tagLoving WivesCamping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 1

Camping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 1


Part 1

It was our first trip of the spring and Terry was jumping up and down with excitement to get going! We were going camping with another couple but we were leaving a day earlier than them because he, Scott, could not get the extra day off. We had been friends with Scott and Becky for about nine years and loved going places with them. They were always fun and up for a new adventure.

We finally rolled out of the drive way about 5:00 AM and were on our way! I knew we could make the three hundred-mile trip to the lake out in the desert by mid after noon. This should leave us plenty of time to set up our camp before dark.

The morning air was a little cool in So. Cal. and Terry climbed into our truck wearing a big flannel shirt and loose fitting sweat pants. Her hair was perfect as always and she had put on just a hint of make up. I watched her big 36c boob sway under her top and was glad to see she had left that part off at least!

"Ok big boy drive nice!" and with that I got a kiss on the cheek and she was a sleep!

Dam this will make for a long drive I told my self and slipped a CD into the player as I pulled us onto the freeway. Terry turned sideways tucking her feet up under her butt and stayed that way for about the first hour of our drive. Finally she stretched and smiled at me as I looked over at her.

"Well good morning sleepy head! How are you doing over there?" I asked her as I watched those tits I so loved to play with moving under her blouse!

"Sorry I know how board you get driving while I sleep, but I would not have been any fun the way I was!" she took her bare foot and rubbed it over my crotch giving me an instant hard on! She smiled as she watched my dick growing in my shorts.

"I have to pee to so you had better find a spot soon!"

"Ok there is a turn off up here about a mile and we can go do it there. I think there will be room to turn around with the boat behind us!"

I turned off the highway and we went up an old dirt road for about a block leaving us in plane view of the passing traffic. I turned the rig around kind of blocking the view from the road. I thought Terry would pee by the truck! We had not even stopped well when Terry opened the door and ran back between the truck and boat. She dropped her pants and sat on the tong of the boat trailer to pee!

I walked around to see her bare little ass hanging over the trailer tong her pussy open as the pee fell to the ground for every car or truck that went by to see! She had sat on the tong rather than try to squat down to pee and had her back to the highway! Now I have to tell you that Terry can be quit an exhibitionist at times but I didn't think she knew she was showing half the cars in California her ass!

She finished her business and stood up when the hundred-degree heat hit her, "Shit can I change cloths before we go again?"

I didn't even have time to answer her before she had pulled out a bag. Still standing with her back to the road but in between the truck and boat she opened it and pulled out a little halter-top. It was one that I had seen many times before and she knew I loved to see her in it. She pulled off her old top just pulling it over her head instead of unbuttoning it! Her big tits move on her chest as they dropped into view form beneath her flannel shirt. Her pink nipples were slightly hard from rubbing on her shirt. Terry pulled her halter on over her shoulders but left it open letting her boobs sway free as she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her sweats! I watched the cars going by still not saying any thing as she dropped her pants then bent over at the waist to pick them up! Her whole ass and now open pussy were being shown to the highway! She pulled on an old pair of very short shorts not bothering to put on any panties just as a guy in a truck gave her a blast on his air horn!

Terry jumped and turned around as she tied the knot of her blouse between her tits and for the first time looked at the road! The color in her face went from pink to white to red!

"Shit Sam why didn't you tell me I was showing the world my ass!"

"Hell honey I though you knew! Besides they are going so fast all they could have gotten is a glimpse of that sweet body of yours! Now come on lets get back on the road!"

She smiled at me knowing it turned me on for her to show off like that, "You sir are a bad man! My mom told me about men like you and you know what she said! She said if I found one to grab him before he gets away!" she was laughing as she got back into the truck.

Driving for another two hours was the last thing I wanted to do! What I really want to do was bend my sweet wife over the hood of the truck and fuck the shit out of her! But with a sigh I adjusted my hard dick and got back behind the wheel.

The rest of the trip was quiet and like I had thought we arrived about three p.m. I launched the boat and then went to the camp sight to set up the tent as Terry readied every thing else. It was early evening by the time we had every thing set up and I looked at my sweet wife with her cloths sticking to her hot sweaty body. Her nipples were darker than the blouse she had on and I felt my self-growing in my shorts as I watched her walking to me.

"Ok, you have me all hot and needing a bath. You have two choices here. You can take me out into the lake and let me swim necked or you can watch me swim here in my cloths. What will it be!"

"Get your ass in that boat lady!"

She grabbed my hand and we ran to the boat. She climbed in and started it as I pushed us off and out we went. She only took us out about a mile when she turned the motor off and pulled off her top. She dropped her shorts and dove over the side before the boat had even came to a stop! I threw over a float that was tied to the boat so we would be able to hold onto it and drift with it and dove in with her!

I came up next to her as she slipped up onto the float and started soaping her self down. He nipples were stone hard from the cool water and with her hair pulled back from her face I again felt myself growing!

Terry hopped back into the water hanging on one side of the float while I was holding the other. I felt her legs go around my waist and she took my dick in her hand as she pulled me up to her open pussy. She smiled at me as I slipped into her woman hood and she pulled me closer!

