tagLoving WivesCamping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 2

Camping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 2


When Terry did come out of the tent she was covered from head to toe. She had on a long dress thing she wore to lounge around the house and was about as sexy as a pile of rocks! I smiled knowing that she was fucking with Scott not letting him get another look at her. I thought we both knew he would spend the next week alone while his wife here with us, and that he would have his pecker in his hand as he thought about seeing Terry laying in the tent necked! I was to find out later that he would not be alone all though he might have his dick in his hand thinking of seeing my wife with out her cloths!

I had started making eggs as Becky came bouncing out of there camper and walked over to us. She had on a pair of shorts that came to mid thigh and a thick cotton T-shirt. I could see by the look in Terry's eyes that the two girls had planed it that way to throw Scott off the fact that we would be spending the next week as near necked as we could!

We all had our breakfast and as it got close to midday Scott kissed Becky goodbye and taking my truck headed back to LA. I spent the afternoon fishing for our dinner and as I walked back to camp from the lake could see the two girls lying in the evening sun. It was the only part of the day that was cool enough to try to tan in with out taking a big chance on getting a bad burn! The temperature in the day had gotten up to about a hundred and five and we were all looking forward to sun set.

"We have fish for dinner my dear! Your man has is back and he has food!"

The two girls were laying on their tummy's facing each other playing card. I could see that Terry had her top untied as she tried not to get any tan lines and hoped that Becky was the same.

Terry hearing me calling about the fish rolled over on her side letting both of her sweet tits falls free! She made no effort to cover them as she got up and walked to me letting her top fall to the blanket they were laying on. I could see the fire in her eyes as she came and looked at our dinner wearing only her skimpy bottoms. Her bottoms were a T-back thong showing off her soft brown ass cheeks as she walked!

She acted like nothing was different at all trying not to make a big deal out of her being topless in front of our friend. I looked past Terry at Becky wishing she would get up as I felt my dick twitch in my pants at the thought of seeing her tits for the first time!

"Wow Sam those are nice! I tell you what you finish cleaning them and I will get the fire going! I'm starving!" Terry picked up some wood as she spoke and started making the fire.

"Those are nice Sam! Terry and I were just talking about a cold Beer. Would you like one to?"

"Sure sounds good to me! Wait until I put these down and I will get us one." "No that's ok you go ahead and I will bring you one!"

I turned to see Becky setting up on her knees just as she started to get up. She had pulled her top over her breasts and was holding it with her hands but it fell loose as she stood and she just pulled it off and dropped it next to Terry's!

"Sam is this ok? I mean fuck I can put it on if you want me to or if your not comfortable with me like this. I was going to put it on but it fell loose and you have seen them now so what the fuck! Right Terry?"

"Yes that's right! What the fuck!"

Her breast moved almost like jelly! Her nipples were large and even though they had gotten hard were still bigger than Terries. My mouth water as I looked at her thinking of how good it would be to suck one of them between my lips!

I made no effort to hide the fact that I was looking at this pretty lady as I let my eyes run over her soft tits. Her nipples grew even hard under my gaze and as my eyes went down I realized she was not wearing a swimsuit but was standing there in some soft white silk panties! I looked down to her crotch and wondered at how puffy her lips looked in the thin crotch of her panties! I could just make out the outline of her closely trimmed bush showing through her thin panties. It was cut into a short thin landing strip about a half-inch wide!

She watched me looking at her like a dope and took it all wrong, "Ok here I'll just put this back on." She bent to pick up her top. Her breast fell down and swinging free as she bent over for the tine top!

"No Beck it is ok! I'm sorry it's just that I had no idea, I mean fuck you are beautiful!" I looked at Terry and then back to Becky as she held her little top. "I mean I would be honored that you think enough of me not to worry about cloth's. You know me well enough to know I have wondered how you would look standing just like that and lady you are hot, hot, hot!"

Terry moved over to hook her arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. Then she walked over to Becky pulling the top from her hand. "I told you we almost never wear cloths here. We both want you to do what ever makes you happy while you are with us Beck! So if you don't want to wear any thing and don't mind looking at us doing the same thing then lets go for it!"

Terry leaned over and Kissed Becky softly on the lips then turned back to the fire. I had kept the fish in front of me as we talked trying to hide the fact that I had a very hard dick as Becky smiled and walked to the ice chest. She got us all three a beer and when she went to Terry said something I could not here making Terry giggle like a little girl. Becky brought me my beer and coming very close to me as I took my drink she looked at my hard pushing out my pants.

