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It's funny... to this day, all I have to say to Susan is "Remember Rick and Martha?" and she is immediately horny and wet...

* * *

Susan and I had been dating a little over a year the summer we started camping with Rick and Martha, our neighbors, almost every weekend. We were in our mid 20's and they were in their late 30's. We first got to know each other when Susan and Martha would go jogging together in the mornings. Dinners, BBQs, and camping trips followed.

That particular July weekend we had hiked back to a new area, quite a ways from the more popular spots. We arrived a few hours before nightfall, set up our tents and gear, cooked dinner, and were relaxing around the fire.

I was sitting on a blanket with Susan on my lap, stroking her soft, brown hair. I have always loved her hair, silky and almost down to her tight little heart shaped ass. Martha's hair is similar, only she keeps it shoulder length. It looks very nice on her, though. Her ass isn't quite as nice as Susan's. She has a bit thicker build that Susan's slender body, but is by no means fat or unattractive. Really nice tits, too. Very good C's, and she likes to wear tight fitting shirts to show them off. Susan only has B's, but they are very firm and have nice, pert nipples. Both women were showing a healthy amount of cleavage tonight, and us two men were enjoying it.

Most guys would get slugged for checking out Martha the way I often did. Luckily for me, Rick and Martha knew me and didn't mind... sort of enjoyed it, actually.

Though she wouldn't admit it, I thought Susan was a little bi since she has also commented on checking them both out from time to time. She liked how Rick looked (especially for his age). She said that he was fit, with not a lot of middle age flab, and even thought his gray speckled hair was a turn on. She hoped that I would look that good when I get older.

Anyway, we noticed Martha with a sly look in her eye most of the night, and weren't totally surprised when she made some excuse for turning in early, dragging Rick along. We knew she must have been horny, and took the opportunity to make out by the fire. We were getting pretty warmed up ourselves when we began to hear soft moans from their tent.

Susan giggled. "Looks like we were right. What do you suppose they are doing?" I recognized the lead-in to a game we sometimes played. It wasn't the first time we had been near someone else going at it, and I also had a feeling that she was imagining being in Martha's place.

"He probably has one hand... here...," I had one of her nice, firm tits in my left hand, caressing it through her shirt. I slid my other hand down and into her pants. "His other one is probably down in this area..." She gasped slightly as I slid my finger over her smooth shaven pussy and pulled her thong aside.

I kissed her neck as she gently rocked her hips against my fingers, trying to get them between her already swollen lips. She had definitely warmed up fast tonight!

After teasing her for a moment, I slid a finger inside, Susan moaning sharply as it went in. As I rubbed her clit, an idea occurred to me. Much to her annoyance, I pulled my hands away and began taking off her shirt.

"Wha... What... What are you doing?" she asked. Martha's moans had become quite a bit louder by this point.

"Trust me," I told her. "Let's be brave. Do it right here, by the fire."

She initially resisted. "No, they might come out and see us."

"And if they do? So what? It's not like they are being quiet about it."

I could see her warming up to the idea. To help her along, I took off my own shirt and began unzipping her pants. She smiled and began helping me.

Soon we were both naked, and as Martha and Rick really got into their fun, Susan was on her knees in front of me with her delicious ass in the air, muffling her own pleasure into her arm as I thrust in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

For a moment, I imagined that it was Martha my balls were slapping against, and as Susan's pussy clenched in her third orgasm, my cum shot deep inside her.

* **

Susan couldn't believe that her and Jeff were fucking outside, and where they might get caught. She was surprised at how much it excited her. She came rather quickly the first time, burying her face in the crook of her arm to stifle the sound of her moans. She was going to have to suggest... no, insist that they do it like this again.

Her thought drifted to Rick, and she imagined that it was his hands on her hips, his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. Just the idea of it nearly made her cum again. She held it off, and the thought of Rick fucking her from behind while watching Martha receiving the same from Jeff rose in her mind.

She nearly screamed out loud as the second orgasm coursed through her.


Martha had indeed been horny. Very, very horny. Something about being around Jeff and Susan did that to her. Maybe it was the thought of their young, naked bodies entangled as they fucked each other hard. Maybe it was the memories of her and Rick lust filled nights (and days) when they had been that age. Regardless of why, she knew what she wanted. She took Rick into the tent and immediately began sucking him off, skipping any soft of foreplay. After she swallowed his load of warm cum, they removed each other's clothes and her went down on her. Martha loved being eaten out. The feel of a man's lips on and in her most private area was... amazing. She wondered, and not for the first time, what it would be like to have another woman going down on her. The image of sweet Susan's face between her legs brought an unexpected rush of pleasure. The thought of Jeff brought a similar rush, although not quite as strong. Her and Rick had occasionally played fantasy games during their fuckings, and Susan and Jeff had come up on a couple of occasions.

