got out her favourite dildo and began to fuck herself lying next to me. This was one of the great things about Keryn - if I couldn't complete what I started, she would quite happily take over. She really went to town this time, slamming that rubber cock into her pussy at a frantic pace, all the while looking me directly in the eye.

'You really like being watched don't you?" I asked as I took in the view.

"Yeah. It gets me off to see your face -- especially when I do this," she said, turning around so I could see her hand slip around and place a stray finger up her butt. This last action produced a huge groan and when she looked over her shoulder at me she had that "I know I'm a nasty girl" look on her face. "But it was also exciting pretending someone else was watching. Just the thought of someone out there getting hard because of us drove me wild. And imagining you were both fucking me was amazing," she added.

She closed her eyes and continued with her administrations until she flopped next to me in a heap on the blanket. At the conclusion of this show, I went for another look to appease my curiosity and could find no signs of anyone having been there. I'm not sure if I was disappointed or not, but it was great fun just imagining the possibilities.

I woke up absolutely charged after the events of the night before. I just loved it when Keryn got excited and did outrageous things. My day was filled with visions of my girlfriend in various positions with some stranger and myself. I doubted I would actually be able to go through with it if the chance ever arose, but at least it was good thinking about it.

It seemed that Keryn had been having the same thoughts as me throughout the day because she was horny as hell when we settled down by the campfire after dinner.

"I can't believe how wet I am," Keryn admitted. "I have been thinking about that fantasy all day and it has got me so worked up."

"Well, let's see if we can't relieve some of that tension," I replied and began to rid her of her clothes as we set down to work on the outstretched rug for the third night.

I started by going down on her and was amazed at how lubricated her pussy was. I could have just slipped straight in with no foreplay if I had wanted. Her own juices were soon mixed with my saliva as I worked my tongue all around her.

It was then I had a great idea.

"No, I don't think you deserve that!" I said and abruptly lifted away from Keryn's lap.

"What the fuck are you talking about," she said, squirming and looking pissed off as hell that I had stopped.

"I don't think that any girl who would fantasise about another guy deserves to get eaten out. I think you deserve something much worse. Some sort of punishment perhaps," I added with a sly grin. Her annoyance seemed to fade as she realised what I was suggesting.

"I guess it was pretty greedy of me. Spending all day thinking about getting two cocks instead of just one."

"You're damn right!" I pronounced, "So you're going to get spanked for your troubles."

I bent her over my knee and began to give her a good thrashing, all the while reminding her of the reason for her punishment.

"Only nasty little girls think about stuff like that." Crack! "Only girls who are naughty, bad and nasty." Smack! "I bet you got all hot thinking about getting stuffed full of that prick!" Slap! Slap! Slap!

"I did, I did!" Keryn confessed "It was all I wanted today, to have two guys fucking me - real hard. I wanted cock, lots of it. I wanted you two to do such nasty things to me and in all sorts of places."

After her cheeks were a bright crimson colour, I lay her down and said that if she apologised I would make the pain go away. Keryn put on her best sorry little girl face and said she was terribly sorry and that if anything like that happened again she would expect the same punishment -or worse. I decided that was enough for me, so I began to kiss those rosy-red cheeks of hers. I ran my tongue all over them and then slowly began to tease her by darting my tongue towards her butt crack, only to draw it away before reaching her tight little hole.

"Please," Keryn pleaded. "Please put your tongue there."

"Where?" I teased, wanting her to ask me out loud. It turned me on hearing her talk dirty.

"My arse. Please. I want you to lick my arse. Please rim me. I promise I'll be a good girl. Or a bad girl. Whatever you want, just do it to me!" Who was I to argue with such a request? I dived back in and began rimming my fiancé with passion.

I always enjoyed licking my girlfriend's sexy arse, but another reason this position was my favourite was because I could slip straight up afterwards and slip into her pussy while she continued to lie down. This I did after a while (and plenty of moaning from my fiancée) and my cock slipped right in without hassle.

As I pumped into her slowly the noise in the bushes came again.