"Did I do that Sam?"

I kind of smiled, "Yes, I told you this has been a dream of mine for a long time. I mean to get to look at you like this!"

"Well buddy you might as well get use to it because unless you make me put my cloths on I am going to be necked until we go home! I had no idea it would feel so good to have the wind blow on me or to feel the sun on things that have never seen sunshine!"

Becky turned to Terry, "Do you need any help over there?"

"Nope, I have the fire going and our big strong man is going to cook the fish while we finish our card game! Do you want another beer?"

I watched as Terry got them both a beer and went to lay back on the blanket. They both went right back on their tummies and it gave me a perfect view of Becky's panty covered ass! Her legs were slightly open and I could just make out her puffy nether lips as I let my eyes run over her body!

The sun set just about the time I finished cooking dinner and both girls put on T-shirts. We sat and talked, as friends do not about anything but just stuff when Becky looked at Terry.

"I don't want to sleep in there alone." She pointed to her camper; "Will the two of you come in with me?"

Terry looked at me so I answered her, "I know it's nice in there and there is a bed and all but its not going to get much below eighty to night. You can sleep out here with us in the tent and be a whole lot cooler than in that tin can! We open the windows and the night breeze keeps it nice and cool. We have plenty of room and the whole floor is a mattress so it's not hard to sleep in at all!"

Terry stood up pulling her top off as she did! Standing there in the fire light in nothing but her swim bottoms she hooked her thumb in them and pulled them down in one quick movement!

"I feel like a swim! Any one want to go with me?"

I watched Becky looking at my wife's hairless pussy and then up to her tits. She kind of stuttered a little "ok." Then stood up next to Terry. I stood up and pulled my shorts off letting my half-hard cock drop into sight!

Becky looked right at it as she took Terry by the hand, "Ok her we go!"

She dropped her panties next to Terry's! They grabbed hands again and took off running down the beach to the water splashing and raising all kinds of hell before they both dove in! I went onto the boat and threw out the raft for them to float around on and then dove in after them. I came up next to Becky just as she pulled her self up onto the raft putting my face only inches away from her soft sweet pussy! I was cussing the dark because I could not see any of it as she settled down next to Terry who had pulled up on the other side.

Becky let one leg dangle over the side of the raft and I put my hand on it trying to hold on! It was just a reaction to me slipping loose from my first hand hold but I pulled my hand back like I had touched fire!

"It's ok dumb ass! Hold on or drowned! Umm I would say hold on Sam! Beside I won't bight you for touching my thigh!" She was giggling as she pulled my hand to her thigh.

We were quiet as we floated just enjoying the water and me enjoying the feel of Becky thigh, "What was so important that Scott went home for?" I asked.

Becky turned to me moving her face close to mine. I could see her clearly in the light of the half moon that had risen. Terry slipped up behind Becky draping her arm across Becky's waist and putting her head on Becky's shoulder mashing her tits into her friends back as she hugged her close. Becky put her free hand back onto Terry's thigh pulling her even closer!

"You don't know do you?" Becky asked me.

"Know what?"

"Terry told me you didn't know because you would have told her but I thought it was bull shit! But you really don't know!"

"Know what already!"

"That Scott has been fucking that girl he has working for him for the last six month and that he hasn't touched me in a little longer than that! That he went home to be with her!"

"Becky I had no idea! Fuck I am sorry!"

She pushed me under the water and when I came up she pulled me by the hair until I yelped! "Pull us back to shore please. I think I need a beer!"

I swam on my back pulling the raft and both girls back to shore listing to them laugh. When my butt hit bottom I stood up and walked back to the fire. It had died down while we were gone and I stuck another log in.


I turned to find Becky standing right behind me. She pulled me up to her and kissed me softly on the lips and then held me in a long embrace mashing her tits into my chest. She leaned back and looked into my eyes in the firelight as we held each other. Her nipples burning into my skin! I could feel her short soft pubic hair as she pulled her crotch onto my thigh!

Again my cock grew only this time there was nothing to hide behind and as she felt it swell into her thigh she smiled at me. "Am I doing that?" she chuckled just a little from deep in her chest as I felt her nipples harden into my chest!

"I wanted to thank you. I thought we were better friends than that and that you would tell me if you knew but I just wasn't sure. Umm you know being a man and his friend and all, so thanks!"