"Is this what you wanted? Is this what you have been so busy thinking about sense I changed cloths this morning?"

Terry has this way of working her vagina muscles so that it is like being milked and she was going full song on my cock as she talked!

"Well you can have it but you have to do something for me in return my love!" she was a little breathless as she spoke. "You have to lick me!" she pulled me close as she closed her eyes. "Umm yes you have to lick me now!"

Terry let me go and climbed back onto the float. She threw her leg over my head and pulled my face into her pussy in one move! I wasted no time knowing what she wanted and sucked her clit into my mouth biting it softly! She held my head pushing her self onto my face humping as I sucked her.


I knew she was worked up from the morning but she came much faster than I though she would as stuck my tong into her hole licking her nectar out of her as she finished.

Terry rolled off the float and away from me. She swam the few yards to the boat and climbed up onto the swim platform getting onto her knees! I was right behind her and as she bent putting her head on the deck I slipped balls deep into her!

There was no playing now I just fucked her hard! Plowing into her hard and fast! The sound of our skin slapping together echoing back from the water as Terry grunted from my pumping her!

"Oh God Terry sweet hart I'm cuming!"

"Yes give it to me! I'm ready!"

"GADOOOGGGGAAAAAHoooooo" I was shooting into her so hard I could not move and she took over slamming back into me as she came again her self!


We both fell onto the deck with my dick leaking all over her back as I slid up next to her. I kissed the back of her neck snuggling up to her as we caught our breath. We lay like that for a while before Terry rolled over and kissed me then slipped back into the cool lake. She was quiet while I watched her as she washed her self again then she looked up at me with a funny look on her face.

"You haven't fucked me like that in a long time Sam. In fact the last time you did was when that guy at the gas station was looking up my dress while he washed the windows. Does it turn you on for others to see me or what's the deal?"

"Yes I like it when you show off. Umm, I mean yea it turns me on I guess. But from the way you just did me it must turn you on to!"

She smiled, "Well I guess you have me there." She was floating on her back. Her boobs sticking out of the water like little islands and the water moving in between her open legs as the waves moved her around. She thought for a moment.

"Do you think Becky is pretty?"

"Ok, now what am I suppose to say to that?"

"Just answer me!"

"Well yes!"

"Would you like to see her? I mean would you like for her to show off for you? Would you like for her two wear see through things and sexy cloths so you could see her?"

"Well sure I would be lying if I told you any different! I looked at Terry's shaved pussy as the water washed over it.

" Sam would you like to fuck her?" I almost didn't hear her as she said it she was speaking so softly.

Despite the fact that I had cum only a little while before I felt my self-start to harden. I had always thought Becky was very hot and loved to look at her.

"That my love is way to loaded a question for they're to be a good answer. If I say yes I'm a cheating bustard and if I say know it might be wrong to!" I looked at her "Why do you want to fuck Scott!"

"Nope, I well, umm no I don't want Scott at all! He is fun to tease but that is all. It's just that Becky asked me if we ever went skinny-dipping or any thing like that and I told her we did. She got kind of worked up about it. I told her that as long as we had been friends that if she wanted to go running around with her cloths off it would be ok! She said Scott would have a fit though!"

Terry climbed back onto the swim platform. She stood over me with water dripping onto me. "Is this going to be a thing or what? I mean we have always been very close with them and at times even a little sexual. You know I am closer to Becky than I am with Scott. Hell Terry we knew her for a year before we met him. I mean where you are going with this!" I was looking at her fresh fucked pussy lips as I spoke to her.

"Becky told me Scott is only going to be here tomorrow. He has to go back for work. She wants to stay with us for the rest of the week and I told her it would be ok. She just didn't want to be in the way that is all!"

"Well let me tell you. Another man looking at you is one thing but there is no way I am going to be having any one fucking me but you Terry! That is my pussy!"

"But it would be ok for you to fuck another woman right?" She gave me a side ways look as we climbed back into the boat.

"I didn't say that either! I have more pussy right there than I can handle most of the time!"

"What about another woman fucking me Sam? Would you like that!"

"Oh god, I don't know!" I started the boat and turned us to our camp.

The place we camp is about fifty miles up Lake Mead so the cove we go to is very privet and neither of us bothered to put any cloths back on as we got to the shore. We beached the boat and walked hand in hand up to our camp.

"You didn't answer me Sam!"

"What the fuck is the answer to that! Yes I might would like to see you with another woman! It is every man I knows fantasy to have two woman having sex with him there watching or doing! No I don't want another woman and I don't think I could see you with just any one either. I don't think I would like it if you went behind my back and was doing some girl either! Fuck Terry! Where did all this come from!"

She sat down by the fire ring as I got it lit. Terry stretched her long legs out and I watched her tits move on her chest as she opened an ice chest and got out the dinner meat before she answered me.