Soon, her pussy ached for something more than a mouth could provide. "Fuck me," she told Rick. "Fuck me good, baby. Let's give Jeff and Susan something to talk about."

"Yes ma'am," Rick said as her pushed Martha's legs out a bit and slid his cock into her wet, tight snatch. Fifteen years together and her pussy still felt nearly as tight as it did their first time. He started out slowly as she lay there on her back, one arm under her head while she played with her clit. Her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face, her gorgeous tits bouncing gently with the rhythm.

"Are you fantasizing tonight?" she asked him, her eyes still closed. "Picturing your cock deep inside little Suzie?"

He smiled at the idea. Yes, that would be nice. He wondered if she shaved or kept a landing strip like Martha, and if her tits were as firm, despite being smaller.

"Are you imagining Jeff up here, his meat plunging deep into that wet pussy of yours?" She nodded, still smiling. As he picked up the pace, she imagined fucking Jeff, then Jeff and Susan, then at the thought of fucking Jeff, Susan, and Rick at the same time, she had the strongest cunt-crunching orgasm if her life.


The next morning we all slept in a little later than normal. After a decent hike to a nearby lake, we returned to camp and began supper as the women went to the stream to bathe.

After dinner we once again sat relaxing around the fire, although both Susan and Martha has mischievous looks in their eyes. Susan kept blushing when she looked in Martha's direction, and Rick and I were beginning to wonder what the two of them were up to. Finally Rick asked what was going on.

Susan answered, blushing. "Martha and I got to talking about the... activities last night and decided we would like to swap husbands for a night." While Rick and I were still digesting this notion, the girls got up and switched places, each facing the other man.

Martha was sitting on her knees in front of me, smiling impishly. "I've seen you checking me out... I wonder, is there anymore to it than just looks?" I smiled, trying to decide if this was real or not. I looked across the fire as Rick looked at me. He smiled, nodded to me, indicating Martha, then raised an eyebrow to inquire about Susan.

'What the hell' I thought, and nodded back.

Martha's grin widened. "So, big boy... you think you can handle a woman like me?" Without breaking her gaze, she began unbuttoning her shirt, revealing more of her plump tits under a green bra. As she removed her shirt, I took one in each hand and kissed the one in my left hand. She reached back and unhooked her bra, revealing their full glory to my eyes and hands. I fondled them a few times before taking a hard nipple into my mouth. She closed her eyes and caressed the back of my head as I ran my tongue over it. She moaned softly as I sucked and nibbled. After a few moments, she pulled back and took my head in her hands, kissing me deeply.

"You've got to see my goods... now I think I deserve some repayment." She pushed me onto my back and her hands went to my zipper. She expertly opened my pants and slid my boxers down with them as my stiff cock made its appearance.

She smiled and took in her hand, stroking gently. "Just like I imagined," she said, gazing fondly. I reached up and placed my hand on the back of her head and began guiding it downward. She went willingly and took my whole length in her mouth.

This was a special treat for me. For all the wild and amazing things she liked to do naked, she didn't like blowjobs. Martha, however, loved it and it showed. It mush have been what an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner would feel like. She deep-throated so far I thought she would choke, but she kept on going perfectly. Although I didn't need to, I held her head down to keep my cock deep in her throat as I shot my load. She swallowed all of it, down to the last drop.

Martha removed her pants and lay beside me. I put one arm around her with a hand on her tit and the other playing with her clit as we watched Susan tit-fuck Rick.

"She is so sexy." Martha whispered to me. "I wonder.... Would.... Would you mind if I... we... play for a bit while you two recover?"

Seeing Susan with another woman? This night just kept getting better!

After Rick shot his load on Susan's tits, Martha went to her before she could clean it up. To Rick and I's amazement, they both kissed tenderly before Martha began licking the cum off of Susan's tits while Susan caressed her head and looked at her dreamily.


Susan didn't know if she was in heaven or shock. The kiss with Martha had been... something else. It felt like her lips were on fire, and the feeling quickly spread through her whole body. She was hardly aware of the other woman's tongue, lips, and hands on her body as she cleaned up Ricks warm cum. She didn't mind. If she liked the taste of it, she was welcome to it.

She snapped back to reality at the feel of fingers caressing her pussy lips. Martha's mouth had stopped kissing and sucking on her nipples and was making its way up her neck back to her lips. She accepted it willingly, their tongues playfully darting in and out of each other's mouth.

She gasped as Martha's finger slid into her pussy and directly to that sensitive spot inside. She had never imagined it would feel like this! She had kissed other women, of course, but never had attempted such intimate contact. Martha quickly fingered to one orgasm... then another... than another... suddenly Susan felt as if she would pass out as the pleasure washed through her. She must have, because when the feeling subsided, she found herself on her knees with Martha supporting her.

Martha kissed her gently and stroked her hair, smiling. Susan could only smile weakly back. Martha leaned in and kissed her again, and Susan felt her energy returning. Martha whispered a request in her ear, and Susan was suddenly filled with fear... and excitement. She thought a moment, then nodded slowly, still unsure if she would be able to go through with it.