"Whatever animal that is, it certainly has perfect timing," Keryn said. "If there is someone out there, why fuck around. Just come and watch out here in the open," she added with a raised voice. This shocked me (and I was later to find out she was just kidding), but what made me even more stunned was the guy from the beach walking into our little opening!

I froze. Keryn froze. The guy came and sat down next to us.

"I'm sorry for intruding," he said a little nervously, attempting to cover his crotch area. "If you want I'll go, it's just that I couldn't help, you guys looked to be having so much fun." He admitted that he stumbled on us accidentally on the first night and tried not to watch, but temptation had got the better of him on the second and he stayed.

We didn't know what to say. He asked us if he could stay and watch for a while. I looked at Keryn and asked if she cared, after all it seemed this guy had already spent two nights watching us do all sorts of intimate stuff. She didn't say anything and I was about to take that as a no when she began to move her butt back slowly against me. I couldn't believe it! Here we were fucking in front of a complete stranger! But I would be lying if I said it didn't get me hot. And as for my better half, she appeared to be enjoying the situation and stared at this guy while getting it softly from behind.

This continued for some time before everyone got used to the weird situation. Our guest was the first to "loosen up", moving his had down and rubbing himself through his shorts. He had only these and a singlet on. I guess it was perfect attire for what was happening - easy access! His dick also seemed a pretty good size too. Not a monster, but by no means small.

I was getting pretty charged with the whole scene, especially when the head of his cock began to poke over the top of his shorts, so I pulled Kezz back onto her knees and slowly fucked her doggie-style. This meant Keryn didn't have to support my weight and if she wanted to move her hands around there was scope. What I hadn't bargained for was for her to stretch across and rub this guy through his shorts! I assumed we would keep to ourselves and he would just watch us and maybe have a wank in front of us. I guess I was wrong. I should have known that when Keryn gets in this sort of mood she just does what comes naturally.

However, I wasn't put off by her actions. I could have stopped it before, but I was still enjoying myself and I had to admit that it was getting me off watching my future wife run her hands up and down along this stranger's cock.

"Why don't you lose the top," she said, and he duly obliged. "Now, it looks like you have a nice cock inside those shorts, so I think you had better let me take a decent look at it," Kezz added. I couldn't believe it! This no-name soon had his cock out and was kneeling beside us as my fiancé wrapped her hands around it. There was no doubting how turned on he was, his dick was standing straight up and was a fiery crimson colour. Keryn asked him if he had touched himself when he was watching and the guy admitted he had, adding that he almost gave the game up last night when he shot his load mid-way through.

"You really have a nice cock," Keryn said, changing subject. While she complimented him, I was still slowly working into her from behind. "It feels just great in my hand while my man is fucking me. Keep it up honey, I love having two guys to play with!" It was great to hear her encouraging words, but I was certainly not going to stop! This was outrageous. I had no idea how far this was going to go, but I was sure as hell keen to find out.

Keryn continued pumping his shaft and fondling his balls, but decided that she needed a little more than just a grope of his genitals. She moved him in front of us so she could get her mouth near his privates. I had to really concentrate to keep from coming because I was getting so fucking hot! Keryn leant forward, looked this stranger in the eye and gently licked along the seam mark of his cock. He let out a big moan and Keryn repeated her actions a couple of times before lunging forward and taking his cock as far into her mouth as possible.

I couldn't take any more. I never thought I would never let anyone touch my partner, let alone actually get turned on as it happened. She just looked so good from my point of view - with my cock in her pussy and a stranger's in her mouth - and she sent me over the edge by tilting her head to the side so I could see her swallow his prick.. I thrust forward violently, pushing her mouth further over his cock, and shot my load into her pussy. Keryn somehow managed to keep his member in her mouth as I pumped and then fell off her onto the mat. It was quite a scene. Here was Keryn, the girl I was about to marry, on her knees with my come dripping down her inside thigh and a complete stranger's cock in her mouth. And here was I, her man, not only watching but getting hard all over again! She looked so damned wanton, so slutty, so fucking sexy!