"Well, I was looking at Litrotica the other day and reading about to girl friends that it just kind of happened between them and it got me to thinking about it and, umm I don't know Sam I was just thinking about it that's all!"

I took the seasoned meat from her and as I did I bent and kissed her, "I could see it between you and Becky I guess, but no Scott! If he was there he could not touch you at all!"

"But he can look at me Sam?"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

We didn't talk too much the rest of the evening as we had or dinner and a couple of drinks. As it got time for bed Terry ran her hand over my back and kissed me softly. We went into the tent and even though it had been dark for an hour or more it was still hotter than hell.

We fell a sleep holding hands with me thinking of watching Terry licking the pussy of object of many of my fantasies!

Part 2

Becky and Scott had pulled in to the camp about three A.M. it only took them a few minutes to set up there camper and I fell back a sleep thinking about Terry and what she had said the night before. She had never said anything about being with another girl and now she had me wondering if she was just testing me or if she was really thinking about doing our best friend!

Becky was the total opposite of Terry's short dark hair and big tit's, and at five feet eight she was also a good five inches taller than Becky was. Becky's blond hair was just a little longer than my wives' and her tit's looked to be a good solid B cup. I had always liked that even with a bra on her nipples were quick to react to her getting excited over anything. Her legs even though shorter were every bit as good as Terry's and I had always loved it when we all went out and she would wear high heals.

I was up before any one else and slipped out of the tent trying not to wake Terry. I looked back through the open tent window at her lying on top of the covers with the cool morning breeze blowing across her necked body. I smiled thinking about what a crazy girl I had married and the things she said the night before as I made coffee.

I heard the camper door of Scott and Beckies open just as I poured my first cup. I turned to see Scott walking over to me. I handed him my cup as he got to me smiling at him, then poured my self another. I had my back to our tent but knew what he would see if he looked over to it.

Now I was in a spot. Do I say any thing or just let it go? I knew he liked looking at Terry but I also knew he had never seen her like this. "Well if I was going to get to see Becky what the hell!" I thought to my self and just played dumb. Besides what would I do? There was no way he would not see her even if I rushed over to close the windows!

I just kept my back to the tent, "How the hell are you buddy!"

He turned and sat down looking back to the fire and away from the tent! "Good, long drive up here though! Listen I have to back this after noon and Becky wants to stay. Can we drop your trailer," now here he stood up to get another cup and I watched his gaze move to our tent! He kind of stopped and then started as he reached for the coffeepot! I knew he had seen her! "Umm, a drop your trailer and let me take your truck back?"

He never looked away from her as he got his coffee. Then he moved so he was standing next to me and still looking at her. I turned to the pot and he knew he was busted looking at my wife! I looked in to see her on her back now with her legs open so we got a good look at her snatch as she slept. He nipples were hard from the cool air of the morning. My dick started to get hard to and it wasn't from the cool air!

"Yea, Terry told me Becky wanted to stay. That's fine. Then we can just bring your truck home next Monday."

I acted like I didn't see her and turned my back to her again. I could see him breathe again as he looked away from me and back to the tent. This went on for I guess about ten minutes him looking at Terry the whole time until suddenly he turned away and looked at me. I could hear movement behind me and the zipper of the window as Terry zipped it closed.

I got another cup and filled it with coffee, "I guess I had better take her a sip of this stuff! Be right back."

Terry took the coffee from me as I went through the door; "You let him look at me Sam! God I was just about to get up and slip on my cloths when he came out of the camper. It was to late to do anything and I didn't want to let him know I knew he could see me so I just acted like I was a sleep! You didn't do anything! You just let him see me!"

"Are you upset with me? Did you want me to tell him to look away?"

She was standing there with her legs spread and as I spoke to her I ran my hand up between them and into her pussy! She was soaking!


"Did it make you hot knowing he could see your necked pussy?"

"YES OH GOD YES!" She hissed at me!

I slipped my thumb over her clit and she closed her eyes as she shuddered with a small climax! Terry pulled me to her kissing me hard to keep from being heard as she came on my hand moaning into my mouth!


She pulled back from me and I watched her breathing through her flared nose as I licked her cum from my fingers. "Well sense you didn't cover up and you just came like a canon going off I would assume you are not mad at me for letting him look at you."

She took the hand I had fingered her with and licked her own juices off of my fingers smiling at me with fire in her eye's, "No I am not mad at all! Now let me get dressed!"

My dick was so hard it was hurting as she pushed me out of the tent. She got to the door and then acted like she was shocked to see Scott looking at her as she stood the fully exposed to him! She stood there just long enough to let him have one more good long look before she kind of squealed and jumped back!

"Oh Scott I'm sorry!"

"No Terry it was my fault, I'm sorry!"

His face was beat red when I got to him, "Fuck Sam I am sorry! I heard you coming out and just looked over there!"

"It's ok! It was just one of those things!" I told him as I thought to my self "But you sure didn't mind looking when you thought no one knew did you!"

I made up my mind I was glad he was leaving now and I was even happier knowing that it would not be long and I would not only be seeing his wife with her cloths off she would know about it!

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