Martha laid on her back, and guided Susan's head gently down. Susan smelled the deep, rich smell of the other woman's pussy and felt a stirring in her own. She spread the lips with her fingers and slit her tongue in, savoring the sweet juices...

* * *

Susan had obviously never gone down on another woman, but Martha enjoyed it immensely. She was afraid Susan would refuse, or even become angry when she asked, but she had to try. She was very glad she did. The girl knew what to do, knowing exactly what pleased her. Though not nearly as good as Rick was, she would get there.

Martha knew that for sure.


Rick could not believe his eyes, or his good fortune. Here was his wife being serviced by such a sweet, sexy thing, and obviously enjoying it immensely. He watched Martha cum twice before Susan's tongue and mouth grew tired and she could not continue. As the two switched places, he felt his cock beginning to stir again.


After the women went down on each other, they kissed for a moment, gazing longingly at each other for another moment. I had a feeling this would not be their last encounter.

Seeing the stiffness returning to my cock, Martha motioned me over while Susan moved aside to rest. She sat kneeling and smiling at me, swaying her hips seductively as I came over.

"Now that we've seen what Susan can do, let's see if her lover can at least come close," she said with a teasing grin.

"You have no idea what's coming to you," I replied. "Mind if I take you from behind?" I asked.

"Oooohhh... I like a man that knows what he wants and takes charge. Be my guest," she replied as she turned around and put her round ass in the air for me. I admired it a moment, gazing at her swollen pussy lips (where Susan's lips had been moments before... I would remember that when I kissed her next). I teased them briefly with my finger, then slapped her cheek fairly softly. Martha moaned gently and began playing with her clit. I thought of eating her out, but decided I wanted to know how it felt to have my cock in there more.

I waited as she worked herself up a bit, then placed the head of my dick between her lips at the entrance to her pussy. "Give it to me," she told me. "Give me all of it... I want to see what Susan was making all that noise about last night."

She worked her clit faster and then I slid inside her with one deep thrust, causing her to gasp and tense her whole body. "Oh, yesssss.....," she said. She resumed on her clit as I began pulling out and plunging back in. She wasn't quite as tight as Susan, but she was far, far from loose. The wet sounds of her pussy gripping my cock as it slid back and forth was music to my ears. I thrust faster as she began to moan louder.

Susan came over and gave me a deep kiss, letting me taste Martha's juices. She smiled at me, then went over to where Rick was laying on his back stroking himself. Susan climbed on top of him and began her wild ride.

I felt Martha cum once, her juices slopping onto my balls and thighs, and heard Susan begin humming as she worked up her rhythm. Hearing this, I began slamming harder into Martha, faster until my balls slapping against her ass almost hurt. As she screamed in pleasure, I felt something hit my leg.

I looked down and saw a bottle of lube. I looked at Rick, who had his hands on Susan's tits. He mouthed 'ass' with a grin and went back to savoring the young vixen riding his cock.

After nearly blowing my load, I smiled at this sudden change. Stopping, I pulled out of Martha and leaned down next to her ear. "Martha," I said, "I'm going to lube up my cock and fuck you in the ass in front of Rick and Susan. What do you think of that?"


Martha's whole body shivered with excitement. Rick very rarely got the treat of ramming his meat up her rear, and the idea of this young stud having this most reserved treat almost made her giddy. Rick was a little thicker then Jeff, but not quite as long... That might make it even better. Her pussy was sore from the ravaging it had received, but she was not ready to stop cumming yet. She nodded to Jeff, then smiled at Rick, thanking him for suggesting it. He had blown his load in Susan, and the two of them were cuddled together, panting softly, waiting for the show.

The lube was cool on her asshole, and she tensed when his head touched her sphincter. She relaxed, then shuddered with pleasure as he pushed into her tight ass. This was going to be fun.


I lubed up my cock and put some on her little brown asshole. I placed the head of my cock there for a moment, letting her relax before pushing in. I felt her shudder as I did, her ass gripping me like a vise. And I thought her pussy was tight!

I started out slow, watching her ass grip my cock as it came out, and re-pucker before I slid back in. As her moans increased, I started pumping faster, knowing I wouldn't last long.

"Don't stop!" she screamed. "So... fucking good.... Ohh... don't you... fucking stop!"

As much as I wanted to keep going, I couldn't hold out any longer. As Martha practically screamed while she came, I dumped my hot load in her bowels.


Rick and Susan fucked twice more that night, and then Susan had me fuck her in the ass as well. When she was finally exhausted, the Rick and I fucked Martha together, me in her ass and him in her pussy. She screamed even louder this time and clawed wildly at Rick's back before biting hard on his shoulder when she came.

We all slept naked under the stars that night, too exhausted to go to our tents, all of us already looking forward to the next weekend.

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