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Camping Out


When Rita slid into my sleeping bag and pressed her warm, soft, naked flesh against me, I balked.

"I don't think we should do this," I whispered in her ear.

"What do you mean?" she said, her thigh rubbing against mine.

"I just don't think it's wise for us to complicate things like this," I said. "We're neighbors and friends, and if we do this it will irrevocably change our relationship."

"You think so?" she whispered back, obviously furious. She spun herself around in the bag so she was facing me. In the dim light cast by the dying campfire I could see her dark eyes flashing. "You'd better shut up and start listening, then," she ordered. When I opened my mouth to respond, she put a finger to my lips and said, "Shush!" urgently.

We lay there, pressed against one another. My body didn't deny she was an attractive, warm, and very desirable woman. My cock was hardening in spite of my very real concerns about the deterioration of our relationship.

Rita and Mike had invited Janice and I on this camping trip. Camping was never big on our list of activities, but our neighbors had pressed us to go along with them, assuring us we'd have a marvelous time and that they would take care of the mundane details. We'd finally agreed and had been here in the woods of western Arkansas for about fifteen hours. Mike assured us that it was early in the season and we would be alone and undisturbed.

At bedtime, Rita had told me to go get in the bag in my tent. The three of them, Mike, Rita, and my wife, Janice, had stayed by the fire until I'd retired. Eventually, to my surprise, it was Rita who slid in beside me instead of my wife Janice.

There had been innuendo throughout the evening as to the sleeping arrangements. Mike had expressed his appreciation for Janice's charms during our late-night skinny-dipping expedition to the nearby lake. Rita of course, enchanted me. The two were virtually opposites. Rita had a riot of curly dark hair, while Janice had short, smooth, blonde locks. Rita's eyes were black and flashed expressively in the firelight. Janice had beautiful blue eyes. Janice was tall, at 5'8" and statuesque. Rita was much shorter, and strongly configured. Not stout, to be sure, but well formed and tightly muscled. Janice had firm breasts with pointed, pink nipples. Rita's were rounded, with large, dark areolas around her pencil-sized nipples.

What we heard, lying there in the sleeping bag, flesh pressed against flesh, was the slightest hint of a high-pitched moan. The volume increased slightly as time ticked away. Eventually, the voice became clearer and the sounds turned into words. Only one word, actually, repeated time, and time, and time again. The single word, in my wife's voice, "Yes!"

"You hear that?" Rita fumed.

I buried my head in her shoulder and nodded.

"My Mike is eating your Janice's pussy," she whispered fiercely. "He loves to eat pussy, especially blonde pussy. And, most especially Janice's blonde pussy!"

"Please," I begged her.

"You knew, didn't you?" she said, her voice modulating a little in what I could only assume was some element of compassion. "You knew he's been eating and fucking her pussy for about three months, didn't you? When did you find out?"

"She told me," I admitted. "Right after it started. She told me how he got hard dancing with her at that party last spring. I told her to go for it. But, she would have to tell me all about it when she came home. So, yes, I knew."

"You're a son-of-a-bitch," Rita said, more harshly. "It's fine for her to have an affair, but you, you want to feel superior, don't you? That's why you don't want to have sex with me, isn't it?"

"No, no," I stammered. "You don't understand. It wasn't part of the deal."

"What deal," she demanded. "What deal are you talking about?"

"The deal I made with Janice. You see," I explained, "she has my permission to be with Mike. At first, she didn't want to do it. But, I convinced her that it was exciting for me to think about her with him and to hear the details. So she agreed to try it. When she came home after that first time, we screwed all night long. I made her tell me over and over again about what happened. We kept at it and at it. I was so turned on."

I paused, taking a breath, inhaling Rita's scent so close to me in that sleeping bag.

"But, see, she never gave me permission to do the same," I continued. "She never said it was okay for me to sleep with you."

There was silence in our tent. There was not silence, however, from the other. Now Janice was urging her lover on. "Oh, yeah, Mike!" she was saying, not actually screaming, but not far from it. "Oh, yeah, Mike! Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me good!"

"You're a fucking moron, Dave, do you know that?" Rita sneered. "What the fuck do you think this camping trip was all about at its inception? Do you have a clue?"

"You mean...?" I stammered. Rita pushed my shoulder down to the ground so I was flat on my back. Then she straddled my waist, kneeling above me.

"I don't know about you," she said, "but hearing her hollering about fucking has made me hot. I'm going to fuck you, Dave, right here and right now." With that, she slid down my body until my stiff cock came in contact with her damp, dark, slick pussy. She lifted up, reached between us, and when she took hold of my member I nearly passed out in shock. She squeezed me toward her opening, then settled down onto me. I felt myself sliding into that slick, dark, hot, tight-fitting glove of her vagina.

"Janice has been feeling guilty about getting the strange cock and you being deprived. The three of us cooked up this idea so you and I could get some fucking, too," Rita told me. "So, Mike and Janice are over there, fucking, and you and I are here, fucking, and everything is lovely, isn't it?"

"I...I guess so," I said, unsure. Rita crossed her forearms over my chest and leaned forward until her face was less than an inch away from mine.

"Don't you want to fuck me, Davey?" she said, almost taunting me, then kissed me lightly on the lips. I could feel her cunt around my cock gently squeezing and releasing.

"I guess we already are," I confirmed.

"Its inevitable," she said. "I've got you in me and I'm going to fuck you. So, why don't you just lie back and enjoy it?"

"So, this is okay with Janice?" I asked.

"Let's ask," Rita said, then sat up astride me, hollering, "Hey, Janice!"

Janice was already bellowing, "Yes! Oh, god! Yes!"

Finally she responded to Rita, "What? What is it?" I heard my wife say, somewhat impatiently.

"Is it okay of Davey fucks me?" Rita bellowed.

Janice screamed, "Oh, oh, yes! Yes, god, yes! Oh! Please!" Then, "Yes, it's okay! Oh, god!" I heard my wife holler back.

"See?" Rita told me, planting her hands on my shoulders and beginning to rock her hips back and forth on my cock. "She said it's okay."

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