She kind of ground her thigh into my now fully erect dick as she spoke to me, "And I am glad to see I can still turn some one on!"

I looked past her to see Terry smiling at us as we talked thinking I was glad she had told me about her wanting to make love to our friend and then wondering just how much of this had all been planed by the to woman.

"Well you are a very beautiful woman and you are right I would have told you. You are and always will be my friend first. But and there all ways is a but! If you don't let go of me I'm going to forget you are my best friend and that my wife is watching us and do something nasty to you!"

"Well, then we had better have that beer!"

As she pulled away from me she kissed me one more time and let her hand run over my hard dick! I though I would cum right then as she turned to Terry and kissed her softly too!

"Thank you for loving me to sweet hart!"

Terry hooked her arm around Beck and pulled her tight to her kissing her again! "That my dear is what friends are for!"

I moved over to them and put my arms around them holding them tight to me, letting my hands drop to both of there asses giving them both a squeeze, "I love the both of ya!"

We watched the fire die down and I stood stretching, "I think I am going to bed."

"We are going to have one more beer and then we will come in. Ok Sam?"

"Sure! I will see you two in the morning." I went to the tent and lay down. I was so worked up that there was no way I could sleep and was still wide-awake when I heard Becky giggle. I raised up to see my wife kissing her way down Becky's body! Sucking each nipple before going on to her tummy! It was hard to see in the dim firelight but I watched as my wife stuck her head between Becky's legs and started to lick her!

Becky held Terry by the head and shook through a hard cum! "OHHHHhh yes suck me Terry! Suck me! UMMMMMmmaagggaaa!"

She was humping Terry's face as she came and then she moved pushing Terry onto her back! She mounted her in 69 position and started licking and sucking Terry! They were both humping and grunting as they fingered each other while they licked one another's pussy!


Terry was cuming hard! I could tell by the sound that she really liked what Becky was doing to her!

I to came only in my hand trying not to make any noise as I pulled my hard cock to a finish! I watched as Becky moved off of Terry and turned to kiss her. The two women were kissing and holding each other talking softly as I went to sleep!

The next morning I woke to see Becky standing out making coffee. I watched her necked body with the sun shining on it and how the muscles moved in her back and thighs as she worked. I looked over to see Terry looking at me.

I smiled at her, "Are you ok Sam?" she ran her hand over my cheek.

"Yes. Are you?" Terry smiled at me.

"Yes and I love you very much. Thank you for last night! I know you were awake!"

"God Terry that was," Becky came into the tent just then. She laid down between Terry and I with her back to me. She pushed her necked ass into my now hard cock.

"That was what?" she asked.

I slowly lifted her top cheek and let my dick slip into the crack of her ass! "That was hot watching the two of you last night!" I said.

She pulled Terry over close to her and kissed her as I worked my dick down to her pussy opening. She felt what I was doing and as she kissed Terry pulling on her tits she pushed back onto my cock! I slipped into her in one push and she kind of shuddered catching her breath as she kissed Terry sucking her tong into her mouth!

I laid still not wanting to cum from the excitement of what was happening as I watched the two girls kissing! Becky was milking me with her pussy muscles as we lay there while Terry worked down sucking Becky's breasts into her mouth, sucking first one and then the other! Becky put her hand back onto my ass and pulled me deeper into her moaning softly as I slowly started to move.

"God Terry he is fucking me!" Becky gasped pushing back hard!

"I know sweet hart! It's ok! Let him have you!"

I felt Terry's fingers on Becky's clit as I started to stoke and suddenly she was cumming! Pumping back into me and then up onto Terries fingers


I pulled back and Terry took my dick guiding it into Becky's ass! I started to push slowly but Becky just pushed back onto me impaling her self on my cock! She pumped back onto me and I started coming!

"OH YES GOD I FEEL IT IN MY ASS HOLE! HOOOOOOoooaoaaaoaoaoao god Terry he is cuming in my ass!

I could hear Terry grunting as she came to and looked to see her pumping her own fingers in and out of her open wet slit with one hand while Becky fingered her clit! She was looking at me and I smiled at her as I felt the last of my seed drip out of my shrinking dick and into Becky's ass!

The two girls were kissing again and then they both turned to me kissing and hugging me all over! We all held each other for what seamed like a long time until I smelled the coffee.

"Come on lets have some coffee and something to eat and then I think the three of us need to talk about all of this!"

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