Keryn really went to work after I slipped out. She ran her hands over his body, under his balls and around onto his butt. He had a good body, somewhat leaner than mine and completely hair free. Quite the contradiction really, but Keryn didn't have any problems with it. She probably didn't even notice the rest of him, she seemed only interested in his genitals and what they could do for her.

I sat there and gathered my thoughts for a while as she sucked this young guy's cock. What was going to happen here? I wasn't sure who wanted to do what. All I knew was that Keryn wanted to get fucked. You could tell from looking at her. She used to get the same look in her eye whenever thinking or talking about her past sexual experiences. The more I thought about it, the more I imagined that it would be much hotter for everyone if the two guys dominated her. She loved it when her body was ravaged and I thought this would just take the cake. I decided a little hot-talk would be the right approach.

"That's it baby. Suck that guy's cock. I bet he has only had blowies from inexperienced young chicks. Never from a pro like yourself," I said, testing the waters. Her response was positive, moving her free hand back to her pussy. "Yeah. Show him how nasty you can be. Be a naughty girl. Service this young stud." It sounds kind of tacky now, but at the time it seemed a perfectly appropriate thing to say. Keryn looked to be enjoying it more as I started talking dirty to her. But what really surprised me was the guy's reaction.

"Suck that cock, yeah!" he said, pulling her hair from her face so he could see what she was doing. "You like my young cock don't you?" he asked, to which Keryn just nodded and took him as far down her throat as she could. I was stunned. Not only had this dude got in on the act, he was talking dirty to my partner -- and she loved it!

"You just love young cock. That's right, suck it good girl because if you don't I'll take it away."

"Please don't," Keryn said between licks, playing up the whole scene and getting into the spirit of things. "Please stay and service me. I need cock. I need for you and my man to fuck me. I'll do anything. I am a bad girl. I want to be nasty." She was stroking his cock and rubbing it all over her face and tits as she said this.

"Then stop talking and suck my cock like the nasty, sexy little girl you are." She did just that, bobbing up and down rapidly until he pulled away abruptly.

"You suck cock good, you know. But I think it is about time I had some of that pussy. Do you think you can handle this young cock?"

"I know I can," she replied. Keryn was still on her hands and knees as this guy moved around behind her and prepared to give it to her doggie style.

"Show him baby," I said as I looked on. "Show him what you can do." Needless to say I was hard again and was wanking myself as I took it all in.

This young guy then took aim, but instead only teased Keryn, running his cock up and down her slit without pushing it in. He continued his little game.

"Look at you on your knees. What a nasty little girl. Here is your man watching while you're letting some teenager service you. You really want this cock don't you?" He asked. Keryn pleaded for him to fuck her. "Oh yes, I'll fuck you girl, but only when I want. I'm not going to let a piece of arse like yours go to waste, but I will fuck you when I'm good and ready." I was amazed at what this guy was saying, but fuck it was getting me horny.

It got even more amazing when he told me how he wanted to do this.

"Come here mate," he said to me. "Come and spread your chick's arse for me. I want you to show me just what a slut your wife is and just how much you love it when someone else fucks her." Now this was weird. I was getting dominated myself. My intentions were to dominate her as well, but this young stud was talking to me as if I had no say in the whole scene. And I loved it. I leant forward and spread my girlfriend's butt cheeks just so this young stranger could give Keryn his cock. I looked down at my girl to see whether this latest turn would put her off. Not a chance. She was horny as hell and wanted to be fucked by this guy. And I don't think anything I said could have stopped that.

And this guy certainly didn't disappoint her. After slowly aiming at her exposed pussy (all the more exposed because I was opening the way for him!) he began to piston into Keryn. I will never forget the look on her face as she got serviced by this young stud, or the look of pleasure from him as he pummelled her. The dirty talk continued. He called her slut, bitch, and whore. He made her beg to be fucked and she did. He got into it so much he even gave me shit about letting my girl do this to him. Still, I don't think anyone cared. We were all enjoying the situation and no one took the put-downs seriously. It was just a little added spice. "Look at the two of you, both wanting me to fuck her," he was saying. It was outrageous